September 2008 Equinox

Dear friends,

I have pieced together the Grid of Light given to us at our 9/9/08 group channeling session by Metatron. The full Audio Recording of the event is posted for you here.

I feel fortunate that we are witnessing these amazing changes which take place from moment to moment in raising the Light and bringing the Energies of the Masters to Earth. Furthermore, I am delighted that together we play an invaluable role in the anchoring of these energies on Earth and on behalf of all souls.

Once again, I wish to thank all of you who participated in receiving the information and everyone who joins us to perform the ceremonies.

By repeating this exercise, we will embody the Pure White Light and anchor the energies of Peace on Earth. Through us, the Light of the Lords of Light and the Angelic Forces of Pure White Light will gain momentum. The return of the Guardianship of the Lords of Light to Earth is an imported event long awaited by the Masters of Light and Wisdom. When Atlantis sank and our world began to absorb greater darkness, these Lords withdrew their Light from Earth and eventually left. Sanat Kumara, our Planetary Logos, whose energy is of Pure White Light, had no choice but to withdraw his energy from Earth as well.

That process began over 18,500 years ago. Imagine the level of excitement and jubilation that Metatron, Divine Mother, Sanat Kumara, the Lords of light and other Masters of Light and Wisdom feel from the reversal of that event, and their joy and satisfaction in what we have been able to achieve together. Through us, the Angelic Forces of Pure White Light have found a venue for the expression of their Light. We have become the embodiment of this Light and the Vehicle to uphold the Power and Might necessary for its expression.

We earned the merit to receive this Light in our Group Channeling Session. However, to maintain it and to raise it further, we must apply discipline in practicing the exercises offered in this Grid of Light and Perform ceremonies to anchor the energies. The Masters will walk with us every step of the way and guide us in the process. By coming together as a group monthly to receive further guidance, we will accelerate ourselves on the path and serve the Light to a greater extend.

Please remember this coming weekend is dedicated to Peace on Earth by the United Nations and many groups and individuals celebrate this day. Metatron has said, “This is the time when everyone calls upon peace. The desire and the Light of Peace will then be illuminated on the Planetary Grid. The Universe will have to respond. This is the Law. The war and conflict will have to leave Earth when you choose peace.”

I wish you all a wonderful Peace weekend and a peaceful life. In Light, Nasrin

Grid of Light for Peace and Protection with the Lords of Light, the Angelic Forces of Pure White Light and the Angelic Forces of Violet Ray and Flame


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Public Group Channeling with Metatron September 9, 2008

Visualize Metatron standing directly in front of you in the direction of north. You stand in the south facing Metatron. Divine Mother stands to your right, in the east and Sanat Kumara to your left in the west. Beams of Pink Light are emanating from the third eye of Metatron, Divine Mother and Sanat Kumara to your third eye. These beams of Light create a cross of Pink Light from Metatron to you and from Sanat Kumara to Divine Mother. The symbol of peace is formed from the crossing of all these Pink Light beams. The beams of Light begin to emanate from everyone’s bodies to create a circle of Pink Light around you all.

The Legions of Michael are called to form a circle around the Pink Circle. They stand shoulder to shoulder with their Swords of Mercy taken out of their sheaths and held above their heads. The points of the swords touch. An electric shower of Aquamarine Blue Light begins to pour down to everyone creating an Aquamarine Blue Sphere of Protection. Breathe this Aquamarine Blue Light into your lungs.

The Legions of Yahoweh-EL are called. These are the feminine energies of the Throne of YHWH and the Feminine Aspect of Metatron’s own essence. The Legions of Yahoweh-EL stand shoulder to shoulder holding their Scepters of Power over their heads. At the touch of the points, a shower of Platinum Light begins to pour down, creating a Sphere. Breathe this Platinum Light into your lungs.

The Seven Lords of Light are called. They take their positions in a circle around the Legions of Yahoweh-EL.

The Legions of the Lords of Light fill the circle standing shoulder to shoulder with the Lords of Light. Their energy signature has their specific color range.

