June 2010

Dear Friends,

June is the harbinger of Summer in the Northern Hemisphere and Winter in the Southern Hemisphere. We will celebrate Summer Solstice, the first Solstice since we opened the Gateway Portals to the 5th Dimension, on Sunday, June 20 at 8:00 PM  EDT.


Summer Solstice Ceremony

This event is dedicated to Divine Mother and the Masters to celebrate our achievements in their service. The Masters are calling us together to receive their shower of Abundance and Prosperity. They propose a special dispensation to bring total health and great financial Abundance into our bodies and our lives in thanksgiving for all that we do. Goddess of Liberty and Goddess of Victory will be the spearheads for this ceremony. The Legions of Liberty will carry their torches of Liberty to clear our path and liberate all of us from pain, struggles in the mundane and while we live our lives as 5th Dimensional Beings. Goddess of Victory has been victorious for over half a million years. She will come with her Legions, all holding their Scepters of Victory over our heads, to illuminate the path for the full anchoring of the energies of prosperity and Abundance. We are happy to offer this event at a special introductory rate of $35.00 with coupon code 4427. This rate will be valid until midnight Saturday, June 5, when the price will go to $55.00. To read more and register, click here.


Christ Maitreya and the Masters of Wisdom; 3 Part Series

We are also very excited to announce an amazing event with Christ Maitreya. On Wednesday, Thursday and Friday, June 9, 10 & 11 there will be a special Series to Anchor Christ Maitreya and the Masters of Wisdom into the 5th Dimensional Octave. This series will be available via conference call for a special price of $75.00 with coupon code EB08. This rate will be valid until midnight Saturday, June 5, when the price will go to $99.00.

This possibility just became available to us and we realize it is short notice but we cannot miss this unprecedented opportunity. Each session of this three part series will be given at 8:00 PM EDT. We will then fully anchor these energies and celebrate this achievement in the Summer Solstice Ceremony. To register, click here.

We ask you to invite others to join us for both events. Post the invitation on your favorite egroups and pass it along; the larger our numbers, the bigger the impact. We will anchor the energies of these auspicious events into the 5th Dimensional Octave for others who will follow us to benefit from.


Fine Art Photo Cards

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This Month’s Meditation

For our June Newsletter, Metatron takes us to Uluru, or Ayers Rock, a very sacred place on the continent of Australia. From here he takes us on a fantastic journey to Earth’s Core Crystal, to the Throne of Divine Mother and to the Cosmic Council.

There is so much happening at this time in the History of Earth. Through this guided meditation, Metatron gives us a chance to be a major participant in anchoring pertinent energies and bringing to our consciousness the power we have in bringing about great positive changes in service to Divine Mother, the Masters, Earth and all humankind. June is also the month when we celebrate Summer Solstice (around 19-22 June) in the Northern Hemisphere and Winter Solstice in the Southern Hemisphere. This is a time for change and acceleration. This exercise is therefore most appropriate at this time, as we begin a new cycle of life, rebirthing and acceleration.

The Portal days in the month of June are 6/6, the Gateway Portal Day when we will have our free Global Group Channeling Via conference call (click here to register), 6/18- 6/22, when the Solstice energies arrive and 6/27 and 6/29.

With great love I bid you Happy Solstice,



Meditation with Metatron, Head of the Cosmic Council

Template of the Blueprint of Bliss

Beloveds of My own heart, I am Metatron.

Take a deep breath with me. I will begin with a very important meditation. We will journey to Australia to experience the power of the red rock formation on this blessed land known by the natives of Australia as Sacred Uluru and by the westerners as Ayers Rock. This is such a powerful journey that it can give rise to the best of everything that you could ever expect to happen in this life and awaken every glorious power from within you.

Visualize yourself standing on the very top, at the peak of sacred Uluru, the Ayers Rock in Australia. Visualize the Angels of Four Directions, Uriel, Raphael, Michael and Gabriel, standing in north, east, south and west respectively. Visualize that Archangel Michael holds his Sword of Mercy above his head and the other three Archangels hold their Rods of Power above their heads. They are pouring down their Lights. Uriel is emitting Golden Yellow Light from his body and from the Rod, Raphael is emitting Golden pink Light, Michael is emitting Platinum Blue Light and Gabriel is emitting Emerald Green and Copper Gold Light. Gabriel has been given the Copper Gold of Divine Mother’s Feminine Creative Force to shower you with.

