September 2009

Hello everyone.

We are releasing the newsletter early this month because Master Jesus has asked us to perform this meditation every day.

The energies of the month of August with its plethora of important Portal Days will continue to pour down until they come to a point of culmination at Fall Equinox.

This Newsletter contains a discourse by Master Jesus talking at length about the important energies coming to Earth during this time. He then gives us a magnificent Grid of Light which engulfs us in his Golden Pink Light of Divine Love and gives a guided meditation, calling the Cohans of the Seven Rays, the Seven Lords of Light, the Maha Cohan of the Seven Rays and the Maha Lord of Light to come forth and bathe us in their Light, allowing us to be the embodiment of that Light on Earth. To listen to an audio of this meditation with Master Jesus on the 08-08-2009 Gateway Portal channeling click here.

Please remember, the Heavenly Realms are open to you from now through end of September. Prayers, mediations, invocations and ceremonies at this time are greatly beneficial for you,  your loved ones and for Earth.

The Portal Days ahead of us are August 27, September 9 and Fall Equinox from 9/19th to the 22nd.

To register for the  Gateway Portal Day Group Channeling event on 9/9, click here.

Happy Fall Equinox.

In Love and Light,


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Golden Pink Light of Divine Love Grid Formation

With Master Jesus,

Invocation given before August 8, 2009 Group Channeling

Pink Light of Divine Lovefor larger image click here.

Visualize Master Jesus, Jeshua Ben Joseph standing in front of you. He is beaming Golden Pink Light from his Cosmic/Personal Heart to your Cosmic Heart and Personal Heart. Breathe into this Light.

As you breath into the Golden Pink Light that is pouring into your heart from Master Jesus, let the Light expand to fill your entire Physical Body. Breathe and bathe. Master Jesus came 2000 years ago to anchor the Pink Light of Divine Love. At that point only the Pink Light was needed to anchor Divine Love. Today, he has added Gold to the Pink. The Gold Light which carries the ability to elevate the vibration of all that it comes into contact with and to also transmute all lower vibrational energies. The Pink and the Gold Light together become a formidable force in anchoring Divine Love here and now.

Now as you continue to visualize, let the Golden Pink Light expand into your Etheric Body. Your Etheric Body is the first energy body outside of your Physical Body and extends 10 to 12 inches beyond the Physical Body. Breath and Bathe as the Light fills every iota of your Etheric Body.

Now, let the Light expand further to fill your Emotional Body. The Emotional Body extends another 10 to 12 inches beyond your Etheric Body. The Golden Pink Light of Divine Love now completely fills your Emotional Body, your Etheric Body and your Physical Body.

Now, let the Light expand to fill your Mental Body. Breathe and bathe the Golden Pink Light.

Let the Light expand further to encompass the Spiritual Body. Feel the Golden Pink Light fill your entire Five Body system and feel this energy. Bathe in the Divine Love pouring forth from Master Jesus.

We now call on our beloved Divine Mother to send her Copper Gold Light to form a Sphere of Copper Gold around our Five Body System which holds the Golden Pink Light.

We now call on the Angelic Forces of the Violet Ray and Violet Flame to come forth. We also call on Lady Quan Yin and Master St. Germain as the keepers of the Violet Ray and Violet Flame to come forth. The Forces of Violet Ray and Flame will stand in a circle, shoulder to shoulder, one female next to one male. Together they send their Violet colored Light to form a Sphere around the Copper Gold Sphere of Divine Mother. Breath and bathe.

Now we call forth the Presence of the Great Silent Watcher to send from her heart the Turquoise Bubble of Light. The qualities of the Turquoise Light are to raise the vibration and clear lower vibrational frequencies from whatever it encounters. The Turquoise Light forms the final Sphere around us sealing all the Spheres and our 5 Body System engulfed in the Golden Pink Light of Divine Love.

Grid of Light with the Cohans of the Seven Rays, the Lords of Light,

the Maha Cohan

and the Maha Lord of Light

Jeshua Ben Joseph, Channeled on August 8, 2009

Adonai, my beloveds, I am Jeshua Ben Joseph.

