March 2009

Dear Friends,

It is with great joy and jubilation that I walk with you into the gateway of the March Equinox. Great events await us this month. Spring Equinox denotes the moment that spring begins. This time is calculated exactly by the moment that the sun enters the equator. This year the exact time falls on Friday, March 20th at 6.44 a.m. EST. Spring Equinox signifies rebirth, and new beginnings. I encourage you to remember your prayers and meditations around this important time and on portal days of this month; 3/3, 3/9, 3/12, 3/21 and 3/23.

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We will begin a new series of six Group Channeling Sessions called the Return of the Celestial Guardians. I encourage you to join us and add your light to this great event.

Return of the Celestial Guardians

Series of six Group Channeling Sessions by Sanat Kumara and Metatron.

Course begins on Special Portal Day of Monday, March 23rd and runs for the next 5 consecutive Sundays, ending April 26th.

The first session will be on Monday, March 23rd at 7p.m. EST. All five remaining sessions will be held on consecutive Sundays at 3p.m. EST. According to Metatron 23rd of March is a very important energetic day apt for the beginning of this immense endeavor. The return of Celestial Guardians will trigger the awakening of all souls who have lost their connection with their Higher Self and their soul lineage of light.

As Guardians of Light, the Celestial Guardians are the bridge between the Seven Lords of Light and humankind. To reconnect with the Celestial Guardians, we must first retrieve the Flame of God-Unity which has been extinguished, or deeply dimmed since the departure of the Celestial Guardians from the atmosphere of Earth and collective consciousness of all souls.

Through the guided meditation in this series, Sanat Kumara will reignite the Flame within our hearts by taking us to the Etheric Retreat of Ascension Flame. The Flame will continue to grow within us each week as the Masters guide us to visit various healing chambers and receive initiations to become the antennae for receiving and transmitting this Flame to all humankind.

We will connect to the essence of the Celestial Guardians and allow ourselves to be the Beacons of their Light. This will catapult Earth and all souls to absorb a much higher Quotient of Light to unfold the Reign of Peace, as we glide into the Age of Aquarius. This enormous event has been on hold for the past 18,000 years. Now we can be instrumental in triggering its return.

You may join us in person for the first session as it will be held at Westwood Center, Massachusetts on Monday, March 23rd. There in an additional charge of $55 to join the workshop in person. The additional charge is to cover our use of the facilities at Westwood Center. Remaining five sessions will be via conference call only.

ONLY the first session is available as a single event either in person or via conference call. All remaining 5 sessions are part of a series and may not be taken singularly.

There is an introductory price offer of $150.00, valid through March 16th after which the price will be $220.00. For more information on registering for the Return of the Celestial Guardians Group Channeling Sessions, please click here.

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The following is a wonderful meditation offered by the Divine Mother, a treat to begin the season of rebirthing with  regeneration.

I wish you all great joy on your journey to rebirthing and regeneration at this auspicious time.

In the Light of the Divine Mother,


The Plum Ray of Regeneration

Plum Ray of Regeneration

for larger image click here

Divine Mother is graciously offering us the Plum Ray of regeneration. The purpose of this Ray is to heal, rejuvenate, sustain and ultimately regenerate all our energy bodies. This Ray is significant in that it has both healing and Transmutational qualities. The plum colored light carries the vibrational frequency of the Purple Ray of Transmutation together with the cooling, rejuvenating Power of the Blue Ray of Power and Sustenance as well as the Red Life Force energy attributed to the creative force of the Divine Mother. While we are freed from the unnecessary dross, we are revitalized by the sustaining force of the Red Ray and the healing power of the Blue Ray. The combined forces of al three come together as the Plum Ray of regeneration over-lighted by the sustaining creative power of Divine Mother.

Through an elaborate system, Divine Mother helps to form spheres of Plum Ray in critical chakras of the body. These spheres then implode to create bubble of Light to activate the regeneration process in the body. With every repetition the process is allowed to be accelerated.

My Beloved Children of Light I am your Divine Mother,

I would like to offer you the Plum Ray of regeneration. The Plum Ray provides your body and being with sustenance in the face of lower densities and protects you from absorbing negativity and dross through its transmutational qualities. Through regeneration, it rejuvenates and provides sustenance to your body.

Its most important purpose is to neutralize the impact of lower vibrations on your body. It protects you from the lower vibrational frequencies by helping to transmute these lower vibrational frequencies and by helping to raise the frequency of Light within you. Therefore, it regenerates you by removing the stagnant energy from your energy bodies, your organs, you cells and your auric field. If the stagnant energy has caused damage in organs, delay or interruption in the energy flow, it will regenerate that organ, tissue or energy body. As a result of the combined forces of its transmutational and regenerational quality, it can lead your body to rejuvenation. Its qualities of transmutation, sustenance and regeneration which can lead to an acceleration in rejuvenating your entire five body system. Ultimately it can stop the negative impact of high density, thereby slowing down the aging process.

Meditation to Receive the Plum Ray

I will guide you in a meditation to receive the Plum Ray of Regeneration. Visualize yourself standing before the Divine Mother at the Throne of Absolute. I will place my right hand on your chest; the palm of my hand is on your Personal Heart and my fingers are on your Cosmic Heart.

