March Special Edition Messages from the Masters Newsletter

Dear Friends,

With March Equinox just around the corner, we thought to send you this special gift from the Divine Mother. Whether you are current parents or future ones, or merely a parent to your own Inner Child, this would be a good time to connect with these energies.

Motherhood is a beautiful experience and a true gift from the Divine. Imagine having the opportunity for your child’s soul to begin his or her Divine Mission even before birth. How wonderful to begin life with your destiny already merged with Light, your soul connected to and instrumental in the return of the Celestial Guardians.

This beautiful Candle Grid was given to a beautiful soul who is awaiting the birth of her firstborn. Goddess Hecate invokes the soul of the child to be present and to connect with the Celestial Guardian who holds the Seed of the Divine Mission for the child. This truly is a gift of all gifts for a mother to be. Goddess Hecate gives this gift to all parents whose children are already born. She says,

 “It is to call the soul essence of all the children who will be instrumental in the destiny of Earth as an illumined planet, Earth as a star and the calling forth of the energies of the Celestial Guardians.”

Let us embrace the beautiful month of March which will take us to spring Equinox. Spring is a time for rebirth. We can all imagine being born again with Goddess Hecate’s gift for all children, including us the grown ones! I wish you all a joyful March with all things new.

In Light,


 A Few Reminders

Please remember that the exact time of March Equinox is Friday, March 20th at 6:44 a.m. (EST).

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Candle Grid for the Return of the Celestial Guardians by Goddess Hecate

Channeled by Nasrin on January 21, 2009


My Child of Light, I am your very own Mother, Hecate.

I give you a candle grid beneficial for the world. I ask for the merging of the destiny of this child with Light and for the return of the Celestial Guardians who walk with this child and who walk with Light. Through the candle grid we invoke the soul of the child to be present and to connect with the Celestial Guardian who holds the Seed of the Divine Mission for this child.

Everyone can offer their service by calling the soul essence of all the children who will be instrumental in the destiny of Earth through this Candle Grid. These children can be instrumental in the destiny of Earth as an illumined planet, Earth as a star and in the calling forth of the energies of the Celestial Guardians to be their guardians.

During the time of Atlantis, before the invasion from races of lower vibration the Lords of Light were our guardians and the Energies of the Seven Lights illuminated Earth. The Seven Lights are the higher self, if you like, or the higher aspect of the Seven Rays. The Seven Rays are the Light condensed in the mundane. The Seven Lights are more cloud like or ethereal and less condensed and much brighter. The Seven Lights are the first level of the fracture that the Pure White Light goes through. Pure White Light goes through many layers of prisms but there are two very distinct, actually there are three, but let us stick to the two for now. The first fracture is when it comes out of the Divine Spark and becomes Pure White Light. That Pure White Light itself is being illuminated. Even though it has come to the surface of existence, Pure White Light is existence in its purest form. Then existence in its purest form starts immersing itself into manifestation and that is the very first level of great fracturing of Pure White Light. At that point Pure White Light first becomes the Maha Light. That is the point where Pure White Light goes into the prism. It has not come out of the prism into the Seven Lights. While it is going through the process of changing, Pure White Light turns into Maha Light. That Maha Light holds the Seed of the Seven Lights within.

When it comes out of the other end of the prism, it becomes the Seven Lights. The Seven Lights are not dense and specific like the Rays. The Rays are focused Light in distinguishable colors such as blue, pink, yellow, green, purple or gold-red.

The Seven Lights are swirls of pearlescent, opalescent light. They hold the seed of all the Rays within. They are Bright Lights. Imagine looking inside of a mother of pearl shell, or an abalone shell. The Seven Lights were guarded by the Seven Lords of Light and the Maha Lord of Light. They were pulled into the density of universe of matter and moved into greater densities. There is a point below which they become further fractured to create the Seven Rays.

At the point of the fracture to the Seven Rays, they are seven specific Lights or seven specific Rays and that is easy for human beings to absorb and digest. In fact, human beings when physically incarnate in this level of reality come on one of those Rays. Either you come on the First Ray, the Will of God, the Second Ray, the Wisdom of God, the Third Ray, the Love of God, the Fourth Ray, the Focus and Concentration, the Fifth Ray, Hope and Truth, the Sixth Ray, Universal Service, the Seventh Ray, Order and Organization. Order and organization becomes the return journey to the lights which becomes the Ray of transmutation. So you gain the order in order to return to the original intent which is the Seven Lights.

