June 2011

Dear Friends,

Happy Father’s Day to you all.

This month Divine Mother is giving us a timely meditation to continue our assistance to Mother Earth in her release of dross and pollution in order to raise her vibration. The Five Elements are the building blocks of our Reality and the Masters have often said that raising our own vibration and Quotient of Light is important but we need help from the Five Elements to accelerate and maintain this process. We and Mother Earth are limited in raising our Quotient of Light by the level of Light held by the Five Elements. This month Divine Mother gives us a meditation to directly raise the vibration of the Five Elements and to call on Great Cosmic Guides, Guardians and Goddesses to magnify the impact.

This is a great service to Mother Earth, dampening the negative impact of the man-made and natural earth changes that are now happening at an accelerated pace.
With great Love, I wish you a Joyful Summer Solstice and month of June.

In Service to Divine Mother and with great love,

The Gateway Portal Channeling will be on Monday, June 6 at 8:00 PM ET.

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Other Portal Days in June are 6/1/11, 6/6/11, 6/11/11, 6/16/11 6/18/11 & 6/26/11.
New Moon is June 1 and Full Moon is June 15.



PTE MS: Hear Thy Soul Private Group Channeling Series with Mother Mary, Part 2

Sunday, June 12, at 3:00 PM ET

In Part 2, Mother Mary will explain the significance Medjugoria, Montserrat and an apparition of Mary on a glass window in a hospital in Massachusetts.  Mary will also explain the importance of the Template of Purity, as the embodiment of the Immaculate Concept. The return of Purity to Earth is directly tied with the greater understanding of Immaculate Concept, the Pure Essence of the Feminine Creative Force. The Template of Purity is brought to Purify Earth from her tendency to attract vibrational energies of struggle, hardship and suffering. These tendencies, over time, often lead civilizations to self destruction and their demise, such as Atlantis and Egypt. The Template of Purity, anchored through each of us and our Group Energy at each of these Portals that are visited by millions of souls each year, can greatly magnify the impact.
This course will be given on Sunday, June 12, at 3:00 PM ET.

Tuition: $125.00 until Wednesday, 6/8, at midnight ET and $150.00 thereafter.

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Note: This 1 Session Course is part of the monthly Hear Thy Soul Private Group Session Series. Although usually only available to those who have taken the initial 3 session course, Hear Thy Soul, Receive its Guidance, this session, at Mother Mary’s request, will be open to all.

PTE MS: Dolphin Magic with Goddess Isis

Friday and Saturday June 17th & 18th at 7:30 PM ET

In this 2 Session course, Goddess Isis will teach us about creating Sacred Magic with Dolphins. Dolphins are capable of using both Left and Right hemispheres of their brains simultaneously. They are also able to create a Force Field of energy with their Sonar capability. This sound frequency resonance will help awaken the ancient wisdom which we have shared as human beings with the Dolphins. Isis will accompany us to the Abode of Dolphins, the planet which is familiar to all of us as home, to retrieve the empowerment tools, exercises and abilities for using both hemispheres of our brain and for recalling the memories of the lost Magic we were able to conjure to serve the Light. Through these renewed abilities we will be able to help Mother Earth and humankind to greater joy, happiness and fun.

Tuition: $110.00 until Wednesday, 6/8, at midnight ET and $122.00 thereafter.

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PTE MS: Summer Solstice 2011 with Sophia, Goddess of Wisdom

Tuesday June 21st at 7:30 PM ET

We will celebrate Summer Solstice 2011 with a ceremony to welcome the return of Goddess Sophia, Goddess of Wisdom. As the embodiment of the Qualities of Wisdom, Sophia has been the patroness of Wisdom and the guardian of the wise. You are invited to celebrate Summer Solstice in the company of Divine Mother and to receive and anchor the Template of True Wisdom from Sophia back on Earth. We will visit the etheric retreat of Wisdom over ancient Constantinople and bore a Tunnel of Light, saturated with the Energies of Wisdom, to connect the etheric retreat of Sophia to the Third Dimensional Reality.

We are invited to be the catalyst for the return of the Qualities of Wisdom, in the level of potency and purity offered to King Solomon. The Quality of Wisdom will be instilled within our DNA structure for anchoring on Earth and for the benefit of all souls. In celebration of this enormous honor, we will receive gifts of True Wisdom and tools of empowerment from Sophia. We will bathe in the Pool of Wisdom to remove the cobwebs of forgetfulness and to restore the memories of our own glory.

