August 2007

Dear Friends,

For our August newsletter I have chosen a beautiful mantra for the Descent of Paramatman Light given by our beloved Metatron and published in Gifts II of the Gifts series (p. 220-222). Paramatman Light is the Light of the God Self, which knows no differentiation, no duality, no impurity (“Para” meaning beyond or above and “Atman” meaning the true self or the God Self). It is the highest Light from the highest source. Throughout the month, say this mantra in the morning and evening, ask for global peace, harmony and Light to shine upon Earth. State your personal intentions as well.

I would also like to point out important energy days for the month of August. On the 12th, 16th (the Harmonic Convergence), 18th, 24th and 27th our pleas to the Global Hierarchy of Masters can be heard and manifestation of our intentions is strong. This is not to say that our pleas and intentions are not heard at other times, but rather the energy on these days allows for greater communication and assistance. On these special days, say this mantra as many times as possible. Again, asking for global peace, harmony and Light to shine upon Earth and stating your personal intentions. I received feedback from readers regarding this mantra stating that during the reciting of these words, an immediate shift and a Oneness with All was experienced. This mantra given by our beloved Metatron is very powerful, I hope you will recite this and help in spreading peace and Light.

Also, while on the subject of manifesting peace and harmony, I would like to tell you of an event I was recently made aware of. “Peace Day Kids Way” is a global celebration created by Lisa Bellini of The Crystal Healing Foundation and serves to raise awareness of today’s special indigo and crystal children. Lisa’s mission is to bring “Peace Day” to every country, linking these celebrations around the globe creating a web of light to join forces and share our gifts. The first ceremony will be held at Mount Eden Retreat Center in Washington, New Jersey on September 23, 2007. Please send your blessings, prayers of intentions, and/or questions to Lisa at You may also visit and click on the link for Peace Day for further information.

May this month of August be filled with joy and may all your wishes come true!



Mantra for the Descent of Paramatman Light

Metatron – Channeled January 12, 2005

Beloveds of my own heart, I am Metatron. Take a deep breath with me.

The beauty of it is that you are the light of the Paramatman. In your manifestation as physical matter inside a body, the self has forgotten its existence in spirit. The ultimate experience will be when this body of physical matter remembers that it is spirit – the spirit of the Paramatman.

The Paramatman mantra has two distinct segments. One segment is for spiritizing matter, the other is for materializing spirit (e.g., “the Light of Paramatman I AM” is spiritizing matter, and the “I AM the Light of Paramatman” is materializing spirit).

When you move to the Paramatman, then there is no differentiation between something and nothing. Then it is just pure beingness. One aspect of pure beingness has taken form and accepted duality, and the other aspect of pure beingness is sitting in the great, great silence and experiencing nothingness.

We need to purify the Earth. We need to bring the energy of clearing and cleansing back to the Earth, and the only way we can do this is to go beyond what we know as form, beyond what we know as differentiated essence of beingness. We need to take the five elements back to that pure point before they had differentiated themselves into five distinct elements – Fire, Earth, Air, Water and Ether. We want to go back to that Paramatman Light in the heartcore of the ethers where all things belong, and we want to go to these locations. I ask you to start repeating these mantras as many times a day and night as you can. Fall asleep with it. Wake up with it. Receive and embody the Paramatman Light:

In the name of the I AM THAT I AM
From the point of light within the heartcore of the Undifferentiated Source
I declare my light on Earth. (X3)
The Light of the Paramatman I AM. (X3)
I now declare the Paramatman Light through my body onto the Earth. (X3)
I command my body to receive this Light. (X3)
I command the Earth to receive this Light. (X3)
I command this Light to enter all souls. (X3)
I command all souls to receive this Light. (X3)
The Light of the Paramatman I AM.
The Life of the Paramatman I AM.
The Love of the Paramatman I AM.
The Spirit of the Paramatman I AM.
Paramatman Light I AM.
Paramatman Life I AM.
Paramatman Love I AM.
Paramatman Spirit I AM.

Three is the number for creation. When you repeat something three times, you move the energy to its creative force. Say this mantra out loud in a commanding voice. Use it as a decree and repeat each line three times. If you do not have time to go through each line three times in one sitting, then read or say them all at once, then do it again all over at a later time.

In the name of the Paramatman Light, I hold you in my own heart. I ask for the grace and power of the creation and the creative force of The Divine Mother to bless and engulf you eternity to eternity.

I am your father, Metatron. So it is. It is done. Amen.

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