December 2008 Special

Dear Friends,

I offer you this special edition newsletter as requested by our beloved Metatron who wishes to stress the importance of the presence of Christ Maitreya in our lives throughout the year 2009.  As the World Teacher, Christ Maitreya is deeply respected, revered and heeded by all the Masters and Great Beings who consider him their representative and spokesperson.

Christ Maitreya and Our Divine Mission

We are fortunate to be alive at this important juncture of Earth’s history where Christ Maitreya has blessed the Earth with his physical presence. Imagine having a chance to serve by fulfilling not only our Divine Mission, but also the Mission for which Christ Maitreya has chosen to take a physical embodiment. This translates to the completion of our karmic actions, our karmic or righteous actions and our Divine Mission and participating in an act of service which has enormous impact at planetary levels and beyond. Reaching Enlightenment can be greatly accelerated through this act of selfless service.

Metatron has explained that there is no higher Dharmic Path than the one offered in service of Christ Maitreya. He even goes on to say that Christ Maitreya has the power to sanction a life for us that is even greater than the Divine Mission originally intended for us in the Divine Plan when we choose to offer ourselves in his service. Metatron says,

“The greatest service that you can offer in this New Year of 2009 and for the rest of your life is to offer yourself in service to Christ Maitreya.” Metatron channeled 9/24/2008.

This is made possible due to the unprecedented event that the world teacher has chosen to return to Earth and take a physical body. The full account of his presence is available in the Christ Maitreya chapter of Gifts from the Masters of Light: Journeys Into the Inner Realms of Consciousness – Gifts III. Click here to read an excerpt or here to read more about the Gifts books.

The prayer of the Great Invocation which appears in all the books in the Path to Enlightenment series is an offering to the presence of Christ Maitreya on Earth. Benjamin Crème is the spokesperson for Share International, an organization which is devoted to promoting the work of the Masters of Wisdom who walk with Christ Maitreya. He states that Christ Maitreya has requested the recitation of the prayer of Great Invocation. Christ Maitreya himself recites this prayer in the language of Light to raise the vibration of Earth and all humankind. Transmission Meditation is a book by Benjamin Crème

Metatron, Divine Mother, Sanat Kumara and other Masters offer us prayers and meditational exercises to encourage us to offer ourselves and our life in the discipleship and service of Christ Maitreya. One such exercise was given to you in our November Newsletter edition.  This exercise is incorporated in Path to Enlightenment, Book III, The Seed of Life, chapter 10, “Life in Service to Christ Maitreya”. This book will be out in Spring of 2009. The invocational prayer reads:

“I imbue this candle grid with the energies of the Seven Lords of Light and the Maha Lord of Light. I ask that the Seven Lords of Light and Maha Lord of Light continue to support the work of Christ Maitreya. I call the Seven Lords of Light and Maha Lord of Light into my life as Guardians of Light and I offer myself in service to them. I light this candle grid with the intent that all that remains of my life is now offered in service to Christ Maitreya, the Seven Lords of Light and the Maha Lord of Light. I ask that all karma and karmic entanglements remaining from this lifetime be absorbed and transmuted through Hecate, Metatron, Sanat Kumara, Christ Maitreya, the Seven Lords of Light, and the Maha Lord of Light, and I specifically ask Christ Maitreya to take what remains of this life and make it his. I offer myself in service to the Light.”

The candle grid offered in this exercise is an extremely potent way to offer all karma and karmic entanglements for transmutation in the Light of Christ Maitreya through the intercession of Divine Mother (in her aspect as Goddess Hecate), together with Sanat Kumara and Metatron.

Metatron says, “Make this candle grid a permanent feature in your life. Keep this grid lit daily from now through the year of 2009.” Metatron channeled 9/24/2008.

If you are interested to perform the ceremony and make the Christ Maitreya Candle Grid, click here.

Lord Shiva

Lord Shiva.’s sign is his number, 11. The moment that you tune into his energies you will begin to see number 11 or 11.11. Beside these obvious signs, you may notice combination of numbers which add up to 11. My two favorite combinations are 56 or 65 (5+6=11) and 38 or 83 as (8+3=11). I like 3 and 8 as 3 is Sanat Kumara and Divine Mother’s numbers and 8 is my number. You may find your own favorite combination.

For example, if your number is 9, then 92 or 29 may become your special sign from Lord Shiva (9+2=11). Shiva’s favorite colors are white, red and black. He likes leopard skin and his totem animal is a leopard. Shiva’s gem stone is Tiger Eye and his sacred bead is Rudraksha Beads which are seeds from a sacred tree in India. Rudraksha Beads signify tears of Lord Rudra, the five faced aspect of Shiva. One face looks to each of the four directions and the fifth looks up to the Heavens. Lord Rudra is therefore considered the guardian of the four directions of Earth and the heavenly realms above. Rudra is the most fierce and the most powerful representation of Shiva. Wearing Rudraksha Beads provide us with Lord Shiva’s blessing and protection. Praying with prayer beads made of Rudraksha beads and Tiger Eye Beads are considered auspicious. You may order your beads from Ammachi at or Karunamayi at These beads are blessed by Ammachi and Karunamayi, both Living Saints.

Yoga of the Mind – Jana Yoga

Lord Shiva is the embodiment of all the three forces of Creation, Sustenance and Destruction. Legend has it that Lord Shiva sat to meditate on the Glory of this world of creation and when he closed his eyes and stilled the mind, this entire manifest creation was pulled back into his beingness. Creation went back from manifest form to non-manifest; back into the Great Silence, inside the Great Void. Our focus will be on stilling the mind.

Metatron teaches us that we need to intellectually stimulate the mind and give it something substantial to engage in — in order to pull ourselves out of the mental chatter. The monkey mind distracts us from becoming still. The exercises and practices which the Masters offer us through this site, together with the books in the Gifts series and Path to Enlightenment series, the newsletters and information packages, will be tools to help the stilling of the mind.

The Yoga of Devotion – Bhakti Yoga

The spiritual practices will be incomplete unless they are exercised in total devotion.  Legends tell us that the fastest way to Enlightenment is the practice of Devotion. Many a devoted disciple has gained Self Realization and reached Enlightenment simply by their disciplined devotional practices. Throughout the year 2009 we will work together to open our hearts. When hearts are open, devotion comes easily. The Masters pour so much love into our hearts that we will have no problem offering our selfless service to the Light and in devotion to them.

Yoga of Transmutational Fire – Agni Yoga

Lord Shiva, as the Destroyer of this universe, is all about fire. He will take it upon himself to burn the dross of all of our karma, releasing us from our karmic entanglements and pushing us to move from living a karmic life, to a dharmic life — a life where we consciously choose to walk with Lord Shiva and the Masters. Karma in Sanskrit means actions and dharma means righteousness. The dharmic path, or righteousness, can help us to be the embodiment of our Divine Mission and succeed in the mundane world. This will lead us to greater peace, joy and happiness in life. It will also help us to greater spiritual growth. We can choose to live our Heaven here on Earth. Metatron calls this process Materializing Spirit. At the same time we can be instrumental in helping to Spiritize the Matter of our beloved Earth, so that it can raise its Quotient of Light and be a better world for all of us to live in. If we allow the Masters, Lord Shiva, Master Thoth, Lords of Light and the Maha Lord of Light to guide and accelerate us through the Yoga of Fire or Agni Yoga by burning our dross, we will be the spearheads and pioneers to Spiritize Matter, Materialize Spirit, reach Enlightenment and have our Heaven right here on Earth; starting with the year 2009.

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