July 2009

Dear Friends,

This month we will continue riding the wave of the intense energies of Summer Solstice. Portal Days for this month are 7/7, 7/8, 7/9, 7/17, 7/18, 7/22, and 7/27.  Morning and evening meditations on these Portal Days are of utmost importance due to the fact that we are moving to the new cycle of energies. Divine Mother in her aspect as Lady of Liberty, Lady of Victory, Quan Yin, Hecate and Mother Mary are fully empowered to accelerate us on our path.

Our free Gateway Portal Day channeling session will be on 7/7. To sign up and join us on this session, click here.

The Path to Enlightenment Mystery School offers two new courses. Those of you seeking a practical application of the chakra system in your meditation may wish to join our Chakra System I class. For more information or to register click here.

In Five Body System I, you will learn about the purpose, significance, function, location and qualities of each of the energy bodies which constitute our Five Body System. It further explains the importance of their role in cocooning the physical body and offers meditational techniques to awaken them and through them connect the consciousness of the body to the higher realms. For more information and to register click here.

I wish you all a joyful month of July!

In Light,


Sphere of Illumination and Flame of God-Unity

In this exercise, St. Germain begins by illuminating the Flame of God-Unity inside the Sphere of Remembrance within our Heart Chakras. Then, clad in our Ceremonial Robes, St. Germain leads us to the Thrones of God. At the Throne of the I Am That I Am, we receive the blessing of Sanat Kumara and are joined by Archangel Uriel to form a Grid of Light. We continue in this Grid of Light on our journey to visit the higher Thrones. Once we reach the Throne of Absolute, we kneel before the presence of our beloved Divine Mother and ask her to intercede on our behalf and help us to become the instrument of change and the conduit for receiving the Blueprint for Perfection as was intended for us in the Original Divine Plan.

St. Germain further beckons us to seek financial means, power, prosperity and unlimited supply of abundance in order to serve the Light and facilitate the presence of the energies of Divine Mother and the Masters of Light on Earth. The Seven Mighty Elohim, El-Shaddai, Yahoweh-El, Ancient of Days and the Great Silent Watcher are called to add further valor to our intentions.

My Beloveds, I am St. Germain.

I would like to ask you to light a purple candle at all times when you are in your house.  Call upon St. Germain to energize it for you. You may keep it lit during the night while you sleep as long as it does not cause a fire hazard. You may place it inside a cup or ceramic jar both for safety and protection from fire and to dim the bright Light. Place it close to you and no more than three to four feet away. The Purple Light can transmute all the dross and awaken your energy centers. It will accelerate you in opening up to the higher energies.

Take a deep breath and focus your energy in the center of your chest. Feel the presence of St. Germain by your side. Visualize that you are facing St. Germain. I am in my Ceremonial Robes. Around my shoulders I wear a Purple Cape. In my right hand I hold a Purple Scepter; on my head is a Gold Crown with a Purple Gem which sits right over my Third Eye.

You wear your own Purple Cape. Your Scepter has emeralds, rubies and sapphires. A scepter is the symbol for power and authority. The gem on your crown is a deep purple-blue sapphire. Your crown is large and wide. You can feel its weight on top of your head. You can also feel a cool energy from the sapphire directly over your Third Eye. The cool energy of the gold covers the back of your neck and sits over your channeling chakra. The Crown connects these two energy centers; the Third Eye on your forehead and the Fourth Eye at the back of your neck. To give you an idea of the exact location of the Fourth Eye, imagine an imaginary line going diagonally through the Third Eye to come out exactly where your head sits over the neck. That is your channeling chakra.  The Third Eye is the center for Inner Visual Perception and the channeling chakra, or the Fourth Eye at the back of the neck, is the center for Inner Verbal Communication.

Through these two chakras you hear the guiding voice and experience the visual perception from the Masters of the Inner Realms. This you already experience in dream time.  Once activated, you will be able to experience it in waking consciousness at day and at night.

Visualize that St. Germain is now placing his left hand over your Heart Chakra. Feel the warmth moving from my hand into your Heart Chakra. Focus on this area and imagine a Sphere of Purple Light begin to form in the center of your Heart Chakra. In the center of this Sphere, a Golden-Yellow Flame is lit. This is the Flame of God-Unity. The Purple Sphere is the Sphere of Remembrance. Its task is to emanate the Light of remembrance to your Heart Chakra. From your Heart Chakra, the Light emanates to all your Five Body System. The memory of yourself in Oneness with the Source of Creation is held within this sphere. This memory has been lost over many lifetimes of incarnations in the density of this mundane realm of matter. The presence of the Sphere of Remembrance brings back the memories of that Oneness to you. It allows you to recall that Oneness back to yourself. The experience of separation and loneliness will leave you once this Sphere is fully established in your Heart Chakra.

