April 2010

Ascension Month

Helping Earth Clear and Cleanse to

Move into the 5th Dimensional Octave


Dear Friends,

For our April newsletter we offer you a Grid of Light for healing the Earth and all souls. Mother Earth is clearing her energy bodies to lighten her load as she begins the process of helping all souls with moving into the 5th Dimensional Octaves. We can play an important role in stabilizing the Earth’s energy bodies and in assisting in the process of releasing her dross and karmic entanglements.

This is a process which begins with March Equinox this year and will officially be in place by Dec. 21, 2010. We can help Earth gain greater Light so she can help the multitudes and masses make the gradual transition to the 5th Dimension with greater ease and grace between now and 2012; t he higher our resonance, as we move into 5th Dimensional Portals between now and 2012, the greater our ability to climb to heights beyond 2012.

The Meditational Grid of Light is accompanied by the text of Metatron’s explanations of the reason for the occurrence of natural disasters. You may read the text or listen to the audio presented by Jim on 3/3/2010 Gateway Portal Channeling. It is important that we understand the necessity of these natural disasters and the ways in which they serve.

For your convenience, I have recorded the Meditational exercise as well. You may listen to the audio or follow the text and perform this exercise as often as you can. Together we can change our world and we will make a difference. Of this, we are certain. The Masters keep reminding us that we have come together at this special juncture in Earth’s history to accomplish just that.

This fact is all the more prominent in the month of April as Metatron and the Masters have proclaimed April as the Ascension Month and the 24th of April as the Ascension Day. We celebrate our ability, as humankind, to Ascend to higher Light and Mother Earth’s willingness to support us in this endeavor. This is even more prominent this year as we have just opened the Gateway for entry to 5th Dimensional Portals on March Equinox, last month.

All the natural and man-made disasters lead us to a greater future and higher, brighter Light. We simply need to keep our focus on the bright future ahead of us and visualize that as our reality. The rest will take care of itself.

Our Gateway Portal Day, Free Group Channeling on 4/4 will be another illuminating way to keep our focus and remain connected to the group energy. Join us and renew the shower of blessings and wealth of information from the Masters. Click here to register for the free event.

Other Portal days in the month of April are 4/13, 4/18, 4/22, Ascension Day, 4/24, and 4/29. You may gather together and perform a ceremony on sunrise, sunset or at any time during the weekend of 4/24, 25 or 26 to celebrate Ascension Day.

New Workshop and Live Group Channeling Events

Sacred Magic of Isis will be a workshop held at Women of Wisdom in N. Easton, MA and offered live via conference as well. This course will be comprised of 4 Live Group Channeling sessions that will happen over a two week period of time as follows: Monday, march 29 and Wednesday, March 31, Monday, April 5 and Wednesday, April 7. To read more and register, click here.

To register to attend at Women of Wisdom in person, call 508-230-3680. To register to attend the phone conference, click here.

We will celebrate Ascension Month with a 4 Session Course called The Ascension Flame. The first Live Group Channeling session will be on Friday, April 16 . The next 3 sessions will be on consecutive days, Saturday April 17  , Sunday April  18  and Monday April 19. To read more and to register for this event, click here.


Please note: We have revised the diagram for Metatron’s Grid of Light for 2010. Please check it out here.

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We now have 3 new CD’s. All our Cd’s are limited edition. The present set includes:

  • Metatron’s Message for 2010.
  • Journey to St. Germain’s Royal Retreat
  • Journey with Melchizedek, our Universal Logos

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We wish you a happy and wonderful Ascension month of April and a greater joy as we move through 5th Dimensional Light.

With Great love, I am,




Meditation to help heal Earth and Clear Her Energy Bodies

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This text will be replaced

Imagine that your Golden Silver Cord or Antahkarana Cord is fully illuminated with Golden Pink Light. This Light is coming down to you from Divine Mother’s Pool of Creation. This Light is magnified in your body and is emanating from every Chakra of your body.

Now visualize that the Planet is suspended in the air in front of your chest. Imagine that you are holding your hands a few inches away on either side of the planet and sending the Golden Pink Light from the palms of your hands to the miniaturized planet. Golden Pink is pouring out of your palms and your Personal Heart, Cosmic Heart Chakras. It is absorbed by Earth. Gradually, the entire Globe starts emanating the same Golden Pink Light and bathing in it.

Now call upon the Angels of the Four Directions and your own Guardian Angels and say,

“I call upon Legions of Archangel Uriel to take their position in the North, Archangel Raphael and his Legions in the East, Archangel Michael and his Legions in the South and Archangel Gabriel and his Legions in the West to guard and magnify the transfer of the Golden Pink Light of Divine Love to Earth, every moment of every day and to increase its potency at 12, noon and at 12, midnight. I call upon 10,000 members of my own Guardian Angels to continue their focus upon the healing of Earth in this manor from this moment on.

I call upon multiples of billions of members of the Elemental Kingdom, under the supervision of Archangel Metatron, to come forth and restore perfect health and wholeness upon the Physical, Emotional, Mental and Spiritual Bodies of Mother Earth. This Grid of Light is charged for the next 24 hours.”

