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Quan Yin’s Grid for Relationships and Financial Relief

Metatron’s Grid for Short Term Finances

Grid for Relationships and Financial Relief

Quan Yin – Channeled September 1, 2004

A candle grid is an important and potent way to get results and give momentum to our lives when there is stagnation, a need for energy flow and removal of obstacles. This is a candle grid which Quan Yin has given for two important areas of our lives: money and relationship. What is special about this one is that she addresses both of these issues in one candle grid.

Practically everyone alive has to face these two issues at some point in their lives. It is bad enough when there is a lack in one of these areas. It becomes even more difficult where there is lack in both areas. By focusing on both issues in one exercise, Quan Yin is giving us a lot to work with. Coupling two great invocations in conjunction with the candle grid, she helps make it more potent and effective. For those of you who are already in a romantic relationship, use it to bring greater love and light into the existing partnership. It can also be used for relationships in areas other than romantic ones: work related, friendships, parent-child and those with siblings, relatives, spiritual and social group members.

Candles are important manifestation tools. Manifestation in the material realm always depends on the partnership of the human mind and will with the four basic elements; Earth, Air, Water, and Fire. Candles hold the energy of all the four elements. The flame represents the Fire element. The beeswax or paraffin wax represents the Earth element, and the wax also contains the Water element within it. The candle can only be lighted in the presence of Air; the smoke coming from the burning flame is also representative of the Air element. The combined energies of focus from our mind and will power from our will center (solar plexus) in conjunction with the four elements gives us the momentum we need to move stagnant energies out and remove obstacles from the path of our intentions. Remember, energy follows intent.

Quan Yin

My beloved children of Light, I am Quan Yin.

I offer you a grid that will bring you both loving companionship as well as spiritual power and abundance.
When you start this grid, it will be beneficial and effective if you continue to light your candles daily over the next three months. Start with three deep blue (Nile blue) pillar candles (3″ x 9″). These three candles represent power to bring you financial abundance. It is the color which radiates the power of divine love. The divine power enables you to build up your own power. You can use that power to attract nurturing relationships and financial abundance.

To remove obstacles from the path of a new or existing relationship, include three white pillar candles (3″ x 9″). Take a piece of white poster board and cut it to the size of a 15″ square. With a gold-tipped pen, draw two equilateral triangles on the poster board. The length of each side is nine inches. The two triangles are drawn in the shape of a Star of David. They merge into each other to form a six pointed star. Use the gold-tipped pen to draw the star. Once this is drawn, place the three blue candles at the three points of the triangles which is pointing upwards. Place the three white candles at the three points of the triangle which is pointing downwards. Once they are all placed on the board, the candles are alternating blue and white when positioned at the points of the golden star. In the middle of this grid at the very center of the star, draw a sign of infinity (approximately three inches from point to point) with the gold pen and fill it with cinnamon. Cinnamon attracts the objects of your desires to you and transmutes negativity and obstacles. It helps to bring completion to the task at hand and provide final closure.

To imbue the candle grid with energy and intention, hold up the first blue candle at the top of the grid and say: “In the name of the I AM THAT I AM, I invoke the love and the light and the coming forth of a soul mate, my companion, my loving partner. I ask this in the name of the I AM THAT I AM.” For those who are already in a relationship you can say: “In the name of the I AM THAT I AM, I invoke the love and the light in my present relationship with (name).”

Place this candle back at the point of the triangle, and moving clockwise pick up the next one, a white candle, and say: ÒIn the name of the I AM THAT I AM, I call forth the removal of all obstacles and all delays for purity and innocence to be restored to me. Through the return of purity and innocence I ask for abundance, prosperity, financial comfort and luxury. In the name of the I AM THAT I AM, it is given. So it is. Amen. Place the candle back on the point of your golden grid on top of the white poster board.

Go around the grid clockwise, and repeat this process for each of the remaining blue and white candles, and repeat the relevant mantra for each one. The prayer of purity and innocence and the return to financial abundance with the white, and the prayer of companionship and love and the coming together with the soul mate (friend, family member, etc.) for the blue candles. Following this, replace the candles and take the cinnamon and join the points of all the candles in a circle that you draw by hand with the cinnamon. In other words, you are encompassing the energy of this entire grid with the absorption of all the intentions and the prayers that you have put into it. The cinnamon will clear the obstacles and within the circle will cleanse and hold together the infinite love, wisdom, and financial abundance of the universe.

Sit quietly, say the intentions, and the mantra. Repeat the mantra three times: I am asking for partnership (friendship, or any other type relationship) in this life, resolution of finances and comfort and luxury for myself, my companion, my children and my loved ones. I AM THAT I AM. At night the energy invoked by the mantra in the room will flood the energy of the body during sleep.

Continue to repeat this process over the next three or four months. Replace old candles with new ones as each set ends. Keep a small amount of wax from each old candle and put it inside of each new corresponding candle. This will ensure the continuation of the energy to filter through into the new candles in the grid. By focusing intently on this grid, you will bring new life force and light, greater joy, love, financial abundance and resolution into your life and existence. Begin and end each mantra with the I AM THAT I AM.

