May 2010

Dear Friends,

Happy Mother’s Day to all of you.

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May is the month to celebrate Mother Mary and Lord Buddha. The Wesak Festival is the celebration of Lord Buddha and the shower of his blessing pours down to us on 5/5 which is a Gateway Portal Day. Join us for this free public group channeling by reading more and registering here.

Mother Mary will also be extremely prominent in this month. Remember that we have moved into the 5th Dimensional Portals. We are therefore celebrating Divine Mother’s energies and Lord Buddha’s compassion and non-violence while anchoring them into the 5th Dimensional Octave. This makes performing these and all ceremonies that much more important.

For our May newsletter, we have therefore chosen a wonderful piece that was given to us as one of the sessions of the series, Psychic Development, 2010. This was the very first group series after we entered the 5th Dimensional Octave. It is important to share this with everyone as Metatron speaks of the importance of forgiveness and the help that the Elementals can provide in accelerating the healing of our body mind and emotions. Metatron explained that with the opening of the 5th Dimensional Octaves, the assistance of Elementals can once again be brought to humankind.

When we plunged into the depth of duality in the 3rd Dimensional Realms and lower qualities such as fear, mistrust and abusive behavior set in, the presence of the Elementals was removed from us. This is why disease has set in. Metatron explains that when we have assistance from Elementals they keep bringing a state of peace and harmony to the bodies of humankind and all other species of souls and to the bodies of the 5 Elements (Earth, Water, Fire, Air, Ether) in a seamless, constant flow.

This constant flow has been interrupted for almost 12,000 years. In this Grid of Light, Metatron takes us upon the forgiveness bridge. He invites the Elementals to come in multitudes to begin the restructuring of our bodies, minds, emotions and our world to bring the purity of the Original Divine Plan back to us.

To fully remove the imprints of disease and imperfection, Metatron takes us into a deep clearing that extends to 7 generations of our ancestors and 7 generations of our descendants. He explains that by clearing the imperfections from these generations past and future, we will no longer carry the old belief systems, cultural inhibitions and outdated societal norms which we have accepted but no longer serve us.

As we move through spring, this exercise will provide a great and deep spring clearing and cleansing. The meditation below is a partial excerpt of one of the sessions from Psychic Development, 2010. If you are interested in pursuing a deeper clearing, you may take advantage of the half price offer for  Psychic Development 2010 by clicking here. To receive discount, please use coupon code: A877.

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Happy Mother’s day, Happy Divine Mother’s and Lord Buddha’s month and happy spring to all of you.



The following is an excerpt from Metatron’s discourse in Session 1 of Psychic Development 2010, in summary format. Start by calling upon Archangel Metatron and read each line as though he is speaking to you.

Forgiveness Bridge

Metatron Channeled March 24, 2010

You are embarking upon your path of Divine Service and your life is becoming quickened because you have chosen the Path of Light. To live your 5th dimensional life means to live your Soul’s mission. Call upon Metatron as the Archangel who is in charge of the Elementals. These are nature beings such as fairies and divas who can bring balance and harmony back.

Visualize the following sequence:

  • Archangel Michael is standing behind you. His Sword of Mercy is above your head. He wraps you inside of his wings and pulls you into his energy field and you are fully embraced in his Light. You feel the power of his Sword. 33 members of Archangel Michael’s Legions have quickened the shower of Aquamarine Blue Light which is emanating from their Swords. This is the Divine Mercy pouring down.
  • The 33 members of Archangel Michael’s Legions create a Bridge of Forgiveness, a beautiful bridge which is now illumined with bright colorful Light.
  • Imagine that Archangel Michael is walking behind you holding you in his embrace. Walk to the Bridge and stand in the middle of the Bridge in your own Pillar of Light. Invite to the Bridge of Forgiveness your loved ones and your not so loved ones; those who have served you, those who shall serve you, and those who are serving you; those whom you shall serve, those whom you have served, and those whom you are serving.
  • The Angelic Forces of Pure White Light are now pouring the Light of Purity and Innocence upon this Bridge.


“I offer all karma and karmic entanglements to be released into the Pure White Light of Purity and Innocence.

