March 2006

Dear Friend,

For our end of March newsletter I have picked an excerpt from the Protection of Gifts book II which is now available for sale through our website at I hope your March Equinox celebration and entry into the new year, which began on the 21st of March, was a joyful and happy event.

March Equinox is the Persian New Year which is an ancient tradition that was brought to Earth by Zoroaster (Zarathustra), the prophet of the Zoroastrian faith, dating back to 8000 years ago. In the customs of this ancient tradition the New Year is celebrated with a cleansing ritual of jumping over a succession of small bonfires to release the darkness and dross of the old year and replace it by the purity and the life force of the fire element.

The Persian New Year, Norooz, is celebrated at the exact moment that the sun enters into the equator. That means each year the exact time of the New Year will be different. Members of the family gather to celebrate this important event together. The gathering is around a ceremonial altar where items which are symbolic of the release of the old and the adoption of the new. Traditionally is set with a minimum of seven items that begin with the Persian letter’s. These items are symbolic of new life and rebirth. Seeds such as lentils or wheat are grown to invite abundance and prosperity. Colored eggs are decorated to celebrate new life, and foods ranging from all five different tastes: sweet, sour, salty, bitter, and pungent are represented. Spring flowers, coins and fish accentuate life and prosperity. The celebrations last for thirteen days at which people gather together at picnic sights to celebrate the final conclusion to Norooz celebrations. They bring along their sprouted seeds to offer to the running waters of a river, or a stream. This symbolizes the continuous flow of prosperity by honoring Mother Earth and her flowing waters. This is photo of my Norooz altar.

The following excerpts have been chosen with the March Equinox and entry into a new year beginning with first day of spring. In the first segment Archangel Michael brings light to our lives and our bodies and in the second segment he offers protection with his Blue Sword of Mercy. Through guided meditation, Quan-Yin, the Goddess of Compassion invites Archangel Michael to activate the Sword of Mercy.

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I wish you a New Year filled with love, light, peace, and prosperity. Please remember to check the calendar of events for the visit of the three living Saints, Karunamayi, Ammachi, and Mother Meera. These are three avatars gracing the earth with their physical presence. For their world tour schedule, check Karunamayi’s website, Mother Meera’s website and Ammachi’s website.

Many blessings in the name of the I AM THAT I AM.


Raising the Vibration of Light

Commentary: In this meditation, Archangel Michael first leads you to form the Pillar of White Light around you. Once inside the pillar, he leads you to go to the Presence of the I AM THAT I AM, which is God who has taken form, or God in form. Every human being will ultimately know the I AM PRESENCE which when present, looks like a luminous human silhouette vibrating in Pure White Light.

The pillar or the tunnel of White Light, when called to descend, will come down from the 13th dimension of reality. In this dimension, your own Presence of the I AM THAT I AM (or God in form) resides. When you are able to move through the pillar of white light and ascend to your Presence of the I AM THAT I AM, you can have a blissful experience of oneness. In this state you will no longer feel lonely and left out. This is where you can experience your oneness with all beings and all things. The experience – even if it lasts only for a few seconds the first few times – will leave you feeling peaceful and safe.

As you practice this exercise, you will be able to feel the formation of the pillar of White Light around you more strongly and the protection of the Pure White Light will become greater. Ordinary everyday events will not affect you as much and physical obstacles and emotional problems will not bring you down as severely any more. Once the pillar is fully formed, you are able to merge with your own luminous Presence of the I AM THAT I AM by ascending to the 13th dimension and prolong the experience of the state of oneness. You can then begin to invite the Presence to lower itself from the 13th dimension descending down into your body. The descent will begin from your own 12th chakra which extends down inside the Pillar of Light to the body.

With practice, you will begin to merge with, and bring the I AM Presence to sit on top of your Crown Chakra (7th chakra) on top of your head. Ultimately the Presence will merge right inside the body and become one with you. At that point, you have the complete experience of oneness or God Unity. That is the state of Self Realization. As you can see, this is a process. In his zest for our greater spiritual evolution, Archangel Michael is blending all the above processes into one meditation and taking you inside the pillar of Light to the Presence of the I AM THAT I AM. Once you meet the Presence and experience the state of oneness with the God Presence, Michael immediately gives the instruction to begin inviting the Presence to descend with you back down into your . And he does not stop there! He continues to bring down the Presence to all aspects of the self by inviting the energies from our own spirit, soul, heart and mind to join and merge with the Presence of the I AM. He then encourages you, upon re-entry in oneness with the Presence, to return to all these aspects of yourself so as to imbue all parts of your beingness with the essence of God in form.

