November 2007

Dear Friends,

For our November Newsletter, I have chosen an excerpt from Gifts II: Gifts of Practical Guidance for Daily Living, pages 152-155. This book contains four sections pertaining to protection, healing, manifestation and enlightenment. I have chosen a very special grid from the manifestation section given by our beloved Metatron. This grid will assist you in manifesting your life’s mission and aligning your will with the will of God. When our will is aligned with the will of God, things fall into a natural rhythm and there is ease and grace flowing within our lives. When we are aligned we do not need to be concerned, as all is in divine order.

As we near the holiday season, let us be thankful for the freedom we gain when we choose to align ourselves and know that through this alignment we are exactly where we are meant to be.



Channeled November 6, 2005

Candle Grid for Accomplishing Life’s Mission

Commentary: This is an excellent candle grid. Its purpose is to bring all things to its original state of purity and innocence that God intended for humankind. You can set up this grid both for the general overall purpose of accomplishing your life’s mission and for specific issues or events that you wish to accomplish. Any intention that you would want to realize needs to be returned to its state of original purity and innocence before it can be fully accomplished, unless you want to continue struggling in various karmic situations. Only those intentions which are karmic debts do not originate from a state of purity and innocence. Everything else in God’s creation does begin from that state and must return to that state. Therefore, Metatron’s exercise here is an excellent manifestation tool. For example, you can use this grid if you are not happy in your job or current career choice. It can be used for business or personal partnerships and transactions, health and wholeness of yourself, of your young or teenage children or of senior parents. It can be used to find loving partners and spouses, to remove obstacles from your path, to release depression, to succeed in career and social life and for anything else you can think of.

Candles are powerful because they represent all the four base elements with which this entire creation was created. When lighted, the flame of the candle represents the element of Fire. The smoke and the air that it needs to remain lighted represent the element of Air. The wax represents both Water and Earth. The color white represents purity and innocence. Originally before we entered into the realms of density and darkness there was only light, and light was represented as Pure White Light. With white candles Metatron teaches us to reunite the white light of purity and innocence into our lives. You can use this candle grid for absolutely all your intentions. The idea is to bring that intention to its original state of purity and innocence so that it can manifest in your life in peace and harmony with ease and grace. Simply set your candle grid up as Metatron explains below and say:

“I set up this grid to bring (state your intent) to its original state of purity and innocence and manifest it for my life” (or release it from my life, whichever is applicable).

Beloved of my own heart, I am Metatron. Take a deep breath with me.

To accomplish your life’s mission, to remember that mission and to walk the path of the Light of your mission, set up a candle grid. This candle grid is for the accomplishment of your life’s mission by returning to the purity of the original intent. For this grid, you will need to use five white candles, large enough that they would burn for five days. Dedicate each one for one of these qualities: 1) peace, 2) harmony, 3) clarity, 4) joy and 5) light. Set them up around in a circle. In the center, place a container of water, preferably a clear glass container. All around the container of water sprinkle a dusting of cinnamon. The purpose of the water is to clear the path from all obstacles and to cleanse your emotional body. It represents the element of Water. The purpose of cinnamon is to absorb to itself the objects of your desires. It represents the element of Earth. The purpose of the candle flame is to bring the fire of passion and compassion to your intentions. The flame represents the element of Fire, and the flame cannot exist unless the element of Air gives it wind, gives it wings to fly. The element of air is represented everywhere in your grid.

With the help of the air, the illumined flame will take wings and take all your intentions to the heart of God, the Source of All That Is, in the Ether which is the fifth and final element holding within itself all the other elements. All the thought forms that have ever existed are held in the element of Ether. The object of this candle grid is to pick from those thought forms in the mind of God the ones that will best serve you on the journey of your divine mission and the accomplishment of it; whether you will best serve by healing, teaching, serving humankind or servicing the Light in any other way possible.

Set up the grid, place the five candles, say out loud the quality of each candle and the intentions for each: peace, harmony, clarity, joy and light. Light each one and sit with it for a few minutes. Envision a blue ball of Light in the base of your spine. Begin to move the ball upwards from the base of your spine, chakra by chakra, along your spinal column to the top of your head. Begin envisioning the presence of your primary guide and your guardian angel behind you. Pause and meditate, feeling the energies. From the very point of coming to existence, you have a hierarchy of guardian angels. Archangel Michael and Lady Faith have come to rescue humanity from forgetfulness of their divinity. Call upon them and ask them to help you in the remembrance of who you are and what you have come to do on Earth. Ask the Light from the heart-core of God – the Undifferentiated Source – to shine upon this grid, your body and your Being, your loved ones, your home, all of your possessions, those that you will touch, that you have touched and that you have been touched by, and upon those that will clear the path for you to serve as you clear the path for others to serve the Light. Pray and meditate, and ask over and over:

“Not my will, but they will be done. I surrender to your will. I surrender to the Light, the pure, bright white light of the Source, I walk on the path of Light accomplishing my mission and I ask for divine power, divine wisdom and divine love to engulf me now and forever. So it is. It is done. Amen.”

Say these prayers. Sit with your candle. Meditate. Your life is changing from moment to moment. A week from today you may feel much greater strength, love and hope within yourself and your life.

In the Light of the I AM, I am your own Metatron. So it is.

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