February 2006

Dear Friends,

For this month’s newsletter we have a great meditation given by our beloved Master Jesus, Jeshua Ben Joseph for the clearing of our own energy body as well as the energy body of Mother Earth. In this reading he talked about the new energies which will be entering the atmosphere of Earth and the impact that they will have on our bodies as well as the body of Mother Earth. On this subject Jesus said, “There are events that are coming up for the clearing of dross and negativity from the planet. These events will affect your bodies and transpire great healing release. The clearing which will result from this meditation will impact your bodies in ways that will help you move rapidly in the direction of greater spiritual growth and will help Earth to clear her dross.”

Master Jesus has been greatly involved in the purification process for Earth and all humankind. He has promised many miracles before the appearance of Christ Maitreya, the World Teacher, and the Masters of Wisdom who follow him. I have been fortunate to bear witness to a few healing miracles in the course of the past two months.

I was invited by friends to visit the house of a family in Houston, Texas whose son was miraculously cured of leukemia. An old picture of Master Jesus in the bedroom of the parents began to shed tears of oil which signaled the healing of their son Isaac. The full story is included in this newsletter below.

In gratitude for the miracle, the family has offered to hold a weekly prayer session at their private residence. The weeping portrait and many other icons and statues, which are also weeping tears of oil, are on display. On my first visit, which was the first Wednesday of the year 2006, Master Jesus appeared to me and told me to bring my personal icon of Jesus and leave it with the other icons. The following week as I was holding my picture in my arm and saying my farewell to it, the Master said, “You will not be leaving it forever but only for one week, it will then begin to weep tears of oil and you can take it home with you and distribute pictures of it to interested people.” He told me that anyone that has this picture can connect to his energy and request his intercession in their affairs. The following week there were two streams of tears running down the Master’s face on my icon of Master Jesus and it continues to this day. Some of the photos that were taken from this icon and given to my friends have also begun to shed tears of oil. I have included the original picture as well as a close up shot of the tears for your viewing. Please feel free to download the pictures and share with your loved ones (right click on the picture and select save image). If you wish you may click here to request a copy be sent to you. Instructions for ordering are below. Enjoy the following meditation which is given for the clearing of your own body and for the body of Mother Earth. Please continue this meditation for a 22 day period to complete a cycle of healing. Twenty two is the number for mastery. Anything that you do for a 22 day period you can master. It will become a part of your being and knowing. It will also be posted on your personal grid and the planetary grid. For others to receive and replicate.

jeshua ben joseph

Chakra Meditation led by Jeshua Ben Joseph

My beloved, I am Jeshua Ben Joseph. Envision a ball of light the size of a large pumpkin in the center of your belly button. The center of this ball of light is an inch inside of your belly button. This ball of light is a bright orange light. Through the presence of the I AM THAT I AM the Christ Maitreya energy sends the Pure White Light. Brilliant clear white light covers the entire ball around your belly button. This energy will be passing through in its upward motion in the following stations: seat of the soul, personal heart chakra, cosmic heart chakra (thymus), throat chakra, third eye chakra, and crown chakra. In each of these stations you take a deep inhalation, a small pause, and a deep exhalation and then you begin the spin again.

Now we begin the spin. The spin is from the left side of the body to the front of the body, to the right, behind and left again.(clockwise) It spins first in stationary mode, as if around a central axis. Then it begins to spiral upward like a corkscrew. Envision the ball spinning upward. As it moves up it reaches the chakra which we call the seat of the soul. The center of this chakra is right under your rib cage. At the center of your chest where the last two ribs meet, you may find a tender spot, push this spot and you will feel the center of the seat of your soul chakra. The ball of light spins there. Take a deep breath and pause. The spin begins, the energy moves into your personal heart chakra. Spinning, pausing, inhale. Hold for a second and exhale.

Then envision the spin begin again moving upward to your cosmic heart. Inhale, small pause, exhale, and the spin begins to move into the throat. Inhale, pause, exhale, and the spin begins to move into your third eye. Inhale, pause, exhale, and the spin begins to move to your crown.

Now I will repeat this same exercise and link your energy chakras to that of the Earth’s.

This time I will do the spin, and I will have you visualize the corresponding energy on the chakras of Mother Earth. Now, visualize that you are spinning the ball of light in the center of your solar plexus. Envision the same ball of light spinning in the city of Christchurch, New Zealand, which corresponds to the solar plexus of Mother Earth, visualize sending out concentric circles of light. The size of Earth’s great ball of light is the same corresponding size to that of yours. Spinning, pausing, inhale, hold for a second and exhale.

