November 2009

Dear friends,

It is a great joy to begin the month of November as it marks the entry into a new Spiritual Year. The Masters speak of the importance the next few months of this new spiritual year until we reach spring Equinox of 2009 and the levels of Glory that it brings to us who have awakened and are in the service of the Light. Metatron gave us an amazing account of what we have accomplished together in the course of the last two years. He explained that together with the Masters, we have taken enormous strides to move our world out of the dross and into the joy of life Fifth Dimensionally. We can now experience this unprecedented event and be the pioneers who blaze forth into the new world where the speedy manifestation of our visions and dreams is the norm and not the exception.

In two 2 hour discourses given on 22nd and 23rd of October, at Women Of Wisdom Center in N. Easton MA, Metatron explained this amazing phenomena in detail and with great eloquence.  The audio download of these two events, Gifts from the Elohim and Divine Mother,  are available for purchase for a total of $59.00. To read more and to register for Gifts from the Elohim and Divine Mother click here.

The first of the Return of the Lords of Light Group channeling event followed on the 25th. On that occasion Metatron further elaborated on the event of our own Master Jesus becoming the new Hierarch of the Throne of Ellah at the 55th Dimension of Reality. Another amazing event is the installment of our Lord Melchizedek upon the throne of Undifferentiated Source. Metatron explained that we were all instrumental in bringing these events forth and therefore deserved to participate with the Masters in the ceremony for the celebration of these two events. We therefore started the Return of The Lords of Light series of five channelings with the above ceremony and description of events. You may join us at any point and be instrumental in further anchoring of the energies as they unfold and witness these  amazing events. To read more  about the Lords of Light Group Sessions and to register click here. You will be able to catch up with us by listening to the first of the series and joining us on live conference calls, Sundays at 3pm or by listening to the audio files at your leisure whenever it suits you. You will be a member of our group and your energy and Light will add strength and valor to ours, in whatever way you choose to participate.

For all of the reasons explained above, I am thrilled to bring you this discourse from our Beloved Jeshua Ben Joseph, our own Master Jesus. Master Jesus offers us a great gift. He gives us a powerful Grid to hold us in his Light to assist us in reaching and maintaining our High Quotient of Light as we strive to embody and hold 5th Dimensional energies in our 3rd Dimensional bodies.

The great portal days for this month are 11/11 (to join for the free Gateway Portal Public Group Channelling event, register by Clicking here), 11/22, Thanksgiving day 11/27 and 11/29.

The Masters explain that during this Spiritual year, which extends to November 2010, we will be blessed with the energies of Master Thoth as well as Goddess Isis and Osiris. The Sirian energies will continue to pour down upon us and bless us with further acceleration on the path to Light.

Remember, therefore, to call upon Isis, Osiris and Thoth at all times. They are ever more powerful and present to guide, direct and assist us in all ways.

On behalf of the Masters and all of us at Waves of Bliss I give thanks for your Light and your presence in our lives, your service to the Light and wish you all a happy Thanksgiving weekend and a fruitful spiritual year.

In peace and joy,


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Master Jesus’ Grid of Light to Heal and Accelerate us into the Fifth Dimension

Visualize Master Jesus standing in front of you as we begin.

Adonai, beloveds. I am Jeshua Ben Joseph.

I stand before you humbly requesting that you offer your prayers of healing for Earth and all humankind. I offer you a grid of Light. I request that you repeat this grid of Light for nine consecutive days. If you miss a day, just add another day to the end. The important element is that you repeat this exercise nine times. Nine is the number for completion and in this case it is sufficient. This does not need to stop you from doing it for a longer period of time and offering the impact for the multitudes and masses for all souls, for all countries, all continents, for the whole globe. We are moving through important times. Do not look upon the natural disasters nor even the manmade disasters as destructive events (we had just experienced a tsunami which caused earthquakes, cyclones, typhoons and flooding in the Far East and India at the time of this channeling on 10/10 portal day).

Look upon them as ways for Earth to shed her dross, a way for countries and continents to shed their dross, a way for individuals to purge and relieve themselves of their dross. We will all come out of these events stronger and more determined to do good; to stand upholding the Supreme Truth; to be open to receive the greater force of Divine Mother; to make room in our hearts, our minds, and our souls for the presence of the Divine Feminine, that creative energy which we have forgotten for a few eons of time.

The male dominated world of rational thinking and logical behavior, even from a scientific point of view, is now being shaken by its foundation. Quantum Theory is replacing the theory of relativity. In Quantum Theory all parts interact and influence the whole and the whole is made of all parts. Every quantum particle has autonomy and does more than one thing at any given time.  Time and space are losing their grip on you because you are moving from the noose and shackle of lower Third Dimensional frequencies to the heightened frequencies of the Higher Third Dimension and even further to the fourth and fifth dimension. You all are capable of reaching those vibrational frequencies. This Grid of Light which I offer you will help you ease into higher vibrational frequencies faster. This Grid of Light enables you to illuminate specific spots within your own personal matrix, also called your individual personal Grid of Light.

