August 2009

Dear Friends,

August is an important time from a planetary point of view as it is the month for greatest spiritual growth for all souls and the planet herself. Therefore we can be of immense help to the planet and instrumental in bringing about great positive changes. These changes can happen when we accelerate the level and the pace of our service to the Light, by healing ourselves and by holding anchor for Earth and all humankind to heal themselves.

The year of 2009 has been landmarked as the most important year for the reign of Light and the month of July as its instrument. The solar flares which have begun in the month of July helped to clear the energies of dross from the atmosphere of Earth allowing us to become receptive to a higher level of Light. This new level of Light will help us shift our reality to free ourselves from a reality of pain and struggle and unfold a life of joy, peace and harmony. Joy, peace and harmony is our divine right. This is the message from St. Germain chosen for this month.

Please include all your loved ones as you perform the exercise in this Grid of Light. You may call for healing of troubled people and places in the world, extinct and diseased souls of, animals, minerals, plants and human beings. Let us pray for the portals of energy that bring Light to Earth to be cleared. Let us pray for those who have lost loved ones and are grieving. Let us pray for Light to shine in the hearts of all souls. Let us pray that the highest ultimate reality filled with light, peace and harmony unfold upon humankind  through the intercession of Divine Mother and the Masters.

The Masters have said over and over again, do not ask for justice, but always ask for mercy. We are asking for mercy, not mercy attained by the merits that humankind has earned but by the mercy that is available to us through the grace of those who serve the Light, living and Ascended, Masters and their disciples, such as us. Let us pray for all the living masters, saints and avatars, who have offered their heaven to be here on Earth at this momentous time of Earth’s history as we move to shift from the duality to unity, from separation to union, from darkness to Light.

The important portal days for this month are 8/8 which is a great portal day and we will have a free public group channeling with master Jesus. This will be the first day of an eight day portal for the return of the Lords of Light to Earth. To register for the Free Public Group Channeling on this gateway portal day click here.

From 8/8 to 8/16 we have an eight day portal of the Return of the Lords of Light. To participate in the candle grid exercise and perform ceremonies on these important days you may refer to the special edition newsletter in July and listen to a 4 minute audio of the message given by Master Jesus in this regard. To read the newsletter and listen to the audio click here.

Other important Portal and energy days are 8/18, 8/22, 27 29 and 31. The Full Moon is on the 5th and the New Moon is on the 20th. Ceremonies, meditations, candle grids and Grid of Light exercises on these days are of utmost importance.

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I wish you the greatest of journeys into the Realms of Light in the company of the Masters and Divine Mother on this amazing month.

In Light,


Grid of Light with St. Germain, Christ Maitreya, El Morya

Divine Mother, Angelic Forces of Violet Ray,

and Angelic Forces of Violet Flame to pave the path for entry into the Realms of Light expected for the year 2012

St. Germain channeled on July 7, 2009

St. Germain's Grid of Light
for larger image of St. Germain’s Grid of Light click here

Dear Hearts, I am St. Germain.

Place your focus on your Third Eye. Visualize St. Germain standing before you. From the space of St. Germain’s Third Eye a Purple-Magenta Light is illuminated to your Third Eye. Receive this Light and allow it to clear and cleanse the pathways to greater Inner Vision. Set out your intentions, if you so wish to allow your Inner Vision to be restored, renewed and expanded. I have come to intercede on your behalf and to help guide you to receive clear and precise inner guidance. In these times it is important for you to be able to rely on your own inner guidance. Inner guidance when it relates to the mundane events is experienced through your instincts.  Sometimes you are in conflict within yourself as to whether to follow your gut instinct or the logical mind. That is when your stomach churns and you hesitate in  doing what seems to be the right thing but does not feel right to you instinctively. Inner guidance and instinct for navigation of the higher realm and the sublime truth is gained  through the Third Eye.

I help by giving you the chance to open up the Third Eye further to connect with the higher realms to receive guidance directly. As the Cohan of the Seventh Ray and Guardian of the present cycle of Earth during the Age of Aquarius, I will stand by your side and walk on the path with you. Allow me to guide you and to help you open up to the realms and have greater focus, greater Inner Vision, greater inner knowing. Let us begin on this path together from this moment on. Ask that it be done on your behalf.

We have to pave this path. The months of August and September will set the pace to provide the stage to take us through into the changes expected by the end of 2012. The three years ahead of us will set the pace for the next 2000 years. In fact, they set the pace for the next 3000 years, 2000 of which we will be moving through the Age of Aquarius. Then we will hand over the Reign of Light to the First Ray and the energies of Divine Will. We can walk the path and illuminate it with the Seventh Ray of Transmutation and at the same time prepare to receive the First Ray of Divine Will.

