July 2010

Divine Mother Offers us the Angels of Abundance Rainbow Grid


Summer is Divine Mother’s time and July will be a month to remember as we have just experienced Summer Solstice (in the Northern hemisphere) and our beloved Divine Mother brought us into summer with an unprecedented event and amazing ceremony. To further emphasize the fact that Divine Mother is fully in control, the message we present for this month’s newsletter is from the 6/6/2010 Gateway Portal Channeling. In this message, Divine Mother gives perspective to current natural and man-made disasters which have been a concern for everyone. She then brings us a Great Gift. Divine Mother has granted a dispensation to all of us who have dedicated ourselves in service. She offers us the Angels of Abundance Rainbow Grid to bring us Health, Wholeness, Abundance and Prosperity.

Portal Days for this month are 7/7, 7/8, 7/9, 7/17, 7/18, 7/22, and 7/27.  Morning and evening meditations on Portal Days are of utmost importance as the Realms are receptive to your prayers, meditations and intentions. Every day remember Divine Mother in all her aspects, especially as Lady of Liberty, Lady of Victory, Quan Yin, Hecate, Isis, Pele and Mother Mary and ask to be fully empowered and accelerated on your path.

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With great love I offer you these amazing words of Divine Mother.

Have a great summer,


Before we begin with Divine Mother’s discourse, let us set up a Grid of Protection, perform the Grounding Meditation and go before Divine Mother in the Throne of Absolute.



Into this Grid of Light, we prominently bring Goddess of Liberty and Goddess of Victory.

Goddess of Liberty is a Great Cosmic Being of Light. She has been involved in all matters of Liberty, Equality and Freedom for over 250,000 years on Earth and within our Solar System, Galaxy and Universe. Her specific intention is the spreading of democracy and liberation of all souls from bondage, including freedom from the wheel of Karma. She holds her Torch of Liberty above her head to illuminate the path for all whom she offers her protection and the Light of Liberty.

Goddess of Victory is another Great Cosmic Being of Light. She has been victorious in all her endeavors for over 500,000 years. You can imagine how powerful Goddess of Victory must be if every endeavor she has put her heart into has become victorious for a half a million years. She has promised that whomever calls upon her and seeks her council and intersession, in selflessness and for the good of all, will receive of her Blessings, Might, Power, Momentum and most importantly, of her ability to be VICTORIUS.


Grid of Light Formation with Goddess of Liberty and Goddess of Victory

Visualize yourself standing in the center of a Grid of Light.

  • Standing in the direction of north and facing you, is Archangel Uriel and his Legions. They are sending you Bright Yellow Light.
  • Standing in the direction of east is Archangel Raphael and his Legions. They are sending you Pink Light.
  • Standing in the direction of south is Archangel Michael and his Legions. They are sending you Aquamarine Blue Light.
  • Standing in the direction of west is Archangel Gabriel and his Legions. They are sending you Emerald Green Light.
  • Beyond Uriel in the north, stands Goddess Lakshmi. Standing beyond Raphael, in the east is Goddess Saraswati. Beyond Michael in the south, is Goddess Durga and beyond Gabriel in the west, is Goddess Kali.
  • Around us, we invite 5 Goddesses to form a 5 Pointed Star formation. Goddess Hecate in the north, Mother Mary in the northeast, Goddess Isis in the southeast, Goddess Pele in the southwest and Goddess Quan Yin in the northeast.
  • We now invite Goddess Liberty to take her position to the far north with her Legions, all holding their torches of Liberty above their heads. We also ask Goddess of Victory to stand behind us to the south with her Legions, all holding their Scepters of Victory above their heads.


Grounding Meditation

Sit or stand with both feet flat on the ground or floor. Visualize your Earth Crust Chakra which is approximately 10 to 12 inches below your feet. Now visualize the core of Mother Earth shining a Brilliant Yellow Gold color. See the Golden Yellow Earth Core Energy extend up through a Pillar of Light and visualize the Bright Red Life Force Energy of Mother Earth all around and mixing with the Pillar of Golden Yellow Light as it rises up.