  • The First Lord of Light and his Legions begin emanating Blue-Green.
  • The Second Lord of Light and his Legions begin emanating Peach-Pink turning into Yellow.
  • The Third Lord of Light and his Legions begin emanating Bright Red.
  • The Forth Lord of Light and his Legions begin emanating Aquamarine Blue.
  • The Fifth Lord of Light and his Legions begin emanating Emerald Green.
  • The Sixth Lord of Light and his Legions begin emanating Bright Orange.
  • The Seventh Lord of Light and his Legions begin emanating Purple Light.

The Maha Lord of Light begins emanating shimmering Aquamarine Blue with Platinum Light.

A Sphere of Light is created from the merging of all the Lights above. When all these Lights merge, the result is Pure White Light.

The Guardian Angels of Pure White Light are called. They come forth to support the work of the Maha Lord of Light and the Seven Lords of Light. They begin emanating Pure White Light.

For many thousands of years, Earth has not been ready to receive Pure White Light. The purity of this Light has been beyond the ability of Earth to absorb and to hold. However, this unprecedented event is now happening. Earth is ready for the Guardianship of the Seven Lords of Light and the Maha Lord of Light and the return of the Pure White Light. You are the Beacons of this Light. You shall receive and anchor this energy. You will embody the Pure White Light through this exercise and carry it with you from this moment on. The Guardian Angels will now hold their Scepters of Pure White Light above their heads. When the points touch, Pure White Light begins to shower upon everyone in the grid formation. Breathe this Light through your lungs, absorb it through your skin, receive it in every chakra, every organ and every cell. Awaken your DNA structure to the remembrance of the Pure White Light. Receive the downloading of the Blueprint and the Template for Pure White Light from the Maha Lord of Light and the Seven Lords of Light. This is your gift. The Angelic Forces are brought to Earth through you as a gift of peace. We celebrate the anniversary of peace day on the twenty first of September. Remember this event and celebrate the return of the Guardianship of the Lords of Light, the Maha Lord of Light and Pure White Light every year from now on.

As your Light increases, you need greater protection. Wherever you go, your Light shall be higher than people, places and things. To maintain the higher Quotient of Light, you need to apply the layers of protection and healing offered to you in this grid. To allow you to vibrate the higher Light at all times and to maintain it, you need the Violet Ray and Flame of Transmutation.

Quan Yin and St. Germain are the Guardians of the Violet Ray and Flame. Ray is feminine and Flame is masculine. Ray holds the water energy and is magnetic in nature. Flame holds the Fire Energy and is electric in nature.

The Angelic Forces of Violet Ray and Flame are called. Quan Yin stands in the north and St. Germain in the south. The Angelic Forces of the Violet Ray form a semicircle between Quan Yin and St. Germain to the east and the Angelic Forces of the Violet Flame form a semicircle between St. Germain and Quan Yin to the west. Everyone is beaming the energy of the Violet Light. This is the final outer circle in this grid of Light formation. A Sphere of Violet Light is formed around the entire grid formation. Breathe this Light into your lungs.

Focus on visualizing every Sphere begin to spin. The spin becomes faster until each implodes into a great Ball of Light. Every being merges with you. From the union, an explosion of Light begins to move outward to create a gigantic Ball of Light. A sphere filled with Pure White Light on the inside and Violet Light on the outside is created.

This Sphere begins to spin upward as we leave the consciousness of the body and planet Earth to arrive in Venus. Visualize yourself on the promenade at the city center. Facing you, in the north is the four domed building, the residence of Sanat Kumara. To your left is the entrance to the University campus. Beings from all over the universe come here to study. To your right is the Temple of Rejuvenation. Turn around clockwise to face south. Before you is a tall obelisk, made of a black stone with gold vanes running through it. The texture looks like black obsidian. The structure is similar to the Washington Monument but wider at the base and shorter at the top.

Visualize yourself standing with Metatron, Divine Mother and Sanat Kumara. To reach the obelisk you must climb three steps. Divine Mother walks to your left, Sanat Kumara to your right and Metatron behind you as we step up to stand in front of the Obelisk.