I am your mother, Quan Yin. So it is.

Quan Yin's Grid for Finances


Materials needed:

  • white poster board cut to a 15″ square
  • 3 deep blue (Nile blue) pillar candles, 3″ x 9″ to represent power to bring a loving companion
  • 3 white pillar candles, 3×9″ for removal of obstacles to purity, innocence and financial abundance
  • gold-ink marker, gel or felt pen
  • ruler and protractor or 11″ plate (to draw circle)
  • cinnamon
  1. On a piece of white poster board, draw with gold ink two nine-inch equilateral triangles intertwined together to make a Star of David.
  2. Draw a large sign of infinity at the center of the star (no smaller than three inches edge to edge) and fill it with cinnamon.
  3. Place three deep blue candles (3″ x 9″) at the points of the triangle which point upward (to represent divine power).
  4. Place three white candles (3″ x 9″) at the points of the downward triangle (to represent return to purity and innocence).

Pick up the first blue candle from the grid. Hold it up and say your mantra three times.
Moving clockwise, pick up the first white candle, hold it up and say your mantra three times.
Repeat this for all the candles.

Light the candles, starting at the top and moving clockwise to the next candles.
Sit and meditate while you focus on your intentions for this grid: abundance, spiritual purity and innocence, a loving and nurturing relationship, etc.

Light your candles every day for around three months to give you momentum. It will help speed up the movement of old energy out of your life and bring the light of new energy into your life.

When the first round of candles melt down, discard the leftovers saving some wax from the old grid to add to the new one for continuation of the energy. Clean your poster board and repeat from step four onwards. If your board is smeared with candle wax, you can start a new grid and put the cinnamon back on the newly drawn poster board. When you are completely finished with your grid, you can throw the cinnamon in your flower or vegetable garden, offering it to the Earth. Or you can take it to a body of flowing water and offer it to the Water (ocean, stream, whatever is nearby or convenient, but not a stagnant body of water like a pond. The idea is that your intention will continue to flow with the water which is moving not stagnant.) The leftover candle wax can be discarded with your poster board. Alternatively, you can burn your poster board to bring the desires to yourself more quickly. As you burn it, say: I burn this grid and I ask the four elements to bring me the objects of my desires faster in the name of the I AM THAT I AM. You may also burn it in thanksgiving for the objects of your desires being manifest in your life.

Grid for Short Term Finances

Metatron, Channeled May 28, 2004

This grid is for immediate manifestation of specific things, especially money. It can provide fast relief in easy ways. The only important deterrent can be the mind. It can get in the way and cause doubts which in turn create obstacles or delays in the process of manifestation. To help us with our doubting mind, Metatron suggests that we start with an object or an amount of money that our minds can accept as a possibility and without creating doubts and obstacles.

Sometimes it pays to appease the mind by going for a smaller amount or for something which the mind is not vested in. I once gave an abundance and prosperity workshop which ran over a six week period of time. The Masters gave instructions to the workshop participants which were then followed daily by each participant at home. During the first week the assignment was to manifest one red or yellow rose using the tools given during that first exercise. The objective was for the mind of each participant to realize that the tools given and the power of manifestation applied by each participant did indeed bring the object of desires.

At the next meeting everyone had a story to tell about how they manifested their rose. One woman had found a perfect red rose as she was getting out of her parked car outside her house at the curbside. Another one had received a bouquet of roses as a thank you gift from a colleague and another from her husband. One man had bought a bunch of red roses for his girlfriend and she had picked one out and offered it back to him as the sign of her love for him. One person had bought a bouquet of flowers for her home as part of her weekly routine and while arranging the flowers at home realized there was a yellow rose among them. Another participant had purchased a large quantity of artificial flowers to make into a garland for her daughter and realized she had bought roses. Some participants had chosen a small item for their first trial and had successfully manifested their desire.

There was one person who had nothing to report. By the following week she had dropped out of the class for personal reasons. It is perfectly valid that at times in life we may not be ready or willing to move out of a given situation even if our consciousness, our Higher Self or our guides choose it for us. Some lessons are chosen to be learned the hard way, because we learn them more thoroughly that way, or we remember the outcome for a longer period of time maybe even for the rest of our lives. Remaining in a position of lack and learning the lessons from it so as not to repeat the mistakes is more effective in the long term than repeating the same bad habits or patterns over and over and being rescued each time by someone or through the intercession of the Masters.

On one occasion when I set myself the task of manifesting a lump sum of money, I sent out the intention “Six thousand dollars over a six week period, and it is fine for the money to come in smaller increments over that period.” To which the Masters said, ÒNo. Put out the intention “Six thousand dollars over a three week period and all at once in a lump sum. I changed my intention and repeated the Masters’ instruction with some degree of disbelief. Nevertheless, I used the manifestation technique given to me daily as instructed.

