August 2008

Dear Friends,

For our August Newsletter, the Divine Mother has requested that we make an abundance magnification Grid of Light.  Goddess Hecate offers this grid invoking 13 aspects of Divine Mother.

Magnification grids are extremely powerful as the candles empower the crystals and the crystals magnify the intension for the grid.  The power and might of the 13 Goddesses are invoked to further accelerate our intensions.  The Divine Mother has decreed to provide for all our mundane needs especially to bring financial prosperity and abundance to us through the format of this grid.

The month of August is an important month, as many special energy days and portal days are lined up in it.  This year 8/8/8 is a significant day as 8 is the universal number for abundance and prosperity.  The symbol of infinity is a number 8, turned on its side.  With regard to August 2008, Metatron has said,

“8 is the sign of Eternal Life, the sign of infinity, the symbol of abundance, the symbol for unity.  Remember 8/8/8 as a very important portal day.”

Gateways of heavenly realms are wide open for infinite abundance to be showered upon us.  Three eights will accelerate the manifestation process as 3 is the number for the creative force of Mother.

The Divine Mother has requested that I order special clear quartz clusters to sit on top of the symbol of infinity at the center of this grid.  These crystal clusters are much larger than the other clusters which I have been offering on our Infinite Light Crystal Gallery.  To honor Divine Mother’s wishes, I am offering these at $18.00 each.  Click here to see these crystals.  As I promised, I will charge each of these with the Divine Mother and the 13 Goddesses in your name and for your special intentions, to increase the magnifying power of your Grid.  Each of the points of the cluster can represent an aspect of the Divine Mother.

If you have your own favorite clear quartz or rose quartz piece, feel free to use it instead.  I have explained how to charge your own piece to use with this Grid in the summary section.

Other important energy days in August are 8/12, 8/16, 8/18, 8/20, 8/24, 8/27, 8/28 and 8/29.  In short, practically every day in August is a special day.

In the Light of the I AM,


Divine Mother’s Discourse on Abundance and Prosperity

Channeled January 15, 2008

My children of Light I am your Divine Mother.

I have called you because we are moving into accelerated energies of Light.  This means you have a chance to use the force of this acceleration to gain momentum in all your endeavors.  You can expand yourself physically as well as spiritually by surfing the tide of these energies.  When you are fully contented and when the world offers you all you need in abundance, you have a much better chance to serve the Light.  You can then allocate all your time and energy to fulfilling your divine mission.  For as long as you struggle for survival, you are distracted from the real purpose of your incarnation, your soul purpose.

This is why I say to you; seriously and constantly ask for financial abundance and for physical empowerment to use in service to the Light.  Keep asking for it until you are fully satisfied.  Make it a mantra, on a moment to moment basis, with every breath ask for abundance and prosperity in your life.  In joy and in gratitude, ask for all that you want.  Ask for everything which makes your life easier, more comfortable, more enjoyable, healthier, more wholesome, more peaceful and more harmonious.

When you do not expend your energy in struggling to survive you can be of much greater service to the Light, to the beloved Masters and to me, your Divine Mother.

When you become strong, powerful, healthy, whole and joyful, you can carry a much greater expanse of Light.  You can be of greater assistance to the Masters.  All the time, in all places, with all of your mind and all of your heart, seek to be better, greater, vaster, and capable of absorbing Light and spreading that Light to all.

Say; “I am happy, I am joyful, I am grateful, I am peaceful, and I am harmonious with all Elements.  I seek from all Elements, I seek from the Universe, I seek from the Masters, I seek from the Light, I seek from the Lords of Light, I seek from the Guardians of Light guidance and assistance for; greater financial abundance; greater prosperity, greater resources, greater people in my service, greater output from the 5 Elements, greater above and beyond expectation, greater above and beyond limitation.  I seek from the unlimited resources; I seek from the unlimited potential of the Universe.  I seek from the unlimited potential of the Throne of the Divine Mother,  Throne of Undifferentiated Source, Throne of Paramatman Light, and Throne of Creation.  I seek greater abundance; I seek above and beyond limitation.  I seek and I call to me the unlimited resources of the Universe.”

I seek greater abundance and prosperity from the 5 Elements which are the building blocks of our creation.  I seek abundance and prosperity from the universe, from the Masters, from the Light, from the Lords of Light and from the Guardians of Light.  I seek and I shall find, I shall be prosperous and abundant, now and forever.

