February 2009, Valentine’s Day Special Edition

Dear Friends,

For our February Special Edition Newsletter, Metatron has requested that we continue the X Grid and add four more beings to the Grid to make it an X Plus Grid. This is a grid of empowerment; empowerment to manifest the reality you choose for yourself as a Master. Metatron says that we all deserve to be fully realized Masters and Co-creators of our destiny.

The portal days for February are 11, 14, 22 and 23.  February 23rd is Shivaratri, the most important day dedicated to Lord Shiva. Since this year is a Shiva year, celebrating Shivaratri is even more important. I will be offering a two day event in Nashua, New Hampshire, on February 21 and 22 in celebration of these important dates. This event is now offered to everyone, across the Globe via teleconferencing.  Join us to celebrate the return of the Lords of Light and the Celestial Guardians and offer devotion and ask protection from Lord Shiva on these special days. For more details and to register, click here.

Valentine’s Day is a special day where the alignments of the planets create a perfect triangle representing entry into the Age of Aquarius. To read more on this event and see the astrological chart for this day, click here.

Give each other a special Valentine gift of fluoride hearts charged with the energies of Lords of Light, Christ Maitreya, Thoth, Lord Shiva and the Celestial Guardians (click here).

We have the sound files from our 2/2/2009 gateway Portal Day event click here. Master Jesus requested that we perform the meditation every day, if possible, and especially at the point of the alignment, on February 14th. He also reminded us that we have been involved with him in the process of anchoring the energies of Divine Love which he brought to Earth 2000 years ago. He therefore, beckoned us to heal ourselves as a means of offering ourselves as Beacons of his Light.  For this reason, I have extended the deadline for the discount prices for Sacred Geometry Home Study Course (click here) and the Inner Sight, Inner Light Home Study Course (click here).

I wish you all a wonderful Valentine’s Day and a happy Shivaratri,


Metatron’s X Plus Grid

Metatron's X-Plus Grid

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Beloveds of my own heart, I am Metatron.

Take a deep breath with me. Visualize yourself in the formation of the X Grid. This is phase two of the X Grid. It is double X, the X Plus Grid. One formation is the X, the other is the +. You are standing at the crossing point of the X. Take a half step counterclockwise to face Metatron who is standing in the direction of northwest at the left point of the X. Purple-Magenta Light is beaming from Metatron’s heart to your heart. Breathe that Light into your heart.  Metatron will place his left hand on your heart. Purple-Magenta Light will begin to beam into your heart. Breathe that Light into your heart. Let all fears and all resistance melt away. You will release the residue and the debris of lack of empowerment. Do this grid and trust that you are fully empowered.

You begin to vibrate to the energy of that Purple-Magenta Light. Your entire body begins to resonate to the frequency of the Purple-Magenta Light of Metatron.

Now, take a half step to stand due north. Master Thoth is standing in front of you, 40 feet tall. He has to bend down and practically sit in order to touch your heart. He wears the mask of the Ibis bird over his face. This is because his face and his eyes are so bright that the Light can be blinding. He is protecting you with the mask. He is emanating the Emerald-Green Light from his body to your body; from his heart to your heart. He places his hand over your heart. His hand covers your entire chest area. Emerald-Green Light begins to beam into your heart. This year of 2009 is dedicated and devoted in reverence and love to the guardianship of Master Thoth and Lord Shiva. Therefore, in our X Grid formation we are adding the presence of Lord Shiva and Master Thoth. Emerald-Green of Master Thoth is emanating through your body. Bathe in the Light while your entire body begins emanating the Emerald-Green. He releases his hand and you breathe and pause for a moment.

Turn another half step to face northeast. Sanat Kumara is beaming Fuchsia-Pink-Magenta Light from his heart to your heart. He now places his hand over your chest; sending the Fuchsia-Pink-Magenta Light into your heart. Your entire body begins to emanate that Light, the Light of the Planetary Logos. Pause and breathe that Light into your Five Body System. He releases his hand. Pause for a moment.

Take a half step to face due east. The Maha Lord of Light is standing in the direction of east. The Maha Lord of Light is emanating Aquamarine-Blue-Platinum Light from his body to your body. He places his hand on your chest over your Heart Chakra. The Platinum-Blue-Light begins to emanate to your heart. Pause and breathe the Light of the Maha Lord of Light.

