January 2011

Note: The January Newsletter is coming to you early to give you a chance to perform this meditation through much of the Holiday Season.

Dear Friends,

Happy New Year! May this be the best year for all of you in greater attainment of spiritual growth and worldly success and happiness.

For the first Newsletter of the year, we have chosen a beautiful meditation which Divine Mother has gifted to us. She is calling all of us to her Throne to receive a Teal Blue Green Healing Balm from Christ Maitreya at an Initiation Ceremony.

The month of January is Special as there are 11 days from the 9th to the 19th of January where the Portals of energy are open to us from the constellation Sirius. We will celebrate this 11 day portal through a six part series of Live Group Channeling sessions where Goddess Isis will take us on a journey to ancient Egypt. Picking from the best of what we had during those times and reactivating our DNA structure to the memories of this civilization will help allow us to alchemically improve the state of our lives and our world. The wisdom and knowledge we receive will become the tools to enhance our lives and to benefit all souls.

New 2-part Course: Isis Reveals the Mysteries of Egypt

We will celebrate this 11 day portal through a six part series of Live Group Channeling sessions where Goddess Isis will take us on a journey to ancient Egypt. Picking from the best of what we had during those times and reactivating our DNA structure to the memories of this civilization will help allow us to alchemically improve the state of our lives and our world. The wisdom and knowledge we receive will become the tools to enhance our lives and to benefit all souls. The course will be taught on 2 sets of three consecutive days, Saturday, Sunday, Monday, Jan 8, 9 & 10th to enter into the portal and in the following week on Saturday, Sunday & Monday, 15,16 & 17 to complete the portal. The Special offer Tuition for the entire six sessions is $255.00 until Monday Jan 3rd after which it will be $288.00. Click here to read more and to register for Isis Reveals the Mysteries of Egypt.

Portal days in the month of January are, 01/01/11, a very important and potent day to begin the year, January 9th thru 19th as mentioned above, 01/11/11 another potent portal day,01/20/11 and 01/22/11, as well and the 27th and 29th.

PTE MS Orientation: In order to provide background information to those who have had no exposure to the work of the Masters, we have developed a series of courses, primarily made up of written material, geared to prepare a student to take PTE MS Level I and II courses. These are Core Curriculum courses and are recommended for newcomers and old members alike.

Certificates: For those of you who have fulfilled the requirements to become members of the Society or Scholars, we have extended the deadline to the end of December. To register for your certificate, follow these steps.

  1. Click here to log in to your Member’s account.
  2. Click on either Mystery School Society Membership or Mystery School Scholar Membership.
  3. Under Course Lesson, click on Certificate of Achievement.

Click here. Special 2 for 1 Book offer: we will continue offering a 2 for 1 special on all books. Use this opportunity to place your holiday gift orders.

New Moon: Jan. 4 is the New Moon, a time to open up new projects, plans and programs. During the time of the New Moon, ask the Great Cosmic Being, Goddess Venus, the bringer of good fortune, to assist you with these intentions and help you fulfill your Divine Mission.

Full Moon: Jan. 19 is the Full Moon with very prominent and impactful energies. Goddess Venus, Goddess Hecate and Goddess Selene (Selena) are all involved with this phase of the moon. Call upon all three Goddesses to help you manifest both your personal and global intentions

In Love and Peace,



Meditation with Divine Mother to Receive Healing Balm from Christ Maitreya

My children of Light, I am your very own Mother.

Come with me to stand before the Altar of the Sacred Fire at my Throne, the Throne of Absolute. See yourself standing by my side looking at the Flames. Pick up some of the sacred objects for offering to the fire as you form your intentions for this year and all that you wish to manifest for yourself and your loved ones. Make the offerings of flower petals, oils, spices, fruits, herbs, gems from around the altar into the fire and imbue everything with your love as you state your intentions.

I hear you. I love you. I cherish you. I hold you in my own heart. And I have a gift for you. I have invited Lord Maitreya to bathe you in his Light. I therefore offer to you his presence and I walk with you to stand before him.