Place the palms of your hands on the cool surface of the Obelisk and lean your body against the stone. The moment that your third eye touches the stone surface, you are absorbed inside. You are now standing inside a corridor at the entrance of the Hall. Two pillars of Selenite Crystals stand forty feet tall on either side of you. Stand at the center, equal distance from the two pillars. The Selenite begins to illuminate Emerald Green Light. This is to remove the dross and raise your Quotient of Light. When your Light reaches the desired level, the color of the Light from the two pillars will change to Pure White Light.

Pause here to be healed. Every organ and every one of your energy bodies receive this healing. Your physical, etheric, emotional and mental energy bodies are energized. Pain is released. Mental and emotional trauma is cleared and connection with your spiritual body is restored. Anger, rejection, loneliness and separation are replaced by joy, celebration and anticipation of reunion.

The pillars begin to emanate Pure White Light to you. The pathway is cleared. We move forward to enter the hall. The sound of splashing water from the tall fountain at the center of the hall is soothing to your ears. Sanat Kumar beacons you to follow him. Walking to the other side of the fountain you reach a chamber. Inside the chamber you notice two seats. One is for you and the other for Sanat Kumara. Two angels stand holding golden trays. A cape of red and gold is placed around your shoulders. The gold runs a filigree tapestry around the edges of the cape. The same cape is placed on Sanat Kumara’s shoulders. You take your seat and Sanat Kumara sits upon his seat facing you. The angels lower the two trays before Sanat Kumara. He picks a large scepter with a long handle and a spherical top from the tray. The scepter has three spheres on top. The three spheres are connected, one on top of the other, with the center sphere slightly bigger than the ones on either side. At the top of the three circular spheres sits a small marble sized sphere creating a smooth round point.

Sanat Kumara hands the Scepter to you. Receive it with your right hand. Place your right hand around the top of the handle and hold the lower end of the handle in your left palm. Sit with your arms resting on your lap and your Scepter pointing at Sanat Kumara. He takes his own Scepter of Power from the tray and holds it pointing at you. The points of the two Scepters touch. An electrical charge of Golden Light begins to emanate. It moves from the palms of your hands to your arms and shoulders reaching to your Heart Chakra. The Light will awaken great power and Might within you. It awakens the memories of you as a member of his Soul Lineage.

You have been handpicked. He has been your father, your friend, your teacher, your Guru. Those of you in his service need to retrieve your Scepters of Power to embody your Divine Mission and to become the embodiment of his essence once again. Those of you who went through the trauma of the sinking of Atlantis chose to let go of your Scepters of power. Those who left before the sinking incident also let go of their Scepters, since you did not need them anymore.

Now you will receive your Scepter once again to bring you the Power and Might to serve him and to re-awaken, re-ignite and re-illuminate the memory into your cell structure. The Power and Might will help you stand in service to the Light and embody the essence of your Soul as a member of his Soul Lineage.

Let the energy move into your body until your heart beat awakens the memory of the Power and Might in your DNA structure. Allow the Blueprint of your true Divine Plan to be downloaded into your DNA and move into the awareness of your entire being.

Tell him all you wish to say; like a child who has not been with a parent; like a friend who has not seen a friend; like a lover who has not seen the beloved for a long time. Ask him to help you to surrender to his will. Say,

“How can I serve you? I wish to serve you. Show me how. When I am unable to hear you, see you or feel you, help my life to be a fulfillment of your desires. Let my life be a clean slate offered to you. I offer myself as a beacon of your Light. Show me the way. Help me hold and embody the energies of the Lords of Light, protect me with the Angelic Forces of Pure White Light; direct my life to do your will; walk by my side and guide me to the Path of Pure White Light; take me by the hand and show me the way. Help my life be filled with the joy of accompanying you, being in your service; embodying your essence. You have invited me to your home in Venus and to the inner Chamber inside the Black Obelisk where you only invite the Masters, the great Beings and the emissaries of Light. You have bestowed the Pure White Light and the Power and Might to hold these energies within me. It is my joy to serve you."

He places his right hand over your head. The palm of his hand touches your forehead and rests over your Third Eye. His fingers touch your Crown Chakra. This is to open your Inner Sight and allow inner connection between you and him. Heat moves into your head from his hand. It dissolves the dross and resistance from thousands of years of separation and choosing to forget who you truly are. It helps to remember your Divine Mission and the Original Divine Plan. Will yourself to stay connected to his essence from this moment on. You are the embodiment of his Light.

