May 2011

Dear Friends,

Happy Mother’s Day to you all.

May is Mother Mary and Lord Buddha’s month. Please note that Mother Mary will be coming to offer this month’s Private Group Channeling event, see below.
April was a turning point for Earth and Humankind. It was an amazing month with many Earth changes and adjustments to bring earth on track for the coming of the New Age.

In May, as the dust settles from these great changes and re-alignments, we will concentrate on helping Earth and Humankind release the old tarnished, stained and scarred mind sets of the past and focus one pointedly on bringing back Purity and Innocence.

In this month’s newsletter, Divine Mother explains the significance of Templates and how we can re-create the Template of Purity and Innocence as a starting point to bring back Perfection to all the Templates that have become polluted and degraded.
Please exercise Divine Mother’s prayers and intentions for bringing back Perfection to all Templates, as often as you can throughout this month and beyond.

In Service to Divine Mother and with great love,


Special Mother’s Day Special Offering

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The Gateway Portal Channeling will be on Thursday, May 5 at 8:00 PM ET.

To register, click here.

NOTE: In order to facilitate registration to our loyal subscribers, the Access Code is listed below.
Space is limited to 150 callers. We invite you to gather in groups and help make these events even more powerful within the presence of our beloved Masters.

North America: 1-218-486-8700
Outside North America: 001 + 218-486-8700
Conference Bridge Number: 166465#



PTE MS: Hear Thy Soul Private Group Channeling Series with Mother Mary, Part 1

Sunday, May 15 at 3:00 PM ET

In this session, Mother Mary will explain the significance of her frequent appearances at Fatima in Portugal, Lords in France and the Dome of Al-Zeitoun Mosk in Egypt. All of these sites are locations where Mary has singlehandedly created a Vortex to pull Higher Light in her own signature energy. Mother Mary is an Aspect of Divine Mother, holding the combined essence of Divine Love, Trust and Surrender. Through this course, Mary invites all of us to come with her to the etheric retreats above each site to etch our signature energy into these portals, further amplifying the energies of Mother Mary.

This course will be given on Sunday, May 15 at 3:00 PM ET. Tuition for Part 1 only: $125.00 until Monday, 5/9 at midnight ET and $150.00 thereafter.

To read more and to register, click here.

Note: This 1 Session Course is part of the monthly Hear Thy Soul Private Group Session Series. Although usually only available to those who have taken the initial 3 session course, Hear Thy Soul, Receive its Guidance, this session, at Mother Mary’s request, will be open to all.

PTE MS: Great Silent Watchers; Cosmic Guardian Angels of Earth & Humankind

Our beloved Metatron returns for this sojourn in Higher Realms, in the company of Great Silent Watchers.

Over the past few thousand years, the Legions of Cosmic Guardians, best known as Watchers, fell from Grace. Without the guidance of the Great Watchers, these Angelic Watchers become the Fallen Angels, the Angels who betrayed their promise to watch over us and impose God’s Divine Will. For many thousands of years, Metatron has been interceding on behalf of humankind and the Watchers. In September of 2010 Metatron was given a dispensation by Divine Mother to open up the Realms for the return of the Watchers back to their home in the Seven Heavens. Metatron promised to return in May of 2011 with arms full of gifts. Metatron is now returning, bringing the entourage of Silent Watchers and the Great Silent Watcher with him while opening the Higher Realms to us.

To read more, and register, click here.

This 2 Session Course happens on; Tuesday, May 31st and Wednesday, June 1st at 7:30 PM ET.

Tuition: $110.00 before 5/9 at midnight ET and $122.00 thereafter.

Other Portal Days in May are 5/1/11, 5/11/11, 5/15/11, 5/18/11 & 5/25/11.
New Moon is May 3 and Full Moon is May 17.

Monthly Message from the Masters

The Significance of Templates

My children of Light I am your very own Divine Mother.

I guide you and clear the path for a life of bliss, joy, peace and harmony to welcome you. I guide you to find the peace and equilibrium you deserve. I call upon Illumined Cosmic Beings to bring their Angelic Hosts.