Therefore, I now call upon my Lord El Morya, the Cohan of the First Ray. become aware of the presence of Lord Master El Morya, the Guardian of the First Ray, the Divine Will of God Visualize him coming to stand in front of you. I will stand in front of you in the northeast. He will stand in front of you in the northwest. In this way we will create a small triangle with you.  The beam of Purple-Magenta will continue from my Third Eye to your Third Eye.

The color attributed to the first Ray is a deep Aquamarine Blue Light. Visualize El Morya sending you deep Aquamarine Blue Light from the space of his Seat of the Soul to yours – the space between the Solar Plexus and the Personal Heart, right below your last rib.

This is the Light of Divine Will which emanates to your  Seat of the Soul chakra. This chakra carries the energies of the Divine Will while your solar plexus carries the energies of your personal will. El Morya as the Guardian of the Divine Will transfers that energy to you.

Breathe and bathe in this light for a moment.

Now I call to Christ Maitreya, the World Teacher who is the great lord under whose tutelage we all stand, masters and disciples. His will is the “Word” for this present time in Earth’s history. He has come to pave the path for the return of the Planetary Logos. The Planetary Logos, my Lord Sanat Kumara, is the “Word” for Earth. However he is not able to physically come to Earth because of the state of the third dimensional reality of Earth and the nature of the present duality.

We are fortunate to have the physical presence of the World Teacher, Christ Maitreya, on Earth at this present juncture of Earth’s history. He makes the ultimate decisions; he helps the unfoldment of the greater reality; he offers to remove and release karma and karmic entanglements for all human souls, if you should ask him to do so. However deeply layered a person’s karma may be, he is in the position to release that karma because his Light is a Supreme Light and his word is the final Word.

Visualize Christ Maitreya  stand directly due North facing you. He will begin to beam the Teal Blue-Green Light, his signature energy, emanating from his Cosmic Heart to yours- Cosmic heart chakra is directly over the thymus gland, equal distance between your Throat Chakra and your Personal Heart Chakra. The Turquoise Light natural to Cosmic Heart Chakra begins to bathe in the Teal Blue-Green of his Light. Breathe and bathe in these lights.

While facing Christ Maitreya, ask him in your own words to intercede on your behalf to clear and cleanse all your  karma and karmic entanglements, past, present and future from your life and from the lives of your loved one, from your country and from the countries where turmoil and conflict reign; from your mind and from the minds of all who need it; from your emotions and from the emotions of all souls; from your body and from the bodies of all those who experience dis-ease in one form or another.

I now call forth the Angelic Forces of Violet Ray and Violet Flame to stand shoulder to shoulder in a circle around you. Visualize St. Germain sending Purple-Magenta Light from his Third Eye to your Third Eye. Master El Morya is sending Aquamarine Blue Light from his Seat of the Soul to your Seat of the Soul chakra. Christ Maitreya is sending Teal Blue-Green Light from his Cosmic Heart to your Cosmic Heart. The Angelic Forces of Violet Ray, female aspect and the Angelic Forces of Violet Flame, Male aspect, one next to another, one male next to one female. They send you Purple Light to fill the circle around you and the masters.

Visualize Violet Ray and Flame begins at your feet and spin and spiral upward, generally in a counterclockwise direction around your body all the way to the top of your head. Do this  with the help of the legions of the Violet Ray and Violet Flame. I will stand guard for the Violet Ray and Violet Flame to continue to emanate spinning, spiraling, clearing your auric field and moving with you wherever you go to clear and cleanse you, all that you may touch  and all places and things as you move about.

I direct the Angelic Forces of Violet Ray to begin holding the palms of their hands at your feet, moving and motioning the counter-clockwise spin of the Violet Ray and the Angelic Forces of Violet Flame to  begin to sing and hum to the vibrational force field of Violet Flame, accelerating the movement of the energy upward.

Sound creates motion. Motion brings events into action. Motion causes thought forms to become actions. Actions bring events into form. If you could understand that, as simple as it is, you would be able to turn base metal into gold. This is the first lesson in alchemy. Through the power and might bestowed upon the Angelic Forces of Violet Ray and Violet Flame we will begin the process of clearing and cleansing your auric field and setting up a grid on your behalf whereby a whirlwind, a tornado of Violet Flame and Violet Ray is continuously moving around you, spinning counter-clockwise.

I ask you to join me in making a sound. It matters not what kind of sound you are guided to make. What matters is to allow the sound to create motion and the motion to bring action into form, and from form for events to take place, events that will clear your auric field of the dross of past, present and future and events that will then replace that dross with peace, love, joy, harmony and unity. Take a deep breath.

While you are making the sounds, we spin the Violet Flame around you. We create a whirlwind of Violet Ray and Violet Flame. Ask Christ Maitreya, in this auspicious moment, in the presence of all these great beings, to fully relieve you of your karma and karmic entanglements. Offer to him your life, your time, your energy, your life force, your wisdom, your actions, your money. On your own behalf and for your loved ones, ask for health and wholeness. Offer your time and your life force, your mission or your mundane success, there is no one in the world that can do you greater justice than Christ Maitreya.