His energy is dispersed through your body. Every person, place and thing which you touch will be raised to vibrate his Light and recall the memory that he is the Father, the Lord for this planet. This Planet is your home for a while and the home for the future generations of your children and theirs. Fill it with his Light.

It is now time to take your leave from this Chamber. You rise up from your seat as the Angel comes forth to remove the Red Robe from your shoulders. The Scepter belongs to you. Sanat Kumara asks that you place the Scepter over your heart. When you do, the Scepter dissolves to become Golden Liquid Light. The Liquid Light of his Power is now dissolved in your heart. This Light instills Power and Might to you. It becomes your Power Object; the tool to illuminate your path. It fills your Heart Chakra and energizes your entire being. When you need to use the Scepter, you may retrieve it from your Heart Chakra. Hold it in your hand; point it in whatever direction you wish to walk and it will illuminate your path with his Light. It is The Scepter of His Power, which you hold in your hands and carry in your heart.

You will be led out of the Chamber in the company of Sanat Kumara. Walking down the corridor you reach Divine Mother. Kneel down before her and hold the hem of her robes. Say to her,

“Give me the Power and Might to do him justice. Give me the Seed for the Creative Force to restore Power and Might within my heart, soul, body, emotions and mind. Help me serve the Light and open the doors for Sanat Kumara’s Light to come to Earth and touch all souls. Remove all my mundane obstacles; provide physical sustenance, financial resources, people, places and things which will help me serve him. Make me the element to help him walk on Earth again. Give me the Seed for that Creative Force which enables me to do his work. Open the doors of success to me. Give me the power to be in control of the Five Elements and remain focused to use the power in his service. Help me gain strength and stamina to hold his Light and not lose it; to raise the vibration of Earth and everyone I touch. Give me the Seed. Engrave the Blueprint of the Divine Power and Might for the success of my Divine Mission in service to Sanat Kumara and to your Mission. Your Mission is his Mission. Serving you is his job and mine too.”

The Divine Mother places her hand on top of your head. Love pours down into your body from her hand, your wish is granted. Now, stand up and see that she holds the Seed in the palm of her hand. A Golden Seed the size of a peanut in its shell is in the palm of her hand. It is engraved with the Blueprint of the Power and Might to serve the Light and to fulfill the Divine Plan of your service to Sanat Kumara and Divine Mother. She places this Seed in the center of your heart chakra over the Flame of God Unity.

She holds her hand over your chest. The Seed dissolves to become Liquid Golden Light. It sits inside the Golden Sphere of the Scepter. The Flame of God Unity was brought by Sanat Kumara to Earth and was placed in the hearts of all. Those of you, who have kept your connection to his Light, have had the Flame illuminated in your heart for eons of time. This is how you remember him.

The Divine Mother has placed the Seed in your heart. You will always be guided by her, always accompanied by Sanat Kumara, always held in the palms of Metatron’s hands, always protected by the Angelic Forces of Pure White Light and your path illuminated by the Lords of Light, from this point on.

The Angelic Forces of Pure White Light are called to form a Sphere of Light and Protection around you. The Sphere illumines Purple Light on the outside and Pure White Light inside. We leave the obelisk in Venus to return to the consciousness of the body.

Do this ceremony every day, if possible. Listen to the audio to boost your energy or do the steps using this text; especially during the weekend of peace on Earth (Sept. 19, 20 and 21). This is the time when everyone calls upon peace. The desire and the Light of Peace will then be illuminated on the Planetary Grid. The Universe will have to respond. This is the Law. The war and conflict will have to leave Earth when you choose peace. The prophecies of doom and gloom will never happen. As long as you shine your Light on Earth, life will get better. This is a promise. You will have Power and Might. Every month we will gather together and raise the Light. Call on others to join us. You have the healing power to open others to what you have received. The Scepter and the Seed carry the energies of Sanat Kumara and Divine Mother in your heart. Every person, place, thing and every tree, animal, mineral will be touched by you.

Together we shall change the world. This is my promise. I am your very own Metatron. So it is.

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