There are seven distinct beings known as the seven Masters or the Cohan, who are the Guardians of the Seven Rays. They are the guides for the human beings who are born on these Rays. If you are on the First Ray your Cohan is El-Morya and the Angelic Forces of the First Ray are Archangel Michael and his legions. Archangel Michael guards the First Ray, the Blue Ray of Divine Will.

To translate the Seven Rays into the Seven Lights requires greater Light than has been available to Earth up until now. For the transfer to be successfull you need the presence of the Celestial Guardians.  Gabriel, Samuel, Raphael, Michael, Uriel, Chamuel and Jofiel are the Angelic Forces of the Seven Rays. These are very specific beings that have very defined duties. The Celestial Guardians of the Seven Lights have a wider spectrum and their energies are intertwined with each other. There are five beings in charge of guarding and bringing the Seven Lights to Earth and to humankind.

The Seven Rays are created from the First Light, not from all the Seven Lights. The first of the Seven Lights is the one that gets trickled down to then become the Seven Rays. The other six Lights have other tasks. Their task is not to deal with the mundane. Their task is to deal with the sublime and for the most part in the higher dimension of reality.  Up until now it has been difficult to work with those six Lights because they stay at a higher frequency of Light.

We are now pulling the Seven Lights and the Seven Lords of Lights and the energies of the Maha Lord of Light to ourselves.

Right now I focus on the energies of the Celestial Guardians because the new children born to this planet are to be the Light which shines the energy of the Celestial Guardians back on Earth.

This candle grid is beneficial for these children. We choose one yellow candle. I suggest six, nine or twelve inch Pillar candle depending on how long you wish to burn it. You can burn the candle from before a child is born into and after the birth. You can also burn it for all the children of the New Age. The color of the candle can be from a very light to a very bright yellow even orange.  Generally yellow represents the energy of happiness intermingled with health, peace, harmony and happiness. It is an all-encompassing energy.

If you have health, you have everything. If you are completely healthy that means that your mental, emotional and spiritual body is healthy. It means your thoughts and emotions are healthy; your connection to spirit is established; your environment is healthy; you do not have worries about what to eat next, where the next meal comes from where you sleep or whether you  have rent money, where you work. What you make in salary is going to be enough. Are you working to cover your needs, or because you truly enjoy what you do.

This is what I mean by health. A true healthy body and a true healthy being is not just benefiting from a moment of being agile or active. A true healthy person is one whose body is fully charged with Light and energy, sustenance and peace; the mind is fully charged with health and sustenance and peace; the emotions are fully charged with health and sustenance and peace and the spirit is charged with the same.

Therefore when I say when you have health, you have everything, it really is an all encompassing event. To benefit from that level of health we need to move from having the basic needs met to having the all encompassing effect. The Seven Rays are almost like having the basic needs met. Having the Seven Light and the return of the Celestial Guardians who translate the Seven Lights is much like having that level of health and well beings which takes you beyond basic needs.

The Celestial Guardians were the bridge between the Light and this dimension of reality, between the Light and the five elements, most importantly between the Light and the souls who would be receiving, absorbing, digesting, and transforming this Light to a level where it can be brought to multitudes and masses. As the Light is returning, we are beginning to pull the energy of the Celestial Guardians to take their position as the guardians of this Light. We are able to anchor these energies through a handful of chosen souls. These are souls who know this Light, remember the presence of the Celestial Guardians and have made a contract to work with them.

Candle Grid  for the Return of the Celestial Guardians

Take a yellow poster board and draw with either red or gold a circle that would be larger than your candle. If your candle is three inch in diameter, make your circle five inches. Leave a couple of inches of space between the candle and the circle; the larger the candle, the wider the circle. If your candle is five inches in diameter, your circle should be three or four inches beyond that.

Before you put the candle in the center of the circle write, “Celestial Guardian Angels” at the center. Sprinkle some cinnamon on top of that. Through the cinnamon the energy of the Guardians is absorbed to the grid and to the candle.

Now place the yellow candle on top. If you have a gold coin or a piece of gold, put it on top of the cinnamon under the yellow candle. The gold transmutes dross and removes all obstacles. If you do not have a gold coin, then a piece of gold chain or jewelry will suffice. If the gold is too bulky put some extra cinnamon and then place this piece of gold on top of it.