Visualize the four angels begin to spin around you. The spin becomes faster and faster until the energies of the four Angels begin to implode into you at the center. The five of you merge and become one and are simultaneously pulled into the heart core of the Rock.

Imagine the process becoming slow in motion and you pause and feel the energy of the Rock as it embraces you and as you sink further into the body of rock formation of Uluru.

There isn’t a mountain or a rock more sacred and more spiritually attained on this entire planet than Uluru at this present time in Earth’s history. The vortexes closest, energetically in vibration to Uluru is Bell Rock and other sacred formations in Sedona, Arizona and the rock formations in Grand Canyon. Grand Canyon has its own specific energy vibration and purpose and is certainly one of the most sacred and magical places on Earth. Sacred Magic permeates through the Element of Air inside the Grand Canyon, whereas in Uluru, it is the Element of Earth which holds the Sacred Magic.

Bell Rock and the other sacred mountains in Sedona are like a drop from the ocean that Uluru is. There are other smaller mountainous areas in different parts of the world which carry some of the energy blueprint of Uluru and that blueprint is then applied to the heartbeat of Earth in those specific locations on Earth. Every rock has its own heartbeat and connects its heartbeat to the surrounding land in the geographical location where it is situated. Therefore, it is fair to say that each rock formation has its own unique vibration. Pause a moment while you embrace the energy at the Heart Core of Uluru. Breathe the deep, Red-Orange Nurturing Light, emanating from Uluru and connect with the Earth Energy there.

Now say, “I call all fragments of my soul to reunite with me as I bathe in the element of earth and heal myself by feeling embrace by the nurturing embrace from Uluru.”

Let your Five Body System become expanded. See the Cocoon of your Five Body System enlarge. Expand yourself and breathe. Remember the feeling of bliss. Let your Light Body breathe. As you are breathing and bathing, see a Tunnel of Light created from this magical rock to the Great Crystal in the core of the Earth. Let your Five Body System, in its expanded form, glide down this Tunnel of Light and bathe in the Earth’s Core Crystal. As you go down to the core, the energy becomes more ethereal. Now let your Five Body System expand and bathe in the Gold Light and let that Red-Orange Fire of Life from Uluru pour down into the Earth Core Crystal. Let the connection between the two be established through you. Once again, let your Five Body System expand and Breathe and bathe in the Light.

I call upon the energies of Divine Mother in her Aspect as Goddess Gaia, in her Cosmic Aspect as the Creative Force and in all of her physical embodiments, in all the forms that she has taken: Athena, Pele, Hecate, Quan Yin, Mary, Saraswati, Lakshmi, Durga, Kali, Lady Victory, Lady Liberty, Star Astrea, Lady Veyga, Goddess Isis and all other aspects. I call upon Divine Mother in her Cosmic Aspect and I especially ask for her intercession for the return of peace and harmony. I ask for the retrieval of your Soul Fragments. I ask for the Breath of Life, the Breath of Spirit, the Spirit of the Creative Force to be blown in to you. Bathe and bathe your body, your Five Body System, your Nervous System, the Body Electric, the Body Magnetic, the Light Body, the Luminous Body of Light.

Divine Mother, I ask and I intercede on behalf of your children,

Goddess Gaia I ask you for the treasures of earthly abundance for these souls whom I have brought to you. I ask you for removal of all obstacles from the path of all these souls who have come to you to serve.

All that is gained, built, created is offered at your feet for what is of Earth is yours to begin with. What of Earth you give to your children will only be used to glorify you. All the resources that you allow your children to use, on your behalf, will go into helping the process of your growth and your ascension.

At your feet, we offer the most aromatic and fragrant flowers, the most beautifully woven silk, linen and cotton embroidered with great love; pearls, gems, jewelry, gold, silver, platinum, precious and semi-precious metals. Goddess Gaia, we call the Breath of Life, the Spirit of Life to imbue and embody every iota of your beingness and to heal all your pains. We call that Breath of Life from the Creative Force of Divine Mother and from the Cosmic Councils, upon which the Divine Mother sends her Creative Force, to bring you accelerated healing and wholeness, removing all your dross and restoring the Purity of your Divine Essence and we ask that you allow your children to be the witness, to be the participants, to be the torch bearers, the way-showers for change on Earth which will trigger your elevation on your spiritual path of Ascension.

