April 2006

Ascension Day – Preparation for Paramatman Light

Dear Friends,

For our April newsletter we have an excerpt from my Gifts IV book called, “Gifts of Wisdom and Truth From the Masters of Light.” (For ordering information click here). This is appropriate for the month of April as we enter a new phase of heightened energy. Consider this time a great cycle for manifestation. The Masters have requested that we pray, contemplate, and reflect at this time on the return of Christ Maitreya and the Masters of Wisdom to walk on Earth and the coming forth of greater Light. With greater Light there will be release of negativity and darkness. This is a phase that will continue for the next six months. The Earth and humankind will be moving into an accelerated phase of manifestation.

Happy Ascension Day to all of you,

Commentary: In this discourse Metatron speaks of the energies of Ascension and the date for its celebration on the 24th of April each year. Then he goes on to teach us how to prepare our bodies, emotions, mind, soul and spirit for elevation to higher vibrations of Light. He gives directions such as cleansing the body with salt and lavender baths, mantras to repeat, breathing exercises for physical and spiritual body cleansing, and construction of an etheric candle altar inside the palace of your own heart for deep clearing and cleansing of the body and being.


Ascension Day – Preparation for Paramatman Light

Metatron, channeled March 24, 2005

Beloveds of my own heart, I am Metatron.

Take a deep breath with me. I now call the 24th of April of each year the Ascension Day…Ascension Day for Earth, Ascension Day for humanity. The 24th of April of every year will be considered Ascension Day from the Ascended Masters’ Point of view.

What do I mean by the Ascension Day? The Feminine Principle of Existence descended upon humanity. The Presence of the I AM descending upon humanity, entering into the body of matter, materializing spirit and entering into the world of physically manifest energy vibration. This is an important turning point for all humanity. It represents another step in the process of materializing spirit: opening the heart, realizing the true Self (Atman), aligning the Self with the Supreme Self (Paramatman).

The 24th of April is a day when the Supreme Self will open up its heart to be received by the Self of all souls: the Self of the planet, the Self of the solar system, the Self of the galaxy, the five elements, the heart of all people, places and things and the heart of all souls. The 24th of April is the day that the spirit of the I AM moves through the soul of all things. This year (2005) you will feel that movement differently from every year after it, and this year will set the pace for the next 1000 years and obviously, beyond. Why is it obvious? Because 2005 is the entry point of the 1000 Years of Peace. Whatever the nature of this peace is going to be from the very beginning, it sets the pace for the next 1000 years. And whatever the pace of that 1000 years becomes, that sets the pace for the following thousands of years. 1000 multiplied by 10. This is why I stress the importance of these days.

Wherever you are on the 24th of April, it is a day of celebration, remembrance, contemplation, reflection, prayer and vigilance. We are now preparing for the completion of the 1000 years of peace by every day encouraging the Paramatman Light — the Supreme Self — to enter in the space of the heart. we also prepare by encouraging the I AM Presence — the true Self — to enter into our body and beingness. We invite the Supreme Light, which is the Paramatman Light, to enter into the body of all things. When it comes, it begins materializing the spirit of the oneness in the body and beingness of all things.
The energy will be anchored in yet another level of reality in the form of written material; moving from words that are heard and remain in the air to the words that are heard and written. Coming into the physically manifest form will help to anchor the energies into yet another deeper level of existence.
To prepare for the higher energies we will cleanse the body, clear the emotions, still the mind and purify the soul. We invite the entry of the soul by intending our beingness to reach for the highest divine purpose. Desiring, intending, willing to form a body of matter that is closely embodied by the essence of the soul, which is the full embodiment of the soul, can become the anchoring of the true Self within our beingness. This is the description of a soulful person. When the body and beingness is brimming with the brilliance of the soul, when the soul is overlapping, overextending and illuminating itself in the body and beingness of a human being, those are the qualities of a soulful person.

The important point is: how can one touch that soulfulness and maintain the presence of the soul within the body and being — not for a moment, not for an hour, not for one performance — for a lifetime? How can we merge into the presence of the soul and remain vibrant in that soulfulness?

How can we invoke and invite the soul to enter permanently? How? With great loving heart, with great perseverance, with great patience and with acceptance, it will happen soulfully, patiently and gradually. It will happen in steps. The first step is that you hold onto the soul as you fill your beingness with that higher vibration for a moment. Then you extend that moment for an hour. Then you have a few of these hours of soulfulness throughout the day. Then the edges of these hours touch, and it becomes a wave that ebbs and flows until finally it flows continuously without stopping. It emerges from the Paramatman Light; the source of the highest Light, the source of the Supreme Self. It illuminates the human Self, first for a moment, then for a few moments, and finally for eternal moments of communion in the body. You materialize spirit in the body and illuminate the body with spirit.