“I ask all Divine Thrones and the Masters of Light to help me tap into the unlimited potential of the Universe and to widen the pathways for me to reach unlimited abundance, unlimited resources, unlimited manpower, and to make the vastness reachable. I call to the unlimited potential of the vastness of the Universe and I magnetize it to myself.  I merge into the Magnetic Force Field of the Feminine Principle and pull it to myself with every breath. I seek and I pull to myself greater and greater levels of magnetism for greater potential to pour down, greater ability to do more in service to the Light, greater momentum and greater acceleration in the evolution of my soul and in all worldly endeavors.”

Call to the Divine Mother and say:  “Let me be grounded, let me have my feet on the ground. Let me be in total surrender, accepting and knowing that my abundance is about to happen, it is immanent.  Let me get my footing; let me know where I am.  Let me keep my eyes wide open, let me have my hands ready to receive, let me have my arms outstretched, let me have my arms strong.  Teach me to be your child of Light.  Remind me that I am yours and you are mine.  I offer my Light, my joy, my life and my all in service to you.  I am Light, I am abundance, I am prosperous, I am harmonious, I am peaceful, I am joyful, and I am in oneness with all that is for I am all that is.”

Remember my children, it is a universal law; “ask and you shall receive.”  When you are in need and you ask, the Universe is bound to come to your help.  You may think that to ask for worldly things, for personal use, would be selfish and inappropriate, especially when you choose to be spiritual.  You may have been lead to believe that because you choose to walk more steadily on the path of spiritual enlightenment; that you must ask for less. I tell you this is not so.  You have every right to ask for everything.  Even more so because you are a spiritually awakened soul.  As an awakened soul, you do more for Earth, Humanity and Light than the unawakened souls.  Therefore, more is to be offered to you by the Universe.

In the wise words of Mother Meera, a physically incarnate manifestation of Divine Mother on Earth at this present moment, “Make it a habit to ask the Divine for everything”.

For the resources to open up to you, you must first believe that you disserve it, that you are worthy to have the best that this world has to offer.  Why should you be deprived?  You have come to be the Light that shines upon this Earth and illumines the path for all souls.  You are leading Earth and all souls to a greater future.  You deserve to be treated to the utmost best of all the resources available on Earth.  I ask you to call upon me, Your Divine Mother, for all things, absolutely all things and expect to have your needs met, your desires fulfilled and your life filled with Light love and luxury.  I am here by your side.  I love you with all of my heart.

I am your Divine Mother.


Hecate’s Candle Grid of Financial Abundance with 13 Aspects of the Divine Mother

Channeled January 15, 2007

My children of Light I am Hecate.

In deference to my beloved Divine Mother, I give you a Candle Grid to bring you abundance and prosperity and to accelerate the process of manifestation.  Through this Grid, I invite the energies of 13 aspects of the Divine Mother to intercede on your behalf.  Divine Mother would like you to receive all the assistance possible.  I am inviting Goddess Hecate, Lady Quan-Yin, Athena, Pele, Isis, Lady Liberty, Lady Victory, Lady Nada, Mother Mary as well as the four Hindu aspects of Divine Mother, Saraswati, Goddess of Knowledge and Wisdom, Lakshmi, Goddess of Material and Spiritual Abundance, Durga, Destroyer of Karma and Protector of Human-kind and Kali, the Mother Goddess, Remover of Darkness from this Age known as the Age of Kali Yuga.

The thirteen Goddesses will be invited to imbue a candle with their own energies to protect you, guide you, teach you and accelerate you in your mundane worldly life and to accelerate and illuminate you on your spiritual path.

I am also bringing to you the alchemy of the energies of the Gold color, Red color and Black color.  These three colors will be encapsulated in a red candle, a gold candle and a black candle.

The red candle is intended to connect you with the Earth energy and to bring you the abundance of Earth.  Red represents the Life Force of Earth; it is also the Life Force of the Human body and human being. The intention for the gold candle is to bring Life Force and Creative Force into your life.  The intension for the black candle is to release and remove all the darkness.

The Red is for the Life Force of Earth, Gold for alchemical, attraction and magnetism to bring prosperity and abundance; the Life Force of the Heavenly Realms.  Black is for the Force and the Power of Transmutation, for the release of darkness.

For instructions on how to draw your Candle Grid and how to energize it with your intensions, please refer to the diagram in the summary that follows.

I send you much love and much joy and much healing and prayers.  And I promise you that monies and resources will manifest for you.

