November 2006

Meditation to Merge with Christ Maitreya and take the Vow of Discipleship in his Service

Dear Friends,

Happy Thanksgiving! On this auspicious occasion we have chosen a message of great love and hope from our beloved Master Jeshua Ben Joseph(Master Jesus). He offers us the opportunity of taking a vow of discipleship and a meditational journey to merge with Christ Maitreya. I hope that you can enjoy this meditational journey. Allow yourself to contemplate Jeshua’s message:

“I trust, surrender, obey and accept.”

Many blessings to all of you,


Jeshua Ben Joseph

Meditation to Merge with Christ Maitreya and take the Vow of Discipleship in his Service

Jeshua Ben Joseph – Channeled on October 12, 2006

Adonai, beloved I am Jeshua Ben Joseph. Focus all your attention in the center of your heart. I call forth the energies of Christ Maitreya and the hierarchies of the Masters of Wisdom who walk with him. I, Jeshua Ben Joseph represent the Christ energies for Earth to become the bridge between Christ Maitreya and the human beings of Earth. I call forth our Lord Metatron and the Angelic Forces of Lord Michael, Uriel, Raphael, Gabriel, Chamuel, Ratziel, Zakiel, Sandalphon, Azriel, Jophiel and Samael to be present with us.

Set out your intentions that the presence of Christ Maitreya would completely dissolve the veil that separates the consciousness of humankind from the divine. Send love and light from your heart upon these angelic forces for they will play an important role in the unfolding of events for Earth and humankind from this day on.

Presently, the God-Source energies are emanating through the Cobalt Blue Light(a medium blue colored light) from the inner core of the galaxy to all the planets in this solar system. The sun is receiving and filtering these energies. To cope with these energies, it is important that you become harmonious in rhythm with the beat of these energies. When you awaken in the morning, envision a blanket of Blue Light is enfolding you. Visualize that the surface of your skin is immersed in this light. The vibration and the rhythm of this new energy is different; so different that it may throw you off balance. Do not be concerned if you feel dizzy, nauseous, or have pressure headache, agitation, anxiety, panic, pain or any other experience of discomfort. By visualizing yourself enwrapped inside of the God-Source vibration of Cobalt Blue Light, you will be capable of receiving energies through the surface of your skin. You will absorb, digest, process, and act from a space of receptivity. Then, when you notice that the energy is moving you, you will receive and welcome it willingly rather than feel burdened and concerned.

As the presence of the Masters of Wisdom and Light increases, the effect of these energies becomes more certain and tangible. Some of you are capable of experiencing the width of the spectrum of these energies. However, at first it may seem as though you take two step forward and one step back. This is becoming a new dance, as you get used to the rhythm of these new energies. When this rhythm becomes part of your beingness, you will no longer have to take one step back. You’ll take sequences of two steps forward and a pause, and then again two steps forward. In this way the rhythm becomes easier to follow, and the pace faster. At this greater pace and acceleration, there are things that you will have to push aside to move forward. Your heart, mind, soul and your spirit would urge the consciousness of your body to move forward. The universe will open up the doors, and the golden gateways of spiritual growth for you to move forward in those directions without any further delays.

Take a moment now and go deep within the stillness of your heart. I will offer you a prayer of invocation for a vow to accelerate you to the Attainment of God Unity. Repeat this vow with your consciousness, your heart, mind, body, emotions, soul and spirit. Say this vow:

“I vow that I will never be delayed by anyone, anything, any place, any distraction, any obstacle on my path of accelerating to God-Unity. I vow that I will never consciously stand in anyone’s way of accelerating on this path. I request that if unconsciously I have become the instrument for delay for anyone that they now be released from my obstruction. I request that if anyone becomes the instrument of delay for me, then they be removed from my path and I removed from theirs, so that we both can continue to accelerate at the pace best suited to our needs.

I ask for support from the universe through the Masters of Wisdom, Masters of Light and the Angelic Forces stated above in this endeavor. I ask that I may continue to walk upon this path at the accelerated pace set before me. I ask for my nervous system to be strengthened that I may be able to withstand the intensity of the accelerated pace. I ask that my mind, my consciousness, my emotions and my body be accelerated and strengthened to withstand and to enjoy every moment of walking on this path at an accelerated pace.