Around the body of each individual human being there is a matrix, or a grid, made of sacred geometric shapes. The meeting points of the sacred geometries, the crossing points of varies geometric shapes, that create your matrix, are important junctures for energy storage and exchange, similar to the way that meridian points act in your bodies. Once illuminated, these crossing points, these junctures, these highways, can then become illuminated. When the crossing point itself is illuminated on the matrix around your body, it paves the path for the illumination of the entire matrix. When the sacred geometries are fully formed and filled with Light around your body, you become a fully illuminated Light-Being and that is the ultimate goal.

The ultimate goal of all your incarnations through the wheel of birth and death is to reach a point where you stop carrying the dross which causes the cobwebs to grow around your matrix and to dim its Light. When you shed the cobwebs, when you release the cloud around your matrix, you become fully illuminated. As a fully illuminated being of Light you then shine your Light upon the world and allow the world to know that you are an illuminated being. The world that will know and recognize you, is made up of beings greater than yourself.  When you are illuminated, you join the entourage of those beings and you leave the chaotic world of fear, pain, conflict and confusion. Even if pain and conflict continues around you, it will not harm you. It will leave you untouched because your vibrational frequency is beyond that of conflict. It is like standing in the eye of the storm and watching the storm take its toll all around you but leaving you untouched.

Better still it is like standing in the eye of a storm and influencing the whirlwind of the storm to quiet it down. That is the influence which the saints and spiritually evolved initiates and Masters have on the Five Elements on Earth and on all souls. You too can have that influence on the Five Elements, on Earth and all souls. In fact, I dare say that you all have had various experiences that have made it amply clear to you that you can influence the environment around you. You can positively influence the behavior of people around you. You can positively influence people, places and things; you can calm people, places and things. You can bring conflictive situations to a place of peace and harmony. You have these powers.

2000 years ago I came to Earth to anchor energies of Divine Love. I did this through the Pink Light of Divine Love. In the course of the last 2000 years, energies of Earth have come to a point where we need to call upon the Transmutational Forces of Gold to join the Pink Light of Divine Love. The energies of Divine Love for today’s environment of Earth consist of Golden-Pink Light.

Instructions for setting the Gird of Light

Visualize that Golden-Pink Light is illuminated to you from the body of Jeshua standing before you. Focus your energy in visualizing the Third Eye and see that from the space of Jeshua’s Third Eye a beam of Golden-Pink Light is illuminated to your own Third Eye. You may have a sensation of tingling, itchiness, heat or coolness. It may begin now and continue or it may begin at a later point in time. That sensation will help to spread the Golden-Pink Light into your Third Eye and expand your Third Eye. In the center of a circle a size of a ping pong ball, visualize a flame, a Golden-Pink Flame. This Flame is illuminated in your Third Eye and will continue to flicker from this point on throughout this entire lifetime. It is a sign of my connection with you.

Visualize from the space of Jeshua’s Throat, a ball of Cobalt-Blue Light at the center of which the same Golden-Pink Light is illuminated. This Cobalt-Blue with a Golden-Pink center is beaming Light from Jeshua’s Throat to your own Throat. Visualize the same ball fully illuminated over your Throat Chakra. The Cobalt-Blue is being absorbed into your Throat and the Golden-Pink is now fully illuminated at the center of your Throat.

From the space of Jeshua’s Cosmic Heart, an intense beam of Golden-Pink Light is illuminated to your own Cosmic Heart. A Golden-Pink ball of Light, the size of a large grapefruit is now fully illuminated in your Cosmic Heart.

From the space of Jeshua’s Personal Heart a similar Golden-Pink ball of Light is illuminated beaming Light to your own Personal Heart. These two Golden-Pink balls from the Cosmic Heart and the Personal Heart overlap so that the edge of one ball crosses over the center of the other and vice versa. This shape that is created from the overlapping of the two balls of Light, to form two overlapping circles is called a vesica pisces. The space where the two merge looks like an eye. The part where the two circles have overlapped is now pulsating with Golden-Pink Light. Breathe and bathe in these energies.

Focus on the space of Jeshua’s Solar Plexus, Seat of the Soul, Sacral Plexus and Root Chakra, the four chakras below the Personal Heart. Visualize an intense beam of light emanating from Jeshua’s solar plexus, creating a Ball of Light in your Solar Plexus. The size of the Ball begins expanding to encompass the Seat of the Soul, Solar Plexus, Sacral Plexus and Root Chakra in the color of Golden-Pink mixed with bright Orange. Breathe and bathe in this light as it continues to expand.

