March 2011

Dear Friends,

March is the month that holds the Landmark point of March Equinox or Spring Equinox in the Northern Hemisphere.

March 20th marks the 1st year anniversary of opening the 5th Dimensional Octave. It is a most auspicious event and we hope all of you will join us for this year’s ceremony where Divine Mother will take us to the next great plateau for the evolution of Earth and Humankind.

In this March, 2011 Newsletter, Divine Mother is bringing to our aid, Cosmic Guardian Angels and the Aquamarine Blue Pillar of Light. These Beings can help us cope with the great amount of dross being released by Earth and humankind at this time in Earth’s history. Instead of shouldering this burden on our own, Divine Mother now offers these great Cosmic Beings and the Aquamarine Light to assist us. Take full advantage of this offer by performing this meditation and repeating it every day to smooth the bumps on your path and to keep you in the radiance of the love of your Cosmic Guardian Angel.

In keeping with Divine Mother’s desire to bring us help and assistance from the highest Realms during this time of change we have created a Home Study Course, Guardian Angels of the Chakra System.

Also this month, Divine Mother offers her specially appointed Guardian of Love & Protection in her channeled meditation.

The other portal days for the month of March are 3/18, 3/20, 3/30.

Moon Calendar

New Moon is March 4, a time to open up new projects, plans and programs. During the time of the New Moon, ask the Great Cosmic Being, Goddess Venus, the bringer of good fortune, to assist you with these intentions and help you fulfill your Divine Mission.
Full Moon is March 19, with very prominent and impactful energies. Goddess Venus, Goddess Hecate and Goddess Selene (Selena) are all involved with this phase of the moon. Call upon all three Goddesses to help you manifest both your personal and global intentions.

I wish you all a beautiful month of March.

In Love and Peace,

New Live Events in March

The Free Gateway Portal Channeling for March is on Thursday, 3/3/2011 at 8:00PM ET.
To register, click here.

PTE MS: March Equinox 2011 Ceremony:

On March Equinox, 2011, Divine Mother is creating a new platform to help us move through the old and enter the new by calling upon the energies of Victory, Liberty and Glory to embed themselves into our Reality, preparing for the anchoring of Divine Mother’s Template of Purity and Innocence and St. Germain’s Template of Divine Order and Organization.

This course will be given on Sunday, March 20th at 3:00PM ET.
Tuition is $35.00 until Tuesday, 3/8 at midnight ET and $55.00 thereafter.
To read more and to register, click here.

PTE MS: Hear Thy Soul Private Group Channeling Series with St. Germain:

This is the first of a monthly Private Group Channeling Series, available only to those who have taken the initial 3 session course, Hear Thy Soul, Receive its Guidance. Each month a different Master will work with us to build our connection with their own Soul Lineage.

In March we will be directed to connect at Soul Level with the Soul Lineage of St. Germain, the Soul Lineage of the 7th Ray, and the anchoring of the Template of Divine Order.

Hear Thy Soul Private Group Channeling Series with St. Germain
will be given on Sunday, March 13 at 3:00PM ET.

Tuition: $99.00, until Tuesday, 3/8 at midnight ET and $144.00 thereafter.
To read more and to register, click here.
Note: Prerequisite for this course is Hear Thy Soul; Receive its Guidance.
To read more and register, click here.

New Angel Home Study Course

PTE MS: Guardian Angels of the Chakra System:

In this 12 Lesson course, Divine Mother brings us Guardian Angels to protect and to clear our Chakra System and Energy Bodies during this time of Earth’s major karmic release and transmutation of negativity. To Anchor Higher Energies while simultaneously Transmuting layer after layer of dross for Earth and Humankind, is stressful on our bodies.

Divine Mother is bringing us great help and assistance by appointing a set of 11 Guardian Angels. These Angels are specially chosen to;
1) help with the transmutational processes, resulting from the release of dross from Earth and Humankind,
2) help us with the anchoring of the Higher Energies of Light, to stabilize our world, and
3) protect us from overextending ourselves as we perform steps 1 and 2 above.

Tuition is $77.00 until Friday, 3/4 at midnight ET and $144.00 thereafter.
To read more and register, click here.

Divine Mother’s specially appointed Guardian of Love & Protection

My children of Light, I am your Divine Mother,

I am well pleased, I am happy and I am grateful for all that you do. I will take a moment to connect you with hosts of Guardians. I call these Guardians from the Pool of Creation. This is Divine Mother’s Specially Appointed Guardian of Love & Protection for each of you. I call upon the Cosmic Guardians to come forth.

Cosmic Guardian Angel: Visualize your own Cosmic Guardian Angel standing in front of you. It is important to connect with this Guardian and recognize the energy of this Being. The first and foremost responsibility of this Guardian is to constantly clear your energy field of pollution.

