May 2007

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For our May newsletter I have chosen a channeled message from Metatron who provides us with insight into the energies that Earth and humanity have been experiencing and will continue to experience through the beginning of 2008. Many people have been perplexed by upheavals and unusual events in their lives and are seeking guidance in regards to such events. It is, therefore, appropriate to share this information so that you may understand the nature of the present events and prepare for the times ahead, as well as the peace that will follow according to Metatron.

The month of May is like the opening door to summer, the seeds of Mother Earth are beginning to take root and become what will be the fruits of later months. Let us remember that by experiencing all that must be brought to the surface we are releasing our dross. This opportunity for release is a blessing as we collectively let go of layers of heaviness to allow more of our true essence and light to shine, blessing Mother Earth and all of humanity. The entire month of May is offered to our beloved Mother Mary. Therefore, remember to call upon her to intercede on your behalf in all your endeavors.

Remember also, that May is a time to celebrate Wesak, also known as the birthday of Lord Buddha, which falls on the Full Moon in Taurus. A powerful vortex is open at this time as Lord Buddha, Mother Mary and other Ascended Masters gather close to the Earth and bestow their blessings upon Earth and humanity.
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Metatron – Channeled March 29, 2007

Since September of 2001, the Earth energies have been shifting. The September 11th event was believed by some to be a global event of enormous proportion, and I tend to agree. With it, a new cycle of behavior opened up and a new test to see if the consciousness of humankind can see that All is One and One is All, and the pain and struggle of one faction of the society is the pain and struggle of all. No one can inflict pain and struggle upon another without suffering themselves. That was the lesson of the events of September 11th. The world has not come to peace yet, and the collective consciousness of humankind must realize that every human being, every country, every nation are organs of the same body and parts of the same whole. In that sense, what effects one part automatically effects all parts. Until that realization becomes a universal truth understood by the masses, the struggle will continue.

To succeed in awakening humanity to the understanding of the truth, the Divine Ray of Truth will need to be anchored, illuminating the divine spark within the hearts of all humankind. For as long as we have not reached that point of standing in Divine Truth, the collective consciousness of humankind will not awaken and critical mass will not be reached. Upon full awakening, 1% of the population of Earth will illuminate that divine spark within their hearts. Then critical mass is reached. The landmark point of entering that point has been set March equinox of 2005. At that point the seed was planted. By March equinox of 2006, we were on our way to critical mass. Completion of that event has taken until March equinox of 2007. This is why the few weeks leading to and during March have been difficult and trying times.

Energies of betrayal, abandonment, rejection, and anger have been coming to the surface. Anger will still continue to come to the surface. Through the beginning of May and into June until summer solstice you will continue to experience exposure to energies of anger. Summer solstice is the crux, is the zenith point of energies of anger coming to the surface. March equinox was the crux of the energies of betrayal, abandonment and rejection. Summer solstice will have the fire of anger brewing because that is the energy that the Earth and the collective consciousness of humankind needs to release. There are solar energies that are beaming their light and power to the Earth. Right now full moon and new moon are times of intense bombardment of solar energies that need to release whatever negativity exists within the collective consciousness of humankind and within the crust of the Earth.

From the time of the summer solstice, at around June 20 – 21, 2007 until September 20 – 21, 2007, which is the fall equinox, we will move to anchoring the energies of truth. We must empty the poison from the cup before we can fill it with nectar. Anger and fear are poisonous substances, which must be released from your cup.

