January 2010

Dear Friends,

Happy Holidays to all of you.

From all of us at Waves of Bliss, Divine Mother and the Masters, we wish you a warm and heartfelt thank you for spreading your Light, and for your service to the Masters, the Earth and all Souls.

We have selected a beautiful meditational exercise from Metatron which is an empowerment tool to use throughout the New Year.

We will start the new year with our Gateway Portal Channeling on 1/11/10 which is an important Portal Day. To register click here.

Other important Portal Days are 1/1/10 and 1/10/10. Please be aware that from 1/9/10 to 1/19/10, energies pour down from the constellation, Sirius, and memories of lifetimes during the Atlantean civilization may come to the surface for you.

Exercising the Grid of Light given below will help to release these energies and empower you as you walk the Path to greater Light. Our first live workshop of the year will be a two-day workshop entitled, “Returning to the Source of Your Light, The Seven Rays, Seven Masters and Seven Archangels” on January 16 and 17 at Albany, NY. To register for this event, click here.

We have a special half price book offer to help you feel the presence of the Masters as we move into the New Year. They make great New Years gifts for your loved ones. The books are all imbued with the love of the protection of Divine Mother, the Masters, Angels and Great Beings. To visit our book store click here.

May 2010 be a great year, filled with Love, Light and Blessings for you and yours.

In the love of Divine Mother, the Light of the Masters and the Protection of the Angels,


Scepters of Power


To help you understand the significance of the Scepter of Power used in the grid below, we print here excerpts from Path to Enlightenment, Book IV, The Joy of Service, which will be available for purchase by Feb. 2010.

Personal Scepter of Power is a tool for self empowerment. Even though an energetic substance, all levels of the Scepter of Power have physical impact in our lives. Visualizing the Personal Scepter of Power held above your head is a universal symbol to denote power and authority. It sends a signal that your intentions are impacted by the power held within the Scepter and substantiated by the Masters and Great Beings who are the Guardians of Power, activating and recalibrating these Scepters as you grow in your Quotient of Light. This tool can be used for personal intentions as well as for the benefit of all beings and for Earth. Your Personal Scepter of Power is an empowerment tool from your Soul, your Higher Self and members of your Soul Lineage of Light, from your main Guide, Angelic Forces, and from the Chohan of your Ray.

Global Scepter of Power is the next empowerment tool and is given to us by Sanat Kumara. Its main purpose is to facilitate and to empower our global intentions. This Scepter is offered to those in service to the Light whose desire is to consciously fulfill their Divine Mission. It also empowers the intentions pertinent at global scale.

Galactic Scepter of Power is a gift bestowed by our Galactic Logos. This empowerment tool takes the intensions and the intended subject matter further into the Realms of Light and allows empowerment from beyond the Global Realms to come to our aid.

Universal Scepter of Power is a tool of empowerment bestowed by Lord Melchizedek, the Universal Logos. This empowerment tool allows the energies from the Universal Core to come to our aid.

Great Divine Director’s Scepter of Power is a gift from Master Thoth and Lady Veyga, appointed to this position in Sept. of 2009.

Cosmic Scepter of Power is the ultimate tool where the energies are called from the core of the Cosmic Conglomerate through the Deities of these Realms known as Lord Alpha and Lady Omega as well as Metatron in his aspect as the Great Cosmic Being, Metatron and the Head of the Cosmic Councils of Light.

Divine Mother’s Scepter of Power is her gift of the empowerment to embody her Creative Force and the Pure and Innocent Feminine Seed of Life. Divine Mother’s love and compassion fills this Scepter.

Specific intentions can be set through the activation of the Personal, Global, Galactic, Universal, Divine Director, Cosmic and Divine Mother’s Scepters simultaneously. The outcome can be magnified when Ascended Masters, Great Beings, Cosmic Beings and specific Angelic Forces of Light are called to join in.

Receiving Scepter of Power and Template of Self

Beloveds of my own heart I Am Metatron,

The time has come for you to receive new tools of empowerment and to free yourselves from the pain of self doubt and self criticism. The experience of duality has separated you from your own truth which is the natural state of your perfection. You keep finding yourself in less than perfect circumstances because self doubt and self criticism has set in. The voice of the inner critic is louder than the voice of your compassionate loving Self. I will empower you with gifts of your Scepters of Power and lead you on a journey to the Thrones to request the Template of True Inner Compassion. Through the power of your Scepter and the Intercession of the Residing Deities of each Throne, you will be brought to self love, self acceptance and the ability to uphold the Truth.

