April 2009

Dear friends,

For our April newsletter I have chosen an elaborate discourse given by our very own Lord Metatron, where he takes us to the Pool of Creation and offers some amazing prayers on our behalf. 24th of April is Ascension Day. Ascension can be fully achieved when our Quotient of Light ascends to great heights beyond the duality of the Third Dimension. We will celebrate this event with a three day Intensive called “The only way out is in” on 24th through 26th of April in Albany, New York. You are all invited to join us in these celebrations. Click here for more.

Our Return of the Celestial Guardians Group Channeling  series started on Monday, March 23rd and was a great success! You may join us by signing up for the entire group series. You will receive the first audio download to listen to and catch up at your leisure. The next session will be on Sunday, March 29th at 3:00 pm(EST). To register click here.

I wish you a great month of April and a powerful Ascension Day.

In the Light,


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We are currently seeking a videographer for our workshops. If you are interested, please fill out the contact form. Click here.

 Portal Day Channeling

The portal day of this month is 4/4 when we will have our free Portal Gateway group channeling, click here to sign up.

Other important energy days this month are 4/11, 4/18, 4/22 and of course 4/24. Prayers, ceremonies and grids of Light on these days will have a much greater power of manifestation.


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Journey to the Thrones

Metatron channeled August 08, 2008


Beloveds of my own heart, I am Metatron. 

Take a deep breath with me.  Focus your energy at the center of your Cosmic Heart Chakra. Visualize yourself standing before Metatron. Visualize Legions of Michael standing around us with their Swords of Mercy. The Swords are Pillars of Aquamarine-Blue Light. They stand shoulder to shoulder with their arms outstretched holding their Swords of Mercy over our heads. Visualize, from the touching of the points of the Swords of Mercy, a shower of Aquamarine-Blue Light begins to pour down upon us. This Blue Light is the Light of Empowerment, the Light of Mercy, and the Light of Protection. Power, Mercy and Protection are pouring down upon us. Visualize that a Bubble of Light is forming around us. 

I will take you on a journey to the Throne of Creation to go before the Presence of the Divine Mother. From the Divine Mother, who is the Feminine Principle of Existence, and the Creative Force of this entire Creation, I will ask prosperity and abundance for you. We will take a journey through the Thrones of God, manifest and non-manifest and visit deities and hierarchies of Great and Cosmic Beings of Light. At these Thrones we ask for a blessing and pause a moment to express our intentions at each one. We will invite every member of every throne to accompany us to the Throne of the Divine Mother.

The Bubble of Blue Light is now formed. I call forth the Great Silent Watcher, who is the God-Mother for this entire creation. She held the design and idea for this Earth and the Solar System in her heart for millions of years until it became a reality. I will ask her that every one of your intentions be realized. You can repeat this exercise from this moment on everyday as many times as you desire. You can write your list of desires and place it in the grid formation.

Call upon the Great Silent Watcher, ask her to hold those intentions in her heart and bless you with favorable results. I invoke Goddess Lakshmi, the Goddess of Abundance and Prosperity in spiritual as well as in material matters. To achieve the objects of your desires, you must work with Goddess Lakshmi. She sits on the treasure chest of all resources of Earth. She also sits on the treasure chest of the heavenly realms and brings you spiritual abundance. 

Now I ask Goddess Lakshmi to join me at the very center of this circle. Visualize that you and Lakshmi are facing each other and make a triangle with Metatron. Around the outer circle the Legions of Michael stand shoulder to shoulder emanating Aquamarine-Blue Light of Power, Mercy and Protection. Together, we are creating Prosperity, Abundance, Success, and Power. To do this we call upon our beloved Great Silent Watcher, the true Mother for this Earth and Solar System. You can always call upon her as the true Creative Force.

The Great Silent Watcher creates another layer in the form of a large Bubble of Aquamarine-Blue interspersed with Emerald-Green, to manifest prosperity. Emerald-Green is the color of truth and hope. It is also the color for manifestation of physical abundance on Earth.  Green is a color most abundant in nature. It emanates the energy of healing. Everything in this third dimensional realm of reality can be healed and manifested through the Emerald-Green Ray.  Breathe into your lungs this Emerald-Green Ray, interspersed with the Aquamarine-Blue Light which the Great Silent Watcher, is showering upon you now.

Focus your attention on Goddess Lakshmi and feel her Presence. She comes in her majesty clad in red robes with a golden tiara over her head. From her wrist all the way up her arm she is wearing gold bangles. Around her neck she wears gold. Red and Gold are the colors that Goddess Lakshmi brings. Gold represents the alchemy of the Heavenly Realm and Red is the Life Force of Earth; the Life Force that beats and pulses through your veins. Now visualize that the Aquamarine-Blue and Emerald-Green Bubble is spinning around you. We move spiraling outside of the consciousness of this body. I invoke the Pillar of Pure White Light to form around you and the Bubble of Aquamarine-Blue and Emerald-Green Light. The Pillar of Pure White Light is fully formed and we spiral upward inside it. Each of you has a cord of Light, which extends from the top of your head and connects you to the Higher Realms. Visualize that your cord is now emanating White Light as we begin spiraling upwards.