I promised back in January that this would be an important year and if you look back at the past 7 months, you will see that so much has happened and you have grown so much in the process of “becoming” there is so much Light that you have absorbed and shined on others.

The Importance of the month of August

I ask you to be vigilant, especially in the next 9 days, staring today and going 9 days, until we reach to August 18th when the energies will come to a crescendo. Remember that August 12th is the moment allocated; the day allocated to the energies of Christ Maitreya. Christ Maitreya came to anchor the energies of awakening, awakening the multitudes and the masses. That awakening is happening. Like popping corn, those who have remained asleep are now popping awake and that means the generations of Light workers such as yourselves now have a greater responsibility; to take the hands of these newly awakened souls and show them the way to Light.

The 16th of August is Harmonic Convergence, another very important day of energy, offering, prayer, meditation and ceremony. The 18th of August is a day where all the Portals of Light are open, pouring down energies.

Beyond that, the 22nd of August is a Portal Day for Mastery. That then brings a cycle of 6 days to bring us to August 27th. If you look back in the past years you will see that around the 27th of August, there have been important events happening. Earthquakes, tsunamis, volcanoes, floods and other natural disasters and some manmade disasters have been experienced on these days.While we are not looking forward to disasters, the outcome of floods, Earthquakes and volcanic eruptions is that the Earth clears and cleanses herself.

You know that the month of August was preceded in July with solar and lunar eclipses and solar flares. All of that was a prelude to the energies that are pouring down in the month of August. All that was to pave the pathway for the energies that happen in August and beyond August. I do look forward to Fall Equinox, which happens around September 19, 20 and 21, depending on your geographic location, the moment that the sun goes into the equator. I want to bring that day to your attention. Even though you will gather together again on 9/9/09, I do want to bring to your attention that Fall Equinox is a very important point where all these energies that are anchored in the course of the month of August will come to a point of being fully anchored and move to a plateau. We will then try to maintain that plateau from September Equinox to December Solstice, just before the celebrating of the holiday season but more importantly, when the depth of the darkness of the Light, the longest of the night, gives way to the brightest of days.

This December is going to be another landmark point. Where wonderful events will take place. Wonderful events in the anchoring of Light. The Lords of Light are pouring their power, their might, their Light, their love, their joy, and their illumination upon Earth. This is an event that has not been available to Earth for over 12; 13; 14,000 years and it is so wonderful that you have the opportunity to be physically incarnate on Earth and awakened. Imagine if, with all the efforts that it takes to take a human incarnation, you were here and you were not awakened.

The beauty of it is that you are all the antennas, the transmitting antennas for the Lords of Light. You are a receiving and transmitting stations; you are broadcasting stations. You receive the Light from the Lords of Light because you are awakened to their presence and because you have gathered together and offered yourself. Today, I will lead you to a guided meditation to invoke the Lords of Light and to; all of us together, offer ourselves in service to their Light and to the anchoring of the Energies of Light.

The Seven Rays

Before there were the 7 Rays, there were the 7 Lights. The 7 Lights are the higher aspect of the 7 Rays.

The reason why the 7 Rays are still here and the 7 Lights receded is because Earth was plunged into the depth of duality; so much so, that the Lights began to become dim. And because Light, Pure Light, cannot, may not, will not become dim, the Lords of Light pulled away the 7 Lights and we were left on Earth with the 7 Rays.

Let us together, offer a blessing and a prayer of gratitude to the Master Cohan’s of the 7 Rays and the Maha Cohan, the one who stands in supervisory role to offer all the 7 Rays and the 7 Cohans, the Masters of the 7 Rays. But what a joy it is to each of the Master Cohans and the Maha Cohan that they can now call to the highest aspects of the Light that they carry. It is as if Legions of Angelic Forces of Light are returning to Earth and the Celestial Realms, the 7 Heavens have opened up, so the Celestial Guardians are also available to us. That in itself is a feat of attainment. Take a deep breath with me.

I call upon the presence of Master El Moyra, the Lord of the First Ray. Visualize El Moyra coming forth and pouring the Aquamarine Blue Light of the Divine Will of God upon you. Breathe and bathe in the Aquamarine Blue Light.

