September 2007

Dear Friends,

For our September Newsletter I have chosen a very powerful grid that our beloved Metatron has offered us. Living in the 3rd Dimensional Realm can be very difficult when we desire to operate at higher frequencies unbound by time and the laws of this realm. Metatron offers us an exercise that can bring forth what we would like to manifest at a much greater pace. The analogy of accelerating time by using a microwave oven instead of an old fashioned oven is one way of understanding just how much this grid can accelerate the process of manifestation. This exercise is also powerful for healing and protection. Many beings of light offer their love and support in helping us heal and repel negativity. As I have been told by those who have already been working with this exercise, you may experience profound tingly and electrical energy surges within the body.

Remember to do this healing meditation throughout the month but definitely on the three days of the 19th, 20th and 21st for greater healing and manifestation of abundance and peace.

Let us also remember to thank Metatron for providing us with a grid in which we can be our own alchemist. Call upon Metatron to intercede on your behalf in creating greater alchemy of accelerating time and manifesting the objects of your desires. He indeed is a great alchemist.

Blessings for an abundant month and a joyful Fall Equinox. In eternal love and in gratitude for your participation in these exercises.

I am Nasrin.


Alchemical Grid of Healing, Protection and Manifestation

Metatron – Channeled January 13, 2006

Beloveds of my own heart I am Metatron, El Shadi. Take a deep breath with me.

I would like to create a grid of protection and healing around your body. In this grid of light, I will create two triangles. One will be a triangle of healing, and it will begin to emanate green energies, citron-green energies, emerald-green energies, deep-dark-jade-green energies; three layers of energies for healing the body, the mind and the emotions. The citron green is the Ray of Mental Clarity. The emerald green is the Ray of Truth and Hope and Healing for overall purging, especially of the emotional body. The deep-dark green is directly related to the physical body and the physical environment. This deep-dark green is also a connection to Earth and material things, including financial abundance and manifestation of material possessions. Archangel Raphael, Mother Mary and Quan Yin stand at the points of this green triangle beaming healing energy to you.

Intermingled with this green triangle, I will bring a blue triangle of protection. There will be three layers, or points of protection, in three aspects of the energies of the blue ray. The first layer is a deep dark nile-blue color which will act as protection from the dark forces and energies that lower your vibration and take your power away. This deep, Nile-blue color, the color of the sky at night, the color of the Nile River, is the energy that is the third layer and its focus is on bringing energy from the higher realms to the lower realms, and releasing the negativity from your own body and beingness for a physical body clearing. The second layer is a medium blue, the color of chrysocola stones (a little darker than turquoise). This will bring power to your energy body, especially in the area of your Solar Plexus, as well as an emotional body clearing. Chrysocola is a color and a stone that vibrates an energy between turquoise and lapis. Lapis repels negativity while turquoise protects you from negative energies. Since the color of chrysocola ranges between these two, it provides both characteristics. The third layer is a transparent aquamarine-blue energy. Do not be concerned with the exact colors as the Masters have the conscious awareness of your needs. The exact range of color will be emanated to you by the Angels and Masters that work with you on this grid. Imagine that in this structure there are the three layers of protection, where the aquamarine blue is the color of power in its aspect as divine power and mercy. The chrysocola, which is the combined forces of lapis and turquoise, is the absorption of that divine power, the power within the body for material goals and a repellent against negativity from the body. Archangel Michael, Archangel Uriel and Archangel Metatron stand at the points of each of the blue triangles. They begin by beaming lights of the blue ray to you, protecting and guarding you from picking up negative energies and transmuting the negativity that you may have already picked up. Then returning this transmuted light to the Pure White Light of the I AM; they pull from the Pure White Light of the I AM, the pure essence of the I AM THAT I AM, your own God-Self and empower you with the essence of your own God-Self. It is the pure light of the I AM THAT I AM that will energize you and give you the strength and the stamina, the willpower and the force that you need to accomplish all necessary tasks; from mundane level of existence and from higher realms of existence alike. Now visualize that these two triangles, the green and blue, merge into each other. As they merge they create a Star of David.