  • Moving up to the seat of the soul chakra of Mother Earth. Spinning, pausing, inhale, hold for a second and exhale.
  • Moving up to the personal heart chakra of Mother Earth. Spinning, pausing, inhale, hold for a second and exhale.
  • Moving up to the cosmic heart chakra of Mother Earth. Spinning, pausing, inhale, hold for a second and exhale.
  • Moving up to the throat chakra of Mother Earth. Spinning, pausing, inhale, hold for a second and exhale.
  • Moving up to the third eye chakra of Mother Earth. Spinning, pausing, inhale, hold for a second and exhale.
  • Finally moving up to the crown chakra of Mother Earth. Spinning, pausing, inhale, hold for a second and exhale.

At the point when you reach your crown chakra and the crown chakra of Mother Earth ask for the Pillar of Light to bring energies from the I AM THAT I AM. The presence of God in form begins pouring down into your crown chakra and that of Mother Earth’s. The purity and innocence that God intended for Earth and humanity is restored. Envision Pure White Light emanating to you and to Earth. Visualize beams of light, emanating into your crown chakra for yourself and for Mother Earth. North Pole is bombarded by Pure White Light, your crown chakra is bombarded with Pure White Light. This light emanates and penetrates from your crown chakra down as it emanates and penetrates from the North Pole of Mother Earth down. Now there will be purity and innocence which returns to Earth and to your own body through you to the bodies of others that you touch. This exercise will also help in establishing stability for the North Pole.

I hold you in my own heart, I am Jeshua Ben Joseph. And so it is.

The Story of the Miracle with the Ayoub Family

The Ayoub family consists of the father, Tharwat Ayoub, the mother, Nahed Ayoub, and their two children, Nermen and Isaac Ayoub.

On Sunday, November 10, 1991, Nahed went to Saint Mark Coptic Orthodox church where she and her family worship. Nahed met with the priest Father Ishak Soliman to explain to him how depressed she and her family were over their son Isaac’s continuing battle with leukemia. Isaac is 12 years old and has been receiving treatment for almost three years. However, his response to treatment has been very poor and the physicians at Texas Children’s Hospital told them that Isaac had, at the most, three more months to live. Nahed was crying and begging God for mercy. She wrote a note to God telling Him that the only hope she had left for Isaac to be cured was a miracle from heaven. She asked Father Ishak to place her note in the alter under the chalice.

On Monday, November 11, 1991, Isaac became very sick. While lying in his parent’s bed, about 2:30 p.m., mumbling some prayers and looking to a portrait of Jesus Christ hanging on the Eastern wall of the bedroom, he saw the eyes of Jesus in the picture moving and the figure of Jesus protruding out. He screamed, calling for his mother. Nahed came running and examined the picture. There was an oily liquid shedding like tears from the eyes of Jesus. Father Ishak was called to verify this unusual occurrence. What Father Ishak saw was no different than what the Ayoub family had seen. They all thought that this was a sign of a miracle that could have been happening to Isaac.

On Tuesday, November 12, 1991, Isaac was checked by Dr. Atef Rizkalah, a family physician at San Jacinto Methodist Hospital in Baytown and was diagnosed as having no signs of leukemia.

Two weeks later, Isaac was checked by his doctor at Texas Children’s Hospital in Houston (this was a previously set date for on-a-regular-basis check up) and again was diagnosed as having no sign of leukemia.

Since November 11, the Icon has been shedding oily tears and sweat continuously. Soon this was known all over Houston. The media announced it on T.V. and in the daily newspaper. Thousands of pilgrims from all over Houston, Texas and many other states have visited the Ayoub’s home to see the miracle, pray and repent, receive the blessing and anointment from the Holy Oil.

Jeshua Ben Joseph

The Icon was brought to St. Mark Coptic Orthodox Church on January 6, 1992 (the Coptic Christmas eve) and more pilgrims of all religions have been coming to visit and receive the blessing.

Now at the Ayoub’s home, all icons that are brought in to the room, where the miracle happened, are shedding oil. More than a thousand icons and portraits of Jesus Christ and of the Virgin Mary have shed oil. Over 20,000 people have been to the Ayoub’s home and the Ayoub family never complained from having such a big crowd in their home. Tharwat and Nahed Ayoub are very grateful for the great love and mercy that God abundantly graced them with and feel that the miracle was a great blessing from the Lord.

The miracle continues and the hand of God is stretched to all who try to reach to Him.

Through the grace of Jesus Christ, may we all have open hearts and minds to realize the extent of His mercy and love to all mankind.

Reprinted with permission from the Ayoub family.


i was wondering if the healing is still going on?
my daugther has been sick for a long time and the doctors don’t know what is wrong with her. Could i go to your home with her?
I just saw what happen at your house on tv just now.

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