December 2006

Messages from Quan-Yin, Archangel Michael, Metatron & Hecate

Dear Friends,

Happy Holidays to you all!

As we approach the end of this year I have picked messages from four of our favorite Masters to see us through the finishing lines and to guide us through the new beginnings. The year 2007 promises to be a year of positive change and acceleration toward growth and wisdom. This message was given to us on Thanksgiving day, the 23rd of November 2006 which coincided with Sathya Sai-Baba’s birthday. It is therefore doubly auspicious.

Lady Quan-Yin, Archangel Michael, Metatron and Goddess Hecate bid us into the energies of the new year with love, joy and celebration. I thank all of you for your participation in the practices. I most gratefully thank the founding members of the Foundation for the Attainment of God-Unity (FAGU) and Waves of Bliss. Your love, support, and enthusiasm as well as your brilliant ideas and diligent work has brought us here. With the guidance from the Masters and love from our hearts we will walk together to ultimate point of union, God-Unity.

In love, surrender, obedience and gratitude, I am Nasrin


Quan Yin – Channeled November 23, 2006

My beloved children, I am Quan-Yin. I have come to all of you with a great open heart and with a request. We are entering a time of transition which will last until the 19th of January 2007. This will bring greater acceleration and changes in your lives. I wish to ask you to wear pearls and know that Goddess Hecate has requested that you wear turquoise. The pearls will balance the turquoise. The turquoise will help to dislodge unwanted pain and dross from your body. What the turquoise pulls out, the pearls will soften up and release. As the pains come up, the pearls can take the pains away in a gentle way. Make a point of wearing pearls with any other gems: turquoise, rubies, obsidian, platinum, gold or silver. Make the pearls a permanent feature that will stay with you more or less to the end of January.

The arrival of the energies for clearing of your emotional and mental bodies have already been accelerated. During this time you will feel the power of acceleration. Ride this tide because it will put you on a different plateau and that is a pleasant place to be. The energy of anxiety may come up. Ride that energy too. See it as positive and helpful. See it as a means to release the uncertainty and the unknown possibilities from your cell structure. What is about to happen is change in many directions. With change you will begin to see yourself in a place of a wise witness. You will begin to accept yourself for who you are and make changes in those aspects of your own behavior that no longer serves you and no longer helps to move you forward. I support you with all of my heart. Energy of opal is very beneficial at this time. It will bring you wisdom. Opal is the equivalent of the old wise woman/man who has lived a fruitful life and has helped many and has finally been recognized. Opals will help to bring you wisdom. Opals help you begin to vibrate to the new vibration for the planet, and in rhythm with the vibration of Earth.

I hold you with great love in my own heart as all of you are my own children.
I love you. I cherish you. I nurture you. Call upon me. I am here by your side.


Archangel Michael – Channeled November 23, 2006

My brethren of light, I am Mika-El. I have come on this auspicious day to offer you the energies of the Ankh of Power. I have brought these energies with the objective to empower you. The power is given in the form of an ankh. Visualize an ankh illuminated with golden platinum colors. Tongues of fire are beaming from the circular arc of the ankh.

I will place it around your neck by standing behind you. I will place the circular arc over your head. The cross will fit over your chest, from one shoulder to the other and the length of the cross will cover you all the way to your root chakra. Visualize this ankh of power. The presence of this ankh is to energize you with the power you need for these accelerated times. With the use of the Ankh of Power, you will have the strength, the stamina, and the courage to use this phase of acceleration to the utmost of your ability. The object is to reach the highest and the ultimate point for higher growth on the path of enlightenment and in service to humankind. It is important that you have success; It is important that you have financial abundance; It is important that you have peace of mind; And it is important that you are able to harness your emotions. Harnessing your emotions means you can have joy in your heart and gratitude in your mind at all times, under all circumstances. Take a deep breath and pause to integrate the power from the Ankh.

Visualize Archangel Michael standing behind you and receive the Ankh of Power.

I wish you great success in all your endeavors,

I am your brother Michael.

Metatron – Channeled November 23, 2006

Beloveds of my own heart, I am Metatron. Take a deep breath. As the beginning of a new year approaches let us together celebrate everyday in gratitude, trust, love and in surrender. Obedience comes when there is love and surrender mixed with trust. Obedience is a word that runs shudders along the back of many, yet obedience comes easily to those who have trust, surrender and love. Receive the love that comes to you from the higher realms and know that you have all paid your dues. The gateways of mercy open up to bring light and dark together. Each one of you have agreed to be a participant in the unity of bringing the light and dark together, allowing your own physical bodies, emotional bodies, mental bodies, and spiritual bodies to be the catalyst, the conduit, the antenna, through which these energies can unite. When you have such an agreement in place and truly believe in it, then neither of these two opposing factions (light and dark) would feel threatened by you. They would consider you an ally. Therefore you will have no obstacles on the path of success, abundance, relationships, wisdom, career, or spiritual growth. In the past even your spiritual growth may have been hindered for as long as you were one pointedly, blindfoldedly following the light; because that would be denying half (and maybe more than half) of what exists in your realm of reality. Presently the balance is tilted in favor of the dark, therefore you have been ignoring more than half of the reality that you are living. Those who are successful are the ones that consciously or subconsciously take account of this fact. Now without taking sides and without drowning in drama of the battle of light and dark, begin to come to that place of neutrality where you are wiling to understand and accept that through you the light and dark may unite. Become active in the process of allowing this union to take place inside of you. Your choice to follow and promote the Light is great. However, stay nonjudgmental and respectful of the presence of darkness and accept it as a part of your reality.

