October 2007

Dear Friends,

As the seasons change around the globe, it serves us to clear our energy bodies in preparation for the upcoming season. Some areas are moving into the fall weather, getting ready for the long sleep of winter. Others are moving into spring and summer, cleaning out for the activity of the warmer months. No matter what the weather patterns are where you reside, releasing the old and clearing our energy bodies are extremely beneficial as we make way for the new.

Metatron has stated that the Feast of Imbolc in February represents giving way to the maiden, the renewal of spring; a celebration of the feminine principle. Those of you entering the spring and summer months are experiencing the feminine in her maiden form. Those moving into winter are experiencing the feminine in her mature and wise crone aspect. Metatron also has requested that ask our beloved Goddess Hecate to put a leash on all darkness within us and on any dark forces around us. Her strength in keeping a leash on the dark forces should always be our solace and we must call upon her for assistance more often. In a recent channeling session we were informed of the importance of bringing the feminine energy to this planet as the creative force of the Mother Divine is very active. It is therefore appropriate to offer you the following grid of light with Goddess Athena, Goddess Victory and Goddess Liberty. This grid brings forth the highest and most potent feminine aspects to us and to Earth which is much needed at this time.

I wish you great joy in uniting your energies with that of the Divine Mother and pray that she will bless you with great prosperity, love, light, abundance and great success in all your endeavors.




Metatron – Channeled February, 2007

Beloveds of my own heart I am Metatron, El Shadi. Take a deep breath with me.

Focus your energy in the center of your heart. The year 2007 has been a time for light and dark to finally merge into each other as we move from the duality of separation to the unity of “Oneness”. I ask you to continuously say, “I call forth the Lords of Light and ask for their intercession before the Lords of Darkness. The subjects of the Lords of Darkness will impose no harm upon me, they will instill no fear in me, they will stay away and clear of my path, they will have nothing to do with me.” Through this statement you acknowledge and pay respect to the dark side, yet you call upon the Forces of Light. They render you unaffected by any harm, delay, distraction, fear, anger or negative emotion. Through this statement, you are asking the Lords of Light. Ask the Masters of Light in the entourage of Christ Maitreya, to intercede on your behalf. Great light and guidance is available to clear your path of all obstacles all the time. All you need to do is ask for it. To help you clear yourself of all dross and darkness I will give you a clearing exercise and then I will invite the presence of the feminine principle, the divine creative force in her as Goddess Hecate. As the Goddess of the Underworld, she holds the leash on the dark forces. She is willing and able to provide assistance in keeping her leash on the dark forces. Call upon Hecate and light a red candle in her name and in her honor. If you have a statue or picture of her, keep the red candle lit near it at all times. Hecate should be hoored in all phases of the moon, whether it is waning, new, waxing or full. Honor Goddess Hecate wherever the moon is, and honor her vigorously right now. Normal practice is to pay respect to Goddess Aphrodite during the new moon and waxing moon, Goddess Celina during full moon and Goddess Hecate during the waning moon. Whether you are in the area of the world where it is spring and she is being honored in her maiden form, or it is fall and she is being honored as the crone. Both aspects can be a rebirthing. The spring of a new life or the death prior to rebirth. Either way, let this be a new beginning and let go of all your fears.

Physical Body Clearing

Now let us begin to clear and cleanse all your energy bodies. Take a deep breath and focus your attention on your body as I begin to clear each body layer by layer. We will start with the physical body. Envision yourself standing inside a cylinder of Pure White Light. Pure White Light pouring down, ethereal, clearing all the pollution and dross of this and many other lifetimes. Moving down through the bottom of your feet, the light goes through the crust of the Earth and into the core. You are now standing inside the cylinder of White Light of the I AM THAT I AM, connecting the Pure White Light of the Undifferentiated Source to the core of the Earth.

Etheric Body Clearing

Now we will clear the etheric body, your auric field. It is cleared to emanate and vibrate inside of the Pure White Light. Visualize from the top of your head this Cylinder of White Light moves downwards and clears your etheric body. Again, it goes down all the way from the bottom of your feet to the crust of the Earth and to the core. Completely clearing and cleansing all dross on its way. Your etheric body is now extending and expanding inside of the Pure White Light.

Emotional Body Clearing

We move now to the emotional body, the third layer. We start at the 12th Chakra, the 13th Dimension of Reality, where the I AM THAT I AM resides, your antakarana chord, your hara line. The intention is purity of essence, clarity of focus, wisdom, love, light and the willfulness to accomplish your divine mission. Again, the Cylinder of Pure White Light moves downwards from the presence of the I AM THAT I AM, clearing all levels, all dimensions of reality, all the way down, chakra by chakra, all the way down to the crust of the Earth to the core of the Earth; completely clearing your emotional body and restoring clarity.