“I forgive those who owe me karmically so that they may begin the path of gaining momentum and serve their Soul’s mission.

“I free myself from the karma of being served or of serving others by requesting that the Light of Purity and Innocence and the intercession of Divine Mother would allow me to free myself from those that I have served, those that I am serving, those that I shall serve, if  this service causes delay, distraction or abortion of my mission.

“If it aborts my mission, then I ask for the intercession. If it delays my mission, then I ask for intercession. If it distracts me from my path, if it stops the acceleration, then I ask for the intercession.”

  • Visualize that Divine Mother in her glory is pouring her Copper-Gold Light of the Creative Force, clearing the path of karma and karmic entanglements.
  • Visualize that the Angelic Forces of Archangel Michael are moving around and pointing their Swords of Mercy to any lower vibrational force fields that may have formed on your path. They remove all that aborts, delays, or distracts from your mission. They bring smooth and easy acceleration to you on your path.

Through the intercession of Divine Mother and with the help of the Angelic Forces of Pure White Light, the Light of Purity and Innocence is returned to you; the karmic cobwebs from past, present and future, with people, places and things are cleared and cleansed from your path, your body and your being, and your loved ones.


“I ask that the cords of attachments to people, places and things who cause me distraction, delay, to abort my mission or bring me harm, be cut.

I ask that these cords of attachment be fully removed by the 33 members of the Legions of Archangel Michael.

I now call up to this Bridge, the 33 Members of my own Soul Lineage of Light. These 33 Members create my Oversoul.

If there has ever been a rift between me and any of these members, if any of you have ever been delayed on your path (because of me), I let go of the pain and the struggle and come together with you in peace and harmony.”

Look at each other, bow down to each other and say:

“I am as you are. We are One.”

See that the illumined Light around each one of you begins to become brighter.

See that the pure White Light emanating on the Bridge from the bodies of the Angelic Forces of Pure White becomes brighter.

See that the Aquamarine Blue Light emanating from the Swords of the Legions of Michael becomes brighter.

  • Now visualize Light pouring onto your 5-Body System, the 5-Body System of Members of your Soul lineage, and the 5-Body System of those you have called to the Bridge.
  • Invite everyone you have had karma with, past, present and future, and include those you have had good karma with and those who have passed on because this is a healing Light and a Blessing for all.
  • While you feel all the Love and Light which is pouring in, focus on those for whom you have not felt love for a while, and if you can, let go. Let go of the lack of love, let go of the hurt, let go of the pain. Carrying the pain will only burden you, burden them, and delay you and them on the path. It serves no one.
  • Now call upon the lineage of the Ancestors. Let them come forth and bathe in this Light. Let them feel the love that abounds on this Bridge.

Breathe and bathe.


“Everyone I have known and touched, I now bless.

Everyone who has known me and has touched me, I now bless.

Everyone who has loved me and has been loved by me, I now bless.

Everyone who has hurt me or has been hurt by me, I now bless.

I free all of you from the burden of karma and karmic entanglements for it is in freeing you that I shall be freed. It is in loving you that I shall be loved. It is in helping you that I shall be helped.

I hold you in the Light of Divine Mother.

I bless you for all you have done, all you do now, and all that you shall ever do.

I ask for your blessing from eternity to eternity.”

  • Now invite the 33 Soul Lineage Members, your loved ones, your not so loved ones, everyone you have touched and been touched by – let them experience the presence their Guardian Angel.
  • Expand your 5-Body System as the cocoon of each body – physical, etheric, emotional, mental, spiritual – sits one on top of the other. Only the visible body is visible to your naked eye, yet they are energetically holding on to thoughts, emotions and memories.
  • Let your Guardian Angel pour its Light onto you.
  • Call forth and ask for the intercession of Archangel Metatron who is in charge of the Elementals.

The Elementals work directly under the supervision of Archangel Metatron. These are little beings, Nature Spirits, Fairies and Divas. There are many categories of nature spirits and the veil has been lifted for them to connect with you because of your Light. Their job is to keep you in peace and harmony in communion with yourself and with Nature.