At the end of the three weeks, I had been offered a check for five thousand dollars. When I sat with myself in disbelief at how easy it had been, I realized that I really could have manifested the entire amount just as the Masters told me had my mind been a little less doubtful. Then the enthusiasm set in to make sure I continued the grid until the other one thousand had manifested. On the fourth week, two people offered me one thousand dollars each for the project I was trying to complete. One of them was the same person who had offered the first sum. Had I been trusting of my own powers of manifestation, the tools that the Masters gave me and their power of intercession on my behalf, the entire process would have proceeded more smoothly and much faster.

As you set up the grid of manifestation below, be watchful to catch those limiting thoughts and beliefs that the mind throws at you. You can deal with the limitation by: 1) appeasing the mind by lowering your expectation and reduce the amount to a sum your mind can accept, 2) becoming even more determined to push full force to compensate for the limitations from the mind (or its lack of participation), proving to yourself and to the mind that you can do it, 3) dealing with the limitation by working on healing all the issues which cause the mind’s lack of participation: fear of success or lack of self worth. While you are working on healing your issues you can also try your luck with manifesting a small amount through the candle grid to gain greater confidence in your own powers and the power of manifestation in the candle grid through the intercession of the Masters.


Beloved of my own heart, I am Metatron.

Take a deep breath with me.

Let me give you a candle grid to manifest cash flow into your hands and into your life. For this exercise, set up a tall green candle and a tall red candle, 3″ x 9″ pillar candles are great for this grid. Place a yellow colored square piece of poster board under the candles. Draw the sign of infinity big enough so that the entire green candle sits in the left hand loop and the entire red candle sits in the right hand loop. Draw the sign of infinity with cinnamon by taking a pinch of cinnamon and patiently drawing the symbol of infinity large enough to hold the two pillar candles inside each loop with extra room around the candles. As you draw the sign, very strongly say: Cash at hand now in the name of the I AM THAT I AM immediately. Cash in my hands immediately. Repeat that statement over and over again until you have finished the entire set-up process for this grid. (If you have difficulty drawing a precise symbol with cinnamon, draw it first with gold colored pen and then cover the gold with the cinnamon.) The cinnamon is encapsulating each candle. The yellow base poster board is positioned so that the green candle is on the left hand side and the red candle in on the right hand side. Place your grid in a direction such that north would be above, south would be below, east would be on the red side and west would be on the green side.

Draw a diamond that starts in the north and goes to the red candle in the east, down to the south, to the green candle in the west then back to the north. The sign of infinity sits inside of the diamond. Draw a circle around the diamond so that the four points of the diamond touch the edge of the circle. The diamond represents the connection of this mundane realm of reality to the higher realms where instant manifestation is truly instant. The circle represents the realm where time and space are no longer separated; the realm of instant manifestation.

This is the strongest manifestation grid that I have as yet given to any one of you. I want you to be very specific and make just the one intention, for example say, “Fifty thousand dollars to manifest in my hands right now.” If your mind cannot accept that amount, then do not ask that number. Your mind must get out of the way and accept in order to surrender. If your mind cannot believe you can manifest fifty thousand dollars, start with a smaller number. Once you have manifested it, then start the candle grid again with a larger number.

Doubt and disbelief are great deterrents to the manifestation process. It is better to begin with some number that your mind is willing to work with and not disregard. Manifesting smaller amounts over shorter periods of time may be more acceptable to your mind. Then the mind will not get in your way and will cooperate in the manifestation process. Light your candles daily for as many times as you can, and say the same mantra over and over until you manifest the amount you had intended. Once you manifest that amount, start again with the larger number. Do this over and over again each time with a greater number, and do not stop until you have gained enough momentum, strength and power that you can continue to manifest regularly without the need of the candle grid. Remember: if the process slows down or if you feel you are being distracted or losing focus, go back and start a new round of the candle grid again.

It is important to keep the momentum going and heighten your focus and intention as well as the frequency of your intention. The more you keep your focus, the greater the outcome. The more you say the mantra with force and command, the faster the manifestation becomes. I wish you great joy and success in this endeavor. I am your father, Metatron.

Metatron - Grid For Finances


Materials needed:

  • Yellow poster board cut to a 12″ square
  • Two 3″ x 9″ pillar candles – one green, one red
  • gold-ink marker, gel or felt pen
  • ruler and protractor or 10-11″ plate (to draw circle)
  • cinnamon
  1. At each step and for the entire time you are making this grid say, Cash at hand now immediately in the name of the I AM THAT I AM. Cash in my hands immediately.
  2. On the yellow poster board, draw an equilateral diamond about 6″ per side with the gold pen, starting in the north, then drawing down to the east, then south, then west, then back to the north.
  3. Place the 2 candles in the diamond – green candle on the left (west), red candle on the right (east).
  4. Inside the diamond and around the candles, draw the sign of infinity with the cinnamon large enough for each candle to sit inside a loop with extra space around it. You may draw the sign first with the gold pen then cover it with the cinnamon.
  5. Draw a circle of gold around the diamond so that the four points of the diamond touch the edge of the circle.
  6. Say the mantras and follow the instructions in the text in order to imbue the unlighted candles and when lighting each of the candles.
  7. Light your candles daily with your one specific intention as many times as you can, and say the mantra over and over until you manifest the amount you had intended.

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