To charge the candle hold it up and say, 

“In the name of Divine Mother, I call forth the Seven Lords of Light and the Maha Lord of Light to imbue this candle with the Seven Lights and the Maha Light. I call forth the Celestial Guardians to come forth and guard this Light by imbuing their energies into this candle. I ask the Divine Mother to imbue this candle with the energy of the Seed of Life which enables the return of the Seven Lords of Light and the Maha Lords of Light, the Seven Lights and the Maha Light and the guardianship of the Celestial Guardians. I offer to hold this Seed in my own heart and become the embodiment of the Pure and Innocent Female Child that will become the Light and hold the energy of the Seed within my own heart. I hold the Seed in my own heart and I ask that the child in my womb (or all the children of the world) be over-lighted by the energies of the Seed and I offer myself to carry the Seed, physically, in the form of my baby and symbolically in the form of the Seed that is placed in my heart by the Divine Mother.”  

Put the candle down and add some cinnamon around the edges so that the energy is pulled into the candle.  Now the energy congregates into the candle and around. The entire grid is illuminated. This candle is also for the health and wholeness of your own body and the baby’s body. This is the intention and the guardianship of the Celestial Guardians upon you and the baby.

When you light the candle you can say this intention. Print it out to make it more potent. You may put it in your own words. But for the first time say the words as I have given them to you.

Visualize yourself at the Throne of Absolute standing before the Divine Mother and asking for the Seed of the Pure and Innocent Female Child. This does not mean the child has to be male or female, it means whatever children that are coming through, it will have to carry the Pure and Innocent Feminine Child, so instead of the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit. The Embodiment of the Trinity will be the Father and the Daughter and the Holy Spirit or Father, Mother Female Child.

Standing at the Throne of Absolute with the Divine Mother, visualize yourself kneeling before her with your head on her lap. She is stroking your head and then you put out the intention from your heart.

 “Mother let me carry the Seed of Life that holds the energies of the Pure and Innocent Female Child within it that my Divine Mission be intertwined with your Divine Mission. Your Divine Mission at this present moment is to carry a Feminine Child back to Earth and bring that state of Purity and Innocence back to Earth. Let me weave the tapestry of my Divine Mission with yours. While I embody my Divine Mission I ask of you to help me carry the seed, the life force of your Divine Mission in the form of the Seed of the Feminine Child and over-light me with your presence that I may do you justice from this moment on.”

Divine Mother lifts you up and holds you in her arms and takes you to the Pool of Creation. When you reach the Pool of Creation, she will ask you to enter into the Pool. The Pool is dark and on the surface is as though the moon is shining on the surface but the pool itself is very dark. When she calls upon the seed, you will notice that specks of Platinum Light begin to be attracted and you look down and it is as though the pool has taken Light because these specks of platinum dust that are being pulled to you are Light and they are illumined. As they are pulled to you, notice not only they lodge themselves inside your body, but begin to gather on the surface of your skin. The more you pull the Seed of the Pure and Innocent Female Child, the more Platinum Light gathers and the more illumined you become.

The ionic matter in the form of the platinum specks covers your entire body. A thin layer of platinum covers your entire body. In parts of you body there is a thickness to the Platinum layer. From the Cosmic Heart all the way to the Root Chakra, front and back, the layers are thicker. Around your Third Eye and your Crown Chakra too. Pause and bathe in this energy. Bathe in this bliss.

As you begin to get out of the water, look down and see that you are emanating Platinum Light with Opalescent specks and Divine Mother puts her hand in her own Heart and produces a seed. It looks like a large peanut inside its shell and on the outside it has etchings and symbols made of gold. She places this in your personal Heart Chakra with her hand over your Heart. She pulls you to herself and you merge into her being. She reminds you that this is where you belong and you can come here every night and day, whenever the world begins to become overwhelming.

You begin to re-emerge from inside of the beingness of the Divine Mother fully healed and relieved, a sense of well-being. This longing in the heart inter-mingles with joy. We take our leave from her presence knowing that all is well. Before she lets you go, she puts her hand on your belly and bolts of love are transferred from the palms of her hands to your belly and to the baby. She tells you that she is in charge and that she will take care of everything. We take our leave by returning to the Throne of Absolute and back to the consciousness of the body. Keep this candle grid. Remember that I stand by your side.

I will stand and walk by your side. I will illuminate your path. 

I am your very own Mother, Hecate.

So it is.

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