June 2007

Dear Friends,

For our June newsletter I have chosen an invocational mantra given by Metatron to release karmic entanglements. Metatron explains that we can free ourselves from the pain and dross from these entanglements by going into the Oneness of All That Is and by loving and honoring all with whom we encounter.

The month of June is the beginning of summer. The seeds of Mother Earth are beginning to take root and become what will be the fruits of later months. By releasing ourselves of all our dross, we allow our light to shine, sharing our true essence and love with Mother Earth. The 21st of June is a time to celebrate Summer Solstice as a powerful vortex is open and the planet celebrates the ripeness of life.
With such a rich celebration of life, it is an excellent time to heed the words of Metatron, repeating this mantra with an open, loving heart as you feel the pain and dross melt away into the Oneness of light and love and receive the blessings from the masters.
With great love I wish you a wonderful Summer Solstice celebration and a season of joy.

In the light of the I AM,


Prayer for Forgiveness and Releasing Karmic Entanglements

Metatron – Channeled January 21, 2005

Beloveds of my own heart I am Metatron, El Shaddi. Take a deep breath with me.

Focus your energy in your solar plexus. I will begin to administer healing upon you to clear your body of emotions, thoughts and physical symptoms which are caused by karmic entanglements and help to release them from your body and being.

The universe treats everyone in great fairness. Two or more people may come together to resolve their karmic entanglements and remain involved with each other until their karma is complete. However, when one among them has learned his/her lessons, then he/she can be released from the karmic situation, even when the other parties are not free from the karma or the issue. You can be free from the karma and you can move on if you so choose. Life on planet Earth is based on free will. This means that human beings have a right to will themselves in or out of any situation at any time. Even though you may feel stuck in some situations, with your free will you can move on at any time. However, it is best to move on when you have released your karmic entanglements and have closure. When you can no longer take it anymore and decide to leave the situation and move on, you will be taking the entire karmic situation and deferring it to another lifetime. It is best, however, to deal with karmic issues in this lifetime if possible and not postpone it to another lifetime. It takes less effort and energy to complete something once and for all rather than to come back and do everything all over again. The prayer for karmic release and forgiveness which follows is to assist you in releasing karmic entanglements from different situations in this lifetime and not postpone them to another point in this life or an entirely different lifetime. It will also help to ease up already existing situations. If you are in relationships with people where your interactions are not harmonious or easy and smooth, you can repeat this invocational prayer. By releasing the karmic debts from the situation the burdens are removed and ease and peace is installed. A difficult situation will then become pleasant and harmonious, the encounters will become peaceful and pleasant, the outcome loving and nurturing.

To accomplish that you must first go to the root cause of the karmic entanglement and release it. Start by stating that whatever brought it about, you consider it paid off now. No more pay back is necessary. No more arguments, unpleasant encounters or further dialogue is necessary. Be prepared to accept that not even any apologies are necessary. In some cases where you may want to have complete closure with no further contact you may state that no more encounters are necessary.

Sometimes people become angry at each other and say, “I do not want to see you in any other lifetime again; not even so you can come back and serve me what you owe me.” While it is possible to see the merit in that while you are in physical embodiment, it poses limitations. You may be depriving yourself of an opportunity to be served and another person the opportunity of offering you service in order to make up for their previous shortcomings and karmic debt.

The best course of action where there is karmic entanglement is to face the situation, embrace the possibility of resolving it through compassion and forgiveness and to release the situation through prayer, intention and will. Remember that any situation can be dealt with from its web of karmic and human ego-based perspective. On the other hand, it can be handled from its divinely ordained and compassionate perspective. Some situations or relationships are strictly karmic, and when the karma is released the people are free from each other or from the situation. In others the situation or the relationship may continue once the karma is released in a harmonious and amicable way. Our aim is to end the strictly karmic situations which serve no good purpose and bring about greater harm (e.g., a difficult career which is going nowhere). Our aim is also to bring harmony and to continue beneficial relationships or situations (e.g., a parent-child relationship which has gone sour). For this purpose, I have brought you the following prayer for release of karmic entanglements and freedom from pain and struggle.


I forgive myself, I forgive you, and I ask for a complete healing for both/all of us.
At all levels of our beingness, in all our five body systems, so that never again will I be affected, distracted, delayed by your actions or by our interactions and you by mine.

I hold you in the light
I hold you in divine love
I hold you in divine power
I hold you in divine wisdom

I call forth the Threefold Flame of Love, Wisdom and Power, and I release you into it.
Whatever lessons you and I have agreed to learn from one another in this lifetime, I ask that I learn them in joy, and I pray that you too shall learn them in joy.

I offer from the core of my heart Pure White Light to heal you and to heal me.
I call forth the Pure White Light from the presence of the I AM THAT I AM to descend upon my heart and your heart, and I forgive you for all the moments that I have felt betrayed by you.
I forgive you for all the moments that I have felt hurt by you.
I forgive you for all the moments that my emotions have brought the worst of me out because of what you have done.

I forgive you for all the moments that my thoughts have been of lower vibration directed at you.
Furthermore, I forgive myself for all the lower thoughts I have sent to you.
For all the lower emotions I have directed at you.
For all the physical pain I have wished upon you.
For all the derogatory thoughts and actions that I have bestowed upon you in my mind, in my heart, through my body and my being, I forgive myself and I ask your forgiveness for all I have caused.

On both our behalf, I ask that in the name of the I AM THAT I AM, in the name of Christ Maitreya, our world teacher, and in the name of Sanat Kumara, our planetary logos, that we both may be forgiven for all the friction, all the pain, all the trauma, all the distraction, all the delay, all the separation that we have caused upon each other and created as a reality on Earth and outside of Earth in all dimensions and realities.