Tuition is $59.00 until Wednesday, 6/8, at midnight ET and $79.00 thereafter.

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Meditation to Heal the Five Elements

with Divine Mother


My Children of Light, I offer you my heart filled with Love.

I invite you to join me in a healing session which will, first and foremost, help raise your own vibration. Through you, it will help raise the vibration of the Five Elements, thereby assisting Mother Earth to raise her own vibration.  I will teach you this healing and ask you to repeat it as many times in the course of day and night (as you can) and teach it to others with my blessing.  It is like a soothing balm on Mother Earth’s cancerous body.  It is like drinking nectar that will release the pollution and contamination and heal her organs.
Envision that you are inside of the Golden Crystal Structure in the central Core of Mother Earth. This is a good place to visualize yourselves when you wish to stabilize the energies of Mother Earth, especially with natural and manmade disasters. Earth gets shaken up with every earthquake, volcanic eruption, tsunami, hurricane and tornado and with every possible human-made disaster.  She worries as much about her own body and the abuse on her own body – the gangrene on her own body – as she does about the souls, the plants, minerals, animals, birds, mammals and the species that become extinct and the Five Elements that become polluted.

Golden Pink of Divine Love and Violet Flame Tornado

Always visualize yourself sending Love from your heart – the Golden Pink Light of Love.  Also visualize sending a Violet Flame tornado that starts from the bottom of your feet and spins counterclockwise through your Chakras all the way up to your Antahkarana Cord and into the Thrones to the Great Void in the 144th Dimension.  That is how you send the Violet Flame.

Healing the Element of Earth

Visualize yourself standing on top of a sand dune.  The sun is shining upon the sand.  Your feet are touching the warm sand.  Bend down and take a handful of sand. Hold it in the palms of both hands.  Hold it chest high and send Golden Pink of Divine Love to this pile of sand – this little mound of sand in your hands.

See sand stretching everywhere and the Sun shining with a gentle breeze in the air.  You are engulfed inside your own Guardian Angel who’s also sending Golden Pink Light and your Guardian Angel is engulfed inside your Cosmic Guardian Angel who is sending the Copper Gold of Divine Mother.

Behind the Cosmic Guardian Angel, stand all the Cosmic Goddesses, Divine Mother, Aspects of Divine Mother from the Universal to the Cosmic – all sending Copper Gold of Divine Mother.  This vibrational frequency penetrates your body. Everyone is illuminating you with Golden Pink and Copper Gold Light of Divine Mother.
Envision this Copper Gold emanate, oscillate, and vibrate in every cell and flow in your bloodstream, raising your vibration.  When you are saturated with it, imagine it is moving to the sand in the palms of your hands. The sand begins to absorb, oscillate and vibrate Golden Pink and Copper Gold Light – Golden Pink for Divine Love; Copper Gold filled with Mother’s Purity and Innocence, raising the Element of Earth to let go of its density, its dross, the karma of the Third Dimension. The rays of the Sun are beaming Gold Light on the sand.  Your hands are shining in the Sun, with Gold Light.

Your body is vibrating Gold. You have raised the vibration of your Five Body System and the Element of Earth. Angelic Beings continue to engulf you and the particles of the sand in Gold Light.

Healing the Element of Water

Now, envision you are standing with your feet on a sandy beach in shallow waters of an Azure Blue ocean.  The Blue of the sky emanating on the ocean and reflecting on the Peach colored sand gives that beautiful Bluish Green of the Azores.  Many parts of your world have these beautiful sandy beaches.

Bend down and take a cupful of this beautiful water and hold it up.  Hold it up for the Sun to shine its Golden Rays on it and for the sky to reflect on it. Visualize yourself in the bosom of your Personal and Cosmic Guardian Angels, engulfing you in the Aquamarine Blue Light.

See circles of many Celestial Guardian Angels, emanating the Aquamarine Blue Light.  Divine Mother and the Cosmic Goddesses are emanating the Copper Gold of Divine Mother’s Purity and Innocence to release and transmute the dross. Golden Light is everywhere immersed in Aquamarine Blue – your body, the water in your cupped hands and the water in the sea. Every particle of water begins to oscillate to a higher vibrational frequency of Light.  The Element of Water has been raised in its vibration to embody the Aquamarine Blue Light of the God Source. Breathe and bathe and look at the sea, as we are raising the vibration of all the waters.