The mixing of the energies produces an Amber colored Light. Pull this Amber colored Light up to your Earth Crust Chakra. As the Amber colored energy fills this chakra to overflowing, pull the energy up through the bottom of your left foot and your right foot, into your legs and up to your hips. Fill your Root Chakra and your hips with this energy.

Now, move the energy down the opposite leg, out the bottoms of your feet, back into the Earth Crust Chakra, draining all the way back to the Earth’s Core.

Take a few deep breaths as you visualize the Amber Light moving continuously up each foot and leg across your hips and draining down the opposite leg. We are creating two continuous streams, originating at the earth’s Core and returning at the end of the loop to the Earth’s Core.


Creating the Pillar of Light

Visualize that a Pillar of Light is forming around you. It extends from the heavens above to the core of the Earth holding you and your energy bodies within it. Visualize this entire group (all that will read this newsletter) and everyone’s individual Pillars illuminated. A single Group Pillar of Light now descends creating one large Group Pillar of Light that holds each one of us within it.


Moving up through the Hierarchy of the Thrones

Move your consciousness up to your Crown Chakra and visualize your Antahkarana Cord extending up from your Lotus of the Crown. Take a deep breath into the Antahkarana Cord and let it expand.

Now, let us move our consciousness up through the Cord to the Throne of I Am That I Am. See your Perfected I Am Presence and Sanat Kumara, the Planetary Logos. Merge into your Perfected Presence.

Spin and spiral up to the Throne of YHWH and see the Overlighting Presence of Yahoweh-EL standing by. Merge into the Throne of YHWH.

Spin and spiral up to the Throne of God-Source and see the Ancient of Days, Lord Melchior; the Galactic Logos, standing by. Merge into the Throne of God-Source.

Spin and spiral up to the Throne of Ellah and see Jeshua Ben Joseph Overlighted by Lord Sananda and Star Astrea standing by. Merge into the Throne of Ellah.

Spin and spiral up to the Thrones of the Seven Heavens and the Overlighting Presence of the Seven Pairs of Celestial Guardians. Merge into the Throne of the Seven Heavens.

Spin and spiral up to the Thrones of the Seven Mighty Elohim and Maha Elohim and see the Seven Mighty Elohim and Maha Elohim standing by. Merge into the Throne of the Mighty Elohim.

Spin and spiral up to the Throne of Undifferentiated Source and see Melchizedek, the Universal Logos and his consort Lady Malak standing by. Merge into the Throne of Undifferentiated Source.

Spin and spiral up to the Throne of Paramatman and see the Maha Lord of Light standing by.  Merge into the Throne of Paramatman.

Spin and spiral up to the Thrones of the Lords of Light and see the Presence of the 7 Lords. Merge into the Throne.

Spin and spiral up to the Throne of Maha Lord of Light and see the Presence of the Maha Lord of Light. Merge into the Throne.

Spin and spiral up to the Throne of Great Divine Director and see Thoth and Lady Veyga standing by. Merge into the Throne.

Spin and spiral, together with all of these great Beings and all of us to the Throne of Absolute; the Throne of Divine Mother.

Visualize the altar with the Sacred Flame in front of you and Divine Mother sitting on her Throne beyond. Make your offerings to the Fire and set out your personal and global intentions.

Pause and bathe in the Light of Divine Mother.


The Natural Balance of Duality


My Children of Light, I am your Divine Mother.

I come to you with great joy. Since you anchored the energy to the 5th Dimensional Octave and opened the Portals of Light, much has changed. Always in the world of Duality, you balance the Light and Dark, the good and bad, the pleasure and pain. The measure of how much you were able to achieve in the past few months can be felt with all the events that have transpired; the events that have fallen upon the 3rd Dimensional Realm of Earth. Many of the Masters have mentioned that something of a natural man-made disaster was possible.  This oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico is a natural manmade disaster.