We reach the Throne of the I Am That I Am, God-in form, and we bless the Throne. It is emanating Brilliant Light. Your own individualized essence is now merging into the presence of the I Am at the Throne. Pause, breathe and bathe in this Light.

We invite the Presence of the I Am to accompany us as we spiral upward to the next Throne, the Throne of YHWH. This Throne is emanating Gold-Liquid Light. Enter the Throne and merge into the Golden Light and invite the presence of YHWH to unite with you. Pause and bathe in the Light. Breathe deeply.

We ask the presence of YHWH to accompany us. We spiral upward in the company of YHWH and the I Am to the Throne of God-Source. 

Cobalt-Blue Light is emanating from this Throne. Immerse yourself in the Cobalt-Blue Light of the God-Source. We merge and unite in Oneness with the God-Source. Pause and breathe as you bathe in God-Source Energies.

We invite the Being of this Throne to accompany us. In the presence of the I Am That I Am, YHWH and God-Source we spiral upwards to the Throne of Ellah. This is the residence of the Elohim, the architects of this Universe. This is where Pure White Light begins to fully emanate as Form fades into Semi-Form, the half-way point on the journey from Form to Non-Form. In the presence of the I Am That I Am, YHWH and God-Source, we merge into the Throne of Ellah. We pause to receive the full essence.  Breathe and bathe in the Light.

Ellah will accompany us, spiraling upwards, as we move to the Throne of Undifferentiated Source. This is God in Non-Form. This is God as essence, energy and indescribable Light. The Throne of Undifferentiated Source is Pure Love. We spiral into this Throne and ask the presence of Undifferentiated Source to bless and fill every iota, molecule, cell, and particle of our being. Pause and bathe to absorb the energies. 

In the company of the I Am, YHWH, God-Source, Ellah and the Undifferentiated Source we move up to the Throne of Paramatman. Atman is the Realized Self. Paramatman is that which is beyond the Realized Self, the Supreme Self, the Self of all Selves. Here the colors change.  There is a touch of Aquamarine-Blue. In the company of the I Am, YHWH, God-Source, Ellah and Undifferentiated Source, we bathe in the Light of Paramatman. Pause and absorb the energies. Bathe and breathe in the Light.

We ask Paramatman to join us as we move to the Throne of the Seven Lords of Light and the Maha Lord of Light. The emanations of this Throne are Aquamarine-Blue mixed with Platinum Light. Platinum is the energy of the Maha Lord of Light, for he carries the essence of the Divine Mother in its purest form. He brings the essence of the Platinum Light of the Creative Force of the Feminine to Earth, encapsulated in the Masculine. The Aquamarine-Blue is the essence that is over-lighting that Throne because there are Seven Lords. 

The First Lord emanates Blue-Green; the Second Lord, Yellow-Peach; the Third Lord, Red; the Fourth Lord, Aquamarine-Blue; the Fifth Lord, Emerald-Green; the Sixth Lord, Bright Orange and the Seventh Lord, Purple-Magenta. The united forces of the Seven Lords are over-lighted by the Aquamarine-Blue. Why? Because the Aquamarine-Blue is the color for the Feminine Principle when it takes form to become a Masculine Essence in order to come to Earth and unfold as the Seventh Golden Age. Through the Guardianship of the Seven Lords of Light and the Maha Lord of Light, this event will become a reality. The over-lighting color to symbolize it is Aquamarine-Blue interspersed with Platinum Light. Immerse yourself at the Throne of the Seven Lords of Light and the Maha Lord of Light with the Platinum energies interspersed with Aquamarine-Blue and bless the presence of everyone who has accompanied you here. Breathe and bathe in the Light.

We join together to go to the Throne of Absolute and stand before the Divine Mother.  Divine Mother resides upon three layers of reality close to the 144th realm. She has three specific Thrones. The first one is the Throne of Absolute. The next one is the Pool of Creation and the third one is the Pure Essence of the Feminine Principle. We stand before the Divine Mother at the Throne of Absolute and ask her to grant us permission and bless us to be taken to the Throne of Creation. Pause and bathe in the energies of Absolute.

We are brought to the Throne of Creation in the company of Divine Mother. Now we ask permission to enter the Pool of Creation. All Creation, Ideas, Designs, Concepts, are held inside of this Pool in seed form.