When you pour compassion upon your Inner Critic, the haunting voice of the Inner Critic will begin to quiet down. When calm and peace returns within your inner environment, your self confidence and self esteem returns. Ultimately, you will be able to fully connect with the voice of Supreme Truth, and receive advice from your inner Guides and your Higher Selves.

Meditation to Receive Scepters of Power

Personal Scepter of Power. Visualize sending your consciousness from the top of your Crown Chakra through the Golden-Silver Antahkarana Cord to the Higher Chakras of your body. Moving to the 8th Chakra, just above your Crown, we invite the Presence of the Soul to accompany us as we journey up to the 13th Dimension of Reality, the Throne of I Am That I Am.

Become aware of the Throne. Visualize the Perfected Presence of the I Am That I Am invite you to enter the Throne and merge with the I Am. Breathe and bathe as you absorb the energies and ask to merge with your own Individualized I Am Presence, your Higher Self. As you merge, ask your Higher Self and your Soul, through the intercession of your I Am That I Am, to give you your Personal Scepter of Power. This is your most personal and unique empowerment tool and the first step in empowering your Self with Higher and more potent Scepters, such as Global, Galactic, Universal and beyond.

Envision that your own I Am Presence, your Higher Self, offers you the Personal Scepter of Power and recalibrates it with all that you need for your journey to Enlightenment. Look at your Scepter as you hold it in both hands and feel the energy pouring from it to you. It is familiar and dear to your heart. You begin to remember this energy and are reminded that you have been missing its presence and power in your life. Breathe and bathe in the energies and pause to absorb and unite with the Might, the Light and the Power emanating from your Scepter of Power.

Planetary Scepter of Power. Sanat Kumara is the residing deity at the Throne of I Am That I Am. Visualize him stepping forward and taking his seat upon this Throne. Sanat Kumara is in his Ceremonial Robes. He wears a deep Fuchsia-Magenta color cape with Golden filigree embroidered around the edges. He wears a Crown of Gold and a holds Golden Scepter of Power. This Scepter is the symbol of the power and might of his leadership for the planet and it is held in his right hand. He beckons us to move closer.

Visualize yourself standing in reverence before him. Two angels appear with golden trays containing your Ceremonial Robes, Crown of Gold and Scepter of Power. A similar Cape of deep Fuchsia-Magenta is placed around your shoulders. A Crown of Gold is placed over your head and a Golden Scepter of Power is placed in your right hand. You will raise your Scepter in front of you. The Scepter has a spherical golden Ball at the top. Hold the Scepter with your right hand near the top of the shaft and place your left hand at the base of the shaft. The point of Sanat Kumara’s Scepter touches the point of your Scepter; an energy charge is transferred from his Scepter to yours and is igniting your Scepter with Light and Power. This energy moves from the palms of both your hands into your shoulders and into your chest. It reaches your Cosmic and Personal Heart Chakras. It fills these chakras with the power and might to be in service to the Planetary Logos.

This Scepter is the symbol of the power of the Planetary Logos. Bathe in these energies while you are established in the vibrational force field of Sanat Kumara’s power and might. At this point set out your intention to be the embodiment of the power and might of the Planetary Logos in service to Light on Earth. Offer the intention for annihilation of all evil and acts of evil; release of the dominion of Earth and all souls from darkness; and return of the dominion and guardianship of the Lords of Light. Pause and bathe in these energies.

Galactic Scepter of Power. In the company of Sanat Kumara we will now go to the Throne of God-Source. The residing deity of this Throne is the Ancient of Days, the Galactic Logos. He is seated upon the Throne of God-Source. He wears his Ceremonial Robes of Cobalt-Blue. His Cape of Cobalt-Blue is accentuated with filigree platinum embroidery. His Crown is Gold and Platinum bedecked with various gems. In his right hand he holds a platinum-colored Scepter. This Scepter is the symbol of the power and might of the Galactic Logos. At the top, the round piece is like a nautilus shell. The long shaft is wide at top and narrow at the bottom. You stand in reverence before the Presence of Ancient of Days.