The ultimate outcome is going to be beneficial for all; for Earth and humankind, because it will help everyone realize how fragile this life is and how easy it is to destroy the purity, the balance, the creativity. This will become a good lesson. At the same time, you must remember that when you bring an enormous amount of Light, you have to have some form of balance (it comes in the darkness of disaster). If you raise the Light in this world, the scale goes out of balance. Duality needs to constantly be balanced and the scale has to keep coming to the center point, the pendulum swings from one extreme to the other. This is not the nature of living life in Light of the Higher Dimensions but it is the nature of living life in Duality of the 3rd Dimension.

There has been a great disturbance in the Hierarchies from everything that has transpired over the last few months. I will tell you things the way they are and give it to you the way it is. It is disturbing that many species of creatures are suffering as a result of this oil spill – which is going to contaminate, at some level, the waters of the entire world. It requires a Net of Light as some have called it. It requires the coming together of all of you. Whether you call yourself, “New Agers, Old Path Followers, Spiritual Seekers  or students of the Mystery Schools, as long as you are embodying the Light, as long as you carry upon your shoulders the awareness of what is happening on Earth and the responsibility of leading the multitudes and masses to the Light, you have been called. This gift that I have prepared is for you.

Metatron Requests a Dispensation

Recently Metatron of the Cosmic Council came before the Tribunal, at my Throne, and requested a dispensation for those of you who are Overlighted by the Energies of the Masters of Wisdom. He asked that a dispensation be issued for those of you who are understanding of the nature of this Reality and care to continue life on Earth in its pure and pristine state, and work to that end with all of your might and power. When he came he brought with him the Hierarchies of the Masters of Light and Wisdom, every one of the Chohan, every one of the Celestial Guardians, every one of the Elohim, every one of the Masters that you work with and every one of the living Masters; they all agreed to come with him. He specifically asked for two things.

Health and Wholeness

The dispensation that he requested was that those of you who are promoting the Light and serving the Multitudes and Masses be given, first and foremost, health and wholeness in your body, mind, emotions, souls and spirit. You are to be given, in his opinion, superhuman powers. To be able to work for 20 – 22 hours in a 24 hr period of time without feeling tired. His request was that each of you be given the ability to multiply the impact of what you do on behalf of Earth by 10 times, 100 times, 1000 times. This is why I call it superhuman powers. To be able to do 10 times more than what you have been doing by receiving means where your body, your mind, your nervous system, your brain system, the polarities of electric and magnetic, your masculine and feminine Aspects are Overlighted by supernatural powers from the Masters and Divine Mother so that health and wholeness is brought to you.

This is needed because when you do this work, you drain your energy. This is not a mystery, this is a reality, this is what you experience. His request first and foremost, was that you should be given the nervous system, the brain system, the electromagnetic force field, the mind, the emotions and the physical body, the health and wholeness in organs, in cells in tissues, in molecular structure, in brain cells that is perfect, more perfect than any human being at this present moment on Earth is able to accomplish and to the perfection of that of the Living Masters. Those living Masters who sit and give their love for 22 hours, see thousands of people without moving and get up and do it again the next day and the next day and the next day. That level of strength and power is what Metatron requested from the councils.

Financial Abundance and Resources

The second, and in his opinion equally important, request was that you be given resources, manpower, strength and stamina, foresight and most importantly financial abundance to the point where you will take leadership positions, you will be the heads of industries, you would be the entrepreneurs who will bring the new ideas, new concepts, new designs, new behavior, new services, new ways and means to accomplish tasks that the best of today’s entrepreneurs haven’t as yet achieved.

Achieving 2012 Goals in 2010

We have been working with these two requests on the table for a few months. This request came at the point where you successfully opened the 5th Dimensional Octave and were able to reach critical mass. As a handful of souls, you were able to anchor the energies to the point where, what we had envisioned attaining by the end of 2012 was attained in the course of the first 3 months of the year 2010; a year to remember.


