November 2010

Dear Friends,

Happy Thanksgiving!

November begins a new Spiritual Year. In Celebration of the month of November, we bring you Divine Mother’s discourse on the significance of Demanding and Commanding our Divine Right. She offers us a fabulous meditation, before the presence of Christ Maitreya and Quan Yin at the throne of YHWH, to receive healing of our Physical, Emotional and Mental Bodies.

During this Spiritual year, which extends to November 2011, we will be blessed with the energies of many Female Great Cosmic Beings, as aspects of Divine Mother. Goddesses Liberty, Victory, Glory, Venus and Veyga, who were called by Divine Mother in our October Newsletter to accompany us as our Guardians, as well as Thoth and Goddess Isis, will continue their work with us throughout this year. The Sirian energies will continue to pour down upon us and bless us with further acceleration on the path to Light. Remember, therefore, to call upon Isis, Osiris and Thoth at all times. They are ever more powerful and present to guide, direct and assist us in all ways.

The Gateway Portal Day of 11/11/10 is called by some, a Stargate Opening Portal, which means energies from all Star Systems are open to us on Earth. We shall have our free Gateway Portal Channeling on 11/11 (at 8:00 PM ET). To join us on this Global conference call, click here to register.

Follow up on Society and Scholar Membership Certificate:  Divine Mother has requested we issue certificates to those of you who are eligible as Society Members and Scholars of the Mysteries for the Path to Enlightenment Mystery School. If you have not yet registered for these Certificates, you may read more about how to receive your certificate, by login into your account, clicking on either your Scholar Membership or Society Membership.

Free Meditation Course Series: On Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday, November 1, 2 and 3, we will have our second series of free guided meditation events. This first series of 3 sessions is called Tranquil Mind: Meditation Techniques for Stress Relief & Relaxation. Divine Mother has requested that we offer these meditations, especially to attract beginners to join us as part of our commitment to Project Awakening. We are inviting all of you to participate and ask your loved ones to join us as well. To read more and to register, click here.

Sacred Magic of Isis, PH III, Return of Horse Magic: This series of 3 live group channelings will be given on 3 consecutive nights; Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday, the 15th, 16th and 17th of November. To read more and to register, click here.

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Additional Portal days for the month of November are 11/1, 11/10, 11/18, 11/2, 11/22 and Thanksgiving Day 11/25.

New Moon: Sunday, November 7th is the New Moon, a time to open up new projects, plans and programs. During the time of the New Moon, ask the Great Cosmic Being, Goddess Venus, the bringer of good fortune, to assist you with these intentions and help you fulfill your Divine Mission.

Full Moon: Sunday, November 21st is the Full Moon with very prominent and impactful energies. Goddess Venus, Goddess Hecate and Goddess Selene (Selena) are all involved with this phase of the moon. Call upon all three Goddesses to help you manifest both your personal and global intentions

On behalf of Divine Mother, the Masters and all of us at Waves of Bliss I give thanks for all of you, for your Light and your presence in our lives, for your service to the Light and for raising the Quotient of Light and awakening the Masses. I wish you all a happy Thanksgiving week and a fruitful spiritual year.

In peace, joy and gratitude,



Ceremony at the Throne of YHWH

My Children of Light, I Am your Divine Mother,

I will take you on a meditational journey to the Throne of YHWH. You will witness Christ Maitreya and Quan Yin installed as the Residing Deities at the Throne. Before we do, you need to understand the significance of returning to your Divine Right. This can only be done when you demand it.

Demanding and Commanding

Demanding that your Divine Right be given to you is not out of arrogance. In the Origin of Time, when Humankind; God-Man-Kind, chose to roam the Earth and enter into lower levels of Light, it was they who decided – who demanded – to be left alone to roam the 3rd Dimensional frequency of Earth. It is therefore up to you now, to demand to return to your Divine Right. Please understand this. It is sometimes overbearing for those who read in the books that the Masters say, “Demand and Command the Masters and ask your Divine Right,” without knowing the significance of the concept of “demanding and commanding your Divine Right.”

People say, “I will never demand, I will never command.” First of all, demanding and commanding shows that you have the power to Will yourself to return to your Divinity. For as long as you have not empowered yourself, to Will yourself, to your Divinity, no Master, no Great Being, no Angel, no Divine Mother, no nothing can do anything for you. This power is a power of Free Will.