The Sphere of Remembrance, once fully illuminated, becomes the Sphere of Illumination. It will retrieve the memories, patterns, designs, thought forms and actions from the mind of God, the Undifferentiated Source. These will unfold and manifest in this third dimensional reality as actions which lead you to your Divine Mission and illuminate the path to reach Enlightenment.

Feel the warmth from the hand of St. Germain as I beam the Light of Remembrance to the Sphere in your Heart Chakra at the center of your chest.  The Sphere of Remembrance is Purple outside and Golden-Yellow inside. The Flame of God-Unity is the source of Oneness with all people, places and things. Everything is in Oneness with the Universal Consciousness of God or “All That Is.” All that I am is held within this Flame. All that you are is held within this Flame. The Inner Flame illuminates the thought forms for ideas, designs and concepts which turn into actions once the entire Sphere is activated. Visualize that the Flame is becoming brighter and larger until it explodes into the entire Sphere. The Purple color of the Sphere and the Golden-Yellow color of the Flame merge to create a Peach-Pink Light. The Sphere implodes inside your Heart Chakra to release knowledge, wisdom and information into your Heart Chakra. The Sphere of Remembrance is now fully activated and illuminated. At this stage, it becomes the Sphere of Illumination.

This Sphere will illuminate your Heart Chakra and your Five Body System with the Pure White Light held within the heart of the Undifferentiated Source. Ideas, designs and concepts can now be retrieved from the heart of the Undifferentiated Source to be turned into action through you.

Now, visualize that the Pillar of Light begins to form around us to connect us to the Higher Realms. Inside of this Pillar of Light, you and I will merge into Oneness. We will move up inside of the Pillar of Light to the Thrones. Envision that we reach the Throne of I Am That I Am, God in form. Your own perfected presence of the I Am resides here. As we stand before the Throne, notice that Sanat Kumara, the Planetary Logos for Earth is present. Uniting and merging with Sanat Kumara will help the energies of the Planetary Logos be anchored on Earth through you. This will help the planet and the consciousness of all souls. This union will also help you to retrieve ideas and designs from the Universal Consciousness of the Planetary Logos. Sanat Kumara’s consciousness is over-lighting the entire body of this planet and the consciousness of all souls, even though for the most part, the consciousness of all souls is asleep to his presence.  His presence is holding together the consciousness of every soul, sentient, non-sentient, mineral, animal and human.  All people, places and things are held in his consciousness.

At the Throne of the I Am That I Am, we merge into the consciousness of Sanat Kumara. We ask him to over-light our bodies and allow him to use our bodies to over-light Earth to anchor his energies, essence, physical embodiment and his beingness on Earth. Archangel Uriel joins us and merges into the presence with us. Now visualize that you stand in the North and St. Germain stands in the South, Sanat Kumara in the East and Archangel Uriel in the West.  At the center is the Throne of the I Am That I Am.

The four make a diamond shaped portal and begin to spin. The spin will pull the four energies into the center to implode into the Throne of the I Am That I Am.

Visualize this formation imploding into your Heart Chakra and exploding out. Beams of Light emanate in every direction. The implosion-explosion sequence becomes faster inside of the Pillar of Light. Pause and take a deep breath.

We spiral up to the Throne of YHWH in the twenty-second realm. The Throne of YHWH is a Golden Throne and the seat is emanating Pure Golden Light Energies.

We will form a circle around the Throne of YHWH. You, St. Germain, Sanat Kumara and Archangel Uriel together with the energies of the presence of the I Am which have accompanied us to this Throne. Once again the energy of the seat of the Throne will begin to pulse and pull everyone into it. We begin to spin around. The spin becomes faster. We are pulled into the Throne of YHWH and implode. The Liquid Golden Light Energy of the Throne begins to vibrate through us in every which direction exploding and imploding. With each explosion and implosion the Light increases and the power extends. We gain outward momentum and begin to ascend inside the Pillar of Light to the Throne of God-Source.

Moving up, we spiral to reach the Throne of God-Source, at the thirty-third realm. Cobalt-Blue Light of the Throne showers upon us. We stand around the Throne in our formation of the Grid of Light with Sanat Kumara, Uriel, you and I in the presence of the energies of the Thrones of I Am That I Am and YHWH, who have accompanied us. We begin to spin, imploding into the Throne of God-Source. Cobalt-Blue Light begins to explode around us as we bathe in the energies of the Throne of God-Source. Pause and breathe the Cobalt-Blue Light into your lungs.

