November 2008

Dear Friends,

For our November edition, it is appropriate to offer you a beautiful discourse by Divine Mother together with a Magnification Candle Grid as a gift of thanksgiving to all of you. In this exercise, Divine Mother offers to overlay a new template for a strong and sustaining nervous system and an illuminated Five Body System to all of you. Please remember that the important energy days for this month are 11/11, 11/12 and, of course, Thanksgiving. Also keep in mind that the heightened portal energies occur the day before, during and after each of these specific days. From around the 22nd of November onward, a series of energy emanations pour down to Earth to prepare us for the Winter Solstice (Dec. 19-22) and the coming of the New Year.

For your convenience, I have put together a kit containing two pieces clear quartz and a piece of Hematite.  The cost of the kit is $33.00 plus $5 shipping. Shipping will be a little extra outside North America. You can purchase it by going to the bottom of this page.  For your red candle jar, I recommended you try large discount stores such as Walmart, Big Lots and Target.

Please remember and mark your calendars for our next free public group channeling on 11/11 at 8:00PM EST. To participate, click here and follow the instructions for registering.

I have had good luck at all of the above stores, at different times. I wish you all a great Thanksgiving month of November.

Blessings, Nasrin.

Pledging your Service to Christ Maitreya

My Child of Light, I am Hecate.

I hold you in my Divine embrace. The time has come for great acceleration. The most effective way to accelerate yourself is to accomplish your Divine Mission. This is the highest path that you can take in service to the Light. Your Divine Mission should be your highest objective. This objective can best be served when you offer yourself in service to Christ Maitreya, the World Teacher. The Masters of Wisdom and Christ Maitreya are calling upon their Disciples to gather.

My children, I love you with all my heart. I am interceding on your behalf before the presence of Christ Maitreya.  Before he comes out to the multitudes and masses, he is going to gather the sheep of his flock around him.  I want you to volunteer to be called.  Then he will intercede on your behalf. For this to happen, you must free yourself of all dross, distractions and delays. He will then absorb and transmute what remains of your karma and karmic entanglements with people, places and things. It also means a great acceleration of your life and the raising of your Quotient of Light. To achieve this feat, Christ Maitreya will help you shrink down your karma and Karmic entanglements for this lifetime.

This plan may take a year to fully unfold. During this time you will live each month of this year as the equivalent of a decade or even more. In the first part of the year he will help you to be free from personal karma.  This is so that in the second part of the year, you can build your Light to higher quotients to enable you to withstand his Light and to serve him.  Think of a six month phase that would be six decades worth of your life.  There would be times in the course of the six months, from the point that you take this vow, to offer your life in his service, when you may feel burdened by the rate of this acceleration.  This is why I give you the following Magnification Grid of Light. By making this grid you call upon your mother Hecate, Sanat Kumara and Metatron to intercede on your behalf and release the burden of this acceleration from your life. To further the impact, you can have the grid continue to be active for the first six months after you take this vow.

This is what you have worked to gain over many lifetimes; to rush yourself to this point.  The point when he arrives to gather the sheep of his flock. You are one of them.  He has already ordained it. Otherwise I would not be offering you this Grid of Light to take the vow of offering your life in his service.  When he comes, no struggle for survival in the mundane realms would ever be an issue again.  If you have not worked them out, he will do it for you.  If there is any darkness around or within you, that darkness will eat you up and he will not allow it.  That is why I have offered you my help.  I have told you to put me in the point at the south in your candle grid.  The south represents the Darkness, Earth and Feminine.  I have called upon Metatron and Sanat Kumara to be my helpers.  What is important is not the triangle but the candle in the center which holds the energies of Christ Maitreya, the Seven Lords of Light and Maha Lord of Light.  The Lords of Light have come back to Earth after thousands of years.  They have come back to be his helpers.  They have come to bring the Light which he needs in order to present himself to humankind.  For that to happen, he first needs to gather those who will be his anchors, his helpers, the Beacons of Light.  On that Light he must ride in order to succeed.

By offering yourself in his service, you are asking for everything that you are to be dedicated and devoted to his Light. Then you shall become much vaster than what you are now.  This is because in his presence the planet and all souls can hold greater Light and greater wisdom.  This is another level of acceleration added to the candle grid.  This way you can tune into the Mind of God, the Quantum Pool of Wisdom at the Throne of Creation and the body of the Feminine Principle.  This body of Creation is Manifest and made of the warp and weft of the body of the Feminine Principle. Say,

“I call upon the essence of the Divine Mother, the Feminine Principle of Existence to overlay a nervous system and a Five Body System, which she has prepared for me, upon my body and nervous system.  I ask the Divine Mother, the Feminine Principle, to recalibrate my nervous system and my Five Body System to unfold my acceleration with ease, peace and harmony, to accomplish the release of karma and all karmic entanglements and to fully prepare me  to serve the Light.”

This invocation is very important.  Every morning say this prayer and repeat it every night.  The nervous system and Five Body System will be an extension of the body and nervous system of the Divine Mother. It will allow you to accelerate yourself to handle the karma of six decades in six months.

Therefore you are connecting to an essence of yourself which is much greater than your present nervous system and your Five Body System. With these, you accelerate your own vibration beyond the norm on Earth. The analogy would be to say that, with this new system of energy bodies and nervous system, you will be able to run two hundred volts of electricity through a cable which could only handle five volts before. To adjust, you may call upon me or any essence of the Divine Mother at any time.