This is a very important and powerful exercise, which can bring you the greatest protection in the Light and an experience of oneness and union with the God in form. The Masters of Light believe that it is our divine right to merge with the Presence of God and remember our divine heritage as a spark of Light from the Heart of God. Michael is blazing the Light and pushing us forward into that divine experience. As with all things, practice makes perfect. Remember as you practice this exercise, by spreading the pillar around you and by inviting the Presence of the I AM THAT I AM, you clear and cleanse the atmosphere for higher Light to enter. You therefore will help in clearing and cleansing the vibration and the energies of the immediate environment to absorb and contain higher Light. In this way, you can benefit yourself and serve others as well as Mother Earth.

archangel michael

Raising the Vibration of Light

Archangel Michael – Channeled May 31, 2003

I offer you a procedure to raise your vibration to higher Light and to stay protected in the Pure White Light of the I AM at all times. As you evolve spiritually, you become worthy of greater light. You can conquer all obstacles placed on your path, to test you. This will make you stronger in pursuit of light and wisdom. When you pass these tests, you can evolve further. The problems and obstacles serve by distracting humankind from the light and through the distractions, make you stronger and more determined to pursue Light. In the process, the more light that you hold, the greater your ability will be to cope with distractions and obstacles. The obstacles are like an egg that has gone bad. The smell and feel of it brings you down and lowers your light. When manifest, obstacles can set you back by creating chaos and confusion. To give you an overview of this exercise, I will first describe the process.

To change the energy in you and around you, and to raise your own vibration to higher Light, call upon the pillar of Pure White Light to form around you. The Pillar of white light has its source with the Presence of the I AM THAT I AM, God in form. When you call upon the pillar of Light and enter into the Light, you move to unite with the God source whose vibration is Pure White Light. Therefore, say:
“I call upon the pillar of white Light to descend upon me and to form around me. I call upon the Presence of the I AM THAT I AM. I ask that the Presence of the I AM THAT I AM to join and merge with me.”

If you have difficulty feeling a change or a shift in your own energy field, then it is important that you focus your intention and ask for the tunnel (pillar) of Light to surround you. Sometimes your vibration has stooped so low that the Presence of the I AM THAT I AM cannot reach you, because there is a certain level below which it will not extend. You have to raise your vibration to the Presence. Ask for the tunnel of Light, cylinder of Light, pillar of Light; it matters not how you say it. Once you visualize the Presence waiting for you at the other end of the tunnel, and believe that it is there. Let your heart convince the mind that it is there. At that point, move your energy upward. Move the energy from your heart, your spirit, your soul and your mind upward from your body out through your crown. Inside this Pillar of Light, move up in the direction of higher light, chakra by chakra, to reach up to the 13th dimension of reality and meet with your Presence of the I AM THAT I AM. This is the area where your own twelfth chakra is located. When you meet the Presence of the I AM, absorb, digest, merge, and unite with it. Pause and meditate for a while. Then bring down the essence of yourself mixed with the Presence of the I AM back to your heart, your mind, your spirit, your soul and into your body.

To get a much higher boost, repeat this process three times. If you wish to receive an answer, on the third attempt, go up, ask your question, stay there and receive guidance. After you are complete, return to your body and invite the I AM Presence to also return down to your body with you. The I AM Presence has been called the Magical, Luminous, Glorious, Victorious Presence.

Summary of Procedures

Sit in meditation and say the above invocation. Pause and meditate to go into a higher state of consciousness. Call upon the pillar of Light and feel the descent of Light upon you. Begin by calling upon the Presence of the I AM THAT I AM and ask for the descent of the Tunnel of the Pure White Light over you. Pull your energy up from your heart, from your soul, from your spirit and mind, through your Crown, inside your Pillar of Light all the way up until you meet and merge with the Presence of the I AM THAT I AM. Each time you practice this you will go to a higher level until you can finally reach to where the Presence of the I AM THAT I AM resides. When you finally merge with the Presence you may request it to come back down with you into your body.

Do this three rounds: the first round you meet and merge and unite with the I AM Presence. Bring back the Presence and imbue your body with the Presence from the top of your head all the way to the bottom of your feet, all the way to the core of Mother Earth. Then you start round two: your heart, soul, spirit and mind moving up again inside the Pillar of White Light into the Presence of the I AM THAT I AM; mixing, merging and uniting in oneness. Pull that energy vibration into your , into every chakra of your body, down to the bottom of your feet and from your feet into the core of Mother Earth. The third time: go back up the same way, and after you have merged with the I AM Presence, ask your questions. When you are complete with your questions, to replenish your body, bring the united and merged essence of the I AM THAT I AM down into your body.

When you are in the middle of a meeting, a group conversation, with a client, a patient, a child and you feel as though your words are not penetrating, or you are losing your focus, excuse yourself for a moment and compose yourself. (go to the restroom if that is the only way you can have privacy) Have a precious moment of aloneness to regroup and practice the above exercises. It will take you a few minutes at first. As you practice it becomes instantaneous. The Presence of the I AM THAT I AM is your divine right. The Presence of the I AM THAT I AM is the essence of the being that you will return to when you attain oneness. The ultimate journey of God Unity is through this Presence.

