January 2007

Archangel Michael

Template of Release of Betrayal, Bondage, Enslavement and the Union of Twin Flames to Bring Joy and God Unity

Archangel Michael channeled January 16, 2007

My brethren of light I AM Michael,

I have been with you for eons of time. I stand with my sword of mercy held above your head and I protect you from all harm. I ask of you to come to me in times of need. I ask of you to wrap yourself in the mantle of blue light from Michael everyday as you awaken. Call upon Michael the archangel and ask for the mantle of blue light to engulf you and feel the presence of the mantle wrap itself like a cocoon around your physical body and all your energy bodies. The moment that you feel the protection from the mantle of blue light, you will know that you will no longer be in harm’s way and negative energies sent to you energetically through people’s words, thoughts or actions will not affect you and reach to your physical body because it will come into contact with the mantle and it will be dissolved without penetration into your own physical body.

Call forth Archangel Michael and say “Archangel Michael above me, Archangel Michael below me, Archangel Michael in front of me, Archangel Michael behind me, Archangel Michael to my left, Archangel Michael to my right, Archangel Michael around me, Archangel Michael within me, Archangel Michael spread the mantle of blue light all around me. Michael blaze forth the light, blaze forth the light, blaze forth the light.” Say this seven times. Blaze forth the light and feel the protection around you.

I will now call upon the legions of Archangel Michael and the legions of Lady Faith who is my own twin flame, my own consort. I ask Faith to come and stand with her sword of faith held above you. I too stand with the sword of mercy above your head. I ask now for the templates of joy to be released from the presence of the I AM THAT I AM down into the presence of your physical bodies through all the levels and layers from the 13th dimension of reality to the 3rd dimension of reality through the pillar of light that is established around you. Visualize a pillar of light that is extending from the 13th dimension of reality where the presence of your own I AM THAT I AM, God in form resides. Descending upon you, this pillar will engulf you.

Inside of it, the energies of God in form are descending in pure white light. Around this pillar in a circle the legions of Lady Faith stand. Faith is standing in front of you, with her sword of faith held above your head. Around the circle of Faith stands the legion of Michael with their swords of Mercy drawn out and I stand behind you with my sword of mercy touching the tip of the sword of Lady Faith. From the coming together and the contact between the tip of my sword and Lady Faith’s sword, a blue pink light begins to stream down cocooning you.

And we call forth the template of joy to be downloaded and established in your heart chakra, in your cosmic heart chakra, in your solar plexus, in your root chakra and in your throat chakra so that you may speak your truth without fear. We now ask for the release of all the energies of betrayal, rejection and abandonment from all the cell structures, from all the DNA structures, from all the physical personality aspects, from all the physical and non physical soul aspects. We ask for the spirit to be freed from all entanglements: karmic, physical, etheric and non physical. All the dross that has been established about you and around you and within you through eons of time is now released. I call forth in the name of the I AM THAT I AM the release of the energies of bondage and enslavement in any lifetime that you have been enslaved to another soul, to your own soul, to your own personality aspects, from another person place or thing to another group, to another event or circumstance is now released this lifetime, past lifetimes, future lifetimes, alternate realities, probable realities and ultimate realties.

You are now released from any reality where the energy of bondage, enslavement, beholden, debt, being owned, and having a debt to anyone, any place or anything I ask for the release of all those events, circumstances, people, places and things from your physical body, from your etheric body, from your emotional body, from your mental body, and from your spiritual body, through all levels and body systems, past present and future in all dimensions of reality in all time and in no time. I ask for the release of all fear of bondage, from all aspects of your personalities and all aspects of soul.

I now ask for the return of trust, acceptance and the knowing that I AM one with God, and God’s light shines within me and through me to others. I now call forth the template of the Divine Mission for all twin flames to be downloaded to all the twin flames wherever they may be, whether they are physically united or not, whether they are physically in embodiment or not. Whether they have physically known or seen each other in this lifetime or not. I ask for the energies of the fire that illuminates and brings forth God-Unity to now begin to shine in the personal heart and in the Cosmic heart of any individual who wishes to receive this flame. I call forth the twin flame of God-Unity to be established in the Cosmic Heart and to begin to illuminate as one flame. This is the coming together of the twins in oneness, that every individual may feel the wholeness within themselves whether they have ever met their twin or not in this lifetime.

When the energies of the twins are united you do not need the physical presence of the twin to experience God-Unity. The ultimate experience of God- Unity can be attained when the twins find each other. So few twins have the ability to find each other and survive the burning of the flame that we now have to resort to the establishment of the actual flame of the twins in the heart as a symbol of that union and to request for the flame of God-Unity, which brings forth the final phase of reaching enlightenment to be established over the energetic presence of the twin-flames in the heart. By re-establishing the energy of twin-flames in the heart and uniting the twins from an energetic standpoint you will then be able to energize the flame of God-Unity within your own hearts. We ask for the energies of the twin-flames to burn for the next three month from now.

Through the establishment of the energy of the twin-flame we can bring the flame of God-Unity, union with God, Oneness with God, release of duality, release of separation, and release of fears that have been instilled because of separation. We will then be able to have enlightenment. People who reach this point on their Divine Mission will benefit enormously from the establishment of this flame within their heart. Karmas of the past will frazzle out. People who instilled fear inside of you will no longer be able to continue in that manner. People who have inflicted pain upon you will no longer be able to instill and inflict pain in any way shape or form, any longer. Places and things that have filled you with memories of fearful events will no longer grip you in their hold or trap you in that energy field.

I now call forth the template of freedom from bondage and God-Unity to be downloaded through the presence of the I AM THAT I AM into your body. This template I now activate in the name of the I AM THAT IAM, in the name of the twin-flames, in the name of the flame of God-Unity, in the name of the flame of Ascension, in the name of the Eternal Flame. This is the divine right of every human being and is now activated in the space of the Cosmic heart to extend and expand to reach the personal heart and to illumine the individual heart and reconnect the individual small Self to the great Self which is the Self of God. I now call forth the wisdom of the ages to be downloaded to you that you may benefit from the source of all wisdom, all knowledge, all beings.

The Creator source is now allowing you to reach to its mind and benefit from the wisdom that is available. This is the Creator mind; this is the mind of God. When you are able to establish a relationship, a pathway to reach the wisdom that is accessible from the mind of God, you no longer need to act from the karma of your life, but you can act from the divine intervention that is brought to you from the mind of the Creator God. This divine intervention will clear all karmic entanglements and free you from the bondage. It will hold you hostage to no one, nothing, no space, no time. I now call forth the template of Divine Union, the union of the small-self, the ego-self with the God Self, the divine self. I ask in the name of the I AM THAT I AM for the complete merging of the small self in the great Self of all selves. The merging of the small individualized I AM with the great universal presence of the I AM THAT I AM. I ask for this template to continue to download higher levels of merging, day by day, for the next three months for each individual.

I hold my sword of mercy drawn out of its sheath. In you I hold my hope, my light and my love.

I am your brother Michael. So it is.

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