Say this invocation with me, “I call upon my Specially Appointed Guardian. I give permission to work with me; to constantly wrap yourself around me – transmitting various Lights which are beneficial for me in each moment.”

There are Lights that are emanating from this Angelic Being. The color of the Light you will see is of the unique energy that you need. Some of you may see a profusion of different colors of Light. Some of you may see a specific colored Light and in Days to come, the colors may change.  It may become a profusion of Light.

For example, when you need transmutation, this Guardian will wrap itself around you and send you Violet Flame. When you feel the need to be loved, this Guardian will wrap itself around you and send you Golden Pink. When you need to be in a place of high intelligence, functioning from your Mental Body, this Guardian will wrap you up in a color range of Golden Jade Green, to a Dark Green, to an Emerald Green. When you need to work with finances or open the gateway of abundance, this Being will wrap you in a range of a Citron Green to an Emerald Green. The colors of nature are also the colors that will provide abundance to you, the entire range of green seen in nature.

When you need to be empowered, to make powerful and beneficial decisions and to be supported in whatever projects or plans you want to embark upon, this Being will wrap itself around you and send you the range of Aquamarine Blue to Cobalt Blue Light. When you need to communicate your decision, it will be a Cobalt Blue Light.

When you need to call upon the thought and the design and the idea – to form the decision, to form the concept – it will be an Aquamarine Blue Light of the God-Source Energy. The range of God-Source is from Aquamarine Blue, which is the Sublime Aspect, to Cobalt Blue, which is the Earthy Aspect.  The God-Source Energy for the present moment on Earth is Cobalt Blue. When you move to the Fifth Dimensional Octave, the Cobalt Blue gives way to the Aquamarine Blue.

Pillar of Aquamarine Blue Light and the Amber Life Force Energy: Visualize a Pillar of Light extending from the top of your head to the Throne of Divine Mother. See the Aquamarine Blue Light extending down from my Throne, entering through the Pillar of Light, called the Antahkarana Cord, into your Crown Chakra on the top of your head. See it moving down, chakra by chakra, bathing each chakra in the Aquamarine Blue Light. See it move down, from the Crown to the Third Eye, to the Throat and reaching from the Throat down to the Cosmic Heart and Personal Heart and continuing down to each chakra, finally to the Crust of the Earth to your Earth Crust Chakra (located about 10 inches below the bottoms of your feet).

Then visualize that it moves down a Pillar of Light, (called the Hara Line) that extends from the bottom of your feet to the Core of the Earth. You are sending that Aquamarine Blue Light to the Core of the Earth, bringing Heavenly God-Source Light to Earth’s Core. The Earth is sending to you its Red Life Force Energy, mixed with Gold and Cosmic Life Force. This makes a Golden Amber color which gives you substance.

When you are faced with negative energies, when you are watching the news and see a war going on, keep calling your Cosmic Guardian Angel to pull down the Aquamarine Blue and pour it through you into the Core of Mother Earth to help the Earth. At the same time, visualize yourself pulling up the Red Life Force, mix it with Gold to make Amber Light and pull it into yourself. When you feel yourself being drained from watching these events, recharge your body and protect yourself with the help of your Angel and send Aquamarine Blue to all souls and to Earth through Your Guardian Angel of Protection.

This Guardian Angel is different from your head Guardian Angels and all other various Guardians and Angelic Hosts who work with you. This is a Guardian Angel specially appointed through a dispensation given by me. The responsibility of this Angelic Force is to protect you from picking up dross. To protect you when you sleep and transmute anything you might pick up during the day.

When you face people who are in turmoil, people who are in places of agitation, it is the job of this Guardian to transmute that agitation from around your body; so it doesn’t penetrate in your body; so it doesn’t become grief in your lungs; so it doesn’t become anger in your liver; so it doesn’t become fear in your kidneys; so it doesn’t become pain in your lower back, pain in your shoulders, pain in your neck, pain in your head; so it doesn’t pollute your Third Eye; so it doesn’t pollute your Throat Chakra; so you don’t pick up energies and entities.

It is very easy to walk by someone who is angry and pick the entities of that anger and walk away without noticing it at first. Then you suddenly feel angry and think “I was doing well, why am I so angry right now?” The moment you notice that, the moment you notice the shift in your energy instead of sitting there wallowing in it, call your Specially Dispensed Guardian Angel of Protection. Say, “Through the intersession of Divine Mother, I ask My Guardian of Light and Protection to clear my energy and wrap me in Light, to release the negativity and to protect me from lower energies.”

With Mother Earth pushing all these energies to the surface to be transmuted, it is natural for you to pick up dross and negativity. Disembodied energies are like little soap bubbles; bubbles with a lot of cobwebs inside. You pick up the cobwebs and it begins to impact you as you try to transmute it. Don’t transmute it on your own. It may take a long time; two or three or four hours to transmute. You don’t have to take even two minutes. The moment you feel the shift, right there, call upon your own Cosmic Guardian of Love and Protection.  Say, “I call upon my Cosmic Guardian Angel of Love and Protection to clear my energy field.”

