December 2009

Dear Friends,

December is upon us and the energies of the entire year are coming to their final acceleration point. This December is an enormously important month as it denotes the starting point of a three year phase, culminating in December of 2012. What we have sown in service so far and what we continue to do in service to the Light shall be reaped for the benefit of all humankind. We are the Light Bearers who continue to take our world to Higher Light and pave the path to a better life for all.

The Masters are calling upon us more now than ever before to be the instruments of change within our world, to ignite the Divine Spark within the hearts of all souls and to guide and heal all species.

Master Jesus is giving us a grid of Light to embody our Fifth Dimensional Selves and bring the sacred Magical potencies of the Fifth Dimensional Energies to fill this Third Dimension with much brighter and Higher Light.

Please join us in our final free public Gateway Portal Day Channeling of 2009. It will provide us with a road map to navigate our way to greater and better things throughout the upcoming year of 2010. To register for the free public Gateway Portal Day Channeling event, click here.

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The portal days for the month of December begin from around 9/12 and culminate on 12/12, then 12/21, 12/22, 12/29 and 12/30 accelerate us further into January of 2010.

I wish you all a peaceful and joyful month of December and thank you all with great gratitude on behalf of all the Masters and all of us at Waves of Bliss. May we grow together in Light and brighten this world with this Grid of Light and the togetherness which we have created with our love and dedication. May you all receive a thousand folds for all that you do.

Thank you for being here on Earth at this amazing time of change. I celebrate you and your Glorious Light.

In Love and Peace,




Grid to Embody Your Fifth Dimensional Self

Jeshua Ben Joseph, Channeled 10/31/09



Adonai beloved, I am Jeshua Ben Joseph.


I will offer you a Grid of Light with the help of Master Thoth, Sanat Kumara, Christ Maitreya, Melchizedek, Metatron and the energies of Divine Mother in her aspects as Goddess Hecate and Goddess Isis. It is high time that we start to accelerate you through the Sacred Magic of Fifth Dimensional Energies and help you to embody your Fifth Dimensional Self.


Visualization with Master Jesus


Visualize yourself standing with Master Jesus inside a Pillar of Pure White Light. Place your focus on seeing Jesus standing in front of you. His body is emanating the Golden Pink Light of Divine Love. A beam of Golden-Pink Light is emanating from the Third Eye of Jesus to your Third Eye. It creates a small ball of light in your Third Eye. Inside of the Golden-Pink Sphere of Light there is a flame. This flame will enhance the opening of your Third Eye and establish an energetic connection between you and Jesus. Breathe and bathe as this Light is established inside your Third Eye.

Visualize from the Throat Chakra of Jesus a beam of Golden Pink Light emanating to your Throat Chakra. It will create a small sphere Golden Pink Light in your Throat Chakra. In the center of this sphere imagine the Cobalt-Blue Light of the communication and God-Source energy vibrating and energizing your Throat Chakra, the center for communication. The Blue is encased inside of the Golden-Pink. Breathe and bathe in this energy as your Throat Chakra is established in this Light and continues to be recharged and energized by the Cobalt Blue and the Golden Pink.

Envision from the Cosmic Heart and Personal Heart of Jesus a Golden-Pink Light emanating to your Cosmic Heart and Personal Hear Chakras. Breathe and bathe in this Light.

Envision from the Seat of the Soul of Jesus a beam of Aquamarine Blue Light encased in Golden-Pink emanating to your Seat of the Soul Chakra. Breathe and Bathe.

Envision from the Solar Plexus, Sacral Plexus and Root Chakra of Jesus beams the Copper-Gold Light emanating to your three lower chakras. This Copper Gold Light is the embodiment of the essence of the energies of Divine Mother. It will energize you with the nurturing and creative powers of Divine Mother, through the overlighting power of Jesus. Breathe and bathe in these energies and allow your chakras to be fully energized in this way.

Calling Forth Goddess Hecate, Goddess Isis and

Master Thoth, as the Great Divine Director

I invoke our beloved Goddess Hecate to come forth. Visualize that Jeshua has changed position to stand behind you. Goddess Hecate, as the aspect of Divine Mother who brings Passion and Action, stands in front of you in the north. Jeshua Ben Joseph, as the new Hierarch for the Throne of Ellah, stands in the south behind you. Goddess Isis, as the Goddess of Sacred Magic and Manifestation, stands in the direction of east. Master Thoth, as the new Great Divine Director, stands in the direction of west.

The Great Divine Director is an office and a Throne, occupied by Great Cosmic Beings. In the process of the new installment of Jeshua as the Hierarch of the 55th Dimension, Master Thoth has accepted the office of the Great Divine Director. This means that he will be the liaison between everything from the planetary point of view on Earth with other planetary bodies in the galaxy, representing earth at the Galactic Core to the Karmic Board.