Spinning upward, we will stop at the fifty-fifth dimension of reality to gather momentum and to connect with the energies of the Elohim. This is the Throne of Ellah, E-ll-a-h. The Elohim are the architects of this entire Universe. These Great Cosmic Beings brought this Universe into manifest form. They reside at this Throne of reality and beyond. The Light of the Throne and the presence of the Elohim welcome us. We all form a circle; you and St. Germain, Sanat Kumara and Uriel, the presence of the I Am, YHWH and God-Source. We are in Oneness as we stand around at the Golden-White Light of the Throne of Ellah.

We begin to spin and the spin becomes faster. The pull of gravity from the Throne of Ellah will move us to its center to implode into it and unite with it.  Implosion leads to explosion and the process repeats three times.

The Universal Logos, Lord Melchizedek joins us. He is the great cosmic being whose consciousness over-lights this entire Universe. The Seven Mighty Elohim come forth to join our circle at this Throne. We merge into the essence of Lord Melchizedek. Brilliant Golden-White Light emanates everywhere as we bathe in the Light. Pause and breathe.

Spiraling upward inside the Pillar of Light we begin ascending. Gaining momentum, we reach the Throne of the Undifferentiated Source where all is Pure White Light. This is White Light before it went through the prism to become fractured or differentiated. This Throne is vast. It expands in every direction, like a canopy of Light.

We stand under the canopy in our Grid of Light formation, joined by our entourage together with the energies of Lord Melchizedek, the Seven Mighty Elohim and the energies of the Throne of Ellah. We begin to spin. The spin gains momentum to become faster. This time we are pulled upward into the center of the canopy to merge and unite with the essence of the Undifferentiated Source at the hundred and eighth realm of reality. Pause and feel the joy of this union. Breathe and feel the bliss of this experience.

We spiral upward to reach the Throne of Paramatman Light.  It resides in its absolute pure essence at the one hundred twenty-second realm. We spin into the Light of Paramatman and bring this Light with us.

We move from the Throne of Paramatman to go before the Throne of Absolute. The Throne of Absolute is the residence of Divine Mother, the Feminine Force with which this entire Manifest Creation was created.

As we stand in total reverence and awe at this Throne, a feminine form begins to take shape at the center of the circle. The Divine Mother, who is the epitome of the Feminine Creative Force of the universe, will show herself in a form to you. It can be in the form of a female being, a female deity, living or ascended, or she might show you a face or a body that is made of fire or Light. You may not be able to see the features, yet you know and sense that the Divine Mother is beckoning you to go to the center of the circle.

I will accompany you to the center. We stand shoulder to shoulder before the presence of the Divine Mother, the Feminine Principle. I ask her to bestow upon you greater Inner Perception and the ability to establish clear Inner Verbal Communication with her and with the Masters. I ask her to remove and release whatever contracts or choices you have made out of pain, struggle, and fear which have caused you to stop seeing the Inner Realms. I ask the Divine Mother to remove the veil and restore your Inner Sight. She will lovingly and gently remove the veil and restore your sight under the guidance of Yahoweh-El.

The Angelic Forces of Yahoweh-El guard the Feminine Creative Light. These beings are the energy of the Holy Spirit. The Angelic Forces of Yahoweh-El are drops from the ocean of the Feminine Aspect of Metatron. We are in the presence of the Divine Mother, guarded by the energies of the Legions of Yahoweh-El.

Ask the Divine Mother to support you in all your projects. Ask her to help you on your path. Ask her to give you guidance and support and help you to surrender to her will. I ask her to free you from all dross, pain and struggle and accelerate you in all that is to be accomplished through you in alignment with your Divine Mission.

Take the hem of her dress, kneel before her and ask her to grant your wishes. She is gentle, loving and compassionate. She loves you and cares for all the plans and the projects that you have agreed to accomplish. Seek her guidance in your own words. Now appeal to her and say,

“I ask you to use me as your conduit, vehicle, catalyst to bring forth change; change for a greater good, change for greater service to the Light, change for the Reign of Light to begin, change for those who have been in hardship, those who have struggled, and those who have experienced pain. Give them the grace to have your presence in their lives; help them to fully and completely heal and unite their personality aspects with your presence as their guiding force. I stand before you with great devotion. I ask you to intercede on my behalf and call the Original Blueprint for the perfection of Light in this reality. Accelerate me on the path of perfection, and bring that perfection to Earth. Help me receive help and guidance from the Higher Realms through you. In the mundane realm bring the right people, places, and things into my life and my hands. I most especially ask for financial means, power, prosperity, unlimited supply of resources and abundance to serve you and the Light to bring perfection to my life and the lives of others.”

