July 2008

Dear Friends,

This month Sanat Kumara is offering us a meditational journey to visit with Master Thoth and receive the Emerald Green Light of Empowerment and Healing from him. Thoth, also known as Tahuti, is an Atlantean Master and the record keeper of Earth’s history for over 25,000 years. Thoth is also known as the God Mercury, the Guardian of the planet Mercury, and Hermes, God of Magic.” Hermetica”, the teachings of Hermes and “The Emerald Tablets”, the teachings of Thoth the Atlantean, are documents portraying the teachings of this powerful Master.

Sanat Kumara also presents us with the Lavender Light of the Feminine Creative Force. This meditational exercise is intended to release all impurities from our bodies, our environment and our Planet.

The portal days for this July are the 6th, 7th, 8th, 18th, 24th and 27th. This is a time for reflection, meditation, prayer and ceremony, as whatever we do multiplies energetically a thousand fold on portal days.

Our group channeling sessions have generated great response from the participants as well as the Masters. We invite you to join us in these Group Channeling Sessions, as great healing is being felt by all who have been participating. For more information and the link to register for Group Channeling, click here.

I wish all of you a wonderful and happy month of July around the world and in the USA, a happy Independence Day on July Fourth. Please make a point of repeating Sanat Kumara’s Lavender Light of Purity on the 4th and all the portal days.

In the Light of The I AM

Sanat Kumara

Thoth’s Emerald Green Light of Empowerment and
Sanat Kumara’s Lavender Light of Purity

Channeled on May 12th, 2008

Beloveds, I am Sanat Kumara

To begin, I will place a Bubble of Protection and Focus around you to prevent you from being distracted. Take a deep breath and focus your energies on your third eye.

Visualize yourself standing inside this Bubble of Light. Archangel Uriel, Archangel Raphael, Archangel Michael, and Archangel Gabriel are standing around you in the four directions. Uriel is in the North, Raphael in the East, Michael in the South and Gabriel in the West. Each of the Angelic Forces begin sending you Light from their own energetic force field. Yellow Light is beamed to you from Uriel, Pink from Raphael, Aqua-Marine Blue from Michael and Green from Gabriel. Pause and bathe in the Energies of these Angelic Forces. Take a deep breath

I now call upon Master Thoth, the Master Alchemist, to come forth. Visualize him approaching to stand in front of you. He is 40 feet tall. An emblem made of sacred geometric shapes is illuminated over his personal heart chakra. Focus on this emblem. Geometric shapes are illuminated in Emerald Green colors. At the center of these geometries, symbols begin to form. The symbols look like the fire letters of Hebrew or the sacred letters of Sanskrit. Notice that these are multi-layered geometries. Pause and see the fire letters fully form inside the multi- layered geometries. All are vibrating Emerald Green Light. Take a deep breath and bathe in the healing Emerald- Green Light.

The Emerald Green Light becomes brighter in the center until it turns to White Light pushing the Emerald Green to the edges. These beams of Emerald Green Light expand to create a Bubble around you and the four Angelic Forces. Bathe for a moment in these Energies. Take a deep breath.

While you continue to bathe in the Emerald-Green Light, I will talk about Master Thoth. At this present juncture in Earth’s history, Master Thoth is pulling major alchemical powers to change the course of events. Metatron, St Germain and I have talked at different times regarding Alchemy. Alchemy is when you turn something; some object or some energy, from a lower energy field, from a lower level of existence, to a higher one. Magic is when you materialize or manifest something out of nothing. This means materializing an object entirely “from thin air”.

Both Alchemy and Magic work with the Five Elements which are the building blocks for the creation of this Manifest Reality. Magic works with the elements of Air and Ether. Alchemy works with the more dense elements of Fire, Earth and Water. With these three elements, an Alchemist changes something that is already in existence and moves the energy of that thing or event from a lower energy to a higher one, or as the famous saying goes, “changes base metal into gold”.

Master Thoth is capable of accomplishing both Alchemical reaction and Magic, the materialization of an object” from thin air “. In the process of our work together; and in what I am about to teach you, we need to achieve both. First we need to change the alchemical nature of all events. Next to bring in new untapped events, through the magic of instant manifestation, from the non-material realms to the material realms of this 3rd dimensional reality. Then, to adjust and arrange time and space in such a way that the new events will fit perfectly, from the non-manifest realm into the manifest realm. At that point we would achieve the Alchemy of changing base metal into gold and the Magic of non-manifest to manifest.

In this meditational exercise, we will be going to visit with Master Thoth. He will work with you to change the alchemy of the base metal of events into gold and to change the Alchemy of your disempowerment, fears, and concerns; to the Gold of Empowerment; Power and Might. The empowerment will be attained when you learn the Alchemy of pulling the forces of Power and Might to yourself.


