November 2011

Dear Friends,

Happy Thanksgiving!

November begins a new Spiritual Year. The spiritual year is an annual cycle which relates to the soul and soul growth. What has been contracted to take place in each spiritual year comes to its conclusion at the end of October and November brings new contracts and intentions for achievement in the year to come. Please take special note of the two LIVE courses and our FREE Gateway Portal Channeling we are announcing below, which relate directly to the New Spiritual Year.

This month, we offer a Grounding Meditation with the Amber Light Root System and a Meditation of Thanksgiving at Divine Mother’s Throne. Grounding ourselves through the Amber Light provides great help in stabilizing Earth’s Five Body System. In this time of Thanksgiving, we want to give back to Mother Earth for all she has provided for us. We also wish to kneel at the feet of Divine Mother and pour over her the great love and gratitude we hold in our hearts for all that she has done and is continuing to do for Earth and Humankind. This is our opportunity to bathe her in our love.

I wish only the very best for you and yours in this New Spiritual Year and I thank you beyond words for all that you are and all that you do for Divine Mother, the Masters, Earth and Humankind.

With Great Love,



The Gateway Portal Day of 11/11/11 is called by some, a Stargate Opening Portal, which means energies from all Star Systems are open to us on Earth.

Other portal days in November are: 11/1/11; 11/2/11; 11/10/11; 11/12/11; 11/20/2011; 11/21/2011; 11/22/2011; 11/30/2011.

In November of 2011, the Full Moon happens on the 10th and the New Moon on the 25th.



New Live Events in November

NOTE about LIVE events:

In Live PTE MS Courses, via conference call, you are given the chance to be a part of the initial Group Energy that brings and anchors the channeled messages from Divine Mother or the Masters for that specific topic or course. However, if you are not available at the specific time the live event occurs, you may still participate by accessing the recorded audio that is available shortly after the completion each session. Please remember that once you make the free will choice to sign up for the event, Divine Mother and the Masters are working with your Signature Energy, as part of the initial anchoring. If you have signed up, you have been invited and you are part of the original group energy, no matter when you listen to and perform the Meditations.

All Live Courses become Home Study Courses and part of the PTE MS Curriculum, once the live sessions are complete.

Free Gateway Portal Channeling Event


Friday, 11/11 at 7:30 PM ET.  To register, click here.

You do not have to be available at the time of the live event to benefit from Live Courses!



PTE MS: Hear Thy Soul – Our New Contract with Divine Mother

Sunday, November 13, 2011, at 3:00 PM ET.

Tuition: $125.00 until midnight, 11/10 and $150.00 thereafter.

In HTS; our new Contract with Divine Mother, we continue from Divine Mother’s healing chamber that she unveiled to us in last month’s Hear Thy Soul session. Here, the Grid Matrix that holds all our intentions for the future is filled with Streams of Light from each of the participating Feminine Cosmic Beings. They will Overlight and magnify our intentions with their power, foresight, and guidance and add their own distinctive intentions to ours. Divine Mother will then conduct an inauguration ceremony to Initiate our own individual and group contracts. These contracts will be etched into the Grid Matrix to unfold before us, the Ultimate Reality, as we move into the new spiritual year and continue on throughout this most crucial decade. What we sew, with the help of Divine Mother and the entourage of Cosmic Beings, is etched into the Grid Matrix. We will reap the harvest, as it unfolds in our personal lives and impacts the multitudes and masses.

To read more and to register, click here.


This course is part of the on-going Hear Thy Soul Series. To read about and register for the essential first course in this series, Hear Thy Soul, Receive its Guidance, click here.




PTE MS: Inaugurating Great Silent Watcher at Her New Thrones

Wednesday and Thursday, November 9th and 10th, at 7:30 PM ET.

Tuition: $99

Riding on the wave that peaks on the Stargate Portal Day of 11/11/11 (an event that only happens once in a century), Divine Mother has petitioned the Cosmic Councils for the presence of the Great Silent Watcher to be actively involved in our Hierarchy of 144 Dimensions.

Riding on these immense energies, Divine Mother will conduct the ceremony to Initiate the official installment of the Great Silent Watcher at the Throne of Paramatman and Throne of Undifferentiated Source. The immense Electromagnetic Force of the Great Silent Watcher will pull the Energetic Force Field of the Higher Thrones to the Throne of Undifferentiated Source. She will then magnify that impact and push her Feminine Creative Force Field through the Throne of Undifferentiated Source all the way down to the Third Dimension. In this way she will reinforce the Overlighting presence of the Silent Watchers, who were newly installed as the all encompassing Life Force at the Throne in the 55th Dimension.

From her stepped down position in the Throne of Paramatman and Undifferentiated Source, Great Silent Watcher will more effectively exert the power behind the multitudes of Watchers sent into the Seven Heavens of the Celestial Realms, and through those Realms to us.

To read more and to register, click here.



Home Study Courses


PTE MS: Stabilizing the 5 Body System of Earth with Divine Mother

This is a 7 Session Home Study Course. There will be no live events for this course.
You may access the course material on-line at your convenience.

Tuition (Half price): $99.00 until midnight 11/17 and $198.00 thereafter.