Visualize Plum colored Light emanating from my right hand to your Cosmic Heart and Personal Heart chakras. Feel the energy move into your Cosmic Heart and Personal Heart. It begins to permeate while swirling and spinning inside these two chakras of your body. The Plum Light pulls all the dross to itself. It implodes at the center of your Cosmic Heart and at the center of your Personal Heart simultaneously. Then it explodes from both centers, creating two Spheres of Light that overlap with each other and make a Vesica Pisces formation. The Vesica Pisces is the oval shaped geometry which is formed when two circles overlap. An oval eye shape is formed when the edge of each of the two circles crosses over the center of the other as shown in the diagram. That oval shaped geometry has potent powers as its energy is magnified by the power of both circles. Please see the description of Vesica Pisces at the end.

The force of implosion and explosion absorbs the pain and dross from the heart ache and struggle of eons of incarnations and brings it to the surface to be transmuted. With every implosion, the dross is collected from all your energy bodies and gathered in the Vesica Pisces formation between your Personal Heart and Cosmic Heart chakras.  With every explosion the dross is transmuted out of your body through the Vesica Pisces. When all dross has been transmuted, the two spheres turn into Bright Light. They begin to enlarge and merge into each other to become one large Sphere.  The Large Sphere begins to emanate Bright White Light. The combined force of Light emanating from your Cosmic Heart and your Personal Heart chakras clears all your Five Body System. It then allows the Plum Ray to call upon the rejuvenation of your energy bodies, calling the purity and innocence of the Original Intent, as ordained in your Divine Plan, back into your body and being. Take a deep breath and bathe in this Bright White Light. Now I will superimpose a large Bubble of Plum Colored Light over the large sphere of Bright White Light in your chest.

Bright White Light emanates inside the Bubble while the Plum colored Light begins regenerating your entire body. Visualize that the Plum Colored Light pours out of this Sphere to every part of your body. Bathe in the Plum Light and notice that an even larger Bubble is gradually forming around your entire body to overlay on your auric field like a cocoon. Now you have two Bubbles around you. One Bubble holds your entire auric field and another sits over your Cosmic Heart and your Personal Heart chakras. Pause and take a deep breath while the formation of these two Bubbles is fully established.

Through the presence of the Sphere of Bright White Light immersed in the plum colored Bubble you begin to emanate energies of purity, healing, sustenance, rejuvenation and regeneration. You extend Love energy from your Cosmic Heart and Personal Heart. You are also becoming the role model for others by clearing the path and extending higher Light from the sphere around your Cosmic Heart and Personal Heart. Your embodiment of these energies will be a blessed event which will heal your body and raise your vibrational frequency. This healing and rejuvenation process is then posted on your personal Grid of Light. In time, as you practice this exercise, the impact will become permanent. It will then establish a precedence which can benefit others and be posted on the Planetary Grid. All souls whose Light reaches to your Quotient of Light can then receive and benefit from the outcome of your efforts.

I remove my right hand from your Cosmic Heart and Personal Heart chakras. I will now place my hand on your abdomen. My palm is resting over your Sacral Plexus and the tips of my fingers are over your Seat of the Soul Chakra. The mid-point of my hand, where the palm ends and the fingers begin, rests directly over your belly button and your Solar Plexus chakra.

The Plum Light will begin to emanate to your Sacral Plexus, Solar Plexus and Seat of the Soul Chakras. The energy will implode at each center until a Sphere is formed around each of these chakras. The Spheres are small at first. They begin to expand and create a triple Sphere interlocking into each other. From the overlapping of the three Spheres, two Vesica Pisces are created. The triple Spheres begins to expand until the top edge of the Seat of the Soul Sphere reaches to touch the edge of the Cosmic Heart and the Personal Heart Spheres. From the other end, the lower edge of the triple Sphere will cover your Root Chakra. The triple sphere then begins to implode, and explode simultaneously. After three rounds of implosion and explosion the triple spheres turn into Bright White Light covering all the chakras, from the Root to Seat of the Soul. Take a deep breath and pause for a longer time as it may take longer for complete clearing to take place in lower chakras.

The three lower chakras are meant to ground your energies and connect you to the Earth’s Life Force. These lower chakras therefore vibrate to a lower vibrational frequency, as the Earthly realms vibrate to a slower frequency than the Heavenly realms do. The higher chakras from your Heart and above are connected to the Heavenly realms and vibrate to higher Light and faster vibrational frequency. The lower chakras of the body are, by their nature, susceptible to absorbing dross. This is why lower chakras take longer to clear than the higher chakras. Take a deep breath and pause for the clearing to be complete.

The three Spheres are now merged to make two sets of Vesica Pisces. Visualize these to be completely clear of all dross vibrating Bright White Light. Once they are all immersed in brightly illumined Light, the three merge into each other to become one large sphere. The chakras of the Root, Sacral Plexus, Solar Plexus, and the Seat of the Soul are now encased in one large sphere emanating Bright White Light.

