June 2009

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For our June Newsletter, Goddess Hecate, the one who protects us from harm and darkness, has gifted us with a Grid of Light and a Candle Grid. This discourse was given to us in the celebration of Wesak. As an added bonus, you may listen to the audio of this discourse here. Look in the audio section.

June is the month when we celebrate Summer Solstice (around 19-22 June) in the Northern Hemisphere and Winter Solstice in the Southern Hemisphere. This is a time for change and acceleration when the energies of Divine Mother, in all her aspects, become universally involved in the worldly affairs, as well as our individual progress, for the rest of the year. This exercise is therefore most appropriate at this time, as we begin a new cycle of life, rebirthing and acceleration.

We will begin the Phase II of The Return of the Celestial Guardians Group Channeling Series of Six on the Master Energy Day of the 22nd of June. Click here to read more and to register for Phase II. The requirement for this course is to have taken Phase I. There is still time to register for the First Phase, provided that you listen to all 6 sessions and preferably perform the exercises before June 22nd.  To read more and register for Phase I, click here.

The Portal days in the month of June are 6/6, the Gateway Portal Day when we will have our free Global Group Channeling Via conference call (click here to read more and register), 6/18- 6/22, when the Solstice energies arrive, 6/27 and 6/29.

With great love I bid you Happy Solstice,

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Goddess Hecate’s Ring of Gold Light and Candle Grid

with Divine Mother, Hecate, Mother Mary and Quan Yin

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Goddess Hecate, channeled May 8, 2009 on Full Moon of Wesak

My children of Light, I am Hecate.

I stand in the presence of Divine Mother. Lady Quan Yin and Mother Mary are with me. I would like to give you a grid of Light which will also be a candle grid. Both the grid of Light and the candle grid can be used at the times when you feel stagnant, to release your dross and to gain strength and power to move from where you are to where you need to be. Call upon the three of us; Mother Mary, Quan Yin and Hecate have been given a new dispensation by the Divine Mother to help you in these times. We are able to help you heal the pain, the pain that is coming to the surface from many lifetimes of accumulating dross, while in service on behalf of Light; to heal you from many lifetimes of struggle and combat, while fighting against forces of darkness. Darkness will have no power over you, not any more. We will hold a Ring of Light around you. This Ring of Light is given to us by Divine Mother, the Creative Force. This Ring of Light will make you powerful. This Ring of Light is impenetrable.

In the Full Moon of Wesak, I offer you this grid of Light on behalf of Divine Mother and I ask you also to accompany it with the candle grid. Those of you who are on an accelerated path, this grid of Light and the candle grid will help you pace yourself. For those of you who need to move to the next phase, it will accelerate you to that phase. For those of you who need to heal yourself in order to succeed in the mundane and attain in the sublime, this grid of Light and candle grid will help you do that.

This grid of Light will heal your wounded heart, release your pain, give you strength to let go of relationships, circumstances, events, people, places and things which no longer serve you. It will help you free yourself from the responsibility, the guilt, the shame and the feeling that you must stay in dysfunctional situations by giving you the power to see the Light ahead of you, to walk towards that Light and to make that Light yours. The time has come for you to be powerful, mighty and victorious.

The time has come for you to take control of your own lives and create your own destinies. Call upon Divine Mother in all of her aspects, always and for all things. Especially call upon Hecate, Quan Yin and Mother Mary, to stand by your side and to help you co-create the reality which most closely is aligned with your Divine Mission and do this grid of Light and illuminate this candle grid. Quan yin, Mary and Hecate would be at your service to help accelerate you and walk you on your path of fulfilling your Divine Mission. Healing and release will be part of the co-creative process.

Anything that stands in your way of acceleration needs to either be released or healed, that is a fact. How else can you be accelerated unless all the noose and shackles from around you are released? You may have created the noose and shackles mentally or emotionally out of your own free will with people, places and things or through karma and karmic entanglements. You could have chosen it out of your free will or created and continue to create it because of karmic debts; debts owed to you or those you owe to others.

All dross, karma, karmic entanglements and lower vibrational frequencies and realities which are not of your highest wisdom can and will be removed and replaced when you choose to ask Divine Mother to create the reality that best serves you; when you seek the presence of Quan Yin, Mother Mary and Hecate by your side as co-creators of the reality which is of utmost benefit to you and to your Divine Mission.