For the past 25,000 years Master Thoth has been the record keeper of Earth.  Now in his new formal position as the Great Divine Director, Thoth will be instrumental in the process of the acceleration and evolution of Earth to higher positions within the Galaxy.  This will provide a rocket boost for all Masters and their disciples, which includes all of you.  Together we will move to the next level of acceleration to unfold the 5th Dimensional Realms upon the 3rd Dimension and raise the vibration of the 3rd Dimension. This requires that we first fully raise the vibration of your physical bodies to enable you to embody 5th Dimensional Energies.

A project of this caliber needs a blasting of energy from higher realms. Understanding the importance of the position of Master Thoth as the Great Divine Director will help you fully comprehend the enormity of what is unfolding on Earth at this present moment. It will help you understand your role in the big picture and the significance of the path unfolding before you between now and March Equinox of 2010. What you do in this period of time will become precedence for all the events that transpire after March Equinox and continue to December Solstice of 2012.

Everything that we do to anchor energies in the course of this time sets the pace for everything that will unfold in the following two and a half years to bring us to the end of 2012, the official date given by the Karmic Board when we begin to live 5th Dimensional Energies on Earth, en masse. However, this doesn’t stop you living it right here, right now. In fact it empowers you to do just that. All the urgency which you have experienced in the past few years, the acceleration which we have imposed upon you are because of this all important event that we are facing by the end of 2012.

The ultimate objective is raising the vibration of Earth and all humankind en masse, to vibrate 5th Dimensional Energies. Together we will catapult the 3rd Dimensional Reality of Earth to move into a 5th Dimensional existence where thoughts are things and manifestation of your ideas and designs can happen instantaneously or within minutes, hours, days, rather than months, years, decades and lifetimes.

Setting up the Hecate, Isis, Master Thoth Grid of Light

Visualize in the direction of north, Goddess Hecate is beaming you a Golden-Red Light. In the direction of east Goddess Isis is beaming you a Platinum Lapis Blue Light. In the direction of south, Jeshua is beaming you Golden-Pink Light and in the direction of west, Master Thoth is sending you Emerald-Green Light interspersed with Gold. As Record Keeper for Earth, Thoth’s signature was Emerald-Green Light. Now, as the Great Divine Director, his energies are imbued with Golden Emerald-Green Light.

Now visualize an X formation of beings placed around you and Goddess Hecate, Isis, Jeshua and Thoth.  Visualize Christ Maitreya standing at the northwest point. Face Christ Maitreya and receive Teal-Blue Green Light. Breathe, bathe and pause for a moment.

In the northeast, visualize Lord Melchizedek. Face Melchizedek and receive the Melchizedek Blue Light; Cobalt-Blue interspersed with Purple. Breathe and Bathe.

In the southeast visualize Sanat Kumara. Face Sanat Kumara and receive Fuchsia-Pink-Magenta Light. Breathe and bathe. Visualize Metatron in the southwest. Face Metatron and receive Maroon-Magenta Light. Breathe and bathe.

Christ Maitreya, Melchizedek, Sanat Kumara and Metatron are here to hold focus for what Hecate, Isis, Jeshua and Thoth will accomplish.

Now visualize that Divine Mother comes to stand facing you and embracing you. Your entire body becomes filled with Copper-Gold Light.

The Intention of this Grid


The intention of this grid is for Goddess Isis, in conjunction with Master Thoth, to anchor the energies of Divine Magic to raise the vibration of Earth and all humankind.

Goddess Hecate’s contribution is to removes the impact and influence of the dark forces and clear the pathway for Jeshua to continue to pour the Light of the hierarch through Realms of Semi-Form into Realms of Form, further raising the vibration of Earth and pulling the 3rd Dimensional Reality into the 5th.

Christ Maitreya stands guarding the intentions of Jeshua, as the hierarch of the Realms of Elohim and the Throne of Ellah.

As you stand with Divine Mother and receive Copper-Gold, your entire body is emanating the Copper-Gold. The intentions of Divine Mother are for the embodiment and the anchoring of the energies of the Pure and Innocent Feminine Child into this 5th Dimensional Grid. If there is one intention that stands above all others, it is Divine Mother’s intention to bring the embodiment of the Pure and Innocent Feminine Child into the 5 Elements, into the fabric of time and space and to every iota of existence.

Perform this grid daily until March Equinox of 2010. You will accelerate yourself to much higher energies and illuminate the path for the awakening of souls to follow you in embodying their 5th Dimensional Selves. I bless you for all you do for earth and humankind.

I hold you in my own heart with great love.

I am Jeshua Ben Joseph. So it is.


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