Now I will place a Plum colored Bubble to cover these four chakras. The Seat of the Soul, Solar Plexus, Sacral Plexus, and Root Chakra have a plum colored Bubble of Light superimposed over the White Sphere. You now have one Bubble over your combined Cosmic Heart and Personal Heart and another Bubble over your auric field which covers your entire body.  Both of the smaller Bubbles are held inside the auric Bubble. Pause and visualize all three of these Bubbles in place.

Now bring your focus to your Third Eye. I will place my left hand over your Third Eye. The palm of my left hand sits over your Third Eye and the tips of my fingers touch your Crown Chakra. From my left hand I send you the Pure White Light of the Throne of Absolute. This Pure White Light cannot remain as Pure when brought down to lower densities such as this third dimensional reality where you reside. I can therefore only give you the Pure White Light when you come to the Throne of Absolute.

This is because Pure White Light becomes fractured when it encounters the solidity of matter contained in lower dimensions.  The real shift begins when you reach the Throne of Ellah in the 55th Dimension of Reality. This realm becomes a bridge between Unity and Duality. Above the 55th Realm, Light is brighter, as Form gives way to Semi-Form and Semi-Form begins to move to Non-Form. The 55th dimensional reality is the bridge between Form and Non-Form.  The opposite of complete Light and complete Density, Form and Non-Form both are represented at each end of this realm.

Receiving Pure White Light

Visualize yourself standing before the presence of Divine Mother at the Throne of Absolute. Focus on receiving Pure White Light from the Divine Mother into your Third Eye and Crown chakras. The intention of this exercise is to open your Third Eye and your Crown chakras to greater Light. It facilitates the widening of the Pillar of Light which brings Light from the Higher Realms into the upper chakras above your body. The Pillar is widening from your Twelfth Chakra down to your Crown.

Your Twelfth Chakra is immersed in the energies of the Throne of the I Am That I Am. Your Eleventh Chakra is the residence of the Twelve Council members who guide and direct your Divine Mission known as the Council of Twelve. Your Tenth Chakra is the abode of Your Monad and the Council of Nine who direct your Divine Mission from the Higher Realms, recalibrating it to reach your body.  Your Ninth Chakra is the abode of your Oversoul where you connect with Thirty three members of your own Soul Lineage of Light. Your Eighth Chakra is the abode of your soul. Your Crown or Seventh Chakra, sits at the top of your head and recalibrates the energies arriving from the Higher Realms through your upper chakras to be received and absorbed by the chakras of the body. Together with the Sixth Chakra, or Third Eye, they become the bridge to connect you to the Masters, Guides and your Guardian Angels residing at the Higher Realms. Receiving the Pure White Light through your Crown and Third eye allows the expansion of these chakras to assimilate greater Light into your body.

As your capacity to receive and absorb Pure White Light increases, you can further enlarge and expand your Cord of Light or the Pillar which brings Light and information from the Higher realms. With every expansion of the Pillar, you absorb greater Light into your higher chakras and through them into your body. By the same token, with every expansion of your higher chakras, you will be able to widen and strengthen the diameter and intensity of Light which you receive into your body. This will enable you to widen your Cord of Light into your body. With the widening of your golden-silver cord, also known as antahkarana, you can receive, absorb and maintain greater Light enabling you to bring healing to yourself and to others and release dross. As a healer you will therefore be in a better position to help release other people’s dross and facilitate the transmutational process on their behalf. This is why I energize your Third Eye Chakra and your Crown Chakra with greater Light. This is my gift to you. It is my desire that you become great healers releasing the dross from your own bodies while you help release others from their dross.

Consequently, your ability to maintain higher Light will impact, not only your own body and that of others but also the Five Elements. Earth, Water, Fire, Air and Ether reside within you and in your environment. When fully perfected you will be able to heal everyone, everything, every place and bring to perfection all that you touch. This is the true epitome of Enlightenment.

I will stand by your side as you grow in Light and power to heal your world and become the spearheads to change pain into joy and chaos into peace. Call upon me to guide you and walk with you to make this a reality. I will guide you in every possible way. The creative force of the Divine Mother will empower you to succeed in all your endeavors.

I hold you in my own embrace. I am your Divine Mother.

Vesica Piscis


The vesica piscis is a shape which is the intersection of two circles with the same radius, intersecting in such a way that the center of each circle lies on the circumference of the other. The name literally means the bladder of the fish in Latin. The shape is also called mandorla (“almond” in Italian).The term is also used more generally for any symmetric lens.

Vesica Pisces

Mystical and religious significance

The cover of the Chalice Well with an artistic rendering of the vesica piscis has been the subject of mystical speculation at several periods of history, perhaps first among the Pythagoreans.  The geometric ratio of these dimensions is actually the square root of 3. If straight lines are drawn connecting the centers of the two circles with each other, with the two points where the circles intersect, two equilateral triangles join along an edge. The number 153 appears in the Gospel of John (21:11) as the number of fish Jesus caused to be caught in a miraculous catch of fish.

Recently, numerous new age authors have interpreted it as a yonic symbol, a sign for the energies of the Feminine Principle.

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