Keep visualizing Purple Light spinning and spiraling while intoning sounds. Let the sounds fill your body with their vibrations. Let the vibration resonate inside your body. The sound can bring motion into action. Action can replace the dross. Pain can be replaced by pleasure, struggles by peace.

We are in good company. This is an auspicious moment. This is a time when you can change the world. You change your world and through you the world outside can change. You can awaken others by touching them. You can move others to see the Light. You can change the destiny of Earth and co-create a new destiny where we all stand tall, immersed in Light, moving toward the experience of God Unity. God Unity is your Divine right.

Breathe and bathe and come to a place of silence and peace. Say in your own words, from the core of your own heart, whatever you wish to say. Pray and meditate for a moment.

Now visualize Divine Mother appearing right in the center of this circle and standing directly in front of you. She places her right hand over your Personal Heart Chakra. From her Solar Plexus, Sacral Plexus and Root Chakra a beam of Copper-Gold is emanating to your Solar Plexus, Sacral Plexus and Root Chakra. The emanations of Violet Flame and Violet Ray keep spinning and spiraling around you.

From her left hand Pure White Light is emanating to your Personal Heart. Now is the time to speak to Divine Mother. Ask her for what you wish for. Offer yourself in her service. Goddess Celina, Goddess Aphrodite, Goddess Hecate, the deities of Full Moon, Receding Moon and New Moon are now present. Lord Helios and Lady Vesta, the deities of the Sun are present. Master El Morya, St. Germain and Christ Maitreya are present. The Angelic Forces of Violet Ray, the Angelic Forces of Violet Flame, and the energy vibration of Violet Ray and Violet Flame which overlights the consciousness of this moment of Earth’s history are present. The higher consciousness of Earth is tuned to Violet Ray and Violet Flame. It can remove the dross, end conflict and bring peace and harmony back to Earth and all souls. In this entourage, offer to Divine Mother all that you have, all that you are, all that you want, all that you have been, where you have been and where you will be going. Ask her to hold you by the hand and guide you. Take a moment and speak to Mother in your own words. Pause and speak with her.

Now breathe and bathe in the Purple -Magenta light emanating to your Third Eye, Teal Blue-Green emanating to your Cosmic Heart, Pure White Light emanating to your Personal Heart Chakra, Aquamarine Blue Light emanating to the Seat of the Soul, Copper-Gold emanating to your Solar Plexus, Sacral Plexus and Root Chakra, A whirlwind of Violet Ray and Violet Flame is spinning counter-clockwise from your feet up to your head. It will continue to spin. Set out your intention that it will never leave you from this moment on until Earth and humankind have been restored to the divinity of the original intent whether it takes a day or a thousand years or more. You will have nothing to lose to make Violet Ray and Violet Flame your best friend.

Breathe and bathe in these energies that have been offered to you.

I wish to request that you repeat this grid by remembering St. Germain, Christ Maitreya, El Morya, Divine Mother, the Angelic Forces of Violet Ray and Violet Flame. Write it on a piece of paper and place it somewhere where it is the first thing that you see in the morning. Simply calling upon them and asking them to create the grid around you will help you. It will pave the path, it will make the day go easier, it will help remove the obstacles, it will bring ease and grace into your life.

I hold you with great joy in the Violet Flame and in the Violet Ray. I hold you in my own heart.

I am your very own St. Germain. So it is, it is done, amen.


Call upon St. Germain to stand facing you in the northeast and visualize beams of Light in Purple-Magenta are emanating from his Third Eye to your Third Eye.

Call upon Master El Morya to stand in the northwest and visualize Aquamarine Blue emanating from his Seat of the Soul to your Seat of the Soul.

Call upon Christ Maitreya to stand in the north directly facing you and visualize Teal Blue-Green Light emanating from his Cosmic Heart to your Cosmic Heart.

Call upon the Angelic Forces of Violet Ray (all female) and the Angelic Forces of Violet Flame (all male) to stand one male shoulder-to-shoulder with one female, beaming the Purple Violet Ray and Violet Flame of Transmutation and spinning it counter clockwise from your feet up to your head.

Call upon Divine Mother to stand directly in front of you inside this circle. She places her  right hand over your Personal Heart Chakra emanating Pure White Light . From her Solar Plexus, Sacral Plexus and Root Chakra a beam of Copper-Gold is emanating to your Solar Plexus, Sacral Plexus and Root Chakra.

The emanations of Violet Flame and Violet Ray keep spinning and spiraling around you.

State all your intentions and offer yourself in service to Divine Mother and to Christ Maitreya. Ask for the removal of Karma and the embodiment of your Divine Mission, in service to the light and in the entourage of all beings of light.

Continue to carry the violet Ray and Flame with you wherever you go form this moment on, while remaining aware that Divine mother and the Masters will intercede on your behalf in all aspects of your life.

So it is.

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