August 2011

Dear Friends,

August is an extremely important month, as there are many landmark dates where the energies are intensified. We will gather on 8/8 Portal Day to raise the energies and create a platform for the special portal days in August and the remainder of 2011. 8/12 is a special landmark point each year where Divine Mother and the Masters pour down energies to achieve critical mass for whatever the intentions for that year may be. Harmonic Convergence on 8/16 is yet another major Landmark Point. Please see more on these dates below.

This month’s meditation is with St. Germain. Although he has been absent from our newsletters for a while, he is making his presence know in this month of August. In fact the he will become much more present as we move toward the end of 2011 and into 2012.

With Great Blessings,

Noteworthy dates in August: Full moon is on the 13th and new moon is on the 29th.

Other Portal Days in August are: 8/1/11, 8/8/11, 8/11/11, 8/12/11, 8/18/11 and 8/22/11.


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Please browse our home site, We have added new categories of specific interest. You will find a new Goddesses drop down menu with a large body of information on the many Aspects of Divine Mother. You will also find a Meditation drop down menu, a feature geared for beginners. We are adding Mediation made easy features for those who are interested in meditation but have never come across explanations and techniques that have felt comfortable to them. Please peruse these and the other new highlights and share them with your loved ones, especially those who are new to these subjects.


Also, please note that we have placed a vast body of information designed to introduce newcomers to the Ascended Masters and the Higher Realms in the main drop down menu bar as, PTE Orientation and Reference Library, for ease of access and convenience.


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Special Half Price Sale on 3 Important Courses

Divine Mother has requested that three specific courses be offered at this time because of their great importance at this time in Earth’s history. What we do in the month of August will carry us over into 2012 and beyond. These three courses help to create a platform for Earth and Humankind to enter into the next new phase of peace and stability. This half price offer will only last until midnight on 8/9 EST.



Live Events in August

Free Gateway Portal Channeling Session is on Monday, 8/8 at 8:00PM ET. A new feature has been added to help you share the information. To register, click here.


PTE MS: Hear Thy Soul with St. Germain at the retreat of Sophia, Goddess of Wisdom

Sunday, August 14 at 3:00 PM ET

Tuition: $125.00 until midnight, 8/9 and $150.00 thereafter.
St. Germain has received a dispensation from Divine Mother to guide us to the 12th Dimensional Retreat of Goddess of Wisdom, normally not accessible to those of us in physical bodies. Encased in his merkaba field of Purple Light, we stand in the great hall in the Temple of Wisdom to receive the Template of Divine Wisdom from Sophia, imbued with St. Germaine’s Template of Divine Order. The combined forces of the two Templates will be imbued into the 5 Elements at the Temple of Sophia. We will receive the Higher Aspects of the 5 Elements available at this retreat and bring them back to anchor on Earth. To read more and register, click here.


PTE MS: Harmonic Convergence 2011

Tuesday, August 16 at 7:30 PM ET

Tuition: $59.00 until midnight 8/9 and $79.00 thereafter.

Harmonic Convergence is on August 16th. The first Harmonic Convergence happened in 1987 when many awakened and illumined Souls came together to pray for the Awakening of all Souls and Ascension of Mother Earth. The Planetary alignments on that date brought a closer connection to Higher Light from the center of the Galaxy. This Light, pouring on to Earth and humankind, became intensified and we began on an accelerated path. Performing ceremony on the anniversary of this date will further open the gateways of Higher Light and create a wider bridge between us and the Heart Core of our Galaxy, the Milky Way.

This year, we will celebrate Harmonic Convergence with Divine Mother. We will perform a ceremony inviting Christ Maitreya, Sanat Kumara and St. Germain to create a Grid of Light to reinforce our Personal Light Bodies and our Personal Body Grid and the Planetary Light Body and Planetary Body Grid. The new Global Grid Matrix that is created will carry the Signature Light of Christ Maitreya, the World Teacher, Sanat Kumara, the Planetary Logos and St. Germain, the Cohan of the present Age, the Age of Aquarius. To read more and to register, click here.


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New crystals: Aventurine, Emerald, Fuschite.



Igniting and Recalibrating the Sphere of Remembrance and

the Flame of God Unity with St. Germain and Sanat Kumara


In this exercise, St. Germain begins by the igniting the Sphere of Remembrance within our Heart Chakras.  Then, clad in our Ceremonial Robes, St. Germain leads us to the Palace of Shamballa to receive the blessing of Sanat Kumara and illuminating the Flame of God Unity inside the Sphere of Remembrance.  We kneel before the presence of our beloved Sanat Kumara and ask him to engulf us with his Signature Light of Fuchsia Pink and help us to become the instrument of his presence on Earth and the conduit for receiving and spreading his Signature Energy to Earth and the consciousness of all souls. The Great Silent Watchers, the Silent Watchers and the Angelic Watchers are called to spread the Light of Sanat Kumara around the Globe.