I call upon Master Lord Lanto, the Cohan of the Second Ray for this present moment of Earth’s evolution and Master Kuthoomi, who was the Cohan of the Second Ray, the Ray of the Divine Wisdom of God.

Master Kuthumi and Master Jesus, my own essence, together moved up in the Hierarchy to become the joint holders of the office of the World Teacher, allowing Christ Maitreya, who then held the office of the World Teacher, to come to Earth to take a physical human incarnation. Master Kuthumi’s office, the office of the Second Ray, was filled by Lord Lanto. I ask you to visualize Lord Lanto beaming the Yellow Light of Wisdom to you. Breathe and bathe.

I call upon Master Paul, the Venetian, the Master of the Third Ray, who holds the energies of Divine Love. He carries the Ray of Pink, the Love of God, the Divine Love. Breathe and bathe as Pull begins to emanate the Ray of Divine Love to you.

Visualize as I call Master Serapis Bey, the Cohan of the Fourth Ray. Serapis Bey comes with pomp and circumstance. Serapis Bey is the Patron of the Flame of Ascension on Earth. He comes with Pure White Light. He stands, beaming the Pure White Light to you.

I call upon Master Hilarion, the Master of the Fifth Ray. Master Hilarion, the Cohan of Truth, Hope, Healing, the qualities of the Fifth Ray. He comes and stands in front of you and offers you the Emerald Green Ray of Truth, Hope and Healing.

I call upon Lady Nada, the Cohan of the Sixth Ray, the one and only Lady Master who has taken the office of the Sixth Ray from Jesus. Lady Nada comes forth and begins to beam Maroon Red Light, interspersed with Gold. Lady Nada offers universal brotherhood and sisterhood of service. This is why your own brother Jeshua came on the Sixth Ray. Because this Ray is about serving others. When I came to Earth to offer the energies of Divine Love and to anchor those energies, I used that lifetime as my service to humankind and for anchoring the energies of Divine Love on Earth and today Lady Nada stands in that position.

In many lifetimes Lady Nada came and held the position of serving others when she took physical human incarnation. In one of the incarnations she watched her brothers and sisters, all high level initiates of Light. As souls, together with Nada, they made contracts to serve and then she watched them after she was born and saw that they forgot they forgot that they had come to serve; they became immersed in this world and in the joy of living in this world and in the pain of living life in this world.

Lady Nada swore an oath that she will stand by humankind for as long as necessary and serve them in ways so that they will remember their own Soul Lineage and their own Divine Mission. Whenever you feel you have a mission, that you have a project, a plan, Divine or mundane, that you wish to accomplish to the best of your ability, above and beyond expectation and limitation, call upon Lady Nada for it is her oath to serve all those who wish to become the embodiment of their Divine Mission. She will stand by your side; focus her attention and her power and her energies of the Sixth Ray, the Ray of Service to pave your path to enable you to accomplish your task. Remember Lady Nada. Breathe and bathe the Golden Red Light emanating from Lady Nada.

Last but not least is our own St. Germain, the Patron of the Seventh Ray, the Violet Ray and Violet Flame of transmutation, Order and Organization.

The Seven Lords of Light and the Seven Lights

Now, alongside of these Masters, I call upon the Seven Lords of Light.

For those of you who have never encountered them, you are in for a treat. For those of you who have, open your hearts and be ready to be elevated to the next level of absorbing and transmuting Light.

Breathe and bathe as I call upon the energies of the First Lord of Light and the First Light. As this being appears, all you see is bright illuminations of Greens and Blues. Blue from Light Blue to Baby Blue to Aquamarine Blue to Cobalt Blue and to Midnight Blue, the color of the sky at night. Then that Midnight Blue gives way to the Greens where you begin with Dark Jade Green, move to Light Jade Green to Light Emerald Green to Citron Green, almost yellow, the color of the inside of a romaine lettuce leaf. These colors are the emanations of the First Lord of Light. The First Lord of Light holds that energy. Breathe and bathe in that energy.

I will stand by your side as you greet these beings. These Lights will release you of pain and dross. These Lights will illuminate your body and bring you healing. These Lights will accelerate and quicken you on your path to greater evolution.