To have a peaceful life and to grow spiritually with utmost grace and gentleness, take the hem of the Divine Mother’s robes and ask for her Divine Will. There is no deity and no greater Light Being that can be more compassionate and more forgiving than the Divine Mother. In this auspicious moment I take you before her. The rest is up to you. How you make her love you even more, how you get her attention, every minute of every day, how you dedicate and devote your life to her, how you get her to feel the love that you send to her and multiply that love and return it to you, is up to you. My job is to bring you here. You are here before her Throne. Sit and take the hem of her robes and say,

“Mother, give me permission right now. Take me to the Pool of Creation and help me find ideas, concepts, designs and thought-forms which will come into manifestation and serve me well; the ideas, designs, concepts, thought-forms, and actions that will make my life easier; the ideas, designs, concepts, and actions that will take me further on my spiritual path. Mother, I will not take no for an answer. I will stay here and hold the hem of your dress until you give me permission. Mother, I offer you my life. Mother, I offer you myself in service. Mother, it is all about you. You created it all. From you I have come and to you I shall return. Oh Mother, take me into your heart. Take me into your bosom. Forgive me for what I have done and remind me that I am Divine. Remind me that I am a particle of your Being. Remind me that I am great.  Remind me that I am Light. Remind me that I walk with you. Remind me that I am not alone.  Remind me that I am not abandoned. Remind me that you walk by my side. Mother, make my life easy. Show me the way. Plant the seed of the greatest alternate reality in my heart. Walk before me on my path. Over-light my body. Over-light my life. Over-light my loved ones. Over-light my spiritual path. Over-light my path in the mundane. Let me be your Light, Mother, hear me on this auspicious day. Help me do your work from this moment on, for I will do myself justice and I will do you justice to only hold the hem of your dress and only listen to your guidance for you are the Mother of all Mothers. I can go to no-one who will love me more than you will.  I know it now.” 

You will see her as she wishes to appear to you. You may see her bedecked in red, in gold, in white, or in black. All colors belong to her. All Life Force belongs to her. All things belong to her. She created it all. Lucky are those who come to know that it is all about her. It is about you and it is about her. This whole Creation is all about her. This whole Creation has come about from her beingness. Every breath that she has taken takes form and is continuing to take form. As it takes form, you live that form; you become that form; you energize that form; you give life to that form, for you are a Divine Spark from her own heart. 

Permission has been granted and the entourage of all the Thrones, who have also been kneeling before her, rise up.  Accompanied by the Divine Mother, we all go to the Throne of Creation.

Start seeing yourself immersed inside the Pool of Creation. Liquid Light is all around you. It might feel like water or Light. It matters not how you feel it. What matters is to see yourself in the Pool of Creation knowing that the ionic charge of the particles of Creation are being magnetized to your body and being.

Visualize that you are pulling to yourself the charge of those designs, ideas, and concepts which will become actions of greatest service to you and through you to the world; greatest service to the Light, greatest service to Divine Mother, greatest service to Christ Maitreya, greatest service to Sanat Kumara, greatest service to St. Germain. Pull those thoughts, ideas, and concepts to yourself.  Say,

“Not my Will, but Thy Will be done. I am surrendered to your Will. Will for me the best and be gentle with me. Give me the utmost of what I can handle and make me the fruit bearing tree, not the barren tree. As you give me, make me more humble. Let humility come with greatness, with having, not in renunciation. Many eons of time, Mother I have renounced on your behalf. Many eons of time I have let go of this world. I like the life of a hermit because I know it so well, but this lifetime Mother, let me have and let me become humble because I have. Let me become gentle and compassionate towards those who do not have, because I have so much. As you give me, help me share. Help me know what it is like not to be afraid of giving. Let me know what it is like not to want what someone else has, because what I have is greater and better and more and, in fact I can share it with everyone, with those that do not have as much as I have, without any fear that it will ever run out. Mother, I know you can give me and give me and give me and your resources are never ending. Your treasure house is always filled. You are the source of all Creation.”

While you are in the Pool of Creation, take a deep breath and ask for what you want for your loved ones. On behalf of Earth and all humankind, ask for peace and harmony and love in all families. Ask for every human being to have enough food to eat, to have good shelter to sleep in, to have clothes that suit them. Ask for every human being to open themselves to the Divine Spark within their heart. Ask for those who have spiritually awakened to join you so you do not have to carry the burden alone. Ask for those who are newly awakened to reach a greater level of wakefulness and take on their responsibilities as your younger brothers and sisters in Light; to lighten your load, for you have carried this load for eons of time. Ask for those who are like you to join you so you do not feel lonely anymore. Ask for those who are a step ahead of you to also join you, to take you by the hand and walk ahead of you to make this path easier for you. Ask for the Masters to have greater health, greater stamina, greater strength, living and Ascended, most importantly the living Masters, the Avatars. Those who have made a sacrifice of their lives, those who travel across the world, sit for eighteen and twenty hours, to see, hug, hold and touch and awaken the multitudes and masses. Ask to earn the merit to see as many of them in this lifetime as possible.  Say,