Please remember to repeat this exercise again in 24 hours. If you think you may not get back to this grid for a few days, then say,

“This grid of Light is charged until I repeat it again the next time. In the meantime, I ask my guardians and the Legions of the Archangels of the Four Directions to continue to pour their Light upon Earth constantly.”

So it is, it is done, Amen.




Natural Disasters and the Role Each of Us Play


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This text will be replaced

I would like to relate a message that Metatron has given and asked that I pass on to all of you. It is regarding natural disasters and the way that each of us relate to these events.


The emotional body of Mother Earth is going through a cleansing. And that cleansing is felt, even before it happens, by all species. Those of us, who are more connected to Mother Earth, feel it even more.

The experience presents itself in aches and pains in the body, feelings of lethargy and invariably, a sense of depression; especially in the case of earthquakes. There is a deep sense of depression or what the human body registers as feeling depressed, lethargic, fearful, sad and angry. Nightmares and disturbing lucid dreams, even though they may seem relevant to you in your personal life, has to do with connecting to earth and the way that the planet, as a conscious being, feels. We relate to her pain in the form of experiencing emotions in our own individual lives. For example, an unfinished task, a rough telephone conversation, an unpaid bill which normally you would logically decide to pay next week might get you to a state of anxiety.

Imagine as a parent, you are feeling the pain of your children or as the owner of pets, you are feeling the pain of your pets. Now multiply this by the number of people whose lives are lost and by the number of people whose lives are affected; by losing their loved ones, their homes, by their entire lives being shaken up and displaced.

Think of that as an undercurrent of energy that you pick up. First of all, you will pick it up as members of that species, but even more so you pick it up because Mother Earth, as a Mother energy, as a Parent energy, is experiencing it.

On one hand, she has to allow this to happen because it is important for her survival and it is important for our survival as the human species. On the other hand, she cares. She cares for what happens to people, she cares for the price that human beings, all souls, various species, pay in this process. This process of self adjustment – because what she is doing is adjusting herself.

What is she adjusting too? She is adjusting to a shift in the Earth.

The analogy would be if you were given a new job. And this job is a promotion. But it requires that you relocate. It requires that you move to a different part of the country.

So, you have to come home and you have to put it out to your spouse, to your partner, to your children, to your parents, family members and friends and try and justify this move (while in your own head, you know it is best for everyone) at the same time, you also know you have to give everyone a chance to make their own choices.

Meantime, the minors in the family have to accept your choice, meantime the pets in the family have to accept your choice, meantime the plants have to accept your choice, the furniture has to accept your choice, the land that you’re leaving has to accept your choice, that land you are moving to has to accept your choice.

How does that analogy fit? The promotion for Mother Earth is to move those of you who have raised your Light from the 3rd Dimensional Realm to the 5th Dimensional Realm. In doing this, she has to let everyone know that this choice is available to them.

Those who have awakened have to make that decision on their own. At the same time, it is a choice that has been offered to Mother Earth, herself. It is like a new job, a new promotion, because she has been given the opportunity to open up a 5th Dimensional Octave; to open up an opportunity to create a Reality which will lead to heightening of energies for Earth.

On one hand, it’s everything she wants; just as getting a promotion of a new job would be everything the head of the family would want. On the other hand, if this promotion is not met with approval from all family members, it is going to be much more difficult.

How can Mother Earth open the 5th Dimensional Octave, if nobody wants to go there? How can the family move, if nobody but the head of the family wants to do it. As the head of the Planetary body, She wants to make this happen, as the head of the family, the person with the promotion, the mom or dad, wants to make this happen but everyone has to somehow cooperate with this opportunity.

Mother Earth is cleansing  and clearing her own meridian systems, her chakra system and her 5 Body System, and it is of upmost importance that every individual member of this group and everyone that you have access to, understand the power of prayer, the power of these Grids, the power of these Meditational Exercises, these guided meditations and the understanding that there are two ways for Mother Earth to clear herself. And they are on opposite ends of the spectrum.

1) is that she will clear herself with one form of natural disaster or another, and this is not to say that the Chileans or the Haitians or anyone receiving the effects of her clearing are bad people, it has nothing to do with that. It has to do with where the clogged meridian and chakras of Earth may be and where her body most benefits from the clearing.

And the 2nd way is for us to clear the energy and the 5 Elements, through prayer. These meditations, grids of Light, the invocations to the Angels and the Masters, is the other end of the spectrum of how we can clear the energy and abort natural disasters and even man-made disasters.

When we say the invocations, we set up the grids of Light, they will be in effect wherever needed. Just as the clearing from a volcanic eruption, an earthquake, or a tsunami will be adopted by Mother Earth and her consciousness wherever it is needed.  The more of these invocational prayers that we do, the less of those natural disasters become necessary, the more that we raise the Quotient of Light, the higher the vibration of Mother Earth, and the easier it is for her to clear herself.

An analogy would be; when your body is attacked by a virus, or some germs, what happens? You break into a huge fever and that fever burns whatever germs, whatever viruses there are and then you break into a huge sweat and you have that euphoric feeling that you have come out of it. Imagine that analogy happening when Mother Earth creates a volcanic eruption which creates a flood.