I, St. Germain, ask my beloved Divine Mother to provide you with unlimited comfort and luxury. I ask Mother to help you gain humility and greater ability to focus on your Divine Mission. I ask for the intercession of the Divine Mother in all aspects of your life. I ask her to over-light you to help you become a Beacon of Light to illuminate the world. I ask Mother  to eliminate all the dross and bring flows and streams of money, abundance and prosperity; people, places and things that will help accomplish all tasks; raising the consciousness of humankind and the consciousness of the planet and allowing the higher vibrational frequency of Light to shine upon all.

I ask my beloved Divine Mother, to bring forth the Force, Power and Might of the Seven Lords of Light. I hold my Scepter of Power over my head and ask you to do the same. I invite the Seven Mighty Elohim, Lord Melchizedek, Lord Sanat Kumara, the Thrones of Absolute, Paramatman, Undifferentiated Source, Ellah, YHWH and I Am That I Am to join us in our prayers. I invite the Beings of Light from the Melchizedek Brotherhoods, the Legions of Michael, Uriel, Yahoweh-El, Metatron, El-Shaddai, the Mighty Elohim and the Legions of the Great Silent Watcher. I ask that every Scepter of Power be held over the head as a symbol of action, a symbol for holding up the torch, lighting the path and freeing everyone from pain and dross. I ask for the opening of the pathways of Light to all souls and to the planet. I ask for the raising of the consciousness of the planet and the consciousness of humankind. For the benefit of Light, for the greater good of all souls, for the Ascension of Earth and for love to fully reign on Earth, I offer you all that I am and all that I have done in service, my beloved Divine Mother, and I ask that my reward be given to all who serve you. I thank you for all that you do for humankind.

Let us stay here and receive the shower of blessings from the Divine Mother, the Mighty Elohim, the Great Silent Watchers, the Legions of Michael and Uriel, Yahoweh-El, Metatron, El-Shaddai, Melchizedek, Ancient of Days, all the Thrones and all the Light. Pause and bathe in the Light.

We hold every one of these great beings in our heart as we ask permission to leave the Throne of Absolute. We spiral down from the presence of the Divine Mother back to the Throne of Paramatman and further down to Undifferentiated Source. Blessing these Thrones and being blessed by them, we begin descending in the Pillar of Light to the Throne of Ellah and the Seven Mighty Elohim and continue spiraling down further to the Throne of God-Source, Throne of YHWH and the Throne of I Am That I Am. Blessing the Thrones and receiving Light and a shower of strength, we bow down before the presence of Sanat Kumara and ask him to over-light our body, our being, our nervous system and our Five Body System.

We spiral down to the consciousness of the body. I stand before you with my left hand on your Heart Chakra. The Sphere of Illumination is fully active, beaming Light to your Heart Chakra. The spin slows down to stop. You are able to see the Purple Ball of Light and the Flame inside.

I ask you to visualize the Flame inside of this Sphere at all times and focus on it many times during the course of each day. Keep it moving and energize it to spin to where it turns to Peach-Pink activating your body, cell structure and DNA to heal you and to transmute all that no longer serves you.

I ask you to visualize a spiral of Violet Flame. Imagine that you and I are together standing inside an enormous tongue of Violet Flame. It spirals from the base of your feet upward, moving counter-clockwise around you and up.

The Violet Flame must always be encountered from the Earth to the Heavens above and it must always be spun counter-clockwise. The spinning in counter-clockwise direction will help transmute all the dross from all the eons of lifetimes of struggle and the immediate daily dross from people, places and things. Always wrap yourself in the Violet Flame before you embark on the events of each day. Before you get out of bed, visualize yourself standing in front of St. Germain. His left hand is on your heart beaming you Light. The Violet Flame is moving counter-clockwise with Purple Light spinning all around you. Start your day and end your day in this way.

At night when you lay down say, “I ask St. Germain to take me to his chosen retreat tonight.” I will take you to the Retreat of the Ascension Flame over Zurich, the Retreat of God-Unity at the Throne of the Divine Mother, the Retreat of Luxor with the Flame of Ascension, and to Shamballa where Sanat Kumara resides.

I hold you in my own heart with great reverence, with great love, with great joy for this union.

I am your very own St. Germain

your own brother, your own father, your own best friend, and your beloved.  So it is.

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