February 2008

Dear Friends,

For our February newsletter I have chosen a healing grid given by Lord Metatron on January 11, 2008, which was another important portal day. Please remember, the portal days in the month of February are 2/2/2008 and 2/22/2008. Portal days are energy days when the portals of light to higher dimensions are wide open. Prayers and intentions, meditations and invocations offered on portal days can have greater potency. The energies that are coming forth are being accelerated, and February is going to be a month of even greater acceleration, as it facilitates the necessary spring cleaning to move us into the energies of March Equinox (March 20th-21st).

Please remember that the acceleration process continues into the first quarter of this year. As together we exercise the grid of light from November and December of 2007, we gain momentum in our acceleration in both spiritual and mundane daily life (please continue to exercise your 9 month grid of light as requested by Sanat Kumara and the Lords of Light in our November and December Newsletters). The entry of the sun into the sign of Aquarius was on January 20th. This date is the astrological landmark to bring the Age of Aquarius into full force. Its effect is being felt by everyone sensitive to heightened energies since last November. Because of all these events, Lord Metatron is offering us a grid for both healing and protection to calm our weary bodies and soothe our raw emotions and our frazzled minds and nervous systems.

If you are feeling out of sorts, feeling that your nervous system is being spun too fast, feeling that there are too many events happening around you, use this grid, preferably in the morning and at night, to begin and end each day. As we move into the accelerated energies, this healing grid will encapsulate and blanket you in the love and compassion beaming from the archangels, the Legions of Yahoweh-El, the Great Silent Watcher and Lord Metatron. The emanations of warmth and healing colors of light in this grid are very soothing to raw nerves and emotions.

February is also the month that I began channeling our beloved Lord Metatron. As an anniversary gift, we have recorded Sanat Kumara’s Grid of Light, from the November and December newsletters. Click here to listen to the Grid of Light meditation online. The meditation is approximately 30 minutes in duration. I am hoping that soon we will have every grid and meditational exercise available in this way. It brings me great joy to make this a future reality. I would love to hear your experience with this audio meditation and encourage you to post comments on our blog. I ask for your prayers and blessings to help facilitate the continued expansion of the Waves of Bliss web site with regular pod casts, video offerings and meaningful exchanges on the blog. We also ask for your prayers and blessings for the foundation and the compilation of books, CD’s, DVD’s and other formats to present the words of the Masters.

I pray for great acceleration and healing as together we walk the path of light over lighted by the essence of our beloved Masters.

In the light of the I AM,


Healing and Protection Grid

Metatron, Channeled January 11, 2008

Beloveds of my own heart I am Metatron, take a deep breath with me.

I would like to set up a very important energy healing grid for you. This grid is a new healing and protection grid for this year. Every morning use this grid before you do anything else. Train your mind and body as you awaken, before you even get out of bed and every night before you fall asleep, to do this exercise. It will boost your energy body and your nervous system. Put this grid on all the time, like a Garment of Light which you place around your body. When you do it in the morning it will bring you great protection from lower energies and offer your nervous system a boost to cope with the day. When you do it at night it will bring you healing while your consciousness is asleep and does not interfere in the healing process.

Visualize yourself standing inside a Pillar of Light which brings healing light and protection to you from the Higher Realms. It connects you to the presence of the I Am That I Am and continues to ascend to bring energies to you from the throne of Absolute and presence of Divine Mother. Directly below you the Red Earth Energy is rising up to connect with your root chakra and to hold you grounded upon Earth. I am going to begin by using the four angelic forces of Uriel, Raphael, Mika-El (Archangel Michael) and Gabriel. Archangel Uriel stands in the position of North, facing you, Archangel Raphael is in the position of East, Archangel Mika-El is in the position of South and Archangel Gabriel is in the position of West.

All Archangels are beaming their specific light to you. Their hands are held upright with the palms directed at your body. From the palms of their hands and from the center of their heart chakra, energy is pouring out to you. This energy moves into your third eye chakra, your throat chakra, your cosmic heart chakra, your personal heart chakra, your seat of the soul chakra, your solar plexus chakra, and your sacral plexus chakra. The two energy centers that we will not touch are the crown chakra and the root chakra. The root chakra is directly receiving energy from the Earth and the crown chakra is directly receiving energy from the heavens above.

Archangel Uriel is sending you the Yellow Light, the Cosmic Inner Light from the heart core of the Undifferentiated Source, God before it manifested in form. Archangel Raphael is beaming to you the Pink Light of Divine Love, the Light of healing and compassion. This is an energy of the Feminine Principle. Therefore, the Divine Mother in two of her forms as Mother Mary and Quan Yin is also behind this Pink Light. Archangel Mika-El is sending you his Aqua-Marine Blue Light of Protection. This light has the power to protect and to transmute all harm. Archangel Gabriel is sending you the Emerald Green healing light of Truth to bring physical, emotional and mental healing.

Take a deep breath. Bathe in the beams of light of the Archangels emanating to you while you stand in the Pillar of Light. Now visualize that from below your feet you are connecting to the Red Life Force Energy of Earth. This Red Energy comes up from the planet and moves up your left foot to your left leg. Moving up into your root chakra it crosses over and goes down your right leg. It connects you to the life giving Red Light of Earth. Through your root chakra, it then carries the pain, pollution and dross from your root and drains it out of your right foot releasing it back to Earth for transmutation. Now, visualize another beam of Red Energy coming up from Earth but this time entering through your right leg. It goes into your root chakra and crosses to your left leg and down to Earth, releasing the dross. Therefore, at each given point there are two streams of energy, one moving up your right leg going through your entire root chakra and draining out of your left leg, another one going up your left leg, reaching to your root chakra, clearing your root chakra and draining out of the right leg.