For this reason I now call forth on your behalf the presence of Isis and Osiris, Neftis and Seth. Twelve thousand years ago these four beings came forward to hold the equal balance of light and dark, to create the seed race. This is a seed race from which you have descended from. I will also invite the presence of Quan-Yin and Hecate to represent once again the light and dark side of the coin that is the duality in which you are stuck. This third dimensional reality has two sides to it. One side is dark, the other side is light. If you were looking at a coin you would not have an issue with the head or the tail side. You would simply accept that head denotes one side and tail is the other side. Each side lives in harmony with the other because you cannot separate one from the other. It is the two sides of the same being. Quan-Yin and Hecate play the same role. They are the two sides of the same being, representing light and dark.

Remember that you can choose joy; you have the choice to see various events as obstacles or as means to redirect you, (perhaps) to take a short cut. You can see the situation as an obstacle in your path delaying you, or you can see it as a means to make a left turn or a right turn, but make a turn to find a short cut. I suggest you do that. I suggest you seek to know the reason why you feel stuck. You will not feel stuck, or confront obstacles unless it is leading you to something greater, better, faster, easier, more enjoyable. Consciously seek ways to bring you acceleration, joy, celebration, gratitude, happiness, abundance, and positive attitude. It is fun to wake up everyday and know that you are provided for. It is fun to do what you do, out of love not out of obligation. The time has come for you to know that your dues are paid. Therefore, what remains to do is reaping the harvest. Reap the harvest. Be contented and know that you have earned it. Remind yourself that you have earned it, not with arrogance, but with humility; always be righteous. By demanding and commanding that the universe will provide you with joy, gratitude, comfort, and luxury. Comfort and luxury are two of my favorite things. Make that your goal. Comfort, luxury, harmony, peace, gratitude.

I hold you with great joy in my own heart. I stand at your feet with folded arms as your own father Metatron, El-Shaddai. So it is.


Hecate – Channeled November 23, 2006

My children, I am Hecate. I offer each one of you the fiery opal encased in a ring of black obsidian and place this directly behind your naval in the area of your solar plexus. This is the center for power. It is also the place where your energy can be leaked or depleted. Energy is extended as well as received, and power can be exchanged from here. The fiery opal will give you the fire, the zest, the fervor and the life force with which to grab and hold on to what duly belongs to you. It will not allow anyone to take from you what is rightfully yours. The black obsidian is to hold you grounded in the power to know what is yours and to use it to better yourself, your life, and the lives of others and to serve the multitudes and masses. Obsidian is lava. It comes out from the heart of Goddess Pele, The Goddess of Volcanoes. So too is the fiery opal. The fiery opal is the love of a mother for her child. I give you this gem, which is an alchemical tool to bring you power and to absorb the acceleration that is coming and to enjoy the chaos that is here now. Chaos brings about change. Therefore, chaos should be enjoyed. Change always follows chaos and change should be welcomed. When you have the power to see the change as a tool of improving yourself and the chaos as the means to do it, then what fear have you? None.

My prayer for you is to see you fearless, empowered, glorious, victorious, and mighty. My prayer for you, my children, is to be successful. To have it all and to not be attached to it. To know that everything is transitory. Things can go in the same way that they came and they can come back again. My prayer is that you are empowered long enough to manifest the object of all your desires and to know how to use it to benefit yourself and others. My prayer is to love yourself enough to want the best for yourself and trust the world enough to give it away again and again and again knowing it will come back to you tenfold, a hundred fold, a thousand fold, over and over again. I hold all of you in my own bosom. I will nurture you, I will cherish you, I will teach you, I will help you, I will walk with you and show you the way. I am your Mother Hecate. It is a pleasure to see you walk on this path and be glorious. It is my intention to walk with you and see you to victory and share your glory. Do not forget your Mother Hecate in times of high and low. I treat all my mighty children with great love. I treat all my obedient children with great sustenance and abundance. Those who disobey, those who abuse will be punished. There is no other way. Even though chaos is the mother of change, those who create chaos for no reason at all will pay for the chaos that they create. That is the law of the universe. And those who see the chaos and stay in the eye of the whirlwind with no fears will come out of the hurricane unscathed.

I will stand by your side. I will show you the way. I will make you proud.

I am your Mother Hecate. So it is.

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