He has come in his position as The World Teacher. See him in his ceremonial robes of Teal Blue-Green. His cape is that Blue-Green Light embroidered with a honeycomb shape inside of which is the symbol of the Fleur-de-lis with five petals. The two lower petals point to east and west, the two higher petals to north and south. And the fifth one is pointing upward. Inside each of the honeycomb shapes embroidered in gold thread is this symbol. It is the symbol of the New Age. It is also the symbol of freedom from bondage, freedom from 3rd Dimensional dross. It is the symbol of entry into the 5th Dimensional Octave.

Upon his head he wears a crown with five points. It is made of gold and there are five triangular shapes that point to the heavens above. There are five gems: a ruby, a blue sapphire, an orange sapphire, an emerald and a diamond in the center of each of the triangles that sit on top of a band of gold. In his right hand he holds his Scepter of Power, the Scepter of the Power of The World Teacher.

This is an initiation. This initiation will allow you to be filled with the presence of the World Teacher and to receive guidance directly from him. It is an initiation for you to reach to a Quotient of Light that enables you to live life 5th Dimensionally and receive guidance directly from Christ Maitreya. This initiation will be a ceremonial initiation where he will imbue your entire body and your 5-Body System with his Light and his Spirit.

Stand before him as he points his Scepter in the direction of your Third Eye and Crown. You may experience a tingling sensation. Pause and breathe. Open yourself to receive from him.

Now he will set the Scepter aside and extend his left hand. From his own Cosmic Heart Chakra he will produce a Spark of illumined Light, the Eternal Flame. He will offer that Flame to the Flame upon the altar at my Throne. The Flame that he offers also carries his signature Light. This Flame is a Blue-Green Light whereas your Divine Mother’s altar is illumined with Copper-Gold Light.

When he offers this spark from his own heart to the Flame, the flames upon my altar jump high and turn into a Blue-Green Light. Then they turn into a Peach-Golden Light. Blue-Green represents the Masculine Principle as the World Teacher. The Peach represents the Feminine Principle as Divine Mother. The Gold unites the two together.

With his right hand he will take a fistful of this Flame, bring it to his face and begin an incantation. The Flame will not burn his hand. Then he sings the sacred syllables of a mantra, in the language of Light, which is only known to the World Teacher. The Flame in his hand will jump up as it is receiving life force and sustenance. He will charge that Flame with the specific energies that will suit and match your signature energy and is relevant to your personal Soul Lineage and your Divine Mission.

After his incantation is complete, he will place this fistful of fire into a small bowl made of the five sacred metals and engraved with the same incantations, the same mantras he has been reciting, in a hieroglyphic writing which is unknown to you. Inside of this small bowl there are the oils of many sacred aromatic and fragrant flowers, spices, leaves, bark and roots from many sacred trees and other potent items. When he places the fistful of fire into the oil, the oil becomes thicker and the ashes from the fire dissolve. He will repeat this process three times.

Once again, he will take a fistful of fire from my altar, hold it in his right palm in front of his face and begin incantation of the sacred syllables as the fire jumps high. He blows the breath of his own life into the fire in his hand. When he is complete with the recitation of the mantras, he will place a second fistful of the fiery substance into a small bowl of five metals. It will make a fizzling sound and it will dissolve into the oil giving its substance to the oil and making the liquid thicker, denser.

Finally, for the third time, he will take a fistful of the fire from my altar which is imbued with his own Flame of Eternal Life from his own Cosmic Heart. He will imbue it, hold it in front of his face and begin the incantation of the sacred syllables in the language of Light. The fire jumps high when he blows the breath of his life force into the fire and the fire becomes even livelier. Finally, he will place this fistful of fire into the bowl where the liquid oils are becoming denser, thickening.

Now he brings this bowl imbued with his own life force, imbued with the signature energy of the World Teacher and the sacred syllables of the language of Light and he will begin to bathe you. Rubbing the oil from the top of your head down to your face, neck, throat, shoulders and arms, your torso front and back, your hips, your hands, limbs and feet, lovingly, slowly, he will rub it all over your entire body. Your body knows the significance of this substance. The skin absorbs the entire substance into cells, molecules, atoms and every iota of your beingness from the top of your head to the bottom of your feet. Every organ is now resonating with this substance, with Christ Maitreya’s vibrational force field, with his signature energy, with the substance of Light from the World Teacher.

