September 2006

Message From Master Jeshua Ben Joseph (Master Jesus)

My Dear Friends,

For this September issue of our newsletter we have a message from Master Jeshua Ben Joseph (Master Jesus). He has specially requested that we say the invocations and perform this meditation from September to December and into the new year for these are important months from human and planetary point of view. The light quotient for this planet and for all humankind is increasing. Many portals of light are opening up from higher planetary bodies like our sun and other suns of this galaxy. All this light is coming to Earth to help us move to a new phase of our evolution where peace and harmony will replace the chaos and confusion. Many Masters of Light under the leadership of Christ Maitreya are planning to physically walk the Earth at this critical time. It is therefore of outmost importance for us to participate in this great endeavor. We can add our efforts to that of the Masters by saying the prayers of Great Invocation and performing all individual and group ceremonies, rituals, pujas, invocations, meditations, and any other exercise which facilitates greater light to shine upon the planet and make the job easier for the Masters who are responsible for this enormous task. Master Jesus has given us one example below. He is requesting that we perform this meditational exercise as many times each day as we choose to, but at least once daily. Together we can form a powerful group across the globe to invoke and attract greater light to shine upon our planet Mother Earth and our own bodies. In this way we can benefit all souls and shift the consciousness in the direction of spiritual growth and enlightenment. We always receive ten folds of what we extend to others. This is a spiritual law. I pray that you reap the harvest a hundred folds and thousand folds in return for the light that you shine upon us all. I suggest that you consider adding this request to all your prayers as well:

“When the Masters of Light walk upon this plane, I ask for the grace to walk amongst them, to serve them, and to be their disciple. I further ask for the merit to recognize their true identity when I am placed amongst them.”

This reminds me of a story. A few years ago I participated in a four day conference given by an internationally known spiritual leader who was a devoted disciple of Sai Baba (a living Master, avatar). The conference was attended by many hundreds of people. It was evident that there were many opposing energies present during the course of the workshop which made the task of the leadership difficult. On the last day of the conference I happened to arrive after the session had started. I ran to show my security badge and reach the entrance of the conference hall, there I saw a young man seated on the floor, on a purple cloth with rose petals strewn all around him. He had a face that was shining with light. His hair was in dread locks with a bandana wrapped around his head and his attire was that of a young hippie. As I rushed to open the door to the hall, I felt love for this young man, yet the thought on my mind was, “How did he pass through the security in this attire and was allowed to sit on the floor right in front of the conference room?” I gave no further thought to the matter and went inside. At the final conclusion of the conference the leader asked how many people had seen the young man seated outside. A few people raised their hands. He then proceeded to tell everyone that this young man had appeared from nowhere and disappeared to nowhere. No member of the security had seen him pass through and after he disappeared, a trail of rose petals and sweet scent of roses was left behind.

The leader then told everyone that he had received inner guidance about this man, that he was a messenger from the Masters and Sai Baba. His presence was to confirm that in spite of all the difficulties caused by the opposing factions, the Masters were pleased with the work of all the attendees and his presence was to bless the outcome of the conference. It was only then that I recalled my own personal experience of the incidence. At that moment all I could think about was how I missed the chance of a lifetime. My prayer is that this will not happen to you. I have included the chapter on Christ Maitreya from the book Gifts III. It includes the prayer of Great Invocation and a more detailed explanation of present day events relating to the return of the Masters as well as a meditation in the presence of Christ Maitreya. Christ Maitreya is the World Teacher and is known to have been the guiding force behind Master Jesus’ teachings.

Message From Master Jeshua Ben Joseph (Master Jesus)

Channeled September 3, 2006

Adonai my beloveds,

I am Jeshua Ben Joseph. I ask you all at this equinox of 2006 (September 21-23) to perform this meditational invocation and to continue through into the end of the year. As you practice this exercise the energies will intensify and the benefits will reach yourselves and the planet as well as all the souls. You are the light that shines upon this planet. With your light the Masters will relinquish the darkness and the Guardians of Light will then return to become the true guardians as God originally intended for this planet and for all the souls. Remember to repeat these three intentions:

  1. Annihilation of all acts of evil and all evil;
  2. Release of the dominion of the Dark Lords from the bodies of Earth and all souls;
  3. Return of the Lords of Light and reestablishment of the guardianship of the planet and all souls in the hands of the Lords of Light.”