You go to the movie theater and come out feeling out of sorts.  Why, because you sat in a movie theater in stagnant energies with other people, sometimes with hundreds of people, for a good two hours. Does anybody go in there and clean it energetically? No, so you come out with your energy bodies clogged up and you feel scattered.
When you go into the movie theater, call your Guardian of Protection. Set that Guardian to put a Violet Flame Tornado in each of the four corners, North, East, South, and West. When you decide to go to the grocery store, send the Guardian Angel and say “set up four Violet Flame Tornadoes in the grocery store. Set up an inferno of Violet Flame around each human being – you don’t have to ask permission to “do good” and invoking the Violet Flame is “doing good.” The Violet Flame doesn’t harm anyone, it clears the energy. If you saw somebody sitting in a snow storm, you would either say “let me help you, and bring you inside” or “here, take my winter coat, I don’t need it because I’m going to sit in my car or I’m going in my house.” Violet Flame is like that.

Using Violet Flame to help others and Mother Earth release their dross is like offering your winter coat to somebody who’s sitting outside in middle of a snow storm.

Now take a deep breath and hold your Scepter of Power up above your head while you feel the energy of your Guardian Angel of Love and Protection. Pause and breathe the Lights and feel the energy become more blissful and calm everywhere around you.

I want you to go to bed and take your Cosmic Guardian Angel with you. Call your Guardian every night as you fall asleep. Write yourself a note and place it somewhere to remind you to call your Cosmic Guardian Angel. Put it where it’s the last thing that you see at night and the first thing that you see in the morning, so you get into the habit of calling your Cosmic Guardian Angel of Light and Protection. This is a very important and extremely beneficial means for healing and rejuvenating your body. The Angel knows exactly what you need and the healing will be given without any further effort on your part.

Say to this Guardian right now, “Don’t let me forget about you, please, make your presence known to me; when  you see and feel that I pick up some cobwebby soap bubble from some place, you take care of it, I give you permission.” The issue here is giving permission. You can give permission, a blanket of permission. “Whenever I need help, I give you permission to help me without my asking for it each time.”

You can say, “In the name of Divine Mother, I ask for this dispensation that help will be given to me at any moment, even if I am unaware of the need. Remove obstacles from my path. Release negativity from my Energy Bodies. Clear the pollution before I jump into it. Clear the super market before I need to go shopping. Clear my office building, my house, my property, my family members whenever necessary. Clear the shopping mall before I need to go inside. Clear the movie theater before I need to sit in it and clear my energy when I walk out.”

It’s a lot to ask these Beings – to clear an entire movie theater so you can have a comfortable visit.  Yet, let’s remember, that too is an act of service. You can be clearing that movie theater all on your own and get yourself sick and worn out, not knowing why for the next three days you’re unable to connect, unable to meditate, unable to stay focused.  Or you can ask this Being to do it for you. I would rather you ask these Beings.

These Beings can clean themselves in an instance. The new Life Force, the new refreshed energy which they bring you, would do so much good that it is imperative to appoint them to serve you. After all, you have given of yourselves one hundred percent; you have awakened in time to be the Beacons of Light. Other Beacons of Light, who are not physically embodied, whose source is in Angelic Light, who can replenish themselves in an instance, are here to help you. Take advantage of this service.

Let me give you one more shower of Light. Envision being wrapped in the Copper Gold Light of Divine Mother’s love. Your very own Cosmic Guardian Angel of Love & Protection, emanating the Copper Gold of Divine Mother to your individual bodies – wrapping you in their Celestial wings. I want you to lie down for half an hour and let me fully establish the presence of this Angelic Guardian’s energy around you.

It is really important that you remember to call upon this Being at bed time because they then have a long period of time to work on your Energy Bodies, as well as your Physical Body, to clear and heal you. These Guardians can also guide you when you are roaming in various parts of the world during dream time and they can protect you from moment to moment. In dream time you go to the rescue and help of other souls who need help. You need to ask for healing and clearing from your Cosmic Guardians so that you wake up in the morning feeling refreshed, with your body rejuvenated, your Five Body System recalibrated and balanced and your energy replenished.

I hold you in my heart with great love. You have done so much and you continue to do so much more. I hold you with such joy and gratitude. I walk with you and I hold you in my own heart always and forever.

I am your very own Divine Mother, so it is.


Hola a holas de plenitud les escribo con deseos de que me envien el boletin de marzo del 2011 en espanol pues lo espero ,y lo estoy esperando y perdonenme por mi insistencia pues siento que lo nesecito y mas en estos momentos. gracias …M

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