Divine Mother’s Dispensation

I have worked on this proposal and I have brought a dispensation. In this dispensation, I am now gifting you with the Presence of Great Cosmic Beings whom I have chosen to call the Angelic Forces of Abundance and I am offering you the Angel of Abundance Rainbow Grid which consists of 10 categories of Angelic Forces who have been given the task of supporting you to accomplish these two primary tasks. Some of you will begin immediately and see the results in a flash and some of you will begin slowly and gradually, as you clear the deck to receive the gifts from these Angelic Forces.

What these Angelic Forces will bring to you is the awakening of the energy structure within your Physical Body, within your 5 Body System, within your Brain System, within your Electromagnetic Force Field, and most importantly within your Nervous System. Because when you say things like, “I don’t know how I did it but I did it; I dared to do it, I dared to believe it and it happened.” That’s your nerves complying with what your mind was agreeable to, your emotions were agreeable to, and your Personality Aspects were agreeable to.

To accomplish what Metatron has proposed and the Masters of Light and Wisdom have sanctioned, you need these Angelic Forces and further more you need a boosting of your Nervous System, your Brain, your 5 Body System, your 5th Dimensional Body Magnetic/Body Electric, your Mind, Emotions, Soul, Spirit and Physical Body.



Divine Mother’s Meditation before Metatron of the Cosmic Council

I invite each of you to visualize yourself standing in front of me. Around you visualize, in a large circle, all the Masters of Light and Wisdom from all Hierarchies and the Great Cosmic Council, headed by Metatron of the Cosmic Council. To all of you who have never had the experience of Metatron of the Cosmic Council, this is a Being who sits on the Hierarchy, as the Highest Essence. He is in a Male Body because Form is Male and Spirit is Female. Divine Mother’s Force moves through this Metatron of the Cosmic Council, as it does through all of you, yet because we want to have someone represent that Council, this Being appears in a Male body.

I want you to visualize the Metatron of the Cosmic Council. He comes and stands before you. He places his hand over your head. He places the other hand over your Heart/Cosmic Heart Chakras and he pours out Energies of Light from the Cosmic Councils to you. He has paved the path for you to receive this dispensation.

Now, I call upon the Legions of the Angels of Abundance Rainbow Grid. Every one of these Angelic Forces carries the energy of the Emerald Green Healing and Abundance Light. Seven of them will also carry one of the 7 colors of the rainbow.


Angels of Abundance Rainbow Grid

Visualize standing in front of Divine Mother.

Angelic Forces of the Crown and Cosmic Heart Chakras

Crown Chakra: First we call the Angelic Force of Pure White Light who will be in charge of the Crown Chakra. See a member of the Legions of the Angelic Forces of Pure White Light come forth emanating Pure White Light. This Angelic Force will place her hand over your Crown Chakra. Feel the Pure White Light pour into your Crown and into your body.

Cosmic Heart: The Angelic Force in charge of the Cosmic Heart Energies is stepping up to you. The body of this Being is emanating Turquoise Light and the Emerald Green Light of Healing. This Being will be in charge of the Cosmic Heart. Visualize that this Being is holding a piece of Turquoise the size of your fist. The Angel will place it inside of your Cosmic Heart. The Turquoise looks solid but when it is placed into the Cosmic Heart Chakra, it melts into your Cosmic Heart and into your thymus gland. This liquid Turquoise Light mixed with Emerald Green will begin the healing of the Thymus Gland. This Angel and the Turquoise are vibrating to Cosmic Energies. Turquoise is permeating the energies of Great Silent watcher and is also very sacred and revered by Christ Maitreya.


Now we will call the 7 Angelic Forces of the Abundance Rainbow Grid

First Angel; Red and Green, Root Chakra. Visualize the Angel of Abundance for the Root Chakra. Envision the Angelic Force emanating the Red Light of the Rainbow mixed with the Emerald Green for healing and abundance. The Red is for passion, Life Force, action and for connection to Earth.

This Being holds a fist size Blood Red Ruby, clear and transparent. The Angel stands in front of you and places this fist full of Red Ruby Vibration at the Root Chakra. Ruby is for money and abundance, Passion and Procreation. Pause and bathe in these energies.