I can ask and intercede on your behalf but if you don’t accept it, if you don’t command it, if you don’t demand it, it will be wafting in the air waiting for you to reach that point of empowerment to know the significance. I can intercede for you; I am interceding for you, because you have earned it, because you have requested your Divine Right. Demanding and commanding your Divine Right does not come from arrogance – it is actually of utmost humility.

Demanding and commanding your Divine Right comes from a place of humility because, originally, when the separation happened, those who commanded and demanded to be left alone to roam the 3rd Dimensional Realms removed themselves from their own Divinity as Light Beings. In order for all to return to Oneness, every Soul has to reach that point of humility where they come back and say, “Now the lessons are learned and I demand and command to return to my Divinity, which is my Divine Right. I want to experience that Divine Spark again. I don’t want to be separate.” That to me, in my book, in Divine Mother’s book, is humility, nor arrogance.

You came to rescue those who came to roam the Earth. You are all Melchizedeks, you are all Kumaras. I would even say you are all Great Beings of Light. That is why in order to protect you, we need to demand and command Great Cosmic Beings of Light, such as Thoth and Veyga, such as Melchizedek and Malak, such as Goddesses Victory and Liberty, Glory, Venus and Veyga to bring their protection. To be re-connected from soul to soul; from their Soul to your Soul, from their Spirit to your Spirit, from their Body to your Bodies, from their energy bodies to your energy Bodies.

The Destiny of these Cosmic Beings is Tied to Yours

These Great Cosmic Beings have made a sacrifice of their own vastness to encapsulate some of that vastness to envelope you. The destiny of these Cosmic Beings is tied to yours. They couldn’t come for unawakened Souls because the Universal Law says they can’t come for someone who knows nothing of their existence. There is no way for them to ever connect to the unawakened Souls or newly awakened Souls. I want you to understand the value of who you are and what you do.

They have done it out of Selfless Service. Better that they tie their destiny to yours than they tie their destiny to the unawakened Souls. It is not for the unawakened Souls that they have come – it is for you that they have come. Do you know why they have come for you? Because you are making the ultimate sacrifice. A Great Cosmic Being, sending a fragment, an iota, of his or her energy to envelope you, still has the totality of the vastness to bathe in the Cosmic Realms. What do you have? You have the limitations of the aches and pains of this body. You have the limitations of disconnectedness from your Mental Body, to your true Mental Body which is also vast and you have all the agony of emotionally dealing with people who do not understand the value of what you offer them.

This includes, I am saddened to say, some of your loving partners, your children, siblings, and parents. In many cases, those children, parents, siblings, and partners actually feel that you are the ones to blame. Because you are the one who has left them, you are the one who was doing ceremony when they needed you, you are the one who was meditating when they needed you, you are the one who couldn’t go to the movies with them because the energy gets to you, you are the one who is abnormal and weird.

No one says, “Look at how much Light you earned this year, here’s a bonus for you,” because – How many of you have given up your cooperate jobs to turn into healers and have worked for years and years for next to nothing. Where’s the criteria, the yardstick that measures the Quotient of Light that you have and says, “Ounce per ounce, pound for pound, this amount of Light is worth its weight in gold.”

What Being has ever done that for you, or anyone else for that matter? With all due respect, what Master has done it for you? That’s why I say to you,

 “I demand and command of these Masters, I demand and command of these Cosmic Beings, to empower you, to bring money, comfort, luxury, health, wholeness, prosperity, love, joy, partnership, respect, reverence.”

I want to see the world revere you. I want to see that and I will. I will stand by your side and watch it while I hold your hands.

Let go of Limitation

I ask you, let go of limitation, of limiting yourself. There is no place in my Reality for you to suffer and fear where the next mortgage payment, rent payment, food bill, utility bill, car payment is going to come from. It helps no one; it serves nothing. Those days are gone.

Light is going to be around you, enveloping you, and the Great Cosmic Beings are going to illuminate your path. Let go of your fears, let go of your limitations. Ask for comfort and luxury, ask for power and position. Alongside of Power and Position, comfort and luxury, remember to ask that you constantly walk the Path of Light and not veer from it; constantly walk the path of Selfless Service. Even that has already been provided to you. All these Great Beings who are here to assist you to gain momentum, to raise the Light, to touch the multitudes and masses, will watch over you to see that you walk the path of straight and narrow. I have no concern about any one of you using your powers for personal gain or for harming others. You need to trust yourself and if you can’t do that right now, trust me. Know that I will not allow it.