Now, envision that you are standing in the very center of these two triangles. These two triangles will begin to spin around an axis which is forming in the center of your body. Imagine that from the top of your head, a Pillar of Light is forming. This Pillar moves through your body down through the bottom of your feet and all the way to the core of the Earth. The upper end of the Pillar goes all the way to the presence of the I AM THAT I AM. Imagine that both of these triangles spin around this central axis, one moving clockwise, the other counter-clockwise. The blue triangle for protection is releasing lower vibrational energies from your body. It is repelling all energies that are lowering your physical, emotional and mental bodies. Therefore, this blue triangle is rotating counter-clockwise.

The green healing grid is bringing energy into your body and is therefore spinning clockwise. When the two begin to spin, two spheres of light are formed. When the three layers of green and three layers of blue mix, a blue-green light of healing and power begins to emanate. When these two spheres spin faster and faster, the entire body begins to vibrate to their energies. As your body begins to emanate according to the energies of healing and protection, what needs to be released FROM your body can be transmuted and returned to Pure White Light. What needs to be brought TO your body can be retrieved from the Pure White Light.

Imagine that the spin moves up and down your body creating two great spheres of light that emanate beams of light in both directions. The triangles spin and become spheres of light, and the spheres expand in size. They become great balls of light that hold your entire body inside of them. The healing energies continue to emanate from your entire body.

Visualize this healing system every night before you fall asleep, and every morning as you rise. This grid of light will become an important energy exchange that will lighten your load, heal your body, mind and emotions. It will protect you from harm and empower your body, your mind and emotions to do greater things. This will help to protect and heal you and also empower you to bring the manifestation process to an acceleration. Whatever you wish to manifest, put that in the center of this grid and spin the two triangles in the way I have described around that object, whether it is a thought that you would like to manifest, an emotion you would like to release, a material object or a level of beingness that you would like to achieve: place that thought form, or that object, or that emotion in the center of this grid and begin to spin the two triangles around it. To combine the two together, imagine that you hold the object of your desires in your hands or the thought of what you want in your mind as you spin inside the two triangles.

When the two spin faster and faster, the blue of empowerment, the green of manifestation and healing begin to merge and mingle with one another. The outcome will turn the entire double sphere into Pure White Light. At the point where Pure White Light is achieved there will be an explosion. The explosion is the sign that the intentions, the thought forms, the object, is materialized and blessed by the presence of the I AM THAT I AM, embodied and imbued with the essence of the Pure White Light. At that point you know the exercise is complete. Sit then in peace and bliss and feel the joy of accomplishment.

If you do this project for 22 consecutive days without breaking it, the energy, the power, the manifestation, the healing, the clearing, and the protection will become part of your personal grid. As a result you will be able to call forth its power: the power of manifestation, the power of will and control, the power of healing yourself, the power of manifesting objects of your desires. What becomes part of your personal grid can be retrieved again at any time. When you retrieve it after the 22-day phase, you can put a different intention each time, and you can repeat the exercise, and the visualization process can happen in a matter of an instant, and the outcome can turn into Pure White Light.

This is a fifth dimensional energy. In the fifth dimension you can manifest things by simply putting out the intention, spinning it, turning it into a sphere and letting the sphere become Pure White Light. It happens automatically. This is why in the fifth dimension you think, “I am hungry, I want an apple,” and an apple appears in your hand, fresh, with life-force energy vibrating through it. When you come down from the fifth dimensional realm it is not so easy. At the fourth dimensional realm you can replicate with much greater ease than you can in the third dimension. By knowing the secret alchemy which turns base metal into gold, you can turn the object of your desires into manifested form, or turn the thought-form into something that you can tangibly touch and feel and benefit from.

In the third dimension of reality, time and space are moving slower than the higher realms where thoughts are manifested instantaneously. This grid will help you accelerate your thoughts into actions at a faster pace. Therefore, by working with this grid for 22 days you will be able to reach the level of manifestation by pressing time to catch up with your thoughts faster. Then it all depends on the Earth plane and how fast the third dimension can accelerate that and bring that reality to you. If it does not happen instantaneously, it is not because you have been unsuccessful, or you have lacked focus, or you did not do the actions correctly. It is simply because you are working in a high-density third dimensional realm where you need to move the dimension in the direction of acceleration before things can manifest. By spinning this grid, you can bring that future closer to now. How fast that future can come to this now-moment depends on how fast the density can be removed. Then, of course, your greater focus and your intense desire and your perseverance will add to greater results.