Beloveds I am St. Germain.

Visualize yourself standing before St. Germain. I place both my hands over your Personal Heart Chakra. I ask you to visualize a Purple Blue Light emanating from my hands to your Heart Chakra. A sphere begins to form at the center of your chest over your Persoanl Heart Chakra. Visualize that the sphere begins to expand. When it reaches to the size of a basketball, a flame is ignited at the center. This is the Flame of God-Unity. Every human being carries this Flame in their hearts. This is your connection with God. This Flame begins to dim and ultimately extinguish when the memory of Oneness is forgotten and the Divinity that you have carried in your heart fades.

The Sphere of Remembrance will help you recall the memories of that Divinity and the Flame of God-Unity will reignite the Oneness. Breathe and bathe as you feel that the flicker of the Flame begins to create a pulse that beats in rhythm with your heart beat. Pause for a moment to allow the Sphere and the Flame to be fully established.

We will journey to the Palace of Shamballa in Venus to receive the higher aspect of this Flame from Sanat Kumara, the Planetary Logo and to reconnect with his Signature Energy. This energy which emanates a Fuchsia Pink Light is the prana or spiritual life force which feeds all souls and the soul of the planet. When this Light is missing, all souls are left to their own accord without guidance or protection. We will petition Sanat Kumara to allow us to become the emissaries of his Light. We will bring the Fuchsia Pink Light, the Life Force of the Planetary Logos back to Earth with the help of Divine Mother and Great Silent Watcher.

Visualize yourself inside the Purple Blue merkaba field of St. Germain. This is a large sphere that forms around you and I. We merge into Oneness inside of this merkaba field. The Sphere of Remembrance in my heart will awaken the memories of your soul’s experiences in service to the Light and bring it to your consciousness. We now call the Pillar of White Light to form around us. Inside the Pillar, we travel to the Palace of Shamballa in Venus.


See yourself inside Sanat Kumara’s inner chamber. There is a circular altar in the center of this room.  Sanat Kumara is standing at the altar. He will take a spark from the Flame and place it in the center of the Sphere of Remembrance, reigniting the Flame of God-Unity in your heart with his own Flame. He places both hands over your Personal Heart Chakra. Fuchsia Pink Light is pouring out of his hands into your body to form a cocoon around your entire body. Breathe and bathe.

Visualize kneeling before the presence of Sanat Kumara. Say,

“My Beloved Sanat Kumara, I ask you to engulf me with your Signature Light of Fuchsia Pink which is the Life Force to nurture the Soul of Earth and the Souls of humankind.  Shower your grace and blessing upon me to become the instrument of your presence on Earth and the conduit for receiving and spreading your Fuchsia Pink Light and your Signature Energy to Earth and to the consciousness of all souls.”

Pause to breathe and bathe and see Sanat Kumara intensify the beams of Fuchsia Pink Light pouring over you.

Sanat Kumara’s Fuchsia Pink Light creates a cocoon around you that spreads to encompass your entire Five Body System. You are now fully imbued with the Signature Energy of the Planetary Logos. He has charged you to spread his energy to all souls and to fully anchor his essence on Earth.

To magnify the impact, the Great Silent Watcher, the Silent Watchers and the Angelic Watchers are called forth. The Great Silent Watcher will place a bubble of Turquoise Blue Light, her Signature Energy, around the Fuchsia Pink of Sanat Kumara to protect and magnify Sanat Kumara’s Light within you. The multitudes of Angelic Watchers will take what you have received and spread it throughout the Earth; to the hearts of all souls who are receptive to Sanat Kumara’s Light.

Now visualize that the Earth is receiving and absorbing the Fuchsia Pink Light of Sanat Kumara’s Signature Energy. This Light will stabilize Earth’s energetic matrix. Imagine that 10 Billion crossing points of longitudinal and latitudinal grid lines are now illuminated with the Fuchsia Pink Light of Sanat Kumara, encased inside the Turquoise Blue Bubble of the Great Silent Watcher. An enormous bubble of Turquoise Blue Light is now enveloping the new Earth held within the Signature Light of Sanat Kumara, the Planetary Logos. This bubble is made of the Life Force of the Great Silent Watcher, many Silent Watchers and many Trillions of Angelic Watchers.

Hold this image in your minds’ eye and keep repeating this exercise for 33 days to fully anchor it. I thank you for this enormous service that you perform on behalf of earth and Humankind.

I am your very own St. Germain.  So it is.


© Nasrin Safai 2011


We are so happy you enjoyed this Month’s meditation.

This is a most beautiful meditation that is infused with the gorgeous, almost unbelievable
colors of the Ascended Masters and their Sacred Power. The acceleration of our personal and
planetary missions of late is reflected in a feeling of zen-like simplicity when I read this.
So much has been conveyed with such an economy of words. Yet it is breathtaking in its scope.

Blessings, Love, and Light to All,

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