Let go of your fears. Demand and command that the Highest and Brightest Light shine upon you. If you become the leaders of this world, terror will end, pain will end, hunger will end, violence will end. Because in your heart, God-Unity is illuminated, the Flame of Ascension, the Flame of God-Unity, the Eternal Flame, is forever illumined in your heart and you are constantly working with those Flames. You are consciously working with those Flames; you are consciously breathing the Life Force into that Flame and through the Flame, into the world.

This is why people are attracted to you. This is why peace comes wherever you go. Or if chaos is bubbling to the surface, it is going to unfold wherever you go. Don’t blame yourself if you walk into a situation and everything goes haywire. That’s like a boil that needs to come to a puss to heal. If your presence will accelerate the process, that’s not bad, it is good.


Journey to the Throne of YHWH

Visualize yourself standing in a Grid of Light with Divine Mother. Visualize a Pillar of White Light descending around you and me. We ask the Archangels of the Four Directions to take their positions around us. Archangel Uriel and his Legions stand in the north, Archangel Raphael and his Legions stand in the east, Archangel Michael and his Legions stand in the south and Archangel Gabriel and his Legions stand in the west.

Bring your consciousness to your Crown Chakra and visualize your Antahkarana Cord extending up from the Lotus of the Crown. We spin and spiral together up to the Throne of I Am That I Am. See your own Perfected Presence and see Sanat Kumara, the Planetary Logos, and Lady Venus standing at the Throne of I Am That I Am. Sanat Kumara and Lady Venus are the residing deities at the Throne of I Am.

Inside the Pillar of Light, we will go up from the Throne of I Am to the 22nd Dimension, to the Throne of YHWH. When we reach the Throne of YHWH, notice that the Throne is illuminated at the center of the stage with Golden White Light.  Notice that above the Throne in a circle, like an umbrella, there are 24 seats where the 24 Elders of the Throne are seated. They are providing an Overlighting Presence above the Throne.  Our very own Christ Maitreya and Quan Yin have taken their seats upon the Throne of YHWH as the Residing Deities. We have come to bear witness to their presence upon this throne, to be blessed by them and to congratulate them in their post as the Residing Deities of this Throne.

Receiving a blessing the Throne of YHWH

I usher you to stand directly in front of Christ Maitreya and Lady Quan yin at the Throne of YHWH. You will be facing Christ Maitreya and Lady Quan Yin.

On your behalf, I ask the two of them for the complete healing and perfection of your Physical Body. I ask for complete regeneration and rejuvenation of the Physical Body to the perfection of the Original Intent, to the Perfection of the Divine Plan. This Physical Body is completely capable of rejuvenating itself. Some of the avatars, the living Masters that you visit, show no signs of aging. That same principle can apply to you. If your own Light is not profuse enough as yet, then I request that it be done because Christ Maitreya’s Light is profuse enough and because he has made the sacrifice to take a physical embodiment and is walking on Earth.

I furthermore request, that if it is in your destiny to be in his physical Presence, that he would accelerate you and pull you to himself, clearing the deck on your behalf, so that in this lifetime, you have the good fortune of standing in his physical presence. It is granted, that the moment you stand his physical presence, your entire Physical Body circuitry will be rewired and brought to the Perfection of the Original Intent, the Perfection of the Divine Plan. I therefore, request, that if it is in your destiny to someday meet Christ Maitreya in person, that he would accelerate you to that end.

I now let you state your own intentions.

Calling the Melchizedeks

I now call upon the Universal Logos, Lord Melchizedek, and his Consort, Lady Malak, to come forth. I ask them to bring a healing and clearing to your Emotional body through my intersession in the presence of Christ Maitreya and Lady Quan Yin at the Throne of YHWH.

Melchizedek now sends you an illumination of Light, whereby Platinum is mixed with Melchizedek Blue Light. The Deep Dark Purple Blue is Platinum leafed to create a cocoon around you. The Light is emanating from their Heart Core. Lady Malak sends the Feminine Polarity, the Magnetic Force Field, and Melchizedek sends the Masculine, Electric Force Field. These two Electromagnetic substances mix together to become one beam of Light that shines upon your body and envelopes every single layer of your 5 Body System; the Physical Body, Etheric Body or Auric Field, Emotional Body, Mental Body and Spiritual Body. Feel the Light, the sense of weightlessness and the energy of Bliss and Ecstasy.