This is a very important energy exchange. It connects you to Mother Earth to help you become grounded and to benefit from the Red Life Force Energy of Earth. At the same time, it releases back to Earth the dross, pollution and pain from your root chakra which collects the pollution from the chakras above it. Pollution absorbed from the lower vibrational energies you encounter as part of your day. The Red Energy is very important. The Red Life Force of Earth helps you remain connected to Earth, helps to keep you from becoming depressed, and helps to prevent you from feeling disconnected. Whenever you feel out of sorts and unable to function, pull the red energy up and start this double flow of red energy up and down your legs through your root chakra.

Bring your attention back to your position in the center of the four archangels. Visualize a Sphere of Lavender Light directly outside of the formation of the four angelic forces. The Legions of Yahoweh-El are standing shoulder to shoulder in the formation of a circle inside of this Lavender colored Sphere. Each of the members of the Legions of Yahoweh-El become ablaze with lavender-pink and magenta light. As they direct their light at you, Yahoweh-El and her Legions are fully illuminated and look like beautiful fairies. Take a deep breath and bathe in the light of the legions of Yahoweh-El and the Lavender Sphere of Light.

Now, visualize a huge Bubble of Aqua-Marine-Blue Light which covers this entire formation. This Bubble is sent to you from the heart of the Great Silent Watcher, a great Cosmic Being who held the ideal design for this entire solar system in her own womb until it became manifest. The process took millions of years. She is very patient and very powerful. Calling upon her will take you to a whole new level of existence. Also calling upon her can help you move to a new level of creativity. I ask that you become aware of the Great Silent Watcher. I ask that you start communicating with the Great Silent Watcher. She may present herself in the form of a great huge Cosmic Being, or in the form of huge eyes that appear right in front of you or any other formation she may choose. She will give you her own sign.

The Aqua-Marine-Blue Light emanating from this Bubble does two things: First, it transmutes any negative energy that may effect and impact you. Second, it transmutes any lower vibrational frequencies that may affect you in your environment. Your environment consists of the Elements of Earth, Water, Fire, Air and Ether. These five Elements are responsible for everything manifest. Everything created in form is created with the five elements. Imagine the impact when the vibration of the five elements is raised. It can raise the vibration of all things. It can also render the lower vibrational forces harmless to you. Therefore, no harm can ever come to you in spite of the circumstances. This is the impact of this Blue Bubble. Take a deep breath and bathe in this Aqua-Marine Blue Bubble of Light.

Now visualize a Platinum Sphere placed around this entire formation. This is the Platinum Sphere of protection offered by Metatron. Visualize the outside surface of this powerful Sphere as smooth and shiny. Anything of lower vibration will get reflected back, like a mirror, and does not penetrate inside of the Sphere to you. Feel the energy of this Sphere and allow yourself to experience it. The higher vibrational energies are in harmony with it and therefore, are allowed to penetrate into it. All the good energy that you have raised inside of this grid and the healing transmitted to you from the angelic forces remains inside. It does not leak outside nor does it lose its power nor is it dispersed due to the protective power of the Platinum Sphere of Metatron. Take a few deep breaths and feel this healing protective energy.

I will give you a quick recap: In the morning as you awaken and at night before you fall asleep, establish this grid around you. Visualize yourself standing in the Pillar of Light. Visualize yourself connecting from below your feet to the Red Life Force Energy of Earth. This will energize and harmonize you with the Life Force of Earth and release the dross from your body into the Earth for transmutation. Then place the angelic forces of Yahoweh-El and the Lavender Sphere around you and the archangels. Over that, visualize the Aqua-Marine Blue Bubble of the Great Silent Watcher and finally, the Platinum Sphere of Metatron to seal everything.

When you have completed the formation say: “this grid will remain charged for as long as necessary until I recharge it again.” In this way, if you happen to miss a morning or evening, the grid will continue to be charged until you repeat the exercise.

I am your father Metatron. So it is.

Summary of Metatron’s Healing and Protection Grid:

Stand in the Pillar of Light facing Archangel Uriel in the North, Archangel Rafael is in the East, Archangel Mika-El in the South and Archangel Gabriel in the West.

  • Pull up the Red Earth Energy in two streams: one moving up your left leg, into your root chakra and down your right leg and one up your right leg and down your left leg back to Earth. Each is bringing up the Red Life Force of Earth and draining the pollution and dross.
  • Visualize a Lavender Sphere of Light around the 4 Angelic forces above with the legions of Archangel Yahoweh-El emanating Lavender-pink and Magenta.
  • Around the above formation, visualize an Aqua-Marine Blue Bubble coming down from the heart of the Great Silent watcher.
  • Now envision the Platinum Sphere of Metatron sitting over the Bubble of the Great Silent Watcher and sealing the grid.
  • Do this in the morning before you start the day and at night before you fall asleep. After each exercise, when you have completed the formation say: “this grid will remain charged for as long as necessary until I recharge it again.”

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