Your Personal Guardian Angel deals with your mundane life, your life on Earth in physical embodiment; your Cosmic Guardian Angel deals with your sublime life, the life that your soul has to live, your Divine Mission.  Your Cosmic Guardian Angel is here to help your Personal Guardian Angel to accomplish everything in this world and to free your time and your Life Force from the repetitive chores, so that you can allocate your Life Force, your time, your energy, your love, your attention, your Light, to accomplishing greater things, to accomplishing your Divine Mission.

Great Cosmic beings, such as, Goddess of Victory, Goddess of Liberty, and Goddess of Glory have come to Earth and brought hosts of their own Angelic Forces.  The Angelic Forces of Victory will allow you to be victorious in all your endeavors.  The Angelic Forces of Liberty will allow you to be liberated from the pain of mundane life and feel the bliss of the magical life that your Soul & your Higher Self desires for you to live. Goddess of Glory & the Angels of Glory shine the Light of Glory upon your path to spread the Light of Glory like gold dust, removing the obstacles, smoothing out your path.

Your Light is so important to the world and to our work together, that there is no time to be wasted.  These Angelic Forces of Glory, Victory and Liberty are here to work with your Personal Guardian and your Cosmic Guardian to pave the path, to remove the obstacles, to smooth out the kinks, to glorify you to make you victorious and to liberate you from mundane trivia so you can spend your time serving the Higher Purpose, the greater reason for which you have incarnated on Earth.


Significance of Templates. Templates take form to encapsulate the Life Force.  How the Life Force acts, how the Life Force unfolds, how the Life Force behaves in each environment, depends upon the Template upon which it is encapsulated.  The groves and the etchings, sometimes the scrapes and scratches, the nicks and tears in the Template cause karma or should I say karma and karmic entanglements, negative behaviors.  Low qualities and energies cause grooves, scrapes, and scratches, nicks and tears within the Template.  The Template encapsulates various qualities.

Template of Purity and Innocence. Right now I am putting a lot of energy into anchoring the Template of Purity and Innocence. Why is the Template of Purity and Innocence so important?  This Template is of upmost importance right now because your world is impure.  Your world is polluted in every sense of the word.  The Five Elements are polluted.  The waters are poisoned, the air is poisoned, the earth is poisoned, and fire can get rampant because it is one way to cleanse the pollution.  The Mental, Emotional Bodies of all souls are polluted.  People hoard and greed after material wealth, and believe they are smart.  People hide and waste material resources rather than share and they believe it is their right. Self serving, self centered, self involved behavior, impure behavior, deceiving behavior, corrupt behavior, and greedy behavior have become the norm.

The pollution in the Template of Purity and Innocence has become so rampant that it is no longer a Template of Purity and Innocence, with a few grooves and nicks; it has actually become the Template of Greed, Deception and Corruption with a few instances of Purity and Innocence. Sometimes the flip side of the Template becomes the norm.  Right now the Template that is the norm is the Template of Corruption, Deception and Greed.

What is a Template?
The Template is the container. To contain something you need a container.  If you want to gather water, you need to find a suitable jar. To contain Earth, you need a vase or pot. To contain fire, you need to find an urn.  If you want to bring specific Qualities to your Reality, you need to find a Template, to contain that Quality.  Sometimes, the abuse of a Template turns that Template on its flip side.  When you have health, you have a healthy Template.  When the body is abused, it becomes unhealthy. Gradually, when the abuse continues, that healthy Template turns on the flip side and becomes a cancerous Template, it becomes an unhealthy Template, a deadly Template.

The Pure Template, comes out from the Realms of Light, completely pure and innocent, enters into Realms of Density, gathers dross, begins to show resistance, gets scratched over and over, to a point where that Template turns on its flip side. Then Light becomes dark, good becomes bad, pure becomes impure, innocence becomes corrupt, truth become untruth, health becomes disease, and eventually life becomes death.