Planet Earth, Elements of Earth and Water

Now, in one half window see yourself with hands filled with a mound of Golden sand.  In the other, your hands are filled with the Aquamarine Blue Light-filled waters of the ocean. Visualize suspended in the air in front of you, a small replica of the Planet Earth.  We are blessing and raising the vibration of the Earth Element. Mother Earth is now fully illuminated with Golden Pink of Divine Love, raising the vibration of the Element of Earth within, upon and around Earth.

In the next window, visualize the Planet suspended in air immersed in Aquamarine Blue Light with the Platinum Silver shimmers. The Sun shining, creating Golden dust, Golden shimmers. The Celestial Guardians, the Angelic Forces, the Cosmic Guardians, the Cosmic Goddesses and Divine Mother bless and raise the vibration of the Element of Water and transmute dross and lower vibration, pollution and contamination. The Element of Water becomes so pure that it will rejuvenate you.

Healing the Element of Fire

This time visualize yourself before the Altar of the Sacred Fire of Divine Mother. This fire inside of the Altar will be harmless to you. Scoop it up and call upon the Angels to send the Golden Copper Light of Divine Mother’s Purity and Innocence to raise the vibration of the Element of Fire. Your body is emanating that same Copper Gold Light as the fire in the palms of your hands.

Fire in its higher essence will transmute dross but it will not harm physical bodies.  Those who know the art of fire walking raise the vibration of their body to the point where it is vibrating to this Golden Light and can walk on hot, molten fireballs without harm.

Healing the Element of Air

Visualize yourself standing before the Altar and take a deep, long breath in and then blow that breath into the palms of your hands. This air is now carrying your vibrational frequency and your signature energy as you exhale it.  Blow it into the palms of your hands and command it to stay in your hands.  Hold it up and call the Aquamarine Blue Light with the shimmering Platinum and Gold shimmers.  Let the Element of Air begin to vibrate the same Aquamarine Blue Light that your body and the bodies of your Personal and Cosmic Guardians are vibrating.  Raise the vibration of the Element of Air.

Healing Planet Earth, Elements of Fire and Air

Now visualize four windows in front of you all with a miniature sized image of Planet Earth. In the first two, you see the elements of earth and Water. Now, in the third window, you are holding the Element of Fire. See this fire emanating from the body of Mother Earth rendering no harm – only transmuting the dross.  The entire Planet is aglow with Copper Gold Light. In the fourth window see the Earth with the air as a cloud of Blue Light, as if the atmosphere – the air around the Globe – has taken an Aquamarine Blue Light of the God Source.

Element of Ether Blessing Four Base Elements

Visualize the Element of Ether coming in as Rainbow colored Light.  See a Rainbow forming in the horizon.  See in each of the four windows, the colors of the Rainbow shining in, around and through the Elements of Earth, Water, Fire and Air, blessing, engulfing, and emanating through each of the Four Base Elements.

Summary and Recap the Healing

This is my gift to you, with the request that you give me a minute of your time each day. Keep visualizing these four windows constantly before your mind’s eyes. Keep the image of those four windows; a pile of Sand, a cupful of Water, a fistful of Fire, a handful of Air with the Rainbow Light of Ether sustaining you, sustaining the Four Base Elements of Earth, Water, Fire and Air and the entire Globe, in suspended form, receiving healing. Call your Guardian Angel, your Cosmic Guardian and the Cosmic Goddesses to magnify the impact. When there is a man-made or natural disaster, send the Golden Pink and the Violet Flame to the location and visualize clearing the Elements in that location.

Distance is no obstacle: You can energetically send the higher vibration and the healing of the Five Elements in this way to anywhere in the world; distance is no obstacle.  It makes no difference if the person, place or thing is in your arms reach or millions of miles away.  Light travels fast and you are sending Undifferentiated Light.

I hold you in my own heart.  I stand in great gratitude.  With you, all things are possible.  Together we make this world what I have dreamt of and what I shall unfold before your eyes.

I am your very own Divine Mother.  So it is.








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