January 2008 – Grid of Light: Release of Fears

Dear Friends,

I would like to send you all many blessings for a very Happy New Year!

I am releasing this month’s newsletter early. This is because January 1, 2008 is a portal day. Portal days are times when the doorways or portals between our realm of reality and the higher realms are open. This means that connection to the higher realms is easier. You will have a better chance of a clear meditation and clearer connection with the Masters. It also means that an acceleration process is in place. Therefore, when you pray, meditate, exercise your light grids, or do any kind of ceremony on these days, it will have a much greater impact than other days. I would like to offer you advanced notice of the first of these portal days, which is 1/1/2008.

There are 12 portal days each year: 1/1, 2/2, 3/3, 4/4, all the way to 12/12. Recently, we are becoming aware of greater energy coming through on these portal days as the planet is growing in consciousness. We are dealing with interplanetary activities as our Earth is raising her own vibration. She is communicating at a higher level of consciousness with other planets in our solar system. Receiving heightened energies on these portal days is becoming more noticeable for those of us who are sensitive to those energies.

During 2008, there are three very important portal days. The first one is 1/1/2008. The numerology of this date is 01-01-10, as 2008 is 2 + 8=10. The two other important portal days of this year are 8/8/08 and 10/10/2008 (10/10/10). In numerology, as taught by renowned ancient mathematician and philosopher Pythagoras, all numbers are added up to make the first nine digits from 1 to 9. Each of these numbers have specific quality and value. 10 is 1, because 0 does not have numerological value. 11 is 2 (1+1=2). 12 is 3(1+2=3), and so forth.

1 is the number for new beginnings. 1+1+1 (01/01/2008) makes 3, which is the number of the creative force of the Universe. It also happens to be the number for our beloved Sanat Kumara, the planetary logos. The first portal day of the western calendar happens on New Year’s Day, only a few days after the celebration of the birth of Master Jesus. Because of this, I feel it is appropriate to start the year with a meditational grid given by Master Jesus to our own Susie Farley, the editor of our newsletter. This grid is for the release of fear and negativity.

Please also note that the 21st of December is the Winter Solstice at a point in the year for the victory of light over darkness. The days begin to get longer from that point on, even though winter is only beginning. This is a wonderful time to release that which does not serve us as we and nature move from darkness to light.

Bear in mind that new moons and full moons are also very important energy days. The energies are heightened for a three day period at each new and full moon (the day before, the day of and the day after). These are important days for transmission of energy from other planets, recalibrated by the sun through the moon, on to Earth and to each one of us. Those of us who have reached greater levels of sensitivity to heightened energies feel these special times with much greater intensity. Do not be surprised if you have sleepless nights the day before, the day of, and the day after new and full moons. Headaches, high or low energy experiences in your body may also be felt around these days. Pat yourself on the back and be gentle with yourself if you have noticed such sensitivities. If you have not, then make a point of checking the calendar to see if your difficult days happen to coincide with new and full moon times. We have a list of new and full moon days for the year 2008, click here to visit our “ceremonies” page. It eases the mind to know that you are experiencing these symptoms because of your sensitivities to energies and because the masters are anchoring the energies from the higher realms on these special days through you. Simply knowing this possibility and remembering these special energy days can help us to cope better.

Recently, I have been receiving many requests to hold workshops in different parts of the US and the world. I have spent much of my time preparing book manuscripts and other written material, which requires quiet time and focus. However, my experience is that when we go before the Masters with sincere hearts they always answer our request with love and compassion. If there is a great response from all of you to be in contact with the Masters through the atmosphere of a workshop, they will oblige us and I feel confident that they will allow me to plan a few workshops for 2008. To this end, we are preparing a workshop sign up sheet. This will help to determine the level of interest and the geographical locations which are the most appropriate. Next month we will have our workshop forms available on our website and will provide you with the link in our February newsletter. I invite you to send us your suggestions by filling out these forms and if you feel so moved, you may also indicate your desire to offer your service as a volunteer, a sponsor, a participant or in whatever capacity you wish to help make this a reality.