Now I call upon Divine Mother and the Cosmic Councils of Light. I ask that the gateway of the councils be opened and allow the floodgates of Light from these councils to pour through the heavenly hierarchy, down to Earth and into the core of the Earth to reach the Core Crystal and each of you. Each of you are the witnesses and the participants in this cosmic unprecedented event. Each of you becomes the embodiment of that Cosmic Light. You embody the Cosmic Breath of Life bestowed upon you by the Cosmic Light of Divine Mother and anchor and ground it into the Core of the Earth. You are the conduit; you are the witness; you are the catalyst for this event. Offer in your own words what you wish to offer. Ask in your own words what you wish to ask and pause to receive the blessing.

I now ask, on your behalf, for the template that holds the Blueprint of Bliss.  I ask for the Feminine Creative Force to fill your hearts with the bliss which Divine Mother experiences in watching this Creation; the perfection that she sees as she looks at each of you.  I ask for that perfection to fill your heart. I ask for the love that she feels for all her children to blast opens your own hearts; so that you never become impatient; so that you never feel less than; so that you may never feel lack; so that you are never harmed or hurt; so that you never feel emotionally stressed or mentally exhausted.

From the Throne of Divine Mother and from the Cosmic Councils of Light, I call forth the Blueprint for the Perfection of your body, mind, emotions, and soul. I ask for perfect health, wholeness, rejuvenation of your body and your being, as originally intended in the Divine Plan. I ask for complete return of youthfulness, return of Lightness of body and mind, Lightness of emotions and freedom from pain and struggle.

I call from the Councils of Light for the release of all karma and karmic entanglements for all your loved ones; release of fears, release of lack, release of self sabotage, release of mistrust, lack of self confidence. For you and your loved ones, I call in the name of Divine Mother, for the pouring down of the Blueprint of you Divine Mission, held within the template of Divine Mother’s own Divine Mission for Earth and all humankind.

I call from the Councils of Light, the skills and the ability to gain foresight in all matters and to gain wisdom to be one step ahead in every event and circumstance. I ask for the ability to know and to foretell how the realities will change, and how to bring each event to its optimal potential; to use that potential to do good; to spread that good to Earth and to all souls; to release darkness; to annihilate evil and sinister forces; to free Earth and all souls from the burden of pain, fear and separation.

Visualize that the Tunnel of Light is fully established. This Tunnel of Light will continue to bring Cosmic Light from the Cosmic Councils to the Core of the Earth and from the Core of the Earth it will be transmitted to Uluru and from Uluru to the surface of the Earth. In this way the Earth, as a conscious and spiritually evolved being, will raise her vibration from the core of her being to the surface of her atmosphere.

See the surface of her atmosphere filled with this Light. She will repel any lower vibrational beings; she will absorb the Higher Light and attract to herself those beings of higher vibration and greater Light who will come to join in gathering momentum to fully open and occupy the Fifth Dimensional Octave; to spread and expand this new event as the most prominent Reality.

Even though this Fifth Dimensional Octave is sparsely populated at present, it  has the power of Light and the support of the Councils behind it, so much so that its power, its Light and its impact can and will supersede the lower dimensional frequencies of the Third and the Fourth Dimension. The Light of this Fifth Dimensional Octave will bless the Third and the Fourth and release the over-pollution and over population and the fear of lack so all resources can truly be shared amongst the population. There is enough to go around, if humankind does not hoard; if the few do not greed and hoard the resources for themselves.

When sharing and creating a harmonious environment becomes the mindset of all people,  then even the Third and the Fourth Dimensional Reality can be returned to the pure and pristine Original Plan. The Fourth is only a byproduct of what goes on in the Third. It is capable of being over-Lighted by the Fifth Dimensional Octaves. If and when the Third Dimensional Octaves begin to release themselves of chaos, then automatically the Astral Realms in the Fourth Dimension will be cleansed.

