October 2006

Archangel Michael: Activation of the Sword of Mercy, Meditation to Receive the Activation and Recalibration of the Sword of Mercy

Dear Friends,

We are entering a time of acceleration. You may have noticed the move away from the times of stagnation and standstill we experienced this past summer. Since the beginning of September 2006 and especially since the time of fall Equinox we are moving to a fast forward pace. The portals of faster manifestation and accelerated movement have begun. The energies of positive movement have already been upon us since the beginning of October. They continue to gain pace as we move to November. October 12th was the date for the completion of the anchoring of the energies of the Masters of Light upon Earth. Their physical presence has been tangible since then. Mid October we received many portal openings where the spiritual vibrations became more immersed into the world of the mundane. Connecting to the higher realms, hearing and feeling the guidance and feeling the presence of Masters, Guides and Angelic Guardians have become easier as a result. To help you with yet another boost in the direction of greater connection and acceleration of your spiritual growth we have chosen the following message from Archangel Michael.

As the Angel of Mercy and Protection, Archangel Michael has offered to come to our rescue and lighten up our load from the dross and the darkness of the mundane realm of physicality. In this meditational exercise Archangel Michael will offer us an acceleration of our spiritual journey, through the activation and recalibration of our Sword of Mercy. Enjoy this blessing and please remember that these are times of accelerated manifestations of our thoughts. Therefore, be careful about what you think and focus upon; good, bad, and indifferent, they all count!

Also remember that 11:11 is a portal day of great importance. On the eleventh of November another round of energies will be brought to our planet to help us will faster manifestation of our Divine mission and our spiritual growth. Please ask for clarity while we approach this time and offer everything to the Divine Will. Every morning, start your day by calling upon the presence of the I AM THAT I AM and say, “I am the embodiment of your Divine Will today.” End the day by invoking the presence of the Pure White Light from Source and say, “I am the embodiment of your Divine Will tonight.”

I wish you a great journey of acceleration on your path of light.

In light of the I AM, Nasrin

Archangel Michael: Activation of the Sword of Mercy, Meditation to Receive the Activation and Recalibration of the Sword of Mercy

Archangel Michael – Channeled on October 7, 2006

My brethren of light, I am Michael.

Feel the presence of your own brother, Michael, the Archangel Guardian of Protection standing before you. Mika-El is a name given to me that literally means “as is God.” Mika-El is the Guardian Angel instructed by God to protect and guard humankind against all harm. As I stand before you, I will begin to emanate an aquamarine blue light from my heart to your heart and from my auric field to your auric field. Visualize this as beams of light pouring out of my heart to your heart. Emanations of aquamarine light which permeate in my aura begin to encapsulate you and fill your aura. The light emanating from the body of Archangel Michael is the same blue color that you see around the flame on a gas stove. The same blue light begins to emanate from your body. Focus on receiving this energy in your own heart. Then visualize it extending from your own heart to all parts of your body reaching outward to the surface of your skin and into your auric field. Visualize that it then expands outside of your body to create a cocoon around you.

This cocoon of light will protect you from all harm and heal you from all ailments. Allow the energy as it moves through your body to bring peace and comfort to your body, your mind, your emotions and your soul. Ask that the consciousness of your body will be receptive to this healing light. Say, “in the name of the I AM THAT I AM I call forth the presence of Archangel Michael to instill the Blue Light of Protection within me and around me. I command my consciousness and all my personality aspects to receive, to absorb and to be healed by this Blue Light of Divine Mercy.”

Pause for a moment while you are absorbing these energies. Take a few deep breaths.

Activation of the Sword of Mercy

To activate and recalibrate your own Sword of Mercy, I call forth your Higher Self and all aspects of your personality to participate in this exercise. I hold my Sword of Mercy drawn out of its sheath to activate your own Sword of Mercy. Every individual who is physically incarnated will at some point in their spiritual evolution reach the phase where the Sword of Mercy must be bestowed upon them. This sword is a symbol of your divine origin and a reminder of your own divine heritage. It is a means to reconnect you with your own Soul Essence.