Meditation with Master Thoth

Bring your attention to the Grid of Light around you and become aware that you are standing at the center of a circle. Archangels Uriel, Raphael, Michael and Gabriel, are sending you beams of Light in the colors of Yellow, Pink, Aqua-Marine Blue and Green. Master Thoth is beaming his own Emerald Green Light from his heart to you and the four Angelic Forces around you. Inside the beams of Light, the sacred geometries are pouring forth. The Emerald Green Bubble of Master Thoth’s Energy is fully formed around you all now.

I want you to focus on the sacred geometries from the Emblem of Master Thoth. Something in the sacred geometry will pull you to itself. It could be something different for each one of you. Focus on the center of the Sacred Geometries and the Fire Letters and let the one that needs to energize and commune with you, magnetize you to itself. When it magnetizes your energy field to itself, go with it and let it pull you in. You will go through a Portal of Light. You have now reached the inner sanctum of Master Thoth’s heart. Take a moment and bathe in these energies. Take a deep breath.

Adonai beloveds, I am Thoth.

In the Sacred Space of the inner chamber of my own heart, I offer to you my Healing Light. In the space of your personal heart I place a Sacred Geometry. This sacred emblem is emanating from my own heart chakra. I will take this emblem into the palm of my left hand and place it in the center of your heart chakra. The Sacred Geometry which you receive is different for each one of you. It must be different because of the Male and Female Polarity as well as your specific connection with me. Receive this as I place it directly over the Flame of God Unity, in the center of your personal heart chakra. The flame of God-Unity is the spark of Divine Light which connects you to The Undifferentiated source.

The Eternal Flame of God-Unity is forever emanating from the heart of the Undifferentiated Source. A spark from this flame is placed in the heart chakra of every soul. When a soul awakens to their divinity, the flame ignites. When ignited, the flame of God-Unity is illuminated and awakens the memories of Oneness in your heart.

The Sacred Geometry which I place over the Flame of God-Unity in your heart is to empower and accelerate you to pull to yourself events that fulfill all your needs, including the needs of your body, mind, emotions, soul and spirit. It will also help you fulfill your Soul’s Mission and those commitments requested of you by the Masters, such as, Ancient of Days, Melchizedek, Sanat Kumara and Christ Maitreya, as well as your own guides. Power and Might is embedded in the Sacred Geometries. By repeating this meditational exercise, you will gain momentum in achieving greater power and Might to attain your Divine Mission and success in the mundane.

We all work to return from the depth of darkness to the Light of Creation and the energies of the Feminine Principle. It therefore goes without saying that every one of these Masters is fully aligned with the Will of the Feminine Principle and the Energies of the Divine Mother. The Divine Mother has willed it for you and she is fully aligned in choosing the work according to what is of greatest service and how your own energy can be expanded to provide that service.

I will personally see to it that all the alchemical processes are in place for you. The sacred geometry is now forming over your personal heart. Take a deep breath.

I will now describe the two components of the Sacred Geometry. There are Male and Female Polarities to this Sacred Geometry. The Sacred Geometry in its Male or Electronic Polarity manifests as a Truncated Sphere of Light that is spinning around its center creating an Electronic Force Field. This Truncated Sphere is a dodecahedron, similar to a soccer ball made of Emerald Green Light. The Female Polarity is a Golden Seed. The Feminine component is superimposed at the center over the Flame of God-Unity and creates a magnetic force field.

The larger Truncated Sphere is spinning and gaining momentum until it implodes into the Magnetic Force Field of the Seed causing the Magnetic Force Field to explode outward. The explosion goes outward forming the shape of a Rose Bud. Rose Petals begin to open up as it expands outward. The rose is symbolic of the Creative Force. It represents the manifest form of the Divine Feminine. When it goes back to non-manifest it becomes a seed which looks like a brain. All compartments of the brain are folded in. This brain-like geometry is deeply hidden in the center core of the Rose Bud.

Now, again, visualize the Truncated Sphere spinning around the Seed in the center. Both gain momentum until the large Truncated Sphere is pulled to the center, causing an implosion. The geometric shape in the center begins to expand after the implosion to become an explosion.

Take a deep breath and pause while you visualize the force of implode – explode continuing for 5 times.

I offer you my love and my support. I ask you from now on; call upon Thoth to work with you at night on the alchemy of time and space; to bring you power and might to achieve all that you have agreed and intended to achieve in both the mundane realms and the sublime on behalf of your soul, your soul lineage, the Masters, and your personality aspects.