The year of 2011 has been full of Natural and Man-made disasters. It is easy to see the effects of these events on the Physical Body of Earth in the form of flooding, earthquakes, tsunamis, forest fires, tornadoes, hurricanes, and the war torn and scarred lands where battles are raging. All these events leave scars and marks of trauma throughout the Five Body System of Earth. In this course, Divine Mother offers us an explanation of the workings of the Five Body System of Earth and tools for its healing.

Divine Mother and the Great Beings are capable of offering this healing to Earth from the Higher Realms, however, they need us, with Signature Energies that are enmeshed in the Third Dimension to pull the healing energies down and to anchor them and administer this healing in our third Dimensional Realm.
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Margarite Batease Fund, Inc (MBF)

Join our spiritual family in making the words of Divine Mother and the Masters available to those who are less fortunate. Through your donations, the teachings of the Masters, in the form of the 4 books in the Gifts Series and the 4 Books in the Path to Enlightenment Series, will be made available to individuals, institutions, libraries, battered Women’s Shelters, Delinquent Juvenile Centers, prisons, spiritual and Metaphysical establishments around the globe who do not have the resources to purchase the books.

MBF, our Charitable Foundation, is now available to receive your donations. If you donate now, Waves of Bliss and PTE Mystery School will match your donations. You may also offer your service in taking or sending books to a specific organization which you are familiar with or inform us by emailing to support(at), about any organizations, individuals or establishments who would benefit from book donations.

To read more about Margarite Batease Fund, Inc. (MBF) and to make donations, click here.




Thanksgiving offering at the Throne of Divine Mother and

Stabilizing Meditation with Amber Light



Visualize standing on the surface of Mother Earth. From the tailbone and bottoms of the feet, you are growing very strong roots that extend into the crust of the Earth, spreading around the crust of the Earth and growing further into the depths of the Earth until they reach to the Core Crystal, at the central core of Mother Earth.


  • Visualize that these roots feed off the Amber Light – the Golden Amber Light that is permeating in the Core Crystal.
  • Pull that Amber Light to become sap from the depths of the roots to come to the surface at the crust, holding and stabilizing the crust of the Earth, connecting the crust of the Earth to the core of the Earth.
  • The Amber Light Life Force of Mother Earth continues up through these roots to reach the bottoms of both feet.
  • The Amber Light comes up both legs simultaneously and reaches the hips, enters into the torso, moves through all organs, irrigates all the organs with the Amber Life Force.
  • It moves through the muscles, tissues, blood circulation, cells – all the way up the body, all the way up the Chakras, coming up to the head and entering the Antahkarana Cord.
  • The Amber Light continues up along the Antahkarana Cord through the Hierarchies of the Thrones, all the way up to the Throne of Divine Mother in 122nd Dimension of Reality and further, into the Pool of Creation.
  • Imagine that your entire Antahkarana Cord is inside of an Amber colored tree trunk and when it reaches to the Pool of Creation, it branches out to become a beautiful tree extending into the Pool of Creation.
  • Through the leaves and the branches, pull into the tree trunk the Amber colored Cosmic Life Force that is permeating inside of the Pool of Creation.
  • Pull this Heavenly Life Force Energy into the branches, through the branches to the trunk, the Antahkarana Cord, and let it shower down, cascading inside of the Antahkarana Cord, through the Thrones to the top of the head, down into the body – permeating every organ, every cell, tissue, muscle, blood circulation, every Chakra and back down to then pour from the tailbone and from the bottom of the feet to go into those roots.
  • We are bringing the Heavenly Energies down to Earth and imbuing Earth with the Heavenly Energies.
  • See the Heavenly Amber Light all around the root system that is spreading on the surface, into the crust and then to the root system that goes deep into the core of the Earth and around and inside the Core Crystal.
  • The Heavenly Energies are brought in to the Core Crystal, mixing with the earthly energies.
  • We pull the Amber Light up again from the Core Crystal, the mixture of the Heaven and Earth Energies, through the roots that are deep in the core all the way up to the roots that are around the crust, all the way up into the bottom of the feet.
  • Pull the Light up the nervous system, spinal column, irrigating the body again, providing Life Force to all of the organs, cells, tissues, blood circulation, moving upward through the Chakras to the top of the head into the Antahkarana Cord.
  • Now move your entire consciousness up into your Antakarana Cord inside the tree trunk.
  • Move with the Amber Light all the way up, reaching to the Throne of Absolute.
  •  Stand before the Sacred Altar and see that Divine Mother is standing next to you, holding your hand.
  • Make your offerings to the Fire. Express your great gratitude to Divine Mother and to this Sacred Altar for all that has been bestowed upon you.
  • Now Divine Mother takes you by the hand and you walk with Divine Mother to her Throne.
  • As she sits upon her Throne, kneel before Mother and lay your head on her lap.


Say your prayers of thanksgiving. Tell Mother how much love and gratitude you have for her. In this time of Thanksgiving let us offer our gratitude for all that we have received through the grace of Divine Mother in this year. Let us pray and set our Personal and Global intentions. Ask Mother for her guidance and assistance in manifesting all of our intentions for the spiritual year that is beginning. In your own words, express to her your desire for your involvement in your daily life, her guidance and assistance in all your endeavors. Pray for your family, your loved ones, for Earth and humankind and set your intentions that all of Divine Mother’s desires and her Divine Mission be successful in this coming year beyond limitation and beyond expectation.

So it is, it is done. Amen.

Please repeat this meditation throughout the month of November and on to the end of the calendar year, as many times as you wish.


© Nasrin Safai 2011

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