Now I invite the presence of the Second Lord of Light and the Second Light. When this being appears, you begin to see the silhouette of his Light as a Peach Pink Light and gradually, as he settles down in the energy field of Earth, the Peach Pink Light begins to pale and become a Bright Yellow Light. Breathe and bathe that Bright Yellow Light which brings you joy, clears all your pain, removes all your fears, clears, cleanses and releases all lower vibrations and replaces them with energies of joy, happiness, harmony and peace. Breathe and bathe.

Now visualize the Third Lord of Light and the Third Light approaching. The moment this Lord appears, you see Bright, Bright Red Light. Life Force is emanating from this being. Breathe and bathe in that Red Light of passion and action.

I now call forth the presence of the Fourth Lord of Light. When this Lord appears, the surface of your vision turns in to an Aquamarine Blue Light, like the ocean as it washes on shore upon pink coral sand. That Turquoise Aquamarine Blue Light is the emanations of the Fourth Lord of Light. This is the higher essence of the God-Source Light. Every being who has found and realized the true God within, emanates to this Aquamarine Blue Light. The vibration of this Aquamarine Blue Light can bring you back to the Perfection of the Original Intent. The Divine Plan as God intended it for each of you and for Earth, emanates within this Aquamarine Blue Light. Breathe and bathe.

I call forth the presence of the Fifth Lord of Light and the Fifth Light. As the Fifth Lord settles in that Emerald Green Light, bathe in it and feel the healing. The Fifth Lord of Light and Emerald Green Light embodies healing to perfection.

This is why emeralds are so healing. They are healing gems. They raise your vibrational frequency to heal your body. Lower vibrational frequencies keep you in pain, physical pain. Higher vibrational frequencies remove this pain from your body. This is why wearing emeralds can help your aches and pains. On these days where a lot of energy is pouring down, wear some emeralds. They don’t have to be expensive cut gem quality, the semi-precious; rock quality can be purchased for as little as buying a piece of crystal. Look out for it because you can find it and it does have healing qualities. Of course the clearer the stone, the higher the vibration. But it is in the capacity of emerald, even the rock quality, to bring healing when it touches your skin, when you carry it in your auric field or even in your pocket, on your night stand, or under your pillow.

Now failing that, there is no reason why you can’t call on the Fifth Lord of Light and Master Hilarion, the Lord of the Fifth Ray and keep asking them to pour their Emerald Green Light of Healing upon you.

Some of the Rays do correspond with the Lights and the Masters of those Rays carry the Light and begin to illuminate you upon asking. You can ask the Lord of Light with the corresponding Master of the Ray. The 5th Ray and the 5th Light are similar, they are both Emerald Green, one is a refined version of the other. The 5th Light is a much more refined energy.

The 3rd Ray and the 3rd Light are different in that the 3rd Ray is Pink and the 3rd Light is Red. The 4th Ray and the 4th Light are different in that the 4th Ray is White and the 4th Light is Aquamarine Blue. The 5th Ray and Light are the same.

Now I call the Sixth Lord and the Sixth Light. Your surface of vision will become bombarded with Bright Orange, Red, Yellow and Pink energies and it ultimately settles in a Bright Orange Light. Lady Nada carries a deep Red with Gold and the 6th Lord of Light carries Bright Orange. In essence you can say if you dissect that Bright Orange and bring it into greater duality, Orange is made of Yellow and Red. So, the Yellow is for the Gold and the Red is for the Life Force and those two mixed together make a Bright Orange. In that sense, you can say the 6th Ray and the 6th Light are similar. But I want you to feel the energy of the 6th Light and feel how much more refined the 6th Light is. Breathe and bathe in the Bright Orange Light.

Finally I call upon the Seventh Light and the Seventh Lord of Light and once again, similar to the Violet Ray and Violet Flame, you will be faced with a Bright Purple Light, yet it is much more refined in energy vibration than the 7th Ray.