Bringing large numbers of people of like-minds and like-hearts together can create a great grid of light. This becomes an inviting atmosphere for the Masters to spread their love and light and to share their wisdom with us. The principal of “ask and you shall receive”, applies to all of the Masters. A Master never refuses to give his or her teachings to the disciples. By setting out our intensions to receive their teachings in workshop settings, we beckon the Masters to share their wisdom with us and allow us to be of greater service to them. A few hundred like-minded people gathered together to serve the light, can create such an atmosphere. 2008, as a number 1 year, is a great new beginning and a year for manifestation and creativity as Sanat Kumara brings his own consciousness to merge with us through the accelerated grid of light.

I am very excited about another feature added to our website. The Masters have expressed their desire for us to enter into a dialogue while we work with Sanat Kumara’s Accelerated Grid of Light. To this end, we have created a blog. It is designed especially for dialogue among those working with this grid (please refer to our November and December newsletters with Sanat Kumara’s instructions on these grids). As the months unfold, many new threads and new topics will be added. Your participation and your energy will make this blog a greater place for our communion and a forum for our future dialogue. We invite you to participate by asking questions, conversing with others, and sharing your experiences. To access this new feature, please click here blog.nasrinsafai.com.

In conclusion, let us resolve together to be surrendered to the higher Light, to live in peace and harmony and to pull to ourselves more of the spirit of communion with those of like mind and like heart. Let us use the spiritual community of light, which we have created through this website, as a driving force. Let us together pray for peace on Earth and for a greater involvement of the Masters of Light on earth and in our lives. Let us pray for the constant presence of the Seven Lords of Light, the Maha Lord of Light, Metatron and Sanat Kumara in our lives and beingness. Let us invoke the presence of the Divine Mother, as the ultimate creative force, to embrace us with her love. Let us plan to live this year in love and light.

May abundance, peace, love and light be with you all.

In the Light of the I AM,

Jeshua Ben Joseph

Grid of Light for Release of Fears and Negativity
Given by our beloved Master Jesus

September 10, 2007

Begin this meditation by closing your eyes and seeing Master Jesus standing before you. His eyes are enormous and clear, emanating love and compassion. His eyes become a gateway and he beckons you to look into his eyes and to follow through this gateway. As you enter this portal you find yourself in a beautiful area above where our world exists. This is another dimension, in front of and slightly above our physical reality. As you enter, you are greeted by the Masters, Serapis Bey, Saint Germain, El Morya, Quan Yin, Goddess Hecate and Mother Mary. They form a circle of light and compassion around you with Saint Germain standing directly in front of you. Visualize the face of a clock with yourself in the center facing the position of 12. Saint Germain is standing in the position of 12. Mother Mary at 2, Serapis Bey at 4, GH at 6, El Morya at 8, Quan Yin at 10.

Jeshua Ben Joseph

The archangels Uriel, Rafael, Mika-El (Michael) and Gabriel appear around this circle formation in the shape of a diamond. Archangel Uriel is in the position of North, Archangel Rafael in the position of East, Archangel Mika’El in the position of South and Archangel Gabriel in the position of West. Covering this formation is Lord Metatron, encapsulating this grid in his light and love. As Lord Metatron’s light encapsulates this formation you begin to spin counter clockwise. Gradually the spin becomes faster and faster as you release the fears and negativity that no longer serve you. As you spin you can hear the beings of light who surround you chant “the embodiment of all” in rhythm as you continue to spin. As you spin faster and faster you gain such momentum that you implode into light. Allow images of past hurts come to the surface and let them go. As you let go of more and more, you clear yourself of all negativity. You may begin to feel swirls of light come in clockwise. Visualize positive qualities of love, compassion, joy, peace and harmony to come in through the clockwise swirls and replace all the negativity.

Perform this meditation as often as you like during times when release of fear and negativity is necessary. Do this as many times as you can preceding the first 1/1/2008, and especially on that day.

Please also remember to spin Sanat Kumara’s Accelerated Grid of Light (see the November and December newsletters) and set out your intentions for the year on this amazing portal day.


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