Sometimes the cycle of life and death are necessary components of rebirthing.  For rebirthing to happen, life has to come to fruition, and maturation, and death, so that it can lead to rebirthing.  The Template of Purity and Innocence that I so deeply insist on, brings forth rebirthing.

When a Template turns on its flipside, then there will be a phase of disharmony.

If you go back in time, you can see examples of this.  There was a phase when there was cholera, as a killer disease, another phase where typhoid was a killer disease, and another phase where malaria was a killer disease.  Imagine that the Template of health turns on its flip side and the grooves on that Template are etched in a certain way, and the etchings, the nicks and scrapes and scratches and tears formulate an environment that would welcome Typhoid. This Template had a beginning, middle and an end – which is the good news.
When the Template is abused, it still goes through its phase of birth, death and rebirth. This is why I keep insisting that you carry the Seed of Purity and Innocence in your heart.  This is why I keep giving you Angelic Beings, great Cosmic Beings, various modalities of protection and empowerment with tools to empower and protect yourselves. I want you to reach to a state where you are vibrating at such a high frequency that you flip the corrupt Template back to its Original Pure Divine State.

When you carry the Seed of Purity and Innocence, you can turn any corrupt state of any formula, any situation, and any circumstance back to its Purity and Innocence.  You can go to a war zone and be the cause for ending of the war. You can focus your energy on boosting the economy, ending cancer, and AIDS. By so doing, you take the corrupt Template and turn it back to its Original State.  Everything always goes back into its Original State.

The original state of life is perfection.  Purity and Innocence is part of that Original State. Impurity is an imposter, impurity is a state of lack, impurity is an imposed state, not a natural state.  Cancer is not a natural state of the body.  Perfect health is the natural state of the body.  A perfectly healthy body is always in a state of Purity and Innocence.  A perfectly healthy economy is always in a state of Purity and Innocence; people share the resources with each other.  A perfect forest is free from aphids and blights and vermin and imposters.  A perfect house is free from rotten wood and mold and mildew.  A perfect body of water is free from putrid algae.  Each of these, in their state of Purity and Innocence, vibrate perfection.

When the state of Purity and Innocence is compromised, perfection becomes imperfection. Purity becomes corruption.  Pure becomes impure.  Innocence becomes corrupt, truth becomes untruth, hope becomes sadness and sorrow and fear, joy becomes anger.  The natural state of life is filled with joy.  It bubbles with life, and when life becomes dim, it moves away from perfection.  What we do is to take that flipped Template and return it into the purity of the Original Intent.  That is why I say to you, I want you to be the embodiment of the Pure and Innocent Seed of Life.  That is why I keep giving you these Seeds, the Seed of Hope, the Seed of Truth, Seed of Abundance, Seed of Health, Seed of Wholeness.  These Seeds carry the perfection and when they blossom and bloom they become the Template the Pure and Innocent, the Template for the return of that Quality.

The first Template to bring back is Purity and Innocence: Standing with your Scepter of Power above your head, say,

“I ask to receive the Template of Purity and Innocence.  I ask to be the embodiment for the Seed of Perfection, illuminated through your own Scepter of Power. Ask for all the corrupt Templates, all the outdated Templates, all the impure Templates, all the imperfect Templates to be returned to the perfection of the Original Intent and for the Seed of Purity and Innocence to be embodied, to be imbedded, to be enmeshed,  ingrained into the fabric of time and space.
Demanding, decreeing, commanding the Five Elements to come together to bring perfection, it is your  right to command the Five Elements  The Five Elements have gone into the corrupt state that they are at because you, as their sovereign, stopped demanding of them to remain perfect.  You, as the sovereign for this Earth, stopped commanding the Five Elements to act from the perfection of their Original Divine Purity.  I am asking you now be the sovereign of your world, be the sovereign of your Body, be the sovereign of your Soul, be the sovereign of your Personality Aspects, and let the Sovereign Spirit of Light enter within you to command and demand the return of perfection through the Template of Purity and Innocence.
Hold your Scepters up and say “In the name of love, through the intercession of Lord Shiva on this Shivaratri moment, I command and demand, I decree the return of the Perfection, I embody the Template of Purity and Innocence, I receive the Seed, the Seed of Purity and Innocence, the Life Force of Divine Mother, encapsulated inside of the Seed placed within my Cosmic heart.”