“Give me the merit, Mother, to be touched by the living Masters. Give me the merit to be touched by as many as my body and my being can handle. If I cannot be individually touched by each one, give me the merit to be energetically touched by them. Open me up to receive from all of them. Open me up to be in service to all of them and receive my prayers on behalf of all of them. Give them health, Mother. Give them greater power to serve the Light. Give them joy in their hearts. Let them feel rewarded for being here on Earth. Let their Light become stronger and more powerful so they can raise the Light on Earth, so they can awaken more souls, so they can guide the awakened souls, so they can accelerate all  who are in their service and accept us as their disciples. Bring to us Mother, those who will teach us and guide us to the most accelerated and the most beneficial path of Light. 

Remove from my path those who delay, distract, hurt, harm and abort me. My mission is a Divine Mission. Mother, I ask of you, give me the grace to serve my Divine Mission.  I ask of you on behalf of all the members of my Soul Lineage of Light. I will perform ceremonies on any night or day and offer them in your honor Mother. Open up the doors of abundance and prosperity to me. Open up the doors of greater Light in my life, my hands, my body, and my being. Mother, show me your presence. Show me your grace. Show me your gifts. Let me know you have fully embraced me. From this moment on, walk ahead of me, and pave the path. Walk by my side and hold my hand so that I know I am not alone. Walk behind me and push me forth, Mother. Carry me in your own heart. Carry me in your bosom, Mother. When I am tired and weary, when there are blisters on my feet, when I am afraid, when I think I have done something wrong, come to me and remind me to be gentle with myself. Remind me that I can do no wrong, that it is all an experience. Remind me that there are no mistakes, there are no failures, only experiences.”

Pray for the Divine Mother. I teach you how to pray for her for she too needs prayers.  The prayer that she needs is for her success in manifesting those designs and ideas which will anchor the energies of the Seed of the Pure and Innocent Feminine Child on Earth. As we move into the Seventh Golden Age, we are paving the path for a new Seed Race to be planted. 

This new Seed Race will have a 3,000 year gestation period at the end of which, we will be half way through the Seventh Golden Age. Then we will begin a 12,000 year cycle of life for this new seed race, bringing back the purity and innocence of the Feminine Child Aspect to Earth. The Male Child Aspect came to Earth through the last Seed Race and its energies were corrupted. As that male child grew up to become an adult, corruption took full force and darkness took over the race. 

Now we are coming to the end of that Seed Race and the Masculine Energies must hand over the power to the Feminine. To apply the Energies of the Feminine, we must start planting the Seed of the Pure and Innocent Feminine Child back on Earth.  This is the Divine Mother’s project. Do you want to be a good child? Do you want to serve her? Then pray to her and pray for her. Light a candle and say,

“I light this candle for the Divine Mother and her project of seeding the Earth with the Seed of the Pure and Innocent Feminine Child. I ask for the grace to be instrumental in the anchoring of the Pure and Innocent Feminine Child.” 

Keep a white candle lit whenever you can with the above intention, from now until you leave this body.  She needs you just as you need her.  We all need her.

Through this, you do yourself and the generations after you, generations for at least another fifteen thousand years to come, a favor.  Even that will become a platform for the following twelve thousand year cycle and the new Seed Race. If this Seed is not corrupted in fifteen thousand years then there is no need to fold that project. That project can simply give way to the next one; one that can take us further into the Light. Presently we are in the process of folding the previous project because it has not served us. We have to release the darkness and dross from Earth before we can anchor the Pure and Innocent Feminine Child. Say to her,

“Mother, let me help you. Show me how I can be of service to you.”  Visualize yourself in the Pool of Creation, facing Goddess Lakshmi. Say, “Goddess Lakshmi, you are the Goddess of Abundance for both spiritual evolution and material possessions. I ask you to give me what serves me the best. Accelerate me on my path.”  Now, with clear intent, tell her what you want for yourself. Then say, “Give me this or better so I can serve the Light.” Take a deep breath and sit in the Pool of Creation with Goddess Lakshmi.

Pause and bathe in the energies of the Pool of Creation. Speak to Goddess Lakshmi of all that you wish to accomplish for your personal growth and for global peace.

Bring your consciousness back to your body. Know that I am always with you.  Call upon me for. 

 I am your very own Metatron.  So it is.


a really lovely meditation,
I love mary’s candles too.:)

Dear Mary,
Thank you and many blessings.

I said your prayer to Divine Mother lighting a white candle for purity and a red one for the blood shed in the name of the feminine over the last age and it was phenomenally moving for me to do so. Thank you. Mary

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