To return to God, you must first merge and unite with that aspect of God that has form, the Presence of the I AM THAT I AM. The Luminous Presence of God in form that looks like a human being – it may seem to you androgynous – male or female. That is your personal individual experience. If you do not actually see the being, you may get flashes of Light or sensations in your body, calmness and peace. You may feel a warm fuzzy feeling as though you have come back to a loving home.

In the Luminous Presence of the I AM, I am your brother

Activation of the Sword of Mercy by Archangel Michael

Commentary: Archangel Michael has a sword of blue light, which holds the energy of Divine Love from the Heart of God. This Divine Love is encapsulated in Archangel Michael’s Sword of Mercy. Michael and all his legions have this sword to use in defense of the Light and to protect human beings. The sword is a tool to uphold the Light and to connect God’s love to the body and being of humankind.

Archangel Michael received a dispensation from God to rescue humankind from the misery of pain and suffering. This pain and suffering is the result of forgetfulness and ignorance of our own origin as the spark of God. The original plan was for Michael to activate the energies of Divine Love and the remembrance of our divinity. By pointing his Sword of Mercy at the spinal columns of his own legions of Light and the people from his own lineage, e.g. the First Ray souls. Michael awakens the spark of divinity within us through the Aquamarine Blue Ray of Divine Will of God (more on the rays in Gifts III: Gifts from the Masters of Light: Journeys into the Inner Realms of Consciousness). To accelerate all humankind, Michael later he received the dispensation to bring the activation to all souls who would want it, and recalibrate to higher levels those who had already received theirs.

I remember from the early 1990’s witnessing group activation and recalibration of the Sword of Mercy in various group ceremonies and channeling sessions given through myself and other channels. This practice has continued over the decades. The energies of the Sword of Mercy are available to humankind for the asking. I understand that this activation is available to all first level initiates of the spiritual realms and all the higher initiates. First level initiates are the souls newly awakened to their divinity. I believe that critical mass has been achieved for this activation and it is available on the planetary grid for all interested parties. Those who have awakened to spirituality will later become first level initiates. These will have the sword available to them by the virtue of reaching first level of initiation. Therefore, simply ask Archangel Michael to activate the Sword of Mercy along your spinal column, and to recalibrate it to your own spiritual level of initiation.

Kwan Yin

Activation of the Sword of Mercy by Archangel Michael

Quan Yin – channeled February 13, 2004

My child of Light, I am Quan Yin.
I ask permission to invite Archangel Michael to come forth this moment and to re-activate and re-calibrate the Sword of Mercy that illuminates your own body and life force. This Sword of Mercy is a symbol of Archangel Michael and the angelic legions of mercy. It sits upon your spinal column. It extends five to ten inches above the top of your head and five to ten inches below your tailbone. It vibrates a deep aquamarine blue color, especially in moments where you prepare for sending healing light, and in moments where you are in deep meditation. The energy vibrates flashes of blue light. When a healing takes place, the blue light in transmitted from the healer into the bodies and beings of those who are to be healed, and the atmosphere around them. When this light is turned on, it emanates Divine Love through the Blue Sword. Then the activation of the sword brings healing to your body and your being. You can send it out to all beings, people, plants, animals – and the five elements: Earth, Water, Fire, Air, and Ether. Your innate senses know how to heal yourself in times of need, through energizing your body with the blue light. Do I have your permission to invite and invoke Archangel Michael to perform the activation and recalibration of your Sword of Mercy? If you wish to receive it, say, “Yes”.

I call upon the presence of our Lord Archangel Michael and his consort Lady Faith, and I call upon the legions of Lord Michael and Lady Faith to take their position around the body of (say your name), creating a circle of light. I ask Lord Michael to stand in front of (say your name), pointing his sword of blue flame at your heart and Lady Faith to stand behind (say your name), pointing her sword of blue flame at the back of your heart. I ask the presence of our beloved helper Goddess Hecate to take her position with her sword of Mercy to the left of (say your name), and I myself, Quan Yin will hold the sword of the blue flame intertwined with the flame of theViolet Transmutational Ray, and I ask Goddess Hecate to intertwine her sword of power with her Sword of Red Flame of Life Force from Mother Earth. Hecate is given Divine Power to hold the leash upon all the dark forces. I ask that she point her sword at (say your name)’s left shoulder as I point my Sword of Blue and Violet Flame at (say your name)’s right shoulder, and we begin to transmit the energies of transmutation, power and life force and Archangel Michael and Lady Faith will begin to transmit the blue flame of protection.

You may feel a tingling sensation or heat moving up and down your body. You may see this blue light flashing; sparkles of light may begin flashing before your inner vision. At some point in this process, as the red, violet and blue illuminations of light begin to intermingle with one another, there will be an explosion of light in your heart chakra. At that moment this energy will become part of your own essence and you will be recalibrated to the next level of light. The Sword of Mercy will remain activated for as long as you wish. Do this exercise for 22 days and allow your energy body to accept the vibration of the Sword of Mercy as part of its own beingness.

In gratitude to Michael and his legions, Faith and her legions, and Goddess Hecate,

I am your Mother, Quan Yin.

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