What is beyond love? Bliss. What is beyond Bliss? Ecstasy. To you these are only words but they are energies. Right now the effulgence of the energy of ecstasy is pouring on to you and I will ask Melchizedek and Malak to continue pouring these energies on to you. Breathe and bathe as your emotional body is cleansed with the energies of the Purple Blue Light of Melchizedek mixed with Platinum Light of the Feminine Principle. Visualize your Emotional Body. See how clear and clean it has been made by Melchizedek and Malak. Your Sacred Geometries that hold your 5 Body System together have been restored to the Perfection of the Original Intent.

I invite Melchizedek and Malak to, very specifically, bestow the Highest Aspect of the Ascension Flame into each of your individual Heart Chakras and to fill your Heart with the Light from this Flame, clearing all forgetfulness and all feelings of separation.

I also ask on your behalf that they bestow upon you the ability to receive and transmit Light, without the pain and intolerance of the Physical Body or any other of the Energy Bodies; that your Physical Body will be able to run such heightened energies through it without detrimental impact on your Physical Body or any of your Bodies. In fact, I ask that you receive a sense of euphoria and bliss and an extra layer of feeling energized.

I ask Melchizedek and Malak  to bestow the ability to receive from these altered states of consciousness, fully charged and energized, as if you have taken a bath in the purest vibration of Love and Light and fully energized by the experience of Union.

I ask Melchizedek and Malak to continue to cocoon you, and provide you with a layer of protection to allow you to then perform mundane level exercises. I specifically ask Lady Veyga and Master Thoth to sharpen your Mental Bodies. To help precipitate, manifest from thin air, all the resources that you might need, even before you need them, and all the comfort and luxury that your Heart desires.

I remind you, in the course of your days, if you feel overwhelmed, go back to this now moment and ask, through the intercession of Divine Mother, that Melchizedek and Malak up the ante and raise the vibration of their own protection, in the form of the Platinum Melchizedek Blue Light cocoon of protection around each layer of your 5 Body System. Renew this energy and add it to your morning and evening exercise.

Call upon and ask, through the intercession of Divine Mother, for that Platinum and Blue Cocoon of Protection from Melchizedek and Malak, which allows you to stay in the energies of ecstasy; which blankets you inside the energies of Melchizedek and Malak’s own ecstasy. I ask him to continue pouring down these energies on you for as long as you live.

Calling the Great Divine Directors

I now call upon the Great Divine Directors to come forth to stand with us before Christ Maitreya and Lady Quan Yin at the Throne of YHWH.

They are Master Thoth and Lady Veyga. Their domain is the Mental Body. They emanate from the palms of their hands and all Chakras of the Body, Golden Green Light. This Light will restore to you Health and Wholeness, Abundance, Truth, Hope and Healing.

Thoth is the Guardian of Earth’s records. He is the Logos for Mercury. Veyga is a Great Cosmic Being. Her consciousness stretches across an entire constellation. Constellation Veyga is its own Galaxy. You could say Lady Veyga is a Galactic Logos, holding billions and billions of Star Systems within her consciousness.

The fact that she has agreed to co-chair the seat of the Great Divine Director is testament to her deep level of sacrifice and Selfless Service. This is why I have set up these amazingly powerful Great Beings in their Feminine Countenance, to be in charge of protecting you from now on. Lady Veyga is one such Great Cosmic Being.

Stand before Thoth and Veyga, stand in prayer pose, bow down your head and say, “I demand and command through the intercession of Divine Mother, that you bestow upon me the ability to connect from my Mental Body to your Mental Body and I take a vow that the Wisdom, held in Sacred Magic and Alchemy, will be used for the benefit of all humankind for the return of all the multitudes and masses, who have forgotten, back to their Divinity. I take a vow that I will help the multitudes and masses awaken to their Divinity and I ask you to accelerate me, I ask you to Glorify me, I ask you to bring me Victory, I ask you to bring me Joy, I ask you to bring me Abundance, I ask you to empower me, I ask you to bestow leadership positions on me so that, in me, you can lead, you can be Victorious, you can be Glorified.”

In the Presence of Lady Veyga and Thoth, I ask that they sanction a healing of your Mental Body and connect your Mental Body to their own. Thereby, from this moment on, downloading to you the Highest Seed Thought Forms, of ideas, designs and concepts, which will empower you to be in leadership positions. I ask that Thoth and Veyga teach you at their retreats in dream time and to bring back to your consciousness their teachings.

I want you to make your connection with Thoth and Veyga. They have made a true sacrifice of accepting to be confined as the co-chairs of the Office of Great Divine Director. They can open the flood gates of Sacred Magic in ways that you cannot even imagine in your wildest dreams. They can and will. In a year or two from now, you’d be working with the Elements, alchemically, to precipitate, to manifest from thin air – if all goes well. See that the Golden Green Light is intensified and is pouring on you.