Take a half step and stand facing southeast. Ancient of Days is standing at this point. He begins sending Cobalt-Blue-Purple Light from his body to your body. He places his left hand on your chest. The Cobalt-Blue-Purple Light of the Galactic Logos begins entering your chest and through your chest into your physical body and all your Five Body System. Breathe in the Cobalt-Blue-Platinum Light and pause for a moment until your entire Five Body System resonates to the energies of the Ancient of Days.

He retrieves his hand and you take a half step to face due south. You are now standing before Lord Shiva. He is standing majestically, wearing his special ornaments around his neck and on his arms. His leopard skin is wrapped around his body. His piercing dark eyes are looking at you.  From the space of his Third Eye, a Midnight-Blue Light is emanating to your Third Eye. From the space of his heart, he sends an emanation of Midnight-Blue Light to empower you and to remove all obstacles from your path.  This year of 2009 is dedicated and devoted also to Lord Shiva, the Destroyer of Karma and the Destroyer of all Obstacles. Carry him with you through the year. Do this Grid of Light in his presence.

Lord Shiva is sending Midnight-Blue Light from his hand to your chest, from your chest to your physical body, through your physical body to all your Five Body System. All your energy bodies begin to emanate to this Midnight-Blue Light of empowerment; empowerment to manifest the reality you choose in this year; empowerment to greet this year in total control of all elements as a Master. You deserve to be a Master. You deserve to be a fully realized Master. You deserve to be a co-creator of your destiny as a fully realized Master, in the company of these Great Beings. Lord Shiva retrieves his hand. You pause for a moment to anchor those energies through your Five Body System.

Now you turn clockwise another half step facing the direction of southwest, you stand before Christ Maitreya, the World Teacher. Teal-Blue-Green Light of Christ Maitreya and the Cobalt-Blue-Light of the Ancient of Days mix to make Christ Maitreya’s Light. He places his hand over your heart. Dedicate and devote this year in his service, in his discipleship. He takes precedence over all beings. Master Thoth and Lord Shiva, Melchizedek and Metatron, Ancient of Days and Sanat Kumara are all here together with the Maha Lord of Light and Divine Mother to offer themselves in great service to Christ Maitreya. Allow him to place his hand fully on your chest and breathe into your chest the energies of Christ Maitreya. Allow his Light to move through your physical body and fill all your Five Body System creating a cocoon all around your energy bodies. Breathe his Light and his love into your body and offer yourself in total surrender to him. Offer your life in his service. He retrieves his hand. Pause for a moment to establish and anchor his energies in your Five Body System before we take another half step to face due west.

Our beloved Divine Mother is bedecked in white attire, Gold, Copper-Gold Light is emanating from her body. She is sending Copper-Gold and White Light to you. She places her hand over your heart and your heart is warmed in her presence. Your heart melts in her presence, your hardships melt, your fears are let go of, your worries and concerns are released. I ask you to do this grid. This grid will empower you. Pause for a moment and she will give you your personal message right now. Pause to receive your blessing.

Take a half step, facing Metatron and another half step facing due north and Master Thoth. Stand still and feel the energies of Lord Melchizedek begin to pour down through the Pillar of Light. Turquoise-Blue Light, the color chosen by Lord Melchizedek to represent his energies, begins to form around you. Now his energy begins to pour through you and into every member of this X Plus Grid formation; Metatron, Thoth, Sanat Kumara, Maha Lord of Light, Ancient of Days, Lord Shiva, Christ Maitreya, Divine Mother and Melchizedek. All energies are mixing and merging together.

We will begin to spin and spiral inside the Pillar of Light. The energies of Lord Melchizedek will begin to implode into the center. As you experience the energies implode, you are pulling all the energies of all eight beings into the center. Metatron, Thoth, Sanat Kumara, Maha Lord of Light, Ancient of Days, Lord Shiva, Christ Maitreya, Divine Mother and Melchizedek merge and begin to explode outward to create a Sphere of Turquoise colored Light. The Sphere begins to expand.