Your entire body is now vibrating to this higher Light. When you look down at yourself there’s a Teal Blue-Green halo of Light around you. The halo begins to expand from your Physical Body to your Etheric Body, to your Emotional Body, to your Mental Body, to your Spiritual Body. He will place his right hand over your Cosmic Heart-Personal Heart and he will send you Light to settle you and to stabilize the energies moving from him into you and from your Physical Body into your entire 5-Body System.

Look into his eyes. Ask him for what you wish. The final decision for everything that happens on Earth, to the Collective Consciousness of humankind and the individual destiny of each Soul is sanctioned and sealed by him.

I bring the Divine from the Heavenly Realms. He takes that Divine substance and turns it into matter on Earth. He has come to Earth to turn the substance of Earth’s matter into Higher Light. He has come to Earth to Spiritize the Matter of Earth. I can bring the Spirit to Earth. It is he who imbues the Earth with that Spirit. This is why he has taken physical form. This is why he has blown the breath of his own life force into a physical body manifest on Earth at this present moment so that he can tangibly change the structure of life and bring every life form to perfection.

You are the spearheads. Through you he will begin this task. Through you he will spread his Light. Through you he will accomplish this feat. On your behalf I ask of him to take care of your bodies, to take care of your lives, to take care of your future, to take care of the future of your loved ones, to remove the obstacles from your path, to imbue your path with his own Light, to walk ahead of your and clear the path, to watch over you in every action, to stand by your side at every step. I ask him to bring each of you the best that this world has to offer. I ask him to give you the highest potential manifest in form, the potential for every task, for every plan to become manifest through you. I ask him to give you the merits because you have offered yourselves as spearheads. You deserve to have the best. I want him to give you the best that this world has to offer as well as your life in the sublime.

As spirit you are one with him as you are one with me. As physically embodied souls, I want him to make a special dispensation for each of you. You are the generations of souls who are the bridge between the mundane and the sublime. You feel the pain of the mundane and feel the bliss of the sublime. The two sides of this coin are so far removed from one another but for you they are so deeply immersed into each other they truly are the two sides of the same coin.

It is not easy to live in the world of the mundane knowing what you know of the sublime. It is not easy to have the experience of the sublime and feel the bliss that can be had and then have to go back to the mundane, put your feet flat on the ground and struggle as if walking in tar and molasses. I ask him to make your mundane world an easier place to live in and to make the sublime easier to absorb and digest, easier to incorporate into the mundane. He too is a great alchemist, a great magician. After all, he wove a body of Light that has the density of matter. With that body he came to Earth. It is the substance of that sacred magic, that alchemy that he has imbued into every one of your 5-Body Systems, organs, tissues, muscles, and cells.

Once again, bring your attention to your body and look at this Blue-Green halo that is emanating from your body into the layers of your 5-Body System. I will place a shield of Copper-Gold around each of the layers of your 5-Body System to seal this Blue-Green Light of the World Teacher into each energy body; a shield around your Physical Body, your Etheric Body, Emotional Body, Mental Body, Spiritual Body to seal Maitreya’s Blue-Green Light inside of it. Over all those five layers I place a cocoon of Copper-Gold Light, a 6th layer 2 inches thick, that will fully seal all the other layers creating a cocoon of Light that encompasses all of your 5-Body System. Seal and contain to seal each of your Bodies inside this cocoon and contain the vibrational force field of the World Teacher.

Every day as you arise remind yourself of this energy system around you. Remind yourself that Christ Maitreya’s Light is moving in your 5-Body System. His vibrational force field is resonating within every cell, molecule and iota of your being.

Every night before you fall asleep see yourself standing before Christ Maitreya receiving his Light; imbuing, embodying, resonating and transmitting this Blue-Green Light and ultimately see yourself sealed in the Copper-Gold shield and cocoon of Divine Mother.

Do this for at least 33 days and 33 nights. If you miss a day or a night don’t worry, just do it when you remember. In the course of your day, in the course of your night, if you’re awakened, remind yourself. Do it as many times as you can.  Recall these energies to yourself. Keep calling upon Christ Maitreya and your very own Divine Mother especially as we move into the heightened energies that are ahead of us. If you do this exercise daily for the rest of this year you will accelerate yourself and you will help the removal of obstacles. You will help to lighten your own load. You will become an immensely powerful emissary of Christ Maitreya’s Light and Divine Mother’s Purity and Innocence. Stay and bathe in these energies.