I ask those amongst the Masters of Light and Wisdom who are my guides, guardians, Masters, friends, older brothers and sisters, to come forward and to teach me. I am ready to be the disciple, the student, the practitioner, to the Masters and to set myself on the path at an accelerated pace. I offer myself in service for this endeavor. I ask for assistance, guidance, protection, love, sustenance, life force, light, abundance, strength, courage, fearlessness, surrender, mercy, compassion, to engulf me.

I ask for support from all levels and dimensions of reality through members of my own Soul Lineage. I offer my support for members of my own Soul Lineage in turn. I vow to become the bridge to connect the old world and the old ways to the new world and the new ways to reach God-Unity at a greater pace. I vow to become the bridge for the multitudes and masses to cross from the abyss of ignorance and forgetfulness to the haven of light, love, self realization and God-Unity. I offer what remains of this lifetime (and however many more lifetimes may be necessary) for the continuation of this intention until it bears fruit.

To achieve all that I have requested I seek discipleship of the Masters. I ask for the ability to withstand the Light of the World Teacher and be allowed to be in His presence. I ask that all the dross, pain, suffering, fears, lack, limitations, ego, arrogance, and duality which remains within me to fall apart and be released. I ask to be purified and brought back to the perfection that I must have before I am able to withstand the Light of Christ Maitreya and stand in His presence. I ask the clearing and cleansing to commence from this moment on and to expand and accelerate at the pace most suitable for me.

I surrender and I stand in the presence of the Angelic Forces mentioned above. I vow to serve Jeshua, Christ Maitreya and all the Masters of Light and Wisdom who will make this endeavor possible. I vow for all that I gain to be offered in their service and for the benefit of multitudes and masses. I seek this for the acceleration of raising of the consciousness and awakening of all souls to their true Divine spark.

On behalf of all the souls who will not be ready in time to make this shift, I ask for a speedy recovery in the direction of mass migration to realms of reality where they belong. On behalf of the souls who are pioneers on this path, I ask for strength and courage to spearhead the plan of acceleration. I offer myself in whatever way I may be of greater service and I open my heart seeking to be contented, joyous, accepting and grateful, for whatever part I may play in the great scheme of this great Divine plan.”

Now take a deep breath.

Meditation to Merge with Christ Maitreya and take the Vow of Discipleship in his Service

Visualize yourself standing inside a circle under a pillar of light. Visualize Light pouring down to the center of this circle. Feel the energy as it moves around the circle. In the Light of the I AM THAT I AM, I Jeshua Ben Joseph call forth the presence of my Lord, Christ Maitreya to the center of this circle. Allow yourself to be immersed in the light. Allow your heart to synchronize in rhythm with the Force of His presence standing in the middle of your circle.

If you begin to experience sharp pains especially in the region of the head, know this to be an expansion. Sharp pains in the back of the neck between the shoulder blades or in lower back, are signs of opening specific chakras which play an important role in the acceleration process. Feel the presence of Christ Maitreya with you. In this auspicious moment where His presence is felt in your heart and in your own auric field, ask Him for whatever specific, abstract, personal, global, or other intentions for yourself, for your loved ones and for the multitudes and masses. Seek and you shall find. Knock and it shall be opened to you. Ask and you shall receive. Ask now. Know that He hears your every thought. Know that He is with you when called upon with every breath. Know that He will stay for as long as you ask Him. He has taken this time in service to all of you.

Those of you who can feel His presence have precedence over those who are as yet insensitive to His presence. Your consciousness is receptive to His presence. Therefore, you are capable of anchoring His energies here on Earth. When He comes to exchange energies with you, you will benefit from His presence. He too will benefit from your presence, for through your presence He can reach out to the multitudes and masses. He therefore welcomes every opportunity to be called by you. Take a deep breath and allow the anchoring of His energies in your auric field and your chakras.

Take a pause now and fully immerse yourself in His presence and ask from the core of your heart whatever desires and intentions you wish to manifest. Pause and take deep breaths.

The presence of Christ Maitreya with you at the center of the circle inside the Pillar of Light beckons you to join Him to merge and unite in His energies, to surrender to His presence and His Light. Take a deep breath and pause.