Come forth and stand before me with your Personal Guardian Angel and your Cosmic Guardian Angel and receive the Seed of Purity and Innocence which I place inside your Cosmic Heart. Now face Goddesses, Victory, Liberty, Glory, Quan Yin, Mother Mary, St Germain, and receive the Templates of Victory, Liberty, Glory, Divine Order, Compassion, and Divine Love. I will call the Templates to your Five Body System. Absorb the energies into your body and being. Open your Personal and your Cosmic Heart Chakras and absorb the energies.

Feel an expansion in your chest and Lightness in your body. Your breath comes in easy and goes out easy. Let joy spring forth, let there be a fountain of joy that constantly bubbles up to the surface with every step that you take – with every project that you embark upon. Set your intention that the lessons be learned and the dysfunctions be released from your life immediately. Let the etchings, the grooves be healed, let the scars be removed. So it is, it is done.  Say,
“I demand and command and I decree, I desire, to embody the Perfection of the Original Intent.  I ask my Cosmic Guardian Angel to pull the Cosmic Life Force that holds the Template of the Perfection of the Original Intent.  I ask my Cosmic Guardian Angel, through the intercession of Divine Mother, Goddesses Glory, Victory, Liberty, Quan Yin and Mother Mary, for the reinstatement of the Templates of Purity and Innocence, Victory, Glory, Liberty, Compassion, Divine Love and Divine Order and the over Lighting presence of the Template of Perfection within my Five Body System.

The Template of Divine Order holds the Perfection, the Perfection of the Original Intent for me and mine.  I now embody that Perfection.  The Template of Divine Order which encapsulates the Perfection of the Original Intent is now fully installed within my Five Body System.  The Template of Purity and Innocence, brought from the heart core of Divine Mothers own Throne of Creation is now fully enmeshed within my Five Body System, absorbed and encapsulated inside of the Seed in my Cosmic Heart Chakra.  I am the embodiment of the Pure and Innocent Creative Force of Divine Mother.  I am the embodiment of the Template of Divine Order.  The Original Divine Spark is illuminated through every cell, ever molecule, every iota, every fiber of my DNA, emanating through my Five Body System to the Five Elements, to all people, places and things, to all sentient and insentient beings, illuminating this entire Universe and beyond.

I stand in the Glory of this divinity,
I stand Liberated from all impurities,
I stand Victorious.
The Light of Victory, I Am,
The Light of Liberty I Am,
The Light of Glory I Am.
I Am, I Am, I Am. So it is.
It is done, Amen.”

My children, I am well pleased with all that you do on my behalf. The Perfection is your Divine Right. May that Perfection return to you a thousand fold from eternity to eternity.
I stand as your very own Divine Mother and I hold you in my own heart.  Blessings to all of you and so it is.




Whether you are Mother, Father, Aunt, Uncle or friend, you are nurturing, protecting and you are one who shares Love and Light with the Children of the World.

It is Important to take a moment and give thanks for those in our lives who have filled these roles for us.

Take a moment to see our parents as the children they were once and Love them as they are realizing they truly did, and are doing, the best job they know how in their own understandings, with Love and Light.

Life is Beautiful and we are Indeed Blessed!

Love, Peace, Joy, Wisdom, Light
Divine Order

Dear Nasrin,
It is in LOURDES South of France that Mother Mary is visited by millions.
I know that Sri Satyam Sai Baba of Netherlands has visited Lourdes to heighten the energies in that place by staying in that very cold source/waterpool for some time in 2009 and 2010.

Love you, Mother Mary. It is because of you that I feel refined and renewed. I shall say this daily.

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