The energies return to implode at the center to gain momentum, exploding to the periphery allowing the Sphere to expand yet another round; moving from twelve feet in diameter to twenty-four feet in diameter, exploding and returning to the center to implode again, a third time. The Sphere will expand to 360 feet in diameter as we spiral upward inside the Pillar of Light reaching to the Thrown of I Am That I Am; merging into the presence of Sanat Kumara and the Throne of I Am.

We spiral upward into the Throne of YHWH. As I do this, you can set out your personal and global intentions. We spiral into the Throne of YHWH. We merge into the presence of Yahoweh-El and the Throne.

We spiral upward into the Cobalt-Blue Light of Ancient of Days and the Throne of God-Source. We merge into the being of God-Source.

We spiral upward into the Throne of Ellah and the energy of Melchizedek. We merge in to the Throne of Ellah.

We spiral upward to go to the Throne of Undifferentiated Source. Pause here and feel the presence of Undifferentiated Source and communicate your desires with him. We invite the Seven Lords of Light to join us and stand with us to intercede on your behalf.

We spin and spiral upward to the Throne of Paramatman and the presence of the Maha Lord of Light. Once again we stand at that Throne and set out our personal and global intentions.

We spiral upward to the Throne of Absolute and the presence of Divine Mother. Stand before her and feel her love. Together we go to the Throne of Creation; we enter the Pool of Creation. Ask Divine Mother for the Seed of the Pure and Innocent Female Child and for the anchoring of the Seed through you. Ask her for a new life which begins from this moment on into the future. This will be the moment of a re-birthing and a renewal for you.

Remember that coming to the Pool of Creation accelerates all events and circumstances. Why? Because coming to the Pool of Creation, you call the ionic matter that allows you to co-create the reality you choose. Always ask for,

“The co-creation of the reality which is in alignment with your Divine Mission and with the Will and Divine Mission of Christ Maitreya,” always.

Come to the Pool of Creation 10 times a day if you can and sit in the Pool and call upon the Divine Mother and ask for the Seed of the reality which is in alignment with your Divine Mission and that of Christ Maitreya. Then the tapestry of your Divine Mission will be woven into the tapestry of his Divine Mission and he will continue to keep you at his pace. When you let go of him you lose his pace, you have to continually go back to him and ask him to be your guardian and guide. Go back to him and constantly offer yourself in his discipleship. Do this by coming to the Divine Mother and asking through her grace and intercession. Then she will take you to the Pool of Creation. Inside the Pool of Creation she will pull to you the ionic matter for the co-creation of that reality which is most appropriate and poignant for you from moment to moment. Then your future is built upon the seed and the thought-forms that are retrieved by her on your behalf. Take a deep breath and pause into the Pool of Creation.

See that all the Ionic Matter is around you as though you have been gold leafed, although it is Platinum colored.  Small specs of Platinum dust are all over and around your body; where are they congregating but around your Solar Plexus, Sacral Plexus and Seat of the Soul. That is where they congregate. Why? Because that represents the womb.

Focus on the Seed for the creation of the reality you choose to manifest and co-create with Divine Mother and the Masters. Ask for the manifestation ideal for you. Ask the Divine Mother for that Seed. Add to that your Divine Mission.  Add to that the Divine Will of Christ Maitreya and call upon the intercession of Master Thoth, Lord Shiva, Melchizedek, Metatron, Christ Maitreya and Sanat Kumara as well as Divine Mother, throughout this year.  Now put all of that energy into the X Grid and let this be a new beginning for you.

I hold you in my own heart, I am Metatron.


Dear Linda,
Thank you very much for your feedback. It is a powerful grid and many are using it. Together we will create a much greater circle of light.
Much Love and Light to you.

Linda May Campos
March 22nd, 2009 at 3:38 pm

I have been doing this grid since it came out it February and I have felt it’s power and protection. I never leave my house without picturing that I am in the center of the grid and all the masters are in their place of the X-Plus grid. I use it for those I love, my family and friends. I feel the miracle of it all the time. When I end my day I again visualize the grid and when in the pool of creation I find such peace and harmony that truly surpasses understanding. I have placed copies of the colorful grid throughout my house and keep a copy of it in my dayminder at work. I strongly recommend it to all!! With Love, Linda

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