Every night call upon Master Thoth and say: “I call upon Master Thoth to reactivate and to recalibrate me to the highest of my Soul and Personality’s potential, my highest potential. Bring me the Power and Might to express the Alchemy of turning base metal into gold through my beingness, manifest the sublime in the mundane and achieve my highest Divine Mission on behalf of my soul, my soul lineage and the Masters”.

I hold you with great love in my own heart. I thank you and I look foreword to our work and our communion.

Sanat Kumara resumes:

The Lavender Platinum Light of the Feminine Child

Beloveds, another subject that I need to cover is the energy of Platinum Light mixed with Lavender. This Lavender colored Light represents the Feminine Child, the Daughter aspect in the Trinity of the New Age. Metatron has been working on this through this channel for the past 10 years. This is a process which utilizes alchemy. The alchemy of the Aqua-Marine Blue and Citron colored Light of the Masculine Principle for the New Age is merging with the Peach Pink colored Light of the Feminine Principle to bring the New Age into a state of birthing. The Child Aspect, which in this case is a Feminine Child, is represented in Light Lavender colored Light or Light Lilac. To give it power and Might for full manifestation of the Divine Mother, she adds her Platinum colored Light. It becomes manifest in Lilac-Lavender Light with Platinum Shimmers, representing the Pure and Innocent Feminine Child.

Many varieties of amethyst, especially amethyst geodes represent and can enhance this process. Amethyst is going to be one of our most important gem stones. It is absolutely important that we obtain and start charging the individual pieces by calling upon the Energies of the Feminine Principle, the Masculine Principle and the Pure and Innocent Feminine Child for the new Golden Age. The geodes have the advantage of representing both the womb and the newly born child.

I invite the presence of Christ Maitreya, the Elohim, Lord Melchizedek, Ancient of Days, the 24 Elders, the Seven Kumaras, Thoth, Metatron and the Divine Mother. I ask you to visualize that everyone is standing around a circle, including yourself and Sanat Kumara. In the center, visualize the Globe of Planet Earth. Imagine that everyone is holding their arms up with hands facing the Globe. From the palms of everyone’s hands and from the center of the heart, beams of Lavender Lilac Light are emanating.

The Divine Mother, in all of her Aspects, as all the female goddesses and deities and Metatron, in all of Metatron’s Aspects, as El-Shadai, YHWH, YHOWH EL, are creating Beams of Platinum Light from their hearts and their hands. This Platinum Light is suspended in the air in the form of shimmers that fall from above and all around. We all send Lavender from our palms and our heart. The 7 Hierarchies and members of the 7 Hierarchies, (the Ancient of Days, the Melchizedeks, Thoths, Metatrons, Elohim, Kumaras, and Christ Maitreya) form a circle around each one of you. Take a deep breath.

And now we invite the Brotherhoods of the White Lodge to come forth and become part of this circle around the Globe. For every one of us and every Master and Great Being, God, Goddess and Deity who wishes to join us in this circle, we invite the 7 Hierarchies to create an individual circle around each of them. In this manner the numbers increase and multiply. Everyone around the circle is beaming Lilac Light to the Globe. From above and beyond and around and below and in every which direction, Metatron and the Divine Mother send the Platinum Shimmering Light.

For every individual, we call the 7 Lords of Light to create a circle around you and the circle established by the 7 Hierarchies. Around you and these two circles we call the Maha Lord of Light to create a third circle. We have now created a huge circle around the globe made up of you and Multitudes of Great Beings of Light. Each Being is encircled by 3 rings made up of the 7 Hierarchies, the Seven Lords of Light and the Maha Lord of Light. Take a deep breath and pause to establish this image in your mind’s eye.

Train your mind to make this Grid of Light an ongoing exercise. Keep visualizing this Lilac colored Light bombarding the Earth and the shimmering Platinum Light dropping like rain drops onto the Earth; then mixing and merging and being absorbed by Earth like dew drops on a thirsty plant, like drops of nectar, rain drops of Love or fairy drops of Platinum.

Through this exercise, the Light of the Masters who work with you on this project, will become stronger. We’ve brought this pregnancy to this point. The present state of Earth’s evolution is like labor pains. At this point in Earth’s evolution and the Spiritual evolution of the masses there is no denying that there is a rebirthing. Indeed we are all watching very carefully to make sure the labor pangs will bear the fruit of the birthing of the Pure and Innocent Feminine Child, the Daughter Principle. This is why the Divine Mother asks you to pray for her.

Take a deep breath.

I hold you in my own heart. I am well pleased with all the outcome of the work that we have accomplished together.

I am Sanat Kumara

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