Every soul has originated from the light held within the heart of God, the Undifferentiated Source. Therefore every soul is entitled to recall their divine heritage back to them. Every soul is deserving of this divine heritage for all souls are pieces of the one great soul which is the God-Source. God as Undifferentiated Source chose to take form, and manifest as many souls. Therefore all souls belong to the God Source and are entitled to receive their own power through the Sword of Mercy in order to go back to their divine origin.

The purpose of the Sword of Mercy is to help you recall your divine origin and assist you to return to that divinity. I lift my Sword of Mercy and I activate the divine energies held within it by holding it upright in front of you. I am then able to activate that divine force in you, allowing you to recall your own divine power. This will assist you to walk and accelerate on the path of the return journey to your own divine source.

Those of you who have been born on the First Ray, the Ray of the Divine Will of God are born with your Sword of Mercy activated. The sword emanates the Divine Blue Ray of Mercy or Divine Will as it is indeed the color of the First Ray. You may be of the First Ray and have forgotten your own soul lineage. Reactivation of your Sword of Mercy will bring you to the powers which are your divine right through your sword. For those of you, whose soul lineage belongs to any one of the other six rays, may also have reached the point of spiritual evolution where your Sword of Mercy has been reactivated. In both of the above cases this meditational journey will help the activation to be brought to the surface of your consciousness and for its power to be fully established within you.

For those who are unaware and unconscious of their Sword of Mercy, this exercise will bring you the activation of the sword and the awareness of its powers. Those of you who have awakened to your divine origin, have received the activation of your sword, and have the conscious recollection of it in this lifetime; this exercise will recalibrate the active Sword of Mercy to harmonize its energies with the level of spiritual attainment at this present phase of your life. It will continue to recalibrate you as you move to higher attainments. The exercise of recalibration would be relevant to your spiritual status and your spiritual level of elevation. The Sword maintains its own consciousness; it is connected directly with the energies of Mika-El, the Guardian Angel of Mercy and Protection.

Meditation to Receive the Activation and Recalibration of the Sword of Mercy

Take a deep breath and focus your attention on your body. Visualize that Archangel Michael is now pointing his Sword of Mercy at your body. A blue column of light begins to emanate from the base of your spine to the top of your head. The color of this column of light is Aquamarine Blue. The color ranges from a light aquamarine blue to a medium cobalt blue. This blue flame is of the Flame of Divine Mercy. The ray and the flame are masculine and feminine polarities of the same energy vibration. The ray represents the feminine aspect and has gentle feminine liquid light vibration. The flame has fiery masculine and active vibration.

As the activation begins, you may feel a sensation of heat, coolness or tingling moving up and down along your spine. At the top of your head you may feel as though pressure or energy is moving upward and outward. The base of your spine you may feel the energy moving down and out. In the first instant the Sword of Mercy which has been sitting dormantly along your spinal column is activated. Its activation will move energy up and down your spinal column.

Once the activation is complete, you will be able to use your own Sword of Mercy as a tool for protection and for unification with Archangel Michael and the legions of Michael. Those of you who have always felt an affinity, a kinship with Archangel Michael and his legions, may be eager to have the Sword activated. In this way you may join Michael and his legions in defending the Divine Light and in battling the forces of opposition and moving through the obstacles.

Focus now for a moment by taking a pause and closing your eyes and visualizing the Sword of Mercy activated along your spinal column. Visualize a column of Blue light is emanating on your spinal column. It stands upright. It covers from approximately five inches below your spinal column to five inches above your crown chakra. For some of you it may be longer, for some of you it may be shorter. For everyone it will cover from below your spinal column to above your crown chakra at the top of your head. Feel the aquamarine blue light of Divine Love. The masculine and the feminine energies held within the ray and the flame are now moving along your spinal column. You may begin to settle energetically into the peace and stillness that comes with this activation. Be still and feel it vibrating throughout your body as you settle into the energies of your Sword of Mercy and reach a deep stillness in the core of your being.
In the love of the God-Source I am your Brother, Michael.

Repeat this exercise for twenty two days. Every day visualize the presence of Archangel Michael by your side throughout the day and invoke his presence every night asking for a recalibration of your Sword of Mercy. Twenty two is the number for mastery. You can master whatever you focus upon and repeat twenty two times. The activation and recalibration will then be fully established within you. You may repeat the exercise three to four times a year for an elevation and for acceleration of your spiritual growth.

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