We are here. We have come on this auspicious moment in the history of evolution of Earth and the spiritual elevation of all souls. This Full Moon of Wesak is a point that you can connect to from wherever you are, even ten years from now, because this is a turning point. This is a moment where shifts and changes can bring about positive experiences and accelerate you on your path. This can put you on the path which is of highest benefit to you and, through you, to Earth and all souls. For this grid of Light we will use Yin Yang which is the symbol for balancing the polarity of male and female or the electric and the magnetic force fields so that you can run a balanced electromagnetic force field through you.

Alchemy begins with the balance of the magnetic and electric force fields. When the male and female polarities are balanced within you, you can create anything. At that point, thoughts become things. When you choose a path, when you think a thought form, when you move an emotion through your body, they all can manifest in form, before you.  If you become powerful to the point of perfection, that manifestation process becomes instantaneous. The fact that time and space do not comply to bring you instant manifestation has to do with your will. Your will is becoming stronger and time and space are tying their tapestry with your Life Force. You can therefore weave your chosen destiny and co-create that destiny to best serve your own Divine Mission, enjoy your mundane existence and serve the Divine Mission of Divine Mother and the Masters, all at once.

This is the advantage of weaving the tapestry of your Life Force into time and space together with Divine Mother. In your Oneness with Divine Mother and in aligning your Divine Mission with the Mission of Divine Mother, you can create a new reality which not only serves you in the mundane and the sublime but also serves Earth and all humankind by implementing Divine Mother’s Mission. That Mission is the embodiment of the Seed of Pure and Innocent Feminine Creative Force which has not been available to Earth for a while. This is why the balance of male and female, magnetic and electric, has been off kilter for a few thousand years.

Your world has become a male dominated world. The electric force field caused by the male domination ends up being compensated for in ways that are not conducive to the best interest of Earth and all humankind. This male domination of using the mental body as the only way to function, has led to the world that you live in. While the experience of this Seed Race is meant to enhance the mental body of humankind, using the mental body as your sole focus without the help of physical body, etheric body and most importantly the emotional body, can lead to such imbalances. Mental body by nature is male focused and electric. Emotional body by nature is female focused and magnetic.

We need to bring back the magnetic force of the feminine, otherwise things will disintegrate; you can see that they already have. Disintegration of integrity, disintegration of Truth, disintegration of Purity and Innocence, disintegration of the belief in serving and helping one another, belief in loving one another, belief in expressing compassion while living in the mundane, belief in acceptance of one another under all circumstances, belief in absorbing the pain and the dross and accepting that the pain of another is your own, treating each other as you would yourself, believing in doing unto others as you would want them to do unto you. These are qualities that have become compromised. These qualities have been compromised because in the world where you only use your mental body for rational thinking and logical expression, there is no room for love, for compassion, for instinctive action, for intuitive behavior.

The return of the Pure and Innocent Female Child Seed which Divine Mother has called a “Seed of Life” will bring back the balance; balance between the emotional body and the mental body, between the female essence and the male essence, the magnetic and the electric.

The Grid of Light Formation

Visualize yourself standing in the center of a circle facing Divine Mother. Visualize the sign of the Yin Yang. The white part in traditional ancient Chinese astrology is considered Yin and female. The black part is considered Yang and male. In this case we will superimpose the Ayurvedic astrology over the Yin Yang symbol by using the white part as the male aspect and replace black with red to represent the Divine Mother energy and the Red Life Force. In the Hindu tradition, Lord Shiva offered sperm represented by white color and Goddess Shakti offered blood represented by red color. By having you stand in the white portion and calling that the male aspect, we change the dark, black matter of the male energy to the Pure White Light. You will come to the bosom of Divine Mother and bring the male focus back into the Feminine Creative Force. Visualize yourself standing over the white portion and Divine Mother standing over the red portion. Breathe and bathe.

Now visualize the three aspects of Divine Mother at the point of a triangle around you. In the north stands Hecate beaming Red Light to you and Divine Mother. In southeast stands Mother Mary beaming Pink Light to you. In southwest stands Quan Yin beaming White Light to you.

Visualize a circle of Copper Gold encircling the Triangle where Hecate is beaming Red Light, Mary is beaming Pink Light and Quan Yin is beaming White Light. White and the Red and the Pink mix and merge and a profusion of Lights begin to exude and expand from the center, where you and Divine Mother stand, into the entire triangle and beyond, filling the circle of Gold with those three Lights. As they merge, the White and the Red and the Pink will create a deep Fuchsia-Pink Light. As they reach to the edges, they pick up the Gold which is a clear male force field helping a transmutational process, especially for the clearing of the mental body.