The Angels appear with your ceremonial robes, cape, crown and Scepter. The robes and the cape are placed around your body, the crown over your head and the Scepter in your hand. You raise the Scepter in front of you placing your right hand at the top of the shaft under the nautilus sphere and your left hand at the bottom of the shaft. You point the sphere at the Galactic Logos. The two spheres touch. An electric charge of Cobalt-Blue Light begins to run from his Scepter to yours. The electric charge begins to move through the palms of your hand through your shoulders and your chest. It begins emanating to your Cosmic Heart and Personal Heart Chakras. It begins to emanate throughout your body. It emanates the power and might of the Galactic Logos to become the emissary of his Light on Earth. Pause and bathe in these energies, anchoring this Light into your Five Body Systems.

Visualize yourself bedecked in your robe, your cape, your crown and all your ceremonial attire. Hold onto your Scepter of Power, of Personal, Global and Galactic levels. Stand with Metatron inside the Pillar of Light and see yourself spinning and spiraling going to the 55th Dimension of Reality. Stand before the Throne of Sananda, the new Hierarch of the 55th Dimension, the Throne of Ellah, and request the unfolding of your Divine Mission as teachers and leaders. Ask for an activation of all levels of your Scepter by the energies of Master Jesus as Sananda. He will begin connecting you to the energies of Divine Love for yourself and towards all of Creation. This will help you to be gentle, graceful, compassionate and harmonious with yourself, your Personality Aspects, your Soul Aspects and to do the same for the world.

Golden Pink Light of Divine Love is pouring from the Throne of Ellah. The body of Lord Sananda and the Scepter of Power held in his hand is now connecting with you and your Scepter. Ask him for the removal of the inner critic as the tyrant who stands in your way of achieving your true goal. Request that the inner tyrant and the Soul come together and stand face to face. It is good to have someone critiquing your endeavors, your actions but it cannot be that the inner critic takes over all Personality Aspects, paralyzing your Personality Aspects as well as the Soul. Ask Sananda to remove the anger, the rage, the fears that have rooted themselves within the inner critic to the point where it paralyzes all other Personality and Soul Aspects, freeing your Soul and your Personality Aspects from the tyranny and returning the inner critic to the state of compassion and Divine Love that was originally intended for your consciousness. We bow down to our Lord Sananda, take our leave from him and continue our journey upward to the Realm of the Universal Logos.

Universal Scepter of Power. In the Presence of Ancient of Days and Sanat Kumara we continue on this journey to go before the Throne of Undifferentiated Source. This is where Lord Melchizedek, the Universal Logos resides. Lord Melchizedek is seated upon the Throne as we approach. He wears the Ceremonial Robes of Purple-Blue with Gold and Platinum filigree embroidered around the edges. He wears a Crown of Gold. He holds a Scepter of Purple-Blue Light in his right hand. Sanat Kumara, Ancient of Days and Lord Sananda stand around you. Your ceremonial robes, cape, crown and Scepter of Power are offered to you. This Scepter looks like a long rod emanating Purple-Blue Light. You will place both your right and left hand around the bottom of the rod pointing your rod in the direction of Lord Melchizedek. A charge of energy will move from his Scepter to yours. This energy will move from the Scepter to the palms of your hand, reaching your shoulder and your chest, entering your Cosmic Heart and Personal Heart Chakra. The power and might of the Universal Logos begins to emanate from these chakras to your entire body. You become epitome of the power and might of the Universal Logos in service to Light on Earth. Pause and bathe in the energies.

Scepter of Power of the Great Divine Director. We will continue on our journey. Visualize yourself at the Throne of the Great Divine Director in the presence of the Great beings who have accompanied us here. See yourself in your ceremonial robes. You are standing before Master Thoth and Lady Veyga. They hold their Scepters in their hands and point their Scepters at yours. Feel the energy as your Scepter is charged with these energies. Emerald Green and Gold Light pours out of their Scepters and is absorbed into yours.

I invite the presence of Osiris and Isis. Ask all four of them for the Powers of Sacred Magic to be transferred, through their guidance to your Scepter. Ask Thoth and Veyga to take the responsibility of guiding you and directing you to always walk on the Righteous Path, to never say anything detrimental, anything that is less than Supreme Truth. Request of them that your mouth would not open up to speak untruths, your voice would express not even a word, unless it is rooted in Supreme Truth.