Second Angel; Orange and Green, Sacral Plexus Chakra. We call the second Angel, the Guardian for the Sacral Plexus. Visualize this angle coming to stand before you, permeating Green, merged with Bright Orange Light. See in the hand of the Angel, a fistful of Citrine, an Orange colored gemstone (if you prefer, you can imagine Orange Sapphire). This gem will be placed in the Sacral Plexus and will be absorbed. Green Light of Healing is mixed with the Orange but it doesn’t create a new color, the Green stays Green and the Orange stays Orange. It will bring healing to the Sacral Plexus. If the Sacral Plexus is closed, your creativity can be blocked. When your creativity is blocked, then you’re disconnected from your abundance. Pause and bathe in these energies and allow blockages from your creative channels to be released.

Third Angel; Golden Yellow and Green, Solar Plexus Chakra. We call the third member of the Angel Rainbow Grid; the Angel of Solar Plexus. This Being is emanating a Golden Yellow Light. In the hand of this one is a piece of Golden Sunstone; Sunstone with veins of Gold. As it is placed in your Solar Plexus, it becomes liquid Golden Light. Breathe and bathe.

Your Solar Plexus is the center for Power. When this center is blocked, you feel disempowered and lose your self confidence. Connect from this chakra to the Angelic Force who is standing before you and feel the Emerald Green Light permeating, spinning and swirling inside of your Solar Plexus to heal lifetimes of scars and memories. Let all of those memories be released. Feel empowered; feel the supernatural powers which the Universe is offering you, pour into your Solar Plexus. Breathe and bathe.

Fourth Angel; Blue and Green, Seat of the Soul Chakra. We now call the Angelic Force of the Seat of the Soul. This Angel is emanating Aquamarine Blue and Emerald Green Light. The gem which this angel brings is a Blue-Green Diamond. When this Blue Green Diamond is placed in the Seat of the Soul, you may get a sensation of Heat moving under your ribs. Breathe and bathe.

Fifth Angel; Green and Green, Personal Heart Chakra. We call upon the Angel of Abundance for Your Personal Heart Chakra. This Being comes in Emerald Green and a range of Citron Green to Jade Green. This Angel holds a piece of Emerald the size of your fist. This Emerald will go into your Personal Heart Chakra, energetically opening your Personal Heart to Love and Compassion. Feel heat moving into the Personal Heart Chakra. Bathe in the Green Light and let it permeate, spiral, spin and swirl in your Personal Heart Chakra. Breathe and bathe.

Sixth Angel; Purple and Green, Throat Chakra. We call upon the Angel of your Throat Chakra.  This Angel emanates Purple Light mixed with the Green. Divine Mother chose this Light because your Higher Purpose needs to be communicated (in all ways, including verbally) and the center for communication is the Throat Chakra. Also she chose Purple for transmutation but most importantly for the return of Divine Order and Divine Organization. In the hand of this Angel is a fist size Deep Purple Colored diamond. This is placed in your Throat Chakra. Here in the Throat Chakra, it also emanates to your Channeling Chakra, which sits behind the Throat Chakra at the base of the neck. Breathe and bathe.

Seventh Angel; Deep Purple Magenta, Third Eye Chakra. For the Third Eye Chakra, we call upon the Angel that completes the Rainbow Grid. This Angel is emanating Magenta and Green Light. In the hand, is a fist full of Magenta colored Blue Sapphires. Sapphire is the symbol of Power. Blue Sapphire especially, brings Divine Power. The gem is placed into your Third Eye Chakra, as this Angel fills it with Purple Magenta Light. Breathe and bathe.

Angelic Forces of the Guardians of the Seed

Now we call upon a member from the Angelic Forces that have been called the Guardians of the Seed of the Pure and Innocent Feminine Creative Force Field.