Specks of Gold are picked up from the edge of the circle. The circle in 3-D becomes a sphere. Around you, visualize the Golden Sphere. The bright Light begins spinning and spiraling around you and becomes accelerated as it moves from the center of the circle where you stand to the edges of the sphere where it merges into the Gold. The White Light from Quan Yin, Pink Light from Mother Mary, Red Light from Hecate emanating to you and Divine Mother, implodes at the center allowing you to merge into the essence of Divine Mother, turning into Fuchsia-Pink. It then it expands in every direction to reach the edges of the Golden Sphere where it picks up Gold and folds itself back to return to the center to implode at the center again and expand to reach the edges, exploding at the edges as it hits the edge of the Gold, picking up stardust of Gold and bringing it back to the center.

As you repeat this, set out your intentions for what you wish to manifest, for what you wish to release, for what you wish to heal, for yourself, for your loved ones, for Earth and for all humankind. Remember you are merging into the essence and the body of the Divine Mother. You are merging into the Feminine Principle of existence. You are becoming the embodiment of the Creative Force of the Divine Mother. Breathe and bathe.

Continue with implosion, expansion, explosion, contraction, implosion, expansion, explosion, contraction. With each implosion, the Pink Light spreads outward. With each explosion, the Gold Light comes into the circle. The Pink Light becomes the epitome of the Feminine. The Gold Light becomes the epitome of the Masculine. The Pink magnetizes the Gold to itself. The Gold comes to merge into the Pink to find its balance. Put all your intentions at the center and send it out, visualizing that implosion and explosion is happening in the space between your Cosmic Heart and Personal Heart Chakra which is now aligned with Divine Mother’s Cosmic Heart, Personal Heart Chakra. As you continue, the Sphere becomes wider and larger expanding to ultimately become the size of Earth. The Sphere becomes as large as the entire planet. The aura of the planet becomes Gold and everything inside is a Fuchsia-Pink Light. Implosion, explosion continues in the heart core of Mother Earth by imploding into the energies of Divine Mother, exploding at the edges, creating the magnetic force field that brings the male to the center to bring it to its focus to return it to the Creative Force where it all belongs.

Continue to visualize yourself doing this as I give you the candle Grid.

Ring of Light Candle Grid

Given by Goddess Hecate on 5/08/09

Creating Your Grid

Materials needed

White poster board

Red felt tip pen

Gold felt tip pen

2 Red Candles

1 Pink candle

2 White candles



You may replicate or print the diagram shown or draw your own by following the instructions below.

Draw the Yin Yang symbol, about 2″ in diameter, in the center of a white poster board. Draw the Yin Yang symbol in red so that one side remains white and the other side is red. Around the Yin Yang, draw an equilateral triangle in red. Around the triangle draw a circle in Gold. The points of the triangle should not touch the Gold circle. Write Divine Mother in or next to the red side of the Yin Yang symbol. Write your name on the white portion of the Yin Yang symbol. On the north point of the triangle write Hecate. On the southeast point, write Mother Mary and on the southwest point, write Quan Yin.

Place a mound of cinnamon on the Yin Yang symbol and on each of the names of the Goddesses at the three points of the triangle. You may also place cinnamon over the entire gold circle.

Place a Red candle over the red portion of the Yin Yang for Divine Mother and ask Divine Mother to imbue this candle with her energies. Place a white candle representing you over the white portion of the Yin Yang and visualize your energy in that candle. Place a red candle for Hecate in the position of north on the triangle and ask Hecate to imbue this candle with her energies. Place a pink candle over Mother Mary asking her to imbue this candle with her energies. Place a white candle over Quan Yin and ask her to imbue this candle with her energies. Orientate your grid so that Hecate is pointing in the direction of north.

Lighting your candle grid and setting your intentions

Start with Divine Mother. Pick up Divine Mother’s red candle and Say,

“I light this candle in the name of Divine Mother. I call upon Divine Mother to imbue this candle with her own energies and to bring the perfection of the Seed of Life to this candle grid. I illuminate this candle grid for the fulfillment of my own intentions through Divine Mother’s intersession. I offer myself in service to Divine Mother and her Divine Mission.”

Light Divine Mother’s candle at the center of the Yin Yang symbol.