All four of your lower chakras are held within a Sphere of Golden Orange Pink Light that is now overlapping outside of your body. Visualize it as a pumpkin sized ball of Golden-Pink and Orange Light illuminated from Jeshua’s Seat of the Soul, Solar Plexus, Sacral Plexus, Root Chakra to your Seat of the Soul, Solar Plexus, Sacral Plexus and Root Chakra. Breathe and bathe.

We now have created an enormous ball of Light that connects my auric field with yours and my four lower chakras with your four lower chakras. This is important, as in this way I will over-light your body. In the process of over-lighting, I will directly influence the matrix that shall be illuminated around your body, especially in the lower chakras. Why is it important that I over-light the lower chakras more so than the higher ones? Because your higher chakras are connected through your Golden-Silver Cord to the higher thrones already. All of you are highly illumined initiates. All of you are Masters in your own divine right. You all belong to highly illumined Soul Lineages of Light. Your higher chakras are directly connected to the thrones, to members of your soul lineage, to the Pillar of Light, to the heavens above. You are connected to the deities who reside upon your councils and guide your every move. It is your connection to the mundane, especially at the times when the Earth is in turmoil, in conflict, at the times when the Earth is releasing her dross, at the time where natural and manmade disasters cause trials and tribulations for Earth and for all souls. Sentient and insentient beings, human, animal, mineral, plant and energies of the Five Elements are all affected.

By over-lighting your Seat of the Soul, Solar Plexus, Sacral Plexus and Root Chakra, I create a shield of Light. I build this shield of Light by connecting from my own energy body to your own energy body. In this way I protect you from being affected by events and circumstances that lower your light.

Apply this Grid of Light daily with complete conviction and determination for nine consecutive days and natural disasters, manmade disasters, intense emotions, intense mental processes, conflicts, chaos, turmoil and tribulations will leave you unharmed. You will notice that your emotions stay strong, your mind stays focused, your foresight and inner guidance will become stronger and continue to guide you; your connection to the higher realms becomes stronger and the higher essence of your own soul and your soul lineage of Light remains intact and continues to direct you seamlessly.

During the events of conflict in the form of natural or manmade disasters it is easy to lose your connection to your Higher Light, your Guides, the Masters and to your Soul Lineage Members. Your Antahkarana or Golden Silver Cord becomes contaminated. Why? Because Earth is causing you turmoil. Earth’s pain, fears and conflict causes a ripple in the time-space continuum. That ripple can sever your connection to the Higher Realms. That is when you become confused, you become depressed.

One of the greatest causes of depression in high level initiates such as yourselves is when your Antahkarana Cord becomes contaminated and your connection with your Council Members, your I Am Presence, the Thrones above, your Celestial Guardians, the Seven Heavens, the Realms of the Elohim, Realms of the Lords of Light, the Hierarchies with the Thrones of Divine Mother becomes severed.

To you, that will feel worse than losing friends and family members on this Earth because your true friends and closest family are members of your own Soul Lineage of Light and the Hierarchy of the Thrones, the Light from the Thrones is your sustenance. There is no turning back from it. As high level initiates and seekers, you have reached the Quotient of Light to be connected to and sustained by those beings who reside upon these Thrones, your Guardian Angels, your Celestial Guardians, the Guardians of the Flame of Eternal Life, the Flame of Ascension, the Flame of God-Unity. When that energy is severed, you feel the impact. It feels as if you have no will to live. It feels as if your most precious loved ones have been taken away from you. It feels as if the wind has been knocked out of your chest. It feels as if your heart is heavy. By over-lighting your lower chakras I keep you from being contaminated. Take a deep breath and I will give you a summary of this grid.

The Meditational exercise in its entirety

Visualize your Seat of the Soul, your Solar Plexus, Sacral Plexus, Root Chakra fully imbued to the point where you see an enormous pumpkin sizes ball of Light around these four lower chakras, in the color of Golden-Pink and Orange. Energies from Jeshua’s own four lower chakras and the energies of your four lower chakras are united. It is as if you and I have agreed to stand facing one another inside of an enormous sphere of Golden-Pink and Bright Orange Light. This Light is pulsing through you. You are exchanging this Light with Jeshua back and forth, pulsing back and forth. Feel the pulse as I review the energy exchange between my chakras and yours.