I love you with all of my heart.  Understand that the moment you perform the first ceremony for setting up this grid and lighting the candle, you will feel relieved as though someone has taken a huge burden off of your shoulders.  You have come into this lifetime with deep and vast intentions as part of your Soul Mission and have been in service to this planet for eons of time. When you take no respite in between lifetimes, your soul becomes weary and your heart heavy. It is normal to take two to three hundred years of respite in between each lifetime. This allows the soul a chance to rest. Then the pain, fears, struggles and the dross of each lifetime do not get carried over to the next.  For several lifetimes you have had your next body prepared for your entry before you exited the last one.  This can inflict a shock to the imprint of your energy bodies and affected your present nervous system.

As a result, you may feel alienated from people feeling that no one understands what you go through. With the overlaying of the new nervous system and Five Body System offered to you by Divine Mother, you will be able to integrate yourself to a greater extent, both into the mundane and the sublime.

Goddess Hecate’s 3 Flame Grid


click here to see a larger image

Now I offer you the Magnification Candle Grid.

Set this candle grid on a black poster board. The black color will help to absorb the dross to itself. Use a gold pen for this grid as gold has alchemical potencies which brings strength from the heavenly realms, helps to anchor those energies in the Earthly realms and transmutes all obstacles on its way. Draw a large circle on the black poster board with the gold pen. Then draw an equilateral triangle inside the circle.  From the edge of the candle to each side of the triangle there needs to be 2 inches distance. Position this drawing so that one point of the triangle sits in the direction of south.  On that point write Hecate with gold pen and place a piece of hematite crystal over it. Hematite also helps to pull the dross out and absorb it to itself.  The other two points will sit in the direction of northwest and northeast.  Write down Metatron in the Northwest and place a small clear Quartz crystal on top.  In the Northeast write down Sanat Kumara and place another piece of clear quartz crystal on top of Sanat Kumara’s name in the northeast point.

Draw a small circle at the center inside of the triangle and in that central circle write down “Christ Maitreya”. Pour a mound of cinnamon on top of that circle over Christ Maitreya’s name. Cinnamon absorbs the objects of your desires to you. In this case the objective is to pull the energies of Christ Maitreya into your life. Flatten the cinnamon and place the candle on top.  The candle can be inside a round jar. It is important that the candle has three wicks. The three flames represent Hecate, Metatron and Sanat Kumara and they are connected to each other by the body of the candle.  These three are the guardians of this candle. The candle should be inside a round jar. The candle and the container must be round.  Oval is acceptable, round is better.  A square candle is not good in this case, because the square angles can hold on to the stagnant energies and disperse them to the grid.

Follow the instructions that I have given you. The invocations below are of great importance. Write them down and carry them around with you during the course of the day to repeat when you can. Place a printed copy by your candle grid. Read it out loud with full intent, zest and fervor at each lighting of the candles

Materials Needed

  • Large round red candle with three flames (approx. 6” dia.) (Oval is acceptable, square is not acceptable).
  • Black poster board, approximately 18” x 18” or larger.
  • Gold pen.
  • 1 Hematite crystal
  • 2 clear Quartz crystals
  • Cinnamon

How to Draw Your Grid

  • Draw a gold circle around the circumference of the candle in the center of the poster board.
  • Draw an equilateral triangle in gold around the large candle. Allowing a minimum clearance of 2” from the edge of the candle to the sides of the triangle.
  • Write Hecate in gold on south point and place piece of Hematite crystal on that point.
  • Write Metatron in gold on northwest point and place piece of clear Quartz crystal on that point.
  • Write Sanat Kumara in gold on the northeast point and place piece of clear Quartz crystal on that point.
  • Write Christ Maitreya in gold in the center of the candle circle and place mound of cinnamon on top.
  • Flatten the mound of cinnamon and place the candle (in a glass container) on top.
  • Position the grid so that Goddess Hecate and the Hematite piece are sitting in the direction of South. This is important. Once in place, do not move the Candle Grid as a vortex of Light and Power is created in that Place and the energies gain momentum with each Lighting of the candles.

When the grid is complete and you have placed it in position, begin lighting the 3 flames.

Say, “I light this flame in the name of Christ Maitreya, calling Hecate.” Light the first flame.

Then say, “I light this flame in the name of Christ Maitreya, calling Metatron.” Light the second flame.

Then say, “I light this flame in the name of Christ Maitreya, calling Sanat Kumara.” Light the third flame.

Then say,

“I imbue this candle grid with the energies of the Seven Lords of Light and the Maha Lord of Light.  I ask that the Seven Lords of Light and Maha Lord of Light continue to support the work of Christ Maitreya.  I call the Seven Lords of Light and Maha Lord of Light into my life as Guardians of Light and I offer myself in service to them.  I light this candle grid with the intent that all that remains of my life is now offered in service to Christ Maitreya, the Seven Lords of Light and the Maha Lord of Light.  I ask that all karma and karmic entanglements remaining from this lifetime be absorbed and transmuted through Hecate, Metatron, Sanat Kumara, Christ Maitreya, the Seven Lords of Light, and the Maha Lord of Light, and I specifically ask Christ Maitreya to take what remains of this life and make it his.  I offer myself in service to the Light.”

My Children, remember that I stand by your side at all times. You may call upon The Divine Mother in all your endeavors, in all circumstances and at all times. I ask you to seriously continue the lighting of this grid and the repetition of the invocational prayers for a six month period of time. Make a commitment to yourself to carry this task to its completion.

With all the love in my heart, I stand by your side and guide you.

I am your Mother Hecate. So it is. Blessed be.

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