Make your personal intentions before Master Thoth and Lady Veyga. I hold each of you responsible to remember Thoth and Veyga and to demand of them, for this downloading to continue. It is your job to go before them and ask for recalibration.

Divine Mother’s personal gift

My intention on your behalf is to heal, rejuvenate and regenerate your 5- Body System. On your behalf, I will ask for a fully illuminated Nervous System, one that is capable of running high intensities of Light, one that is capable of taking positions of responsibility and leadership, one that is capable of being empowered to guide the multitudes and masses; a fully illuminated Nervous System which will constantly and continuously raise your vibration to the frequencies of the 5th Dimensional Octave.

On your behalf, I ask for a Light Body that weaves its Light Nodes into the nodes of your Nervous System; a Brain System that will function 5th Dimensionally. A Brain System that is able to decipher 5th Dimensional Energies and then translate them into your Physical brain function, so that your Physical Brain can understand these alchemical processes and translate them to be used for the purpose of elevating yourselves, teaching the multitudes and masses to elevate themselves and for the anchoring of these energies upon Earth. Set your personal intentions here.

I want you to stand and listen to celestial music. Set your intentions and allow this to be etched in your Beingness, for through you, this Reality is now spread out. You have Co-created this Reality. It has now, as we speak, become part of the structure and the psyche of Earth’s Thrones; Earth’s Dimensional Realms in this 22nd Dimension of Reality, the 24 Elders around the Throne of YHWH, 24 Ancient of Days. Christ Maitreya and Quan Yin, have taken their position as the Residing Deities of the Throne. Notice that the essence and the energy of YHWH and Yahoweh EL is permeating in the Golden White Light that is fully illumined everywhere. The sound of celestial hymns and celestial music is wafting in the air.

Set out your intentions.

Now turn back to face Christ Maitreya and Quan Yin in the east. I want you to go and stand in front of them and ask them to touch you and bless you.

Let us all together, set our intention that, from this moment on, the anchoring of all these energies are fully accomplished, above and beyond expectation and above and beyond limitation, to the highest potential in all Dimensions, in all Realities, activating the full potential of the 5th Dimensional Octave and connecting the 5th Dimensional Octave to the Throne of YHWH which is now the God-Source, the God- Self, the Higher Self for this Octave; continuing the shower of Light from the Throne of Divine Mother, at the 122nd Dimension, to Overlight the Throne of YHWH, the 24 Elders, the Residing Deities and to connect the Throne of YHWH to the Temple in the 5th Dimension.

I bless each of you with the Light of the Highest and Brightest vibration. May the Light of YHWH, the blessings of the 24 Elders and the Protection of the Great Cosmic Beings continue to unfold to protect, to nourish, to nurture and to empower you.

I am well pleased with what you have done. I am well pleased with all that you do. I hold each of you I n my own heart. You are the Light that illuminates this world. You are the Light that warms up my heart. I walk with you at every step that you take. I thank you.

Blessings to all of you. I am you Mother,

So it is.


Elizabeth Anna & Jacob Daniel
November 23rd, 2010 at 10:09 pm

Beloved Nasrin,

As we were guided to your site we were impelled to send forth the full power of the beloved presence which I AM that you may be filled with the Light of God that never fails. Your work is so deeply appreciated and helpful.

In Light & Love,

Jacob & Elizabeth

Hi Nas,

The meditation from the Thanksgiving newsletter has been powerful. Once I began really demanding and commanding what is my (our) divine right, the huge waves began moving in, and now they come constantly if I sit and focus. I believe if I sat all day, they would continue all day. They sweep in from the right and encircle me, moving counterclockwise, which I understand to mean that they are transmuting the dross, karma and darkness. And as the waves encircle me, an eye appears in the center. I know the waves are healing and very, very powerful, so I am focusing on having them sweep not just over me but also over Mother Earth and all humankind. And while I would truly like to manifest abundance for myself, my organization and my loved ones (and “not-so-loved” ones), I understand that healing needs to come first before we can manifest what we desire. Am I correct about this?

I’ll bet you have, or are experiencing the same and perhaps you’ve heard from others about a similar experience. True?

Lots of love,


jayne atkinson-gill
November 4th, 2010 at 12:23 am

Thank you for this beautiful meditation and practice: an answer to my deepest prayer.

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