Pick up your white candle and say,

“I (say your name), imbue this candle grid with my own energies. I  offer myself in service to Divine Mother for the fulfillment of her Divine Mission. I offer to carry the Seed of Life and the energies of the Pure and Innocent Feminine Child Force in my heart and my mind from this moment on until complete balancing of the polarities of Male and Female has been reached. I offer this candle grid for the completion of this task.

Now state your personal and global intensions. Say,

“I offer this candle grid for my (state your intensions). This or better, I defer to Divine Mother to choose on my behalf. Not my will but Thy her be done.”

Light your candle.

Pick up Goddess Hecate’s red candle and say,

“I call forth to the energies of Goddess Hecate to bring passion and action into my life through this candle grid. I ask for release of that which no longer serves me. I ask for healing of all wounds, pain, fears and return to the perfection of my original intent as the Red Life Force brings back passion and action into my life. I ask this through the intercession of Goddess Hecate.”

Light Goddess Hecate’s candle.

Pick up Mother Mary’s Pink candle and say,

“I call forth Mother Mary. I ask through her intercession for the Divine energies of love and compassion to bring healing to my life and my world, my body, my soul, my mind, my emotions and my spirit. I ask for the balancing of the polarities of Male and Female within me, within my world, within the macrocosm as well as the microcosm. Through the energies of Divine Love and compassion, I ask for the intercession of Mother Mary for Divine Love and compassion to fully be integrated into my life and my world, representing the microcosm and macrocosm from this moment on.”

Light Mother Mary’s candle.

Pick up Quan Yin’s White candle and say,

“I call forth the presence of Lady Quan Yin to imbue this candle grid with her Light and to bring back the Purity and Innocence of the Original Intent as planned in the Divine Plan. I ask for the return of the Purity and Innocence to my body, to my mind, to my emotions, to my soul and spirit from this moment on, through the Pure White Light, in the guardianship of Quan Yin. I ask Quan Yin to interceded on my behalf and restore me to the full perfection of my own essence as the Pure and Innocent Child of God. Everyone that I touch will also be returned to the Pure and Innocent perfected state from this moment on. I ask this perfection to be applied to the microcosm that I am and the macrocosm which is the collective consciousness of all souls and earth.”

Light Quan Yin’s candle.

Bring your focus back to the center and visualize that you have merged with Divine Mother and you are imploding/exploding. The symbolic application of the grid of Light is the candle grid. The personalized, materialized, individualized state of perfection is applied to you, your body and through you upon your Personal Grid of Light. It is accelerated and empowered by the candle grid and your invocations. The candle grid will magnify your intentions, your focus will magnify the impact and ultimately, all is brought back to perfection.

Do this for 33 days. Right now the heartbeat of the planet pulses to number 33. It is the number with which Master Jesus brought back the energies of Divine Love to earth. It is the number with which Sanat Kumara functions on earth. It is the number with which Divine Mother brings the Creative Force back to earth. Use that number. When you see 3, 33 or 333, know this is a sign from Divine Mother to you. If you are awakened at 3:33 in the morning, then get up and sit with Divine Mother and say, “Mother, embody me now and fill me with your love.”

Sit in meditation for a few minutes. It is beneficial even if you sit in meditation in your bed for just a moment. Give permission to Divine Mother to begin to embody you; to shower upon you her grace, her love, her compassion, leading to the balancing and perfection of the energies. Let me use you as the conduit of her own energies by getting up to meditate, 3:33, 4:44, 5:55 are Master numbers and a sign to help you defer your will to Divine Mother’s will. Even if you only remain awake long enough to state this intention, you are giving her permission to work with you. The down pouring of her energies will continue even if you fall asleep or lose consciousness of your body. By making that statement and offering yourself in service, you have given permission for Divine Mother to use you as her essence, as her conduit. You have given permission for Divine Mother to over Light you and help embody you in service to Light.

Do this grid for 33 days. Put your intensions into it, accelerate yourself or bring yourself to a slower pace, whichever is applicable. Release your pain or bring healing and ultimately do all of the above.

Remember I am here at your service. Great powers have been given to me at this present time in life, your life, earth’s life. Use the potential offered to you. Do not do it alone when you don’t have to. You have powerful aspects of Divine Mother standing by your side. Take advantage of the Grace that is offered to you.

With great love, I hold you in my own heart. I am your Mother Hecate.

So it is.

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