Audio on Role of the Elementals

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  • As Metatron calls to your Elemental Beings from right here on this Forgiveness Bridge, ask them to start working on your 5-Body System.
  • Through the intercession of Divine Mother, call upon Archangel Michael to cut the cords of unnecessary attachments and free you from karma and karmic entanglements.

Healing of the Seven Generations of Ancestors

  • Now think of 7 generations of your ancestors.

By bringing 7 generations of your ancestors, you will be cleared at DNA structure. Anything that you carry genetically – belief systems, thoughts, ideas, even the makeup of certain bodily traits and features – will be cleared for those 7 generations and for you. It helps you go back to the purity of the original intent.

  • Call the Elementals to come forth for the healing of the 7 generations of your ancestors.
  • Call Metatron the Archangel and ask that he set up grids of Light where the Elemental beings can clear and cleanse the energies from the bodies, minds, emotions, souls and spirits of your ancestors for 7 generations.

This is how we clean up the Earth. Remember, whenever you do healing work to clear the energy field of a person of their dross, extend it to 7 generations past. If they allow the work to be done through them for 7 generations, then they won’t go back and retrieve the dysfunction, the dross, the pain, the pollution, the fear from the time lines. Once it clears over seven generations it will not reappear.

Healing of the Seven Generations of Descendants

  • Now extend this healing to the 7 generations of descendants who are coming after you.

Even those of you who haven’t had children in this lifetime, you are only looking at one lifetime, one reality. However, you exist in hundreds of thousands of lifetimes simultaneously and you have children and families in many of those lifetimes. Therefore, extend the healing.

  • Clear the energy. Send the Light.
  • Send the Elementals through the intercession of Metatron.
  • Ask Divine Mother to shower her Light, her pure and innocent Creative Force upon you and yours for all these lifetimes.
  • Ask the Angelic Forces of Pure White Light to make a pathway with their Light for 7 generations of your descendants in all time, in all parallel, possible, probable and alternate realities, and most especially to this ultimate reality which you are consciously living right now.

If you clean this ultimate reality, higher Light will unfold like a red carpet and pull to itself events from different parallel realities, different alternate realities which will make your life more joyous and harmonious.


“I am the archetype for change and I improve all realities.

I am the one who has the power to bring the magic of abundance.

I am the alchemist. I can turn base metal into gold, physically and metaphorically.

I can touch people and heal them.

I can touch plants and bushes and they will grow and flower and the flowers will last.

What I need manifests just when I need it. It’s always there ready to serve me.

Prosperity is showering upon me in every moment, with every breath, past, present and future.

The Elementals will see to it that my prosperity blossoms and blooms.

Friendships become stronger, loyalties become deeper, love becomes more profuse, forgiveness becomes easy, fear dissolves, pain has no place in my world, joy is abundant and I celebrate life.

Life celebrates me. Life glorifies me. Life revives me eternally.”

Breathe and bathe.

Bless 7 generations of your descendants and 7 generations of your ancestors. See that blessing shower upon the 33 members of your Soul Lineage, your loved ones and not so loved ones, and upon everyone you have touched and been touched by, past, present and future.



  • See yourself on the Forgiveness Bridge.
  • Remember that you are fully embraced in Archangel Michael’s being. His wings are surrounding you. His sword is shining above your head AND pouring illumined Aquamarine Blue Light of divine mercy onto you.
  • Remember that you are blessing 7 generations of your ancestors and 7 generations of your descendants by calling the presence of Archangel Metatron to supervise all Elemental beings.
  • Remember that Divine Mother has opened the gateways of heavenly realms and is pouring the Copper-Gold Light of the Creative Feminine Energy. Every cell, molecule and iota of your being is absorbing that Light.
  • Remember that the Angelic Forces of Pure White Light are shining the Pure White Light of purity and innocence to everyone on the bridge.
  • The folding of every aspect of you into the Pure White Light will continue as it rolls like a carpet, taking you from the 3rd dimension to embodying your 5th Dimensional Self.
  • Bless and thank all of the beings for their help.


This has been a great experience!!
I would much like to have access to the whole course. I’ll try to buy at least one. thank you. I follow you some time before the 8/8/portal and have made great advances as a spiritual being serving the light

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