December 2007 – Grid of Light: Second Phase

Dear Friends,

I am greatly overjoyed to bring you a great tiding. Sanat Kumara, our beloved planetary logos, has given us the next phase to the Grid of Light from the last month. He had originally expressed the desire to accelerate us even further with his phase. However, he was concerned whether we will be able to fully absorb the energies and eager to ensure that we were able to anchor the energies form the last grid before we embark upon the next phase of acceleration. Of the importance and potencies of this entire grid he says,

“I give you now what you would have received nine months from now. Practice it daily and see how much faster your life will begin to move forward. This is a promise. All events and circumstances which delayed you, distracted you, obstruct you and caused you pain and karmic entanglements, will now be removed from your life. Instead in the course of the next nine months while yoou practice meditating with these grids of light shower of blessings from the Divine Mother the throne of absolute, the presence of the I AM THAT I AM and the consciousness of Sanat Kumara is pouring upon you.”

What would have taken another nine months to reach you have accomplished now, with the practice of the first phase through the last month.

With the next phase added your life will accelerate even further. Next year of 2008 shall become much more potent and powerful for you. Not your power, but the power of these great beings you shall command. It is the Lords of Light, the Maha Lord of Light and most importantly the blessing of the Divine Mother which will be your driving force, paving your path to much greater light and glory. By Divine Mother, Sanat Kumara is referring to the great cosmic being whose light and power is the culmination of all feminine deities combined. Her power is behind the creation of this entire manifest creation. She is also known as the Mother of the Universe. She manifests in and through every feminine Goddess and Deity who has ever existed and has ever come to aid human-kind (for more on Divine Mother click here to read an excerpt from Gifts I: Gifts From Ascended Beings of Light).

The Divine Mother becomes our inspiration when we learn how to appeal to her compassion for guidance and assistance. Ammachi is a living Saint, a self-realized being, an Avatar ( She tours the world giving love, light and blessings by hugging everyone who comes to see her. She is the epitome of Divine Mother’s compassion. One of the monks who has devoted his life in her service spoke of the power of inspiration versus motivation. He explained that to inspire is more effective and longer lasting than to motivate. Motivation comes to a conclusion as it has its roots in motion. When motion stops, motivation ends. Inspiration, however, has its roots in spirit. To inspire is to breathe spirit into our lives. When spirit arrives and we are inspired, the outcome can be everlasting. The Divine Mother breathes spirit into our lives and opens our heart to greater love and compassion.

In phase three, which will be released next week, we will go before the Divine Mother at her Throne known as the Throne of Absolute in the most sublime of the higher realms. There we will merge with the seven great beings of light called the Seven Lords of Light and the great Maha Lord of Light. These eight super light beings have returned to Earth to restore our light and Earth’s glory back to us. I congratulate all of us for our great work. It brings me great joy to know that together we have brought pleasure to our beloved masters and guides and assisted in restoring Earth’s glory and raising the quotient of light.

Please continue to practice the exercise from last month. We will add the next phase to our exercise when our newsletter is released next week. By then the full anchoring of 4 weeks will be complete. If you are joining us now, please begin with the exercise from last month and follow accordingly. I conclude this newsflash with Sanat Kumara’s words of encouragement and hope:

“On behalf of all these great beings, I, Sanat Kumara, say to you we will have much cause for celebration. Mark the date on your calendar, nine months from now (September 2008) let us come back together and examine all that which has transpired for you.”

The year of 2008 looks to be harbinger of greatness and glory. In anticipation of all that awaits us, I pray for greater achievements for all of us and look forward to all the glorious days of celebration ahead.

In the light and glory of the Divine Mother and the blessings of our beloved Lords of Light and Sanat Kumara, I thank you for your participation. I am proud of this spiritual network which is uniting us as one ever-growing family of light. I thank you all for your wonderful emails and the feedback on your experiences with this Grid of Light.



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