April 2007

Dear Friends,

For this month I have picked a discourse from Saint Germain, the Master of the Seventh Ray, the Violet Flame of Transmutation. He gives a beautiful talk on keeping our thoughts and actions clear from negativity. To help us do that, he offers us prayers and invocations before the thrones of God and through the intercession of the Masters of Light. Please remember that our own beloved Metatron has appointed the 24th of April of each year as the Ascension Day. Remember to invoke his presence and the presence of all the Masters of Light and Wisdom around this time and ask for the removal of all karmic entanglements and transmutation of all dross which stands in the way of our Ascension. We can move to higher consciousness and ascend the pain and struggles of this earthly realm. This does not mean that we will have to die or leave the Earth plane. This means we will ascend duality and leave separation to reach God-Unity and Enlightenment while still residing on Earth in our physical bodies.

Blessings, Nasrin.

St Germain

Holding negative and positive energies

St Germain – Channeled April 29, 2006

Beloveds I am Saint Germain.

The only way to reach Enlightenment is to release the darkness. This feat can be attained by relinquishing the power from the darkness and entering into The Light. Let that be your guiding Light. You may be holding onto a negative energy such as jealousy or greed or laziness or fear. Now, remember that it will stand in your way of gaining greater Light. You may be able to hide your jealousy for a day or a lifetime. You may even be able to hide it for 10 lifetimes. The truth is, wherever it is hidden, it is spreading darkness. Where there is darkness, there is no Light. If there is no Light to take you to the higher levels, you will stay and become stagnant.

If you never thought of the importance of releasing negative energies from your own beingness, now is a good time to adopt this new way of thinking. Yes, you can make do by keeping some of your fears and some of your envy and some of your jealousy and some of your greed and some of your laziness. You might even reach high positions in the mundane world, but you will never gain full Enlightenment until all of those qualities have been fully released and the life force has fully adopted The Light. The life force by its essence is Pure White Light. The fact that it is spinning slower and has adopted levels of darkness is leading people to begin to think that they may be able to get away with their negativity. That is a false impression. Until you are almost 100% Light, you will not gain true Enlightenment. It is true that while you are in physical embodiment you cannot gain 100% Light because a body of matter has some darkness. It holds darkness as it solidifies to become form. That can account for a small percentage of darkness for the fact that you are in physical bodies of matter, and matter by its nature holds some degree of darkness. Yet your ultimate goal should be to attain Pure White Light and leave negativity and darkness.


One negative word, one negative thought, one negative impression or expression, leaves its mark in your energy field and lowers your quotient or percentage of Light. It makes no difference to us how you live your day and whether you stay positive or not. It makes a great difference to you and the energy field that emanates around you, as well as the energy field that you attract to yourself. When you stay positive and take into account the importance of holding the Light and not giving in to the darkness of negativity, you allow a greater transmission of Light in your immediate environment. When you keep your thoughts pure and clean, you are stopping negativity from permeating inside of you as well as around you.

You may think, what is the use of distracting myself from this darkness that I feel when I truly feel the darkness? The answer would be that the more that you focus on the darkness, the more of that you will pull into your energy field. Negative, angry, sad, depressed thoughts magnify the negativity and add to the darkness that is pulled to your energy field. A moment of weakness may bring you a dark thought; by distracting yourself from that thought and not expressing it in words, you allow the environment to stay focused on The Light and you keep The Light permeating around you. That Light can then help to release the darkness from within you. Think of this at all times. Persevere in your thoughts, in your words, and in your actions to remain focused on The Light. Persevere on uprooting the dark emotions from inside your beingness; persevere in harnessing all feelings and emotions from being spewed out in uncontrollable words or actions. Remind yourself that one moment of control can bring great benefits. Slipping into fear is a negative emotion and can create an avalanche of dark energy around you. The length of time and the amount of energy that will then be required to release and to clear that darkness from around you could be spent in uplifting you and assisting you to serve The Light. To do this say the following:

“I ask with all of my might, with all of my intensity, with all of my love, and with all of my mind’s power that I be assisted in releasing the darkness from within me. I release them from my words, from my actions, from my thoughts and from my energy bodies. I ask that my focus be constantly pulled to The Light. I ask that Guardians of Light be appointed to protect me from slipping into darkness. In the name of the I AM THAT I AM, in the name of Light, through the intercession of Saint Germain, I ask Guardians of Light and Masters of Light and Wisdom to be appointed to protect me from slipping into darkness of emotional negativity, mental negativity, spiritual negativity and physical negativity.”