Say these three intentions at all times throughout the course of the next four months. The time frame between the fall equinox of 2006 and the winter solstice of 2006 is a crucial time. The more that you focus on calling forth the Masters of Light and the Guardians of Light to Earth, the greater the amount of light that will shine upon the planet and within the consciousness of humankind. Therefore the outcome shall be greater for all. After the winter solstice with the new year we will be entering into a five year cycle where light will begin to shine at an accelerated pace upon the planet and all souls. This will take us into a new grid of light where darkness is no longer and where evil has vanished from the face of the Earth. That is the ultimate purpose of this exercise. It is therefore beneficial for each of you individually as it is for Mother Earth to call upon the presence of the Masters of Light and the return of the Lords of Light who are the true heirs and the caretakers of Earth and the guardians of all souls.

The Meditation Grid:

Visualize yourself standing up, take a deep breath and focus your energy on your solar plexus. Visualize a ball of bright orange light begin at the center around your belly button and expand to reach the size of a grapefruit. Breath into this ball of light until it is fully established through your visualization. Then visualize that it expands to become the size of a pumpkin. Visualize that the same bright orange ball is now super imposed upon the entire body of the planet and it extends even further to cover Earth’s atmosphere or its auric field. Bring your focus back to your own body. Breath into the pumpkin sized orange ball of light and say:

“In the name of the I AM THAT I AM, in the name of YAHWEH, in the name of the Light of the Undifferentiated source, the PARAMATMAN LIGHT, I call forth the Lords of Light to take over the guardianship of Earth and all humankind. I call forth the seven mighty elohim of light. I call forth the archangelic forces of light. I call forth goddesses of Light, Goddess Athena, Goddess Quan-Yin, Goddess Hecate, Goddess of Victory, Goddess of Liberty, Mother Mary, Lady Nada, Mary Magdalen, the perfected presence of the I AM THAT I AM. I now set in motion the following decree:

  1. Annihilation of all acts of evil and all evil;
  2. Release of the dominion of the Dark Lords from the bodies of Earth and all souls;
  3. Return of the Lords of Light and reestablishment of the guardianship of the planet and all souls in the hands of the Lords of Light. ”

Visualize the pumpkin sized ball of light around your belly extending to converge with the ball of light for the planet and repeat the three intentions once again. Take a deep breath and pause for a moment. Focus on holding the energy for a few minutes by visualizing the bright ball of light fully encompassing the entire globe with you standing on top of the globe. Visualize a pillar of white light extending from the heavens above that brings in the higher light and the guardianship of the Lords of Light, down to the planet. It forms all around you like a cylinder and it will extend through the Earth and out at the other end. Pause and take a deep breath. Then it will expand to become wide enough that the entire planet is held inside that cylinder of light. The guardianship of the Lords of Light is then established for yourself and for the Earth. Take a deep breath and repeat the invocation one more time. You can do this exercise while you are sitting down, or standing up or lying down. You can also invoke your higher self and your guardian angels to perform this exercise on your behalf at times when you are unable to perform it yourself.

It is important that you remember the three intentions and that you repeat them at all times in all circumstances. It is of great benefit to you and to the Earth if you can include the above meditational exercise with the invocation at least once a day. The more you practice this exercise, the easier it will become to spontaneously visualize and say the invocation. The exact words are not as important as the intention is.

We are setting the pace as we move into the energies of the next five years to eliminate evil and to diminish and release the hold of the dark on the body of the planet. Most importantly we are intending to invite much greater force of light and goodness to return to the planet and to take the rein. In this way peace and harmony will return to Earth and we will enjoy a greater level of closeness with God reaching enlightenment.

In these times where light is replacing the darkness, the return of the Masters of Light to physically walk amongst us is imminent. Your prayers and intentions can make a great difference in the outcome. I urge you to choose love and compassion, light and peace. I beckon you to set out your intentions to become the disciples of the Masters of Light and to offer yourself in service of light at their command. It is my prayer that you would want to be walking by their side when that momentous experience is unfolding. Join me in my prayers that together we can experience the glory of light and spread the victory of light through the hands of the Lords of Light, the Masters of Light and their disciples. I hold all of you close to my heart and I pray for your victory in Light, through Light, as Light.

I am your brother Jeshua Ben Joseph. Adonai.

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