I hold you with great joy in my own heart.  I thank you for all the love that you give to me.  Buy a statue of Goddess Hecate and display it in a high position in your home or office.  In this way I can look out for you from above.

Put that statue on top of a red cloth.  This will bring acceleration to the process by adding Creative Life Force to the environment.

I hold you in my heart with great joy; I am your Mother Hecate.

Summary and Instructions for Making the Candle Grid

Materials Needed

Note: Large pillar candles are recommended but for your convenience, any size will work.

  • One 3″ x 9″ Red Pillar Candle
  • One 3″ x 9″ Gold Pillar Candle (Use Yellow if you can’t find Gold)
  • One 3″ x 9″ Black Pillar Candle
  • 9 tea lights or white votives
  • One 12″ x 12″ red, black or yellow poster board
  • One blue or purple marker or pen
  • One crystal piece, preferably a clear quartz cluster
  • One piece of gold, (Gold coin, gold jewelry or gold colored coin)


Click here to see a larger version

Directions for drawing your Candle Grid

  1. Draw a large circle on the poster board.
  2. Draw an equilateral triangle, with approximately 9″ sides, inside the circle.  The triangle should not touch the circle
  3. Draw a square with each corner touching the circle.
  4. At the center of the poster board draw a circle approximately 2″ in diameter.
  5. Inside the small circle, draw the sign of infinity.  Superimpose the Yin- Yang symbol over the sign of infinity by placing a dot in the center of each loop and coloring in one side of the Ying-Yang.  Let the merging of the infinity and the sign of ying yang, which is the male and female, the masculine and feminine polarities be merged into each other.
  6. Place a mound of cinnamon over the two merged symbols.  On top of the mound place a crystal cluster and a piece of gold.  To charge your crystal cluster, hold the crystal up and say: “I invoke the presence of Goddess Hecate, Lady Quan-Yin, Athena, Pele, Isis, Lady Liberty, Lady Victory, Lady Nada, Mother Mary as well as the four Hindu aspects of Divine Mother, Saraswati, Goddess of Knowledge and Wisdom, Lakshmi, Goddess of Material and Spiritual Abundance, Durga, Destroyer of Karma and Protector of Human-kind and Kali, the Mother Goddess, Remover of Darkness from this Age known as the Age of Kali Yuga and I ask all aspects of the Divine Mother to charge the crystal with the energies of abundance and prosperity and to hold and magnify each intention placed into the grid as I light each candle.”
  7. Sprinkle cinnamon around the entire large circle covering the line that you drew.
  8. Place the red, gold and black candles at the 3 points of the triangle.
  9. Write Saraswati, Durga, Lakshmi and Kali on the four corners of the square.
  10. Place 4 tea candles at each of the four points over the four names.
  11. Mark 9 points equally spaced around the large circle.  Make these points about 1″ outside the large circle.
  12. Write the names of the Goddesses at each one of these 9 points.  Write Hecate, Athena, Mother Mary, Quan-Yin, Lady Nada, Lady Liberty, Lady Victory, Pele and Isis.
  13. Place 9 tea candles at the name of each of the 9 Goddesses.

Lighting the Candle Grid

Start with the three large candles.

  1. Pick up the black candle, hold it up and say, “I call forth the transmutational forces of Heaven and Earth to remove all darkness from my life and my being.  Release and remove all obstacles from my path of abundance and prosperity and accelerate the manifestation of all beneficial resources into my life and my hands.”  Place the black candle back on the Grid and Light it.
  2. Pick up the Gold candle, hold it up and say, “I call forth the Alchemy of the Heavenly Realms, to bring abundance and prosperity from higher dimensions to fill my life and my hands.”  Place the gold candle back on the Grid and light it.
  3. Pick up the red candle, hold it up and say, “I call forth the Red Life Force from the Earthly Realm to fill my life and my hands with the abundance and prosperity, passion and strength, wealth, health and comfort.”  Place the red candle back on the Grid and light it.

Now go to the four Goddesses around the square, one by one, pick up the votive or tea candle and say, “I call forth Goddess (name of Goddess) to bring forth (state intention).”  Place each candle back in its position and light it.

Now go to each of the 9 Goddesses around the circle and pick up each candle in turn and say, “I call forth Goddess (name of Goddess) to bring forth (state intention). Place each candle back in its position and light it.  When the votives burn out and you start new candles, you can make new intentions or gain momentum with the same intentions.

Print all your intentions on a piece of paper and place them by the Candle Grid and say them each time you Light the Grid.

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