Visualize, in the Personal Heart and Cosmic Heart, two balls of Light, each one the size of a large grapefruit exchanging Golden-Pink energy from Cosmic Heart and Personal Heart of Jeshua to your Cosmic Heart and Personal Heart. The two balls of Light merge to create a vesica pisces. The area of overlap between the two balls of Light is also pulsating with very intense Golden-Pink Orange Light. That space is the space between your Cosmic Heart and Personal Heart. Breathe and bathe.

Moving up, focus on the area of the Throat and notice that a large ball of Light in the color of Cobalt-Blue, with the center that is illuminated with Golden-Pink is emanating from Jeshua’s Throat Chakra to your own. It creates a ball of Light in Cobalt-Blue colors which sits directly over your Throat Chakras. Imagine and feel that your Throat begins to absorb the Cobalt-Blue Light. At the very center there is a small sphere that is illuminated with Golden-Pink Light. Moving up, notice that from the Third Eye of Jeshua an intense beam of Golden-Pink Light in the size of a tennis ball illuminates to your Third Eye. Visualize that inside of the ball there is a flame. The flame is the size of the ping pong ball. It is illuminated in Golden-Pink Light.

Now visualize that I call the Pillar of Pure White Light. Inside of the Pillar of Pure White Light you and I stand. The Pillar of Pure White Light will protect us from dispersing our energies or from receiving any external energies that are of lower vibration. Always, when you are feeling out of sorts, call the Pillar of Pure White Light to descend upon you. Invoke the presence of Divine Mother and specifically ask that the Pillar of Pure White Light descends upon you from her Thrones. Always see yourself and Jeshua inside the Pillar of Pure White Light.

Spinning and spiraling upward visualize that, together, we merge into the Pillar of Pure White Light and spin upwards moving through all the thrones from the Throne of I Am That I Am to the Throne of Yahweh, the Throne of God Source, the Throne of Ellah, through the Celestial Realms, through the Realms of the Elohim, through the Realms of Undifferentiated Source and Paramatman, the Lords of Light, the Maha Lord of Light and ultimately through the Thrones of Divine Mother.

Finally see yourself immersed in the Pool of Creation and call upon the ionic matter from the Metatronic Band of Light to bring you health, wholeness, healing, Oneness and keep visualizing that you are pulling that ionic matter to yourself. Particles of ionic matter are absorbed to your body and gather into and around your body, when your body is fully saturated then they sit like a platinum shield on the surface of your skin and you begin shining platinum Light from the top of your head to the bottom of your feet.

Make a point of coming to the Divine Mother at the Throne of Absolute. Ask permission from Divine Mother. Request that she takes you to the Pool of Creation. Whenever you feel sad, whenever you feel sick, whenever you feel sorrowful, whenever you feel out of sorts, whenever things are not going your way and even when things are going your way, bring all your meditations to the Pool of Creation. Bring all your loved ones to the Pool of Creation. Bring all your intentions to the Pool of Creation. Bring all that you need to release, all that no longer serves you to the Pool of Creation. Ask Divine Mother to intercede on your behalf.

You could not go to a source higher than Divine Mother. You could not go to a place greater than the Pool of Creation. You could not feel loved and protected anywhere else within this universe beyond the Pool of Creation. The Pool of Creation is the most healing place for you to be and in this Pool of Creation I shall leave you and bid you farewell. I ask you to vigilantly do this exercise for at least nine consecutive days.

When you awaken in the morning visualize yourself in the Pool of Creation with Jeshua and see all those chakras bathed in the Golden Orange Pink Light. Throughout the day reinforce that visualization. At night redo the meditation, spread the Grid of Light, call upon Divine Mother and ask for her blessing and her grace to make this a permanent fixture, that you will always be protected by Jeshua’s energies.

This is my gift to you. This is my gift of joy and gratitude. Gratitude for what you do. Joy in being able to assist you and to intercede on your behalf, to remove the pain and the dross. There is no need for you to be delayed, distracted or affected by lower vibrational frequencies, by disasters, turmoil and conflicts from Earth and from the Five Elements. You have too much work to do. You are too precious to be distracted and delayed. You are to remain with one pointed focus on spreading your Light and being the broadcasting station for the Higher Light, impacting and influencing the Five Elements, people, places and things with your Light. Your Light is too precious to be distracted, delayed, aborted or interfered with, therefore, this is my gift to you. Whenever you feel out of sorts come back to this Grid of Light. Do it for another nine days. Do it at times when you feel out of sorts, to serve the light , for the greater good of all.

I leave you in the Pool of Creation. I leave you in Mother’s blessing and grace. I hold you in my heart with joy and gratitude.

I am Jeshua Ben Joseph. So it is.


Dear Shohre,

Thank you for participating.

this was a very beautifull instruction for Grid of light and thanks for delivering it so gentlely and profoundly..blessing upon you and your service for mankind.

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