We call upon the Guardian Angel of the Seed from the Pool of Creation.  This is the one who is most closely connected to the energy of Divine Mother. Gold is emanating from this Being’s body and in both hands there is a Golden Seed. It is twice the size of the gems that you have received so far. See the Golden etchings that are the secret Mysteries of all Seeds of Probable, Possible, Alternate and Ultimate Realities where you can benefit and receive financial Abundance.  The Angelic Guardians of the Seed are offering you the Seed of Life, encapsulated inside the Seed of Abundance. It will be placed in the space between the Cosmic Heart and Personal Heart. Liquid Gold fills the Vesica Pisces made by the overlapping spheres of the Cosmic Heart and Personal Heart Chakras. Breathe and bathe.

See these 10 categories of Angelic Forces of Abundance Rainbow Grid. Call them every morning as you awaken. Call them every night as you fall asleep; ask them to do the healing during dream time.

And call upon Metatron of the Cosmic Council and say to him,

“You have called from the Cosmic Council these Abundance possibilities, now manifest them and bring them into my Reality and guide me to use them with the best results. Show me the way. Show me how to take advantage of all the gifts that have been offered to me.”

The Angelic Forces of Abundance Rainbow Candle Grid

If you wish you can even make a simple candle grid.

  • Draw a small circle and write your name, Divine Mother and Metatron of the Cosmic Council in the center.
  • Draw another circle around the first and write the names of the 10 Angelic Forces; the names of the 7 Angelic Forces of the Rainbow Grid (see the list below), the Angelic Force of the Cosmic Heart, the Angelic Force of Pure White Light and the Angelic Force of the Seed.
  • Draw another circle around the last and write Great Silent Watcher and Christ Maitreya.
  • You may put a votive or tea candle for each of the names you have placed on the Grid or you may place one candle in the center. You may use white candles but imbue each candle with the colors and qualities of the Angelic Force you are charging it with.
  • Make a list of the intentions you’re setting into this grid so you have the pleasure of crossing them out as they manifest; and then add new ones.

Be vigilant. The floodgates of abundance have opened to you, now it is your job to believe it is possible and to bring it into your Reality.

Let me Glorify you as you Glorify me. Let me be the mirror of you. Let me look at your face so that I am reminded of how much love there is in the world for me. I want you to say these things. I want you to talk to me. Come to me with whatever you want; every day, every day, every day. Don’t forget to come to me every day. Every morning get up and say, “Mother this is what I want from this day. Every night say, Let my sleep be sound, let my body be healed, let your Light shine upon me and tomorrow when I wake up, I want this, this and this. (State your intentions) I want money in the bank, I want my car to drive well, I want the events of the day to go smoothly, I want your presence felt in every endeavor that I embark upon and I want to feel your Presence with every breath.”

I want you to say that. I want you to open the door for me to be fully involved in your life, in your moment to moment living, because the more you let me in, the more I can do for you. The more you give me permission to be involved, the more I can change things for the better. The more we work together, hand in hand, the more we can change this world for the better.

I hold you in my own heart, I thank you with all the joy in the world and may that joy be yours from moment to moment from eternity to eternity. I love you with all of my heart. I stand by your side for as long as you want me to. I am asking you to want me to be in your life.

You are all in my heart, so it is.

For a printable copy of the grid click here.


Angels of Abundance Rainbow Grid



Color of the Angel



Root Chakra

Bright Red & Green


Red Ruby

Sacral Plexus

Orange & Green


Citrine or Orange Sapphire

Solar Plexus

Yellow Gold & Green


Golden Sunstone

Seat of the Soul

Aquamarine Blue & Green

Divine Power & Healing

Blue Green Diamond

Personal Heart

Green & Green



Throat Chakra

Purple & Green

Divine Order/Higher Purpose

Deep Purple Diamond

Third Eye

Purple Magenta & Green

Enhancing Inner Vision

Magenta Blue Sapphire




Angelic Forces of Abundance

Crown Chakra

Angelic Forces of Pure White Light


Cosmic Heart

Great Silent Watcher & Christ Maitreya


Seed of Life inside the Seed of Abundance

Guardians of the Seed

Golden Seed

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