July 2007

Dear Friends,

For our July newsletter I have chosen a beautiful meditation given by Metatron to help clear our physical bodies as we merge the Earth’s life force energy with the Pure White Light of Source. During the summer we spend so much of our time with the Earth energies and on fertile ground. It seems the perfect time to work with this beautiful meditation and to merge the energies of Earth and the energies of the Divine. Feel the physical body healing this meditation provides. As your body becomes engulfed in the energies of the Earth and the Pure White Light you will feel a wonderful physical healing take place and become filled with compassion. Meditating outside while connecting with nature and visualizing the red life force as Metatron describes below can be even more powerful. I wish you a wonderful month full of joy.

Blessings, Nasrin


Meditation to Cleanse the Physical Body Merging the Red Life Force with the Pure White Light

Metatron – Channeled April 26, 2007

Beloveds of my own heart I am Metatron. Take a deep breath with me.

I would like you to open your heart to my love, and I will begin to clear your physical body of pain, pollution and dross. I will start the clearing from your left foot. This is the way the energy moves. You will feel the red Earth energy being pulled up from the bottom of your left foot. The red life force is pulled up from the Heart-core of Mother Earth and fills your left foot. It reaches from your left foot to your ankle and it moves up to your calf, the knee, the thigh, the left hip, and it moves up your torso on the left side of your body. You will feel it in your left shoulder, arm, hand and your fingers. You feel it in your torso on the left side as it comes up.

I now call forth the Cylinder of Light which carries inside of it the Pure White Light of the presence of the I AM THAT I AM, God in form. That Pure White Light will first reach to your Crown Chakra on top of your head. From your Crown Chakra it moves down into your head cavity covering your Third Eye. It moves further down filling your entire head with Pure White Light until it reaches to your throat. As it comes down from the Throat Chakra, the Pure White Light is mixed with the Red Life Force which is coming through the left side of your body. The Pure White Light of the I AM and the Red Life Force Energy of Earth mix and create the Pink Light of Divine Love. Heaven and Earth come together through your body. This Pink Light Force then archs down to the right side of your body. It begins filling your right shoulder and your chest cavity. Even though this Pink Light Force is moving down the right side of your body, it fills your entire chest cavity. It fills and bathes all your organs in the Heavenly and Earthly Love Force and Life Force.

The Life Force of Mother Earth is the blood that runs through your body. The color of this Life Force when exposed to the element of air is red. The Life Force energy in your own body is now enhanced with this Life Force energy. Pouring down from your Crown Chakra, it comes up from the Earth and reaches the Life Force and the Light of the Divine. The Heavenly-Earthly love mix to become the Pink Light of Divine Love, the loving, nurturing force of light, love and life which unites Heaven and Earth together inside your body. This Pink Life Force will induce healing in all your organs.

The Pink Light of Divine Love will permeate every organ, every cell, every atom and every iota of your being, effecting and impacting your DNA structure. The Divine and the mundane come together to unite and release duality.

This Pink Force permeates the entire Universe. It is the glue that binds all things together and brings the creation into manifest physicality. This love is the Life Force for the spirit of all things. In the organ of the Heart, love abounds. In the Chakra of the Heart, the doors of the Palace of the Heart open up. In the Great Hall of the Palace, all you see is this Rose Pink Light that permeates Divine Love into the center of the chest. It unites all the five body systems: the physical body, the etheric body which holds the aura, the emotional body, the mental body and the spiritual body through the energy of manifestation. The past and the future are brought together into a point of manifestation in the present moment.

Focus on the organ of your Heart and your Heart Chakra, filling them with the Pink Light of Divine Love. Sit for a moment visualizing this magnificent picture. I call forth the presence of the Divine Mother, she has many aspects. You can receive her in whatever form she chooses to show you. You can receive her in her form as Mother Mary, Goddess Quan Yin, Hecate, Pelle, Isis, Athena or any other feminine form.

Let the Divine Mother enter the Palace of the Heart, sit in the Lotus of your Heart and remove your pain and release all the dross. Feel your heart warm up in her presence. Ask her to bring you solace. Ask her to heal and console all aspects of your personality. I would like to invoke other aspects of the Divine Mother to be present in the healing process. I invite the presence of Mother Mary, Goddess Pelle, Hecate, Athena, Quan Yin, and Isis to the Palace of the Heart. Watch each presence graciously enter into the Palace of the Heart and take their seats inside the Lotus of your Heart and continue to maintain your awareness on the healing that is taking place in your physical body as the energy moves up the left side of your body to the top of your shoulder and down from the top of your head.

Any time you choose to manifest a reality you can come to the Palace of the Heart. Visualize yourself seated inside of the Lotus. The Great Lotus has 12 petals. Four petals represent the feminine, four petals represent the masculine, and four petals represent the child. This 12-petaled Lotus represents the trinity of Father, Mother and Child and is the complete Life Force for your reality. The collective consciousness of humankind experiences the trinity as the act of Creation and Procreation leads to birthing of the Child and continues in regeneration, reproduction, and rebirthing.