Now instead of a volcanic eruption, flood, earthquake being the cause for breaking the fever, we can induce that euphoric experience of breaking the fever by meditational exercises, grids of Light, by calling the Angels, the Masters, Divine Mother; by embodying the Ascension Flame, by setting up these beings and layers upon layers of theses grids. It can be done, it has been done.

And Send love constantly; to the Earth, to the Masters to your friends and family.Even send love to those who have intentions of harm to us. In fact, most especially send love to those who have intentions to do harm to us. Because when you send love, that love becomes a sphere around them and that sphere closes in and closes in and closes in and the more anger, the more greed, the more fear, the more hatred that they send, the more that love will encapsulate whatever it is that they are sending around them and around them, the thicker that love, the more they bathe in that negative energy that they are sending out until they have to embrace the love and compassion or eventually self destruct.  So to someone who hates you with every pore of their being, send out the most amount of love and don’t be surprised that they simply vanish from your life. Their anger and hatred for you and your love and compassion for them will cause them to move out of your reality.

Metatron also wants to thank you, most especially those very important group members who spend your days setting up these grids, who do not leave the house unless you have set the up the grids, who do not fall asleep unless you have started the grid … when you fall asleep with the grid on your mind, you continue to form it, you enable the Masters to take you to higher levels, you enable the Masters to take you to their etheric retreats and you become the chalice of the Holy Grail that allows the Masters to keep pouring, showering, downloading the energies of the Higher Light .

Metatron, Divine Mother, Sanat Kumara and all the Masters have expressed their deep gratitude to members of the group, to serious members of the group and we ask those of you who have newly joined us to please, take this work seriously,

we can make a difference,

we can change our would,

we can help the awakening of others.

Have you noticed lately how much faster people are awakening? People in all fields; in all walks of life; they are adopting spirituality as a way of life. They are opening themselves, awakening to the presence of the higher power, they are calling upon the higher power and that is very important.

So, each of you, take the opportunity to knock on the doors of a few other people. Every day, think of one other person, two other people, that you can say, here, I burned this CD for you, listen to it and see if it makes sense, if it doesn’t make sense, throw it out the window. But check it out; it may have something to say to you.

And as Nasrin has often reminded you, you have permission to take all of the Gateway Portal Channeling events, turn them into CDs; put them into MP3 format, burn a copy, take the text and hand it out; post it on e groups. You do not need our permission. We would love to hear from you that you have posted it in one group or another so we could follow it and see what the feedback is.

But you don’t need permission. If you have 5 minutes and you’d rather take that 5 min and post it rather than ask us permission because you may not have another 5 minutes after we get back to you, use that 5 minutes to post it.

If there are workshops that you have taken from us and you feel you can hold space for the person or persons,….. the reason why we say, don’t share these, especially at mid-point in a series, especially if you are not feeling that you can hold space, is because you need someone to be the bridge. The bridge that helps a new person to cross. If you feel confident that you can help someone else, that you can teach these in classes, if you feel connected to the Masters enough that you feel you can hold space and you can be that bridge, by all means, invite others.

If you do feel that you want to share something that you have received, but it’s a workshop and its best if they come and take it directly, then encourage them to come and take it directly and tell them that we are happy to hear from them, even if money is an issue. Right now is not the time for us to want to worry about how much money.

If you are in a position to really trust that the Masters are watching over you and your Angels and Guides will provide for you, then you won’t even make money the issue. You won’t allow obstacles to get in your way, you change your priorities, you change your mind set.

And now is the time for us to change our mind set. It is the hour.

So, these natural disasters are a way for Mother Earth to fully clear herself. And She has also come up with a way that she will create a bubble, a boundary, so that once she has cleared her meridians, once she has cleared her 5 Body System, once she has cleared her Chakra System, she will place a bubble of protection around this 5th Dimensional Octave.

The result of this is that a small minority of the population of Earth will be living 5th Dimensionally and this bubble will create its own centrifugal energy where it will vacuum to itself, it will pull to itself, it will magnetize to itself, people of like mind. And it will expose itself to higher Light, higher energies, peace and harmony.

You will still have an awareness of living in the 3rd Dimension but you will benefit from the qualities available in the 5th Dimensional Octave. Your thoughts and ideas will manifest more quickly and you will live life surrounded by peace, harmony, love and compassion, in the company of other loving beings, the Masters, Angels and Elementals.  We will gain a better understanding of this reality as we move into it and experience what we are co-creating together.

When every human being that is in this bubble is aware of the presence of the Masters, what is going to happen? The Masters are going to be among us, they are going to walk among us, they are going to teach among us, they are going to work with us.

Now is the time to help Earth. Now is the time to help ourselves.

Thank you Metatron for this message, So it is.


Thank you, Jim! I was present “live” when this message was delivered. It is just as profound reading it (which I just did). You did a tremendous job channeling Archangel Metatron, even if that wasn’t your awareness in the moment. Congratulations! I’m sure that Metatron is elated to have another channel. :-)

Love, Christine

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