Clearing of the Mental Body

Now, we repeat the process for the mental body clearing. Again, the Cylinder of Pure White Light from the top, 12th Chakra, where the presence of the I AM THAT I AM resides, 13th Dimension of Reality, 12th Dimension of Reality, 11th Dimension of Reality, 10th Dimension of Reality, 9th Dimension of Reality, 8th Dimension of Reality, 7th Dimension of Reality, 6th Dimension of Reality, 5th Dimension of Reality, reaching to the soul, the 8th chakra. 4th Dimension of Reality, 3rd Dimension of Reality moving through the Crown, Third Eye, Throat, Cosmic Heart, Heart, Seat of the Soul, Solar Plexus, Sacral Plexus, Root Chakra, thighs, knees, calves, ankles, feet, crust of the Earth, core of the Earth. A complete clearing which allows the mental body to expand, extend and reach to the edges of your Cylinder of Light. The Cylinder of Pure White Light of the I AM THAT I AM is fully merged with your mental body now.

Clearing of the Spiritual Body

We now move to reconnect your spiritual body. The spiritual body does not become contaminated, it only needs to be reconnected to the highest aspect and essence of your soul and spirit that it can reach. We will take it to the ultimate essence of the God-Source or spirit of Oneness, the presence of the Undifferentiated Source, God before it knew separation, God in non-manifest form. Now, the spiritual body reaches to the presence of the I AM THAT I AM, connecting the spiritual body through the antahkarana, through the hara line, all the way to the presence of the Undifferentiated Source.

In the 3rd dimension, the human body is the vehicle for the soul. The spiritual body is the vehicle for the Undifferentiated Source. All the bodies must first be cleared from their dross. The spiritual body must be reconnected to the physical body in the 3rd dimension and to the Undifferentiated Source in the highest dimension. Then spirit can move from the highest dimension down to the body and use it as its vehicle. The spirit is the breath or the life force that moves the vehicle and the soul becomes the vehicle when all lower bodies are cleared and united. Soul and spirit in union moving forward, extending and expanding through all levels and dimensions of reality.

It is time to work with different aspects of the Divine Mother, the feminine principle; for example Goddess Athena: Her wisdom and her essence as a warrior goddess is sorely needed right now. Also, Goddess of Victory and Goddess of Liberty. Goddess of Victory has been victorious for over 200,000 years, Goddess of Liberty has been liberating humankind from the dross of fear for over 500,000 years and Goddess Athena has been the warrior goddess of all woman, all soldiers and all teachers for many thousands of years. From this moment on, walk with Goddess Athena standing behind you, Goddess of Victory standing to your left and Goddess of Liberty to your right in the formation of a triangle. Goddess Athena holds her sword above your head and her shield in front of your Solar Plexus. You are encased inside the energy field of these three goddesses. In this triangle you are completely protected in their embrace.

Take a deep breath and visualize this formation spinning around you. As this formation spins, the three points of the triangle also begin to spin and then implode inside of you. When this implosion happens, the power of Goddess of Victory, the freedom of Goddess of Liberty and the wisdom of Goddess Athena, the warrior goddess feminine principle, resides within you. Now visualize that Goddess Hecate is standing in front of you. She is holding a torch in each hand and is shining their light on your path. You stand behind her. She will show you the way and walk ahead of you to protect you from all harm.

Spin this grid every night before you fall asleep and every morning as you arise. Visualize this protectional grid of light around you all the time. I pray that your success be greater, your path clear of obstacles, your ride smoother and your joy boundless.

I hold you in my own heart with great love. I am your very own Metatron, so it is.

Step-by-Step Meditational Exercise and Grid of Protection:

  • Light a red candle to honor Divine Mother’s passion and in remembrance of Goddess Hecate and her protection (optional).
  • Clear the physical body
  • Clear the etheric body
  • Clear the emotional body
  • Clear the mental body
  • Clear the spiritual body
  • Visualize standing inside a grid of light with Goddess of Victory standing to your left, Goddess of Liberty standing to your right and Goddess Athena standing behind you
  • Spin the triangle until implosion
  • Visualize yourself fully immersed and in Oneness with Athena, Victor and Liberty. Standing behind Goddess Hecate as she points her torches of light in both her hands walking ahead of you illuminating your path and removing all obstacles, darkness and fear from your path.
  • Do the entire exercise for 7 days. After that visualize yourself at all times immersed in the energy of these Goddesses standing behind Hecate. Remind yourself of this grid of light morning, night and during the day whenever your want protection and acceleration to great success and joy.

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