I thank you with all of my heart for choosing to teach me the hardest lessons.
The lessons which I would otherwise not have faced nor learned.
I honor you for choosing to teach me those lessons and agreeing to play such an important role in my life.

You have loved me with all of your heart.
You have been willing to play such a difficult role, and I respect every moment of time and energy that you have bestowed upon our interaction and our karmic entanglement.
I now offer this karmic entanglement before God, our Mother-Father-Child Self, before the presence of the I AM THAT I AM, our own God Self in form.

I ask for a complete purification. I ask for a clearing, cleansing and release of all that has transpired between us, past, present, and future.
Whatever may transpire from this moment on, I offer through the Three-Fold Flame of Divine Love, Divine Wisdom, Divine Power to God.

For in God we are one, and to God in Oneness we shall return.
I ask that I may see God in you and see you as myself.
I ask that I may see myself worthy of God, of being one with God, of embodying God, of knowing God, of accepting God, of becoming God, of living in Oneness with God, side by side with you.

For you are a reflection of myself.
You are an externalization of my being.
What is within you is within me.
What goes on around you, goes on around me.

As we merge and unite in Oneness, our separation is ceased.
And our Oneness will bring all our differences to a close.
No darkness can ever penetrate between us.
For there is no differentiation where I end and you begin.

I hold you in my own heart.
For your heart beats with the rhythm of the same God that I am.
I AM THAT I AM within me is the emanation of the I AM THAT I AM within you.
In that I AM, I hold you in Oneness with God, and I thank you for all your acts whatever their cause and however they may have played unfolding in our reality together.

I offer this togetherness to the Oneness.
Whatever is the divine will for you and for myself I now call forth.
I invoke, I intend, I decree that I accept myself as worthy of holding the Oneness of God within you, God within me and God I AM, together without separation from this moment on.

I ask this in the name of the I AM THAT I AM which I AM and you are.
So it is. It is done. Amen.

Apply the truth of the above invocation. Apply the intention of it. Apply it by moving in from your heart and feeling its truth through these words. Go into that Oneness and realize that the only way you can be free from any situation is to embrace it, embody it and become it. When you change your mindset, you shift from within. Then you change the microcosm. The microcosm reflects what is within it to the world around it, the macrocosm. Then the world around you has no other choice but to change. If it does not, then it is removed from being the world around you and it can no longer be a reality within the macrocosm which you experience. That is when things change and you can walk away from bad situations.

Ultimately, the moment will come when you no longer feel the stickiness of any karmic entanglements left. At that point, you have closure. Then you are free to leave. The universe will provide you with the “out”. It will point out the exit signs to you. Once that happens, not for one iota of a second will you have to stay longer. Neither as a sacrifice nor as an act of choice will you need to stay longer. Nor will you be inclined to stay around for greater lessons simply because greater lessons are waiting elsewhere. Until then, say these prayers and take the burden off of your shoulders and ask God to help you carry your burdens, or better still, ask God to transmute all your burdens and help you see the Oneness.

When you look in a mirror you see your own reflection. You can not look in the mirror and see the reflection of someone else. Therefore, if within your own heart there is forgiveness; if within your own mind there is wholeness; if within yourself you can hold the image of perfection, then whatever is reflected in the mirror is perfection. For as long as you can see the perfection inside and out you will be happy. Sometimes two partners who love each other talk about each other’s beauty. It may make others wonder how they see beauty in each other when, in the eyes of those who see the beauty as skin deep, there is no apparent beauty in the two partners. Yet they are oblivious to the lack of beauty and to the imperfections in each other. They see the imperfections as perfect.

By the same token, you may have experienced an instance when you can not trust a person or you feel uneasy in their presence, yet everyone else is saying, “Oh, he/she is so beautiful, so beautiful; they are not only beautiful on the outside, they are beautiful on the inside.” You sit there and you say, “Oh I can see the skin deep beauty, but it is leaving me unaffected. In fact, it is leaving me uneasy, and truth be known, I can not even trust the beauty. I would rather someone not be beautiful but one I can trust.” The macrocosm manifests realities which are the reflection of the microcosm. You are seeing your own fears, or shortcomings or lack reflected in them. If you felt good about yourself, then it would not matter what or how that person looked or felt like. You would be able to accept their imperfections as perfect and not be threatened by it.

These truths are important and integral parts of phases of your own spiritual growth. You can carry the burden for God and not put it down, and when you get home, you can be so tired that you forget that you are home. Or you can be so in love with God that you can forget the burden and let it go as you strive to get home and not even know that you left the burden behind. The truth is, you have not left home. The old adage “home is where the heart is” is so appropriate. Sometimes in our love for God, in our desire to serve, in our zest to make the most out of each lifetime, we end up over-doing, over-stretching and over-reacting. Then we think we do all of this to overcome the pain of separation.

Well, who said we are separate to begin with? What is separation? You are all fragments and aspects of God’s own being. How can God be separate from the particles of its own being? If we can intellectually understand that everything is God, then how can anything be separate from God? If you can emotionally experience that everything is God, then you will know that there is no separation. This experience comes about not through the kind of knowledge that you read in a book, but through wisdom that you experience in your own heart.

I hold you in my own heart. Call upon me to show you the Oneness intellectually, but most importantly mentally and emotionally. Call upon me to open your heart to the realization that we are all One and the Oneness stretches from you, the fragment, to God, the Source of All. It will be my pleasure to watch your growth, it is a pleasure to walk by your side, and it will be a pleasure to bring you home to Oneness and free from the pain of separation. In every moment as we continue together on the path of realizing the Oneness and we get closer to living it, I hold you in my heart.

I am Metatron, El Shaddai. So it is.


Gracias por esta maravilhosa oración.
Un abrazo de Luz
Wilma Araujo
España 17/07/2010

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