In mid-August into September and October there will be peace. You will all feel your contracted muscles relax. It has been a long time, in fact it would be almost a year, since the energies have let up enough that you can all sleep at night without your muscles contracted. When the anchoring of the energies of peace is complete we will go into yet another cycle, which begins around November. November is always a time for a new cycle to begin. Whatever has preceded it would set the pace for what is to come. Fortunately, the struggles with all the negativities will be over and a point of stillness can be reached. By the time the feast of Thanksgiving arrives, many souls will be ready to move to higher spiritual paths because of the enormous growth that you have gained through the year. There are initiation ceremonies conducted in the fifth dimensional realities by the Masters who take the students to the higher realms to receive the teachings. Right now the masters are involved during dreamtime with the collective consciousness of humankind and with the collective consciousness of certain souls who are going through levels of initiation and are being prepared to reach enlightenment in physical body. By then, you would have experienced some peace. The energies would have smoothened out. The good news is that entry into the new year of 2008 would be much easier than the past few years. A new seven-year cycle will begin at that point.

The Hierarchy of the Ascended Masters are offering their service to humankind through healing release and various meditational exercises to raise the collective consciousness to reach peace and harmony. I am hoping that humanity would have learned by the beginning of 2008 to live in peace and not wait until the next cycle of seven years in 2008 to accomplish this task. I am hoping that by the time we reach March equinox of 2008 everything would be smoothened out. In fact I am hoping that by November of 2007, the energies of truth will be fully anchored. Therefore, the seventh year of the seven-year cycle can be a smooth one and our entry into the next seven-year cycle around September, October, November of 2008 will be a full cycle of peace and harmony for Earth and all souls.

The year 2012 is believed to be a point where time as you know it would be coming to an end. This belief could be considered accurate if it is understood correctly. Time as you know it can come to an end. This linear time is the product of polluted densities, which cause you grief and turmoil and pain. It has a hold on you. The analogy of it is the story of the frog. If you put the frog in hot boiling water it will jump out and run away; it will not stand for the pain and refuse to struggle in the hot waters. However, if the frog was placed in lukewarm waters and then gradually and gently the water started heating up, the frog would acclimate to the conditions. Then, even when it comes to the boiling point, the frog will not jump out of the water because the condition would seem natural and normal to the frog.

What is happening now is that the water, which represents the Earth’s conditions, is boiling all around you and none of you are jumping out. Even if some of you did, where would you go? The situation has been a gradual process, and even though right now it is practically unbearable for all of you, you have accepted it as natural up until now. You are still sitting around waiting for the other shoe to drop, waiting to see what will happen next. With the guidance from the Masters, it is our hope that the collective consciousness of humankind will reach a point where you realize your situation and begin to find a way to stop the harsh conditions. You do not have to jump out of the world and go anywhere, but you have the choice to stop the pain by going back to the source and fix the conditions which you have accepted and taken for granted for so long. By running away you will not achieve as much as you would by staying put and fixing the problem.

To fix the problem you must first face the fact that there are conditions which are no longer acceptable. Pain, struggle, fear, deception, untruths and such must stop running your world and affecting your life. To fix the problems your collective will must align to choose joy, peace and harmony. The Ascended Masters of Light and the Masters of Wisdom are offering their service to guide you out of the dross in all ways. Their help will accelerate your growth to collectively choose peace and divert the pain and turn your attention to reinstating peace and joy. Living in alignment with the Divine Will, remembrance of yourself as the great Self and one with the Source and calling the love, light and peace from that Source is the key. Your guides, angelic forces, Ascended Masters and physically embodied Masters of Wisdom are offering you their service to accelerate you on the path of growth and enlightenment.

Take every opportunity to place yourself in the physical presence of the living Masters and call upon the Ascended Masters and your guardian angels for guidance and wisdom. Read all you can on spiritually illuminating articles and books, and use them as source-guides to direct you. Find out your master guides, main primary guides, cohan of your own ray and work with your ray. To do this simply ask, pray and invoke your primary guides and the cohan of your ray. It is absolutely true that “when the student is ready the teacher will reveal herself/himself and the truth”. All you need to do is ask with a sincere heart and an open mind. You will be led. Ask that you are given the grace to choose joy, peace and harmony. Ask that you let go of pain and misery. Ask that the teachers reveal themselves and that you be receptive to them. Ask through the intercession of Metatron. I am at your service. I will help and guide you.

I am your very own Metatron. So it is.

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