My throne is your home. You can come and go as you please. My children do not need permission to come to their mother’s house. My house is your home. My heart beats in Oneness with yours. I give thanks for the Light that you are, the Light that you shine upon this entire universe and I thank you again, and again, and again for all that you are and all that you do on my behalf and on behalf of Light and your own Soul Lineage.

I hold you with great joy and celebration in my own heart and I thank you for this togetherness. I am your very own Divine Mother.

Blessings to all of you. So it is.


Hi Nasrin,

This woman is someone I have been talking to about her headaches and suggested she do some of your free meditations to see if it would help release that stuck energy, and it went way beyond that as her story tells you below. It’s totally awesome that your work has helped her connect to the Masters again. Her husband is a medical intuitive that will be featured on Oprah’s new network in January on “Miracle Detectives.”
(Here is the email recieved from her)

Hi M,

I wish you a Merry Christmas Eve! I wanted to tell you that 6 1/2 years ago I tried this exercise called “going in”. This is where you get calm in a meditative state, and you imagine your staircase and count down from 10. Once you get to the bottom landing, you have three doors in front of you. The one on the left is where you meet your guides; middle door is your information room; the door on the right is your medicine room. So of course, I choose the first time my information room. I immediately started to go out to the stars, and I felt like I was going home.

Then I started to meet one of my guides that took me on a journey that lasted a year of me going in with lots of information — information that I could never pin-point as to why I was learning it all. I traveled through time lines of events of history. I saw Jesus’ time, Egyptian times, Native American Indian times. Last but not least, an eyeball that I reunited with in space just looking at me. One day I woke up and couldn’t go in anymore. I was left feeling like I had broken a rule of the divine laws. Went on to ask lots of questions as to why I couldn’t experience that connection anymore.

Until the day that you and I were on the phone. I went online the other day and started to give the Nasrin’s meditations a try. I landed on this page called the Waves of Bliss. There is where I saw the Ascended Masters’ list, which I had no idea really who they all were. So, as I picked the ones that stood out for me, I went down to reading each one and realized that there were meditations involved. So I started to do them.

Each one resonated so well that I immediately went back on that journey just as I had done 6 1/2 years ago. This time I was sitting up and my eyes were open. As I did, I could remember the spirits that I had met. I began to realize that those were the Ascended Masters that I had met back then. I was so excited that the answers were finally coming to me. I went to the place (Atlantis), this time knowing the names and the history of what they had been trying to tell this entire time.

The best part was the eye in the sky is really called the Great Silent Watcher. To know that I had made the agreement here in this lifetime to do my journey on this earth by abiding the divine laws of the universe and this planet. That left me feeling like I had finally come to feeling complete. As to where I go now or what I learn next, I am excited for what’s to come. I want you to know that I thank you so very much for pointing me in the direction that is moving me back to me feeling completely whole. I want to honor your gift and your light. This is truly a Christmas present. I will continue to do the meditations and allow everything to unfold gracefully. Lots of love and light to you. T. G.

Beloved Nasrin!

Today I finally received your parcel, which you sent Dec.12. Right before Christmas, the most wonderful, uplifting, gorgeous christmas gift I could ever imagine!!

Beloved Nasrin, Beloved Divine Mother – what great blessings! May these blessings pour down on the whole world in these very special days!

Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Words cannot express what I feel. May I be able to open up to receive all the gifts that our great Mother/Father God have originally allocated for us. And may the whole world understand the Great Blessings from the Great Ones – – –

And, Beloved Nasrin – Thank you so much for the great channeling you are always providing us with! I can not understand how it can be possible that a human being can do such “a thing”. Yes. I have tried many paths but finally find that the path that you are providing us with is so ultimately fitting!

Beloved Nasrin,

I wish you a wonderful Christmas Time and once more want to lay down my deep gratitude at your feet!

May you be blessed eternally.

Love and Blessings,

V.A.I. Germany

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