Now, see this Tunnel of Light extending upward, from the core of the Earth all the way, through the Hierarchies of the Thrones and follow it with your mind’s eye. Follow this Tunnel of Light and rise up, spiraling upward as you move higher up and see the Light expand. Visualize that Divine Mother is holding you by the hand. She will take you to the Cosmic Council where Metatron resides. Visualize yourself inside the sacred grounds of the council temples. The temples are the center of Light. The entire city where the Cosmic Council of Light resides is built around this temple. The entire city is formed in concentric circles. In the very center of the circle is the majestic and gigantic Sacred Temple. Look at this amazing structure with many golden domes. At the very center, notice a domed structure that is bigger than a football stadium.

We will enter inside and you will find yourself standing under a shaft of Pure White Light with Golden shimmers. Divine Mother, wearing White and Gold is standing with you. Look down at yourself. You too are wearing White and Gold. You are being recalibrated as you stand under the shaft of Light.


Entering Metatron’s Private Chamber

When the recalibration is complete, two Angelic beings appear in front of you. One angel is emanating Deep Purple-Magenta Light and the other is emanating Deep Maroon-Red and Gold Light. They will stand to attention, ready to accompany you to Metatron’s private chambers.

Inside the chamber, a Deep Magenta Purple Light is emanating everywhere. At the center of this room, you will see an Altar of Sacred Fire. The cosmic flames are jumping high, greeting you. Stand before the Fire to pay obeisance and make offerings of sacred oils, flowers, spices, fruits and foods while praying and offering your intentions to this fire.

Notice that Metatron is now standing on the other side of this altar. Metatron, as the Head of the Cosmic Council, stands in great splendor, enrobed in Deep, Dark Purple Magenta Maroon Robes with a headdress like no other. His headdress is a Deep Maroon Red and Magenta color with Gold and Silver speckles. A high collar cape is around Metatron’s shoulders, with filigree Golden embroidery around the edges and an emblem on the chest which is the signature energy of the Cosmic Council. The two angelic beings who have accompanied you into this room have trays with your ceremonial robes, your cape and your headdress.

Divine Mother is standing next to Metatron. She picks up your ceremonial robe and places it on your body. She picks up the cape and places it around your shoulders. Then Metatron steps forward to place the headdress over your head. It is not a crown but a headdress. Why is it not a crown? Because the responsibilities of Metatron of the Cosmic Council are not to run a country, or a globe, but that of a spiritual leader who is in charge of the Councils of High Priests and Priestesses. Usually heads of a Global world, such as the logos, wear crowns.  When you are initiated to an official position of this Hierarchy, you will receive a crown and a scepter because those are symbols of power and glory.

When it comes to being officiated into a position of spiritual attainment, the power is in humility. The glory is in Light. Therefore, it is a headdress, not a crown that you will receive. It is a staff, not a scepter. Even though the staff can be more powerful than a scepter when the wisdom of the beholder of the staff can make it do anything; when the spiritual power of the keeper of the staff can turn it to become more powerful than a Scepter of Power. Spiritual power does not need to be flaunted. It is held in humility.

In your own words, ask Metatron to merge with you and to give you his Light: to empower you with his gifts: the gift of Light, gift of Humility, gift of Power, gift of Wisdom, gift of Love. Say whatever you wish to Metatron, as the head of the Cosmic Council. This is the Ultimate Source of your own Lineage of Light. Become this Ultimate Source.

From this day on, you may walk with Metatron. I want you to stay here in meditation and remember who you are. If you fall asleep, so much the better. Let me work on connecting you, your Grid System and let me expand your Points of Light. I will weave the tapestry of the Light from Metatron of the Cosmic Council into the fabric of your being and shine this Light upon the Universe through you. This is the Light from whom you have become manifest. That Light needs to be reignited. The filaments of that Light need to be reawakened. Your Five Body System needs to be recalibrated. I ask you to be very gentle with yourself for the next nine days as you do this meditation and I continue to weave my Light into the fabric of your essence.

I want you to do this meditation preferably two to three times a day for at least nine days and then do it daily for another month to fully embody the energies to perfection.

As Metatron, the head of the Cosmic Council, I hold you in my own heart.

I love you dearly. So it is.

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