I intercede on your behalf and ask Lady Veyga to specifically over-light you with energies of Compassionate Truth. In the mundane world, Compassion and Truth sometimes are opposing qualities. People think “I can’t show Compassion if I speak the Truth.” In the Higher Realms, Compassion and Truth go hand in hand. Truth is compassionate. Supreme Truth is held within the structure and has its foundation in Compassion. It would not be Supreme Truth if Compassion was missing from it. Ask to be the embodiment of Compassionate Truth and feel good about it, even when it is expressed differently from the norm. You want to embody Compassionate Truth and feel good and righteous about it and teach others to embody those energies as well.

Ask Veyga to over-light you with Compassionate Truth and engrain it into your Scepter. While that goes on, ask Thoth to empower you to know that you will speak the Truth, to remind you that you have much to teach. Ask Thoth, the great teacher, the supreme teacher, to over-light you from within his own essence and that you may bring the supreme teachings at all times with no idle talk, with no distraction or distortion. Ask for the trust and surrender that enables you to see that you are the embodiment of Supreme Knowledge, capable of departing to the multitudes and masses the wisdom held within Supreme Knowledge. as a Great Divine Director, we ask of him to imbue and over-light you directly with the Supreme Knowledge, empowering you to disperse the Supreme Knowledge to multitudes and masses, through their intercession.

Now turn to face Isis and Osiris and ask that Isis bring you the Feminine Principle which contains the Sacred Magic and over-light with the Creative Force. Ask Osiris to bring you the Masculine Aspect of that Sacred Magic to enable you to focus that Magic from the Higher Realms into this 3rd Dimensional Realm, to fold this 3rd Dimensional Realm, to clear the Astral Realms and to allow the 5th Dimensional Self to fully embody you and through you, everyone.

Ask that you would allow yourself to teach and to transfer the energies of embodying the 5th Dimensional Self to people, places and things from this moment on.

Everything that stands in your way of dispersing the teachings above and beyond limitation, above and beyond expectation in their most pristine state with great eloquence, is removed from your path. You will disperse the information with great eloquence, with extreme clarity, with intense focus, blazing the trail, changing the mindset, breaking the norms, anchoring the energies within the hearts, minds, and souls of people, places and things from this moment on.

The Pool of Creation, Ionic Matter and the Divine Mother’s Scepter of Power. We ask Master Thoth and Lady Veyga, Isis and Osiris to accompany us to the Throne of Creation while this initiation is continuing. We ask permission of Divine Mother to enter the Pool of Creation. We ask the over-lighting power of Divine Mother to energize the Seed for all these intentions. Permission is granted.

Jump into the Pool and call the Ionic Matter that impregnates the Pool of Creation with the Seed of these intentions and allow it to form a Platinum leaf around you. See yourself, not only covered on the surface of your body, but see a cocoon of Platinum energy form around you. Intend that you will be able to carry this cocoon within your own auric field.

Notice that Divine Mother is holding Platinum colored Scepter of Power in her hand. She points it in the direction of your Scepter and the points touch. A jolt of Light moves through your Scepter and into your body and further to your auric field.

Breathe and bathe and see the cocoon becoming larger and larger. Keep seeing this energy fully immersed, integrated, embedded into your DNA structure. This cocoon will continue to charge you with Sacred Magic, Supreme Truth and dissemination of Sacred Knowledge. You will have the power of touching and healing people, places and things. You will gain the merits for communicating the essence of the teachings and blazing a trail for multitudes and masses to follow in your footsteps. You will hold the torch over the heads of all those who earned the merit to follow you on the path.

On your behalf, I ask Divine Mother to call forth the Template for True Inner Compassion and Self Love. Through this Template, you will connect with the Inner Guiding voice of your Guides and Higher Self, disposing Supreme Truth and Love of Self to you. The Light from the Template illuminates your entire cocoon.

I empower you with my own Light, love and blessings. I will walk on this path with you. Do this meditation for 33 days and allow the potent powers of the Scepters remove all obstacles from your path and to accelerate you to greater glory.

I hold you in my own heart, I am your very own Metatron. So it is.



Thank you so much for holding the light so clearly! Today is day one, and I am eager to do this meditation for thirty three days. I can feel the changes in my auric fields and in my DNA. Thank you precious masters of light who are devoted to serving humanity. I am in the service of eternal truth, love and light.

Please bless my website which is being developed, and my book, Dreaming New Schools so that children may be offered the freedom of discovering and expressing their true selves.

thank you, thank you, thank you,

your Angela

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