Every sickness in your body is a physical negativity. It becomes a sickness when the mental, emotional and physical negativity attacks your healthy body. From cancer to a simple flu or a cold, is the outcome of allowing negativity into the body. Do not blame yourself for moments of weakness. That would be adding more fuel to the fire of negativity. Simply stay positive, love yourself in the moments of weakness more than in your moments of glory because it is in the moments of weakness that you need love. Who can give you greater love than yourself? Your own self is the Self of All. There is no satisfaction greater than receiving love from your own self. When you find you have slipped, love yourself and encourage yourself to come back to The Light. Do not beat yourself up, do not give into further fears and negativities. Pull Light to your energy field and spread it to all. Do not take no for an answer, whether you are standing before the presence of the Throne of God or before a mere child who is resisting transmission of Light. If God is resisting transmission of Light to you, demand it, ask it, supplicate, request, beg if you have to. Do whatever it takes to reach the greater Light. If a child is resisting to give you or to receive from you, give it love. In love the resistance dissolves. That same love you can take to your brothers and sisters of the Ascended Realms. That does not mean you give you up your power. On the contrary, love is a powerful weapon. It can annihilate all darkness, it can remove all barriers. With love all things are possible. Turn that love inside to yourself, especially when you are displeased with yourself. Do not allow a moment of displeasure to lead you to greater darkness.

Meditation to Release Darkness From Body, Mind, Emotions and Soul

I now invite you to come with me to the presence of the Throne of the I AM THAT I AM. We stand before the Throne and together we ask for the annihilation of all acts, thoughts and words of evil; relinquishment of the power of the Dark Lords and their dominion over all physical, emotional, mental and spiritual bodies of all species and all souls. We ask for the re-establishment of The Reign of the Lords of Light. We ask that the guardianship of Earth and all beings and all things to be given into the hands of the Lords of Light. We ask this from the Throne of the I AM THAT I AM. Furthermore, we ask for the quotient of Light for all species of the Earth plane and the planet herself to increase. This will then raise the consciousness and the quotient of Light for the substance and the matter as well as the emotions, the mind, the soul and the spirit of all things manifest and unmanifest. Now pause and ask for your own personal intentions and desires here.

Pause and allow the release to begin. Say:

“I intend that the healing release will now begin from my being from all souls and from the planetary body and will.”

Next we move through the higher Thrones of God to the ultimate essence, the non-manifest, unform, presence of God-Source. In this level all is Pure White Light. We stand before this presence, and we offer all and say:

“We ask for the annihilation of all evil and for the relinquishment of the power from the Dark Lords and the regaining of power by the Lords of Light for Earth and all Earth-related beings and this entire Solar System and beyond.

We ask for the highest quotient of Light that the Earth can absorb and digest in each given moment to be released to Earth from this moment on. We ask this through the intercession of all the Light Beings in the presence of the I AM THAT I AM from the Throne of the Undifferentiated Source.

We ask for the presence of the Seven Mighty Elohim, the architects of this entire Solar System to intercede.

We ask for the presence of the Great Silent Watchers who held the thought from for the creation of this planet to intercede on our behalf.

We ask for the blessing and the approval from the Throne of the Undifferentiated Source.

We ask on behalf of all manifest and non-manifest creation that The Reign of Light may fully establish its presence on Earth and throughout the Solar System, this Galaxy, the Milky Way, this Universe, the conglomerate of Universes and into the Cosmos.

We ask from the Throne of the Undifferentiated Source for the dispensation to be extended, for Light to raise its quotient, weaving a fabric of greater Light throughout the manifest and non-manifest conglomerates.

We ask this in the name of Light, in the name of the life force, whose sustenance depends on Light. We ask this in service to The Light.”

Pause now and take a deep breath. (State your own personal intentions and desires again here).

We receive the grace and the blessing and I guide you to begin to spiral down from the presence of the Undifferentiated Source back to the presence of the I AM THAT I AM, and into your bodies.

I hold you all in my heart. A great shift in your quotient of Light will begin to happen with the practice of this exercise. Repeat this exercise for 9 days for completion. I will be with you every step of the way. Remember that as the Cohan of the Seventh Ray, the Violet Ray of Transmutation, I can intercede on your behalf. As the Maha Cohan for the next 98,000 Year Cycle of Light, I will be able to work with you through time and space continuum for all the events that will transpire in what is known to you as the future of humanity and the planet. It is my honor to offer you this opportunity. I do hope that you realize the importance of this gift that is extended to you. With great love and in the joy of this togetherness, I hold you in my own heart.

I am Saint Germain. So it is.


thank you for I am blessed

Thank you. I am grateful.

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