Visualize the Lotus of the Heart expand in size to become large enough that you can walk into it. Step onto the petals and go to the golden center and seat yourself there. Then visualize your favorite deities and masters arriving to sit with you. Begin with the feminine deities who represent the creative force. Visualize them coming into this Great Hall which emanates rose pink and walk to the center stage, stepping up and seating themselves on the 12 petals. Visualize that there are seats available inside and outside around the Lotus and inside the center around you for each of them. Visualize yourself seated in the very center and bless the presence of each Mother aspect and commune with each one from your heart to her heart. Speak of your needs, your desires, your wants, and ask each one for a healing and sit with each for a moment.

The Angelic forces of Michael, Uriel, Gabriel and Rafael are now invited to take their position around you. Michael stands behind you in the direction of South, Uriel in front of you in the direction of North, Rafael to your right in the direction of East and Gabriel to your left in the direction of West. Michael is sending you the energy of the First Ray of Divine Will and Divine Power in the color of Aquamarine Blue. Uriel is sending you the Yellow Ray of Wisdom and Inner Light which illumines the Heart-Core of God-Source. Gabriel is sending you the Emerald Green Healing Light, the Light of Manifestation. Rafael sends you the Golden Pink Light of Healing and Love.

These four angelic forces create a cocoon of light around you inside the Lotus of the Heart. From the mixing of the Blue Light of Divine Will and Power, the Yellow Light of Inner Light and Wisdom, the Emerald Green Healing Light, and the Golden Pink Healing Light of Love, a bubble of joy is created all around you in the Lotus.

On your behalf, I invite the presence of Goddess Hecate. As the feminine principle who holds the leash over the darkness, she is a symbol of power and might. Her presence on Earth is needed at this present moment for ending the duality and returning to unity. Bless her presence as she too takes her seat on one of the petals of the Lotus and commune with her, giving her love and inviting her to your gathering. Ask Hecate for the removal of the cords and the release of karmic entanglements between your soul and the soul of your twin flame. Ask her to relieve you in all your five body systems from the pain of separation and the dross of eons of lifetimes of betrayal, abandonment and rejection. Ask her to bring all the pain and the scars to the surface so that the four angelic forces of Gabriel, Uriel, Rafael, and Michael can heal the pain, remove the scar, clear the grooves and bring you back to wholeness, health, oneness and joy.

I now call forth the presence of Goddess Pelle, the Goddess of Fire and Volcanoes. In her capacity as the Guardian of Fire she burns in the fire of transmutation all that no longer serves you. Sit with Goddess Pelle, ask her for the removal of dross, the burning of the deep rooted fears and pains of failure, rejection, and unfinished business; releasing the pain from all the lifetimes filled with fear, disappointment, betrayal. Let us ask the four present aspects of the Divine Mother: Pelle, Hecate, Mother Mary, and Quan Yin to intercede on your behalf. Their intercession would be to stand before the Throne of the Source, the God-Head, and invoke the Pure White Light that heals everything and brings back to wholeness all aspects and fragments of the soul to shower upon you. See that a Pillar of Light is now forming above your head from the Heart-Core of the Undifferentiated Source, God in non-form, non-manifest. A shower of Pure White Light is pouring down, creating a Pillar of Light that illumines the entire Lotus inside of which you and the four forms of the Divine Mother are seated.

Inside of this Pillar, I, Metatron, intercede on your behalf. On behalf of your soul, your spirit, your mind, your heart, your body, your emotions and all aspects of your personality, I ask for the downloading of the template for the original blueprint of health and wholeness. I ask this blueprint to be downloaded into your DNA structure and the template to be re-established into your conscious and unconscious beingness. Every particle of your being, every aspect of your personality, every fragment of your soul is now receiving this healing. I especially ask that your feminine and masculine aspects come forth to unite in oneness under the shower of this Light. I ask that they receive the divine template and come to their wholeness. As the divine blueprint of wholeness comes forth, all your aspects receive and hold this divinity from this moment on. The divine wholeness is re-established in all aspects of your personality, all fragments of your soul, through your five body systems. Manifesting health, wholeness and well-being throughout your entire beingness in all of your five body systems, in all aspects of your personality, in all fragments of your soul. Receive, embody and imbue this divine blueprint. On your behalf, I ask the Throne of God-Source for the restoration of complete healing and wholeness. I ask for the removal of all scars, all grooves, and all the damage that has been inflicted upon your beingness throughout the eons of time in various physical incarnations. Breathe deeply and pause for a moment.

I now ask for the healing focus to be placed on the physical body for the reversal of the body clock that rejuvenation of body may begin. I ask that all organs of your body be restored to optimum health. I ask the Life Force which moves through your body to be brought to its optimal scale infusing every cell, every molecule, every atom, every iota of your beingness, restoring the DNA structure to its original perfection. Pause for a moment and breathe this healing essence into your organs and through your tissues, muscles and your blood circulatory system. Visualize that this light removes all cobwebs, all dross, all pain, all memories of struggle, fear, loneliness and separation.

Take a deep breath and pause as this healing is administered.

Repeat this exercise daily for 7 days for optimum results and call upon my presence to shower you with my love. I am here at your service.

I am your very own Metatron. So it is.

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