The analogy is similar to the concept of a microwave: microwave energy spins the molecules of food to jump up and down creating heat. When you place the cold or uncooked food inside of the microwave oven it cooks much faster than other means of cooking. The same concept can be applied with this grid. Imagine wanting something that would take a long time to accomplish if you were letting time and space take its course for its manifestation. Then, you decide, “I want to manifest this in the fastest possible accelerated speed. I want to move on to serve the light, and I want to be supported by the light.” Put that object, thought-form or emotion inside of the grid, and say, “accelerate it as best as time and space can comply with the divine plan.” The divine plan can give it to you in an instant, but you live in the third dimensional reality, you may have to wait for a short time to see results. Meanwhile, accelerate the result by repeating this exercise and to help time and space catch up with your intention faster.

The grid will turn the intention into microwave rays of light where if this were to take three years it is done in three months. If food were to take three hours under normal circumstances, it can be prepared in three minutes. This is the alchemical benefit of the grid. If time and space were to comply with your needs and move from solid density to fluid liquidity, then the object of your desires could come to you in matter of seconds, minutes, days, weeks, rather than years and decades.

Step-By-Step Review of Meditational Exercise

Take a deep breath now and envision that you are standing at the center of two triangles. One triangle is blue; one triangle is green. There are three beings: Michael, Uriel and Metatron standing at the points of the blue triangle. Raphael, Mary and Quan Yin standing at the points of the green triangle. A shaft of light is beaming down at the center where you stand. This shaft of light is coming down from the presence of the I AM THAT I AM. Reaching to your Crown Chakra, it moves through your head down to your spinal column. Then moves down from the base of your spine to reach to the crust of the Earth and to the core of the Earth. In this way, through you as the catalyst, the shaft of Pure White Light of the I AM THAT I AM moves from the thirteenth dimension of reality where the presence of the I AM resides, reaches to the heart core of Earth. It makes the heavenly aspects of the father energies, and the earthly aspects of the mother energies to unite in oneness through the medium of your own body. Now begin to see that the blue triangle is beginning to spin counter-clockwise, releasing any and all negativities from your body, but bringing you power. The green triangle, which is bringing healing and manifestation begins to spin clockwise, bringing the manifestation of your desires.

Feel the spin of the two triangles become faster, state your intentions: what you wish to see happen. Think of what you desire to see and experience in the course of the year ahead. Specifically, mention the details of what you wish to achieve. Say: “I want to manifest this in the fastest possible accelerated speed. I want to move on to serve the light, and I want to be supported by the light.”

Set up the motion, the process of whatever intentions serve you, and feel the energy move through your body in the form of heat, in the form of vibration. You may have heat or coolness moving up and down your body, you may have a tingling sensation, or a sensation of light, profusion of lights. Breathe deeply and set out all your intentions and notice that the two triangles begin to spin faster and faster. Take deep long breaths inhaling , deep slow breaths exhaling.

The energy of the spin is reaching full circle. In an instant this grid will begin to move into explosion. With the explosion Pure White Light begins to emanate from the core of your being in every direction. The size of the sphere is now expanding and extending the size of the sphere to encompass your entire body within it.

Now sit in the Pure White Light, and let the mind be absorbed in the knowing that the object of your desire has been completely achieved. Command the angelic forces of light who work with you to post this intention upon your personal grid. They will then begin building the grid to illuminate the ultimate reality which will hold this design retrieved from the Mind of God. For this thought-form which has occurred to you has its origin in a thought-form within the Mind of God. That thought-form creates the original divine blueprint for all your thoughts and actions which are divinely ordained. Command your angelic forces of light and say “I now command my Guardian Angels of Light to retrieve the divine blueprint from the Mind of God, and to illuminate my personal body grid with this divine blueprint.” In this way you align your own will in regard to this specific issue with the divine will. You will manifest the object of your desires, and the highest divine plan for this desire. It will then satisfy your personality, your mind, your emotions, and your head. More importantly it will satisfy your soul, and the divine mission that your soul has come to fulfill in this lifetime in regards to this project.

I leave you now. I hold you in my own heart. I will continue to give you healing through this grid. I am your own Metatron. So it is.

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