Visualize that you step inside this Pillar of Light and allow your consciousness to dissolve inside of His presence. Your consciousness will merge and unite into His and your ego-personality will dissolve. You will become a drop from the ocean that He is.

Through this exercise complete acceptance of your mission as part of his own mission is established.

Ask that all mundane level entanglements, karmic or otherwise be released. Ask that you may focus your energies, attention and all your resources in serving and assisting Him to guide the multitudes and masses to greater consciousness of light and to the ultimate goal of God-Unity. Seek to release all those issues, events, circumstances, people, relationships, plans and programs, and things that you are attached to; believe that they no longer have a grip on you.

See their influence dissolve all your attachments and all fears. Ask for deep surrender and acceptance of your Divine mission. Call now all members of your own soul lineage to join and merge inside this Pillar of Light with you into the presence of Christ Maitreya. In this way you will accelerate both your own path as well as theirs. Your Soul Lineage consists of those individuals who are your own soul family members. Their souls and yours originate from the same source. The forces of every member of your soul lineage are added to your own as they join and merge with you. You are offering them an opportunity to reach higher goals and attain those goals along with you. You will provide them with the ability to seek greater ends and to see those ends as attainable. Seek the attainment of those goals in the presence of Christ Maitreya. Stand in His light and hold the hem of His robes, invoke Him to give you the object of your desires. Do not let go until you know in the core of your heart that He has given it to you. Repeat this exercise at least once a day. For 22 days (if you miss a day, continue the following day and add a day at the end to complete the 22).

People, places or things may be in need of your prayers. Add them to your prayers. As people reach greater consciousness they let go of their inhibitions and fears, dogmatic beliefs and traditions that set them aside from the mainstream and causes separation. Pray specifically for the consciousness of these layers of the society. The ones who set themselves apart and consider themselves “the chosen ones.” They may be isolating themselves and moving into dogmatic thoughts and behaviors. It is for these layers of the society that we need to pray the most. Those who do not know and are asleep can be awakened. Those who have already been awakened and are following the path are already on their path. The ones that have the hardest task are the ones who refuse to see what is ahead of them because of their self imposed preconceived notions and ideas.

From this point on Christ Maitreya and the Masters of Wisdom will be permanently focusing their energies, physically here on Earth. The five elements would therefore benefit from His presence on Earth. This is another reason why the veil is lifting. The veil is connected to the consciousness of the multitudes and masses. It is also connected to the vibration of the four base elements: the Earth, the Water, the Air and the Fire.

The fifth element, the Ether is sublime and holds all the other elements within it. When we move energetically through the elements and purify them, that purification will also be incorporated into the element of Ether. The element of Ether does not become contaminated. It is the four lower elements that may become polluted or contaminated and cause the personality and the consciousness to act accordingly even though those actions may be against our principles.

Remember to remain in joy and in gratitude. One of the most sublime and yet a male-focused energy field is the vibration of gratitude. Compassion, mercy, and love are all components of the ultimate goal. Gratitude is the crowning glory. With gratitude empires can be built. Remember that gratitude must go hand in hand with acceptance; not blind-folded acceptance, but premeditated acceptance, acceptance that leads you to surrender, surrender that results in gratitude every time. This is the formula: acceptance leads to surrender, surrender bring with it gratitude, for where there is surrender there is acceptance. There are no expectations. Where there are no expectations, every action, every thought, every movement would lead you to greater gratitude. If you are building a high rise building, you have to dig deeper into the ground to create a solid foundation worthy of holding forty, fifty, seventy stories going up. Remember the importance of digging to set out a much greater solid foundation in every relationship, in every interaction, event or circumstance through all interactions.

Remember acceptance, surrender, gratitude. “I obey, I trust, I surrender, I accept.” Make this your mantra. In this phase of acceleration, you have a large window of opportunity. Remember the magic, the magic of these four qualities: “I obey, I trust, I surrender, I accept.” If you truly believe in these four qualities, you will be unstoppable.

At this auspicious time I hold each one of you with great joy in my own heart. I bless you in all your endeavors and I walk with you along this path.

It is with great jubilation and celebration that I bid you farewell.

I am Jeshua Ben Joseph. So it is.

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