This is the higher self or higher aspect of the 7th Ray. Whereas the 7th Ray is fundamentally working on transmutational properties and setting aside the fact that it is the Ray of Organization and Ceremonial Order, the 7th Light is all about Ceremonial Order and Organization. It is the order and organization that brings you back to the Perfection of the Original Intent. That Perfection of the Original Intent entered into duality and lost its perfection. So, what remains of the 7th Light has come to be the 7th Ray and its transmutational qualities have taken over. Why? Because we first have to clear the dross to be able to see the Light. It’s like a diamond in the rough, a diamond that has been dipped in tar; you have to remove the tar to see that in the core of the bundle of tar there is a diamond shining. Breathe and bathe as you receive the Bright Purple Light from the 7th Lord of Light.

Now, I invite the Maha Lord of Light and I invite the Maha Cohan of all the Rays and I want you to visualize yourself standing in a triangle with the Maha Lord of Light in front of you and to the left and the Maha Cohan of the 7 Rays in front of you and to the right. The Maha Lord of Light is emanating Aquamarine Blue Platinum Light and the Maha Cohan is emanating a Bright Yellow Gold Light.

Breath and bathe simultaneously in these two Lights, for within these two Lights are contained all 7 Rays and all 7 Lights. If you do nothing in the course of the next 9 days but simply visualize yourself at all times standing with the Maha Lord of Light beaming Aquamarine Blue Platinum Light to you and the Maha Cohan of the 7 Rays beaming Golden Yellow Light to you, you have done great service.

You have done a great service for the bringing forth and the anchoring the energies of the 7 Lights and the communion between the 7 Lights and the 7 Rays and a great service by being overlighted by the Maha Lord of Light and Maha Cohan of the 7 Rays. Right now, as you listen to my voice and you bathe in the Aquamarine Blue Platinum Light mixed with the Golden Yellow Light, you are absorbing, digesting, processing, becoming the embodiment of the 7 Rays and the 7 Lights, anchoring those on Earth, impacting the 5 Elements and changing the environment around you. Everyone you touch, everywhere you go, everything that is exposed to you can raise in its vibration and be touched through you by the 7 Rays and the 7 Lights and the Guardians of the 7 Rays and the 7 Lights. The encapsulation of the energies that are emanating from the Maha Cohan and the Maha Lord of Light covers the entire spectrum of the Light with which all this creation is manifest, all creation has come to form because of the 7 Lights and the 7 Rays. The Maha Cohan and the Maha Lord of Light are the ultimate Guardians. Imagine standing shoulder to shoulder with these two beings and the 14 beings who hold the 7 Rays and the 7Lights. They all stand in your service.

I ask you for a period of 9 days to constantly visualize that you are being overlighted by the Maha Cohan and the Maha Lord of Light, morning noon and night and in between. Let us together say,

“I offer each day, I offer each breath, I offer each moment of life in service to the Light and I offer it through the intercession of the Maha Cohan of the 7 Rays, the Maha Lord of Light. I ask this in the name of Jeshua Ben Joseph, Jesus Christ. So it is, it is done. Amen.”

I hold you in my own heart and bless you with all of my love. Remember to overlight yourself and your 5 Body System on a daily basis by placing Jeshua in front of you and seeing that the Golden Pink Light is emanating to you. Then you will be overlighted with the Golden Pink Light of Divine Love at all times while you are emanating the 7 Rays and the 7 Lights.

Do this in the form of a ceremony on the 12th, 16th, 18th, 22nd and 27th and also on Fall Equinox and Winter Solstice, in this way we carry it for the next 5 months.

Call upon Jeshua whenever you feel the need and let me bathe you in the Golden Pink Light of Divine Love and you will immediately feel better. Call upon your Guardian Angels to remind you to call upon Jeshua when you are out of sorts. Make blanket permission for your Guardian Angels to call upon Jeshua and the Golden Pink Light of Divine Love to surround you and absorb within you and to transmit through you to others. Whenever you want to heal someone, whenever you want to pick up someone’s spirit, whenever you want to uplift persons, places and things, even this world, bathe them in the Golden Pink Light.

I bathe you in that Light and bathe you in that love.

I am your brother Jeshua Ben Joseph, so it is.

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from: dan halvorson
subject: gratitude for the spiritual channeling and group energy

I listened with my eyes closed enjoying the positive energy from your navariti time period guidance. I have been studying as best I can at the computer lab. The help you gave me is really appreciated.

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