When the soul enters, that is the indication that the spirit is arriving. Soul is the vehicle, the spirit is the breath (fuel). When you fully prepare the vehicle the breath will come, whether that vehicle is your own body, the body of a blade of grass, of Mother Earth, of a mustard seed, or the body of the cosmic conglomerate.


Imagine what to do for the body. Let us begin from the zero point. What to do with the body. Lighten up the body. Breathe. In the same way that you eat three times in each day, you give yourself a five minute deep breathing exercise time before each meal. In this way you will remember. And if you do not remember before the meal is over, then give yourself a five minute deep breathing time at the end of the meal. And if you do not remember for two hours afterward, then give yourself a five minute deep breathing time two hours later.

How to breathe? Take four deep breaths so deep that you can feel it from the base of your spine to the top of your shoulders. Long, deep breaths make the inhalation and long slow breaths complete the exhalation. As each day goes by, you will see that you can extend the breath a little bit longer increasingly each day. The first few days you may start seeing flashes on the horizon of the TV screen behind your closed eyes (because you are oxygenating your body, and the energy moves in the head). And that is perfect. Gradually the long deep breaths, inhaling and exhaling, will fill you with Light.

Mantra for Intentional Breath

With each inhalation say: “I AM the Paramatman Light. I breathe the Paramatman Light.” With each exhalation, say: “I become the Paramatman Light. I AM the Paramatman Light.” Or you can say all four lines together for each inhalation and all four lines for each exhalation if you are able to breathe for that length of time in and out.

With the first deep breath, say the Mantra and enter in to full inhalation. Then begin a slow, rhythmic exhalation. Purse your lips with the exhale as though you are about to whistle, and let the air move slowly and gently through your slightly open mouth, as if you want to push the breath out, but your lips are holding a very small portal for its exit.

Second deep breath: Take a deep inhalation as you are saying this mantra. Deep slow exhalation through pursed lips as though you want to whistle through the slightly opened mouth. Follow with the third deep breath and the fourth deep breath. Follow the four deep breaths with three normal breaths (whatever a normal breath means for you) in order to prepare for the entry of the Presence of the Paramatman into your body.

As you practice this exercise daily, your breathing rhythm changes. A normal breath at the very beginning of a month long exercise may become a very different kind of breath than a normal breath after thirty days of exercise. The normal breath itself may become a soft, smooth, long breath. The normal breaths are meant to bring focus back to the body. The deep breaths are meant for the Paramatman Light to enter into the body. The four long breaths are to awaken the body to the entry of the soul. The normal breaths are to adjust to that awakening. And the intention is to remind the self, the body, the mind and the emotions of this important event.


Every movement of the body — as long as it expands the body — is good: stretching, tapping, jumping, jogging or running. Awaken the physical body in whichever way is appropriate for each individual. A runner may have to run the same mile slightly faster to remind herself that the exercise physically is to make way for the re-entry of Paramatman Light. A sedentary person may have to take a walk, a leisurely walk, to remind herself of the same truth. Everyone must allow the physical body to exercise itself as a reminder of the re-entry of Paramatman Light. The five minutes of breathing is for meditation and reflection; the fifteen minutes of physical exercises is for opening the gateways of the body to receive the Paramatman Light.


Eat very, very light foods. If you could become a fruitarian in an instant, that would be the ultimate exercise. But for many of you, it is not possible. Your body has become toxic from eating different types of foods. Going from full-fledged range of foods to fruits only will bring the toxicity to the surface and will make you sick. So if you are 100% vegetarian, make fruits a larger percentage of your food intake. If you are a 100% meat and cooked food-eater with hardly any raw vegetables, juices or fruits, then begin with 1% progressing towards 10%, 15%, 20%; make it your intention to continue in that direction with 1% increments, and gradually increase the percentage of raw foods in your diet. If you are used to eating three solid meals of cooked foods that are bulky in nature — a hamburger and fries and a coca-cola for lunch — then think of the possibility of incorporating an item, one item of fruit and gradually move that one item of fruit to replace some part of that meal. So if you are skipping the bread around the hamburger, the apple can replace that. Or a salad can replace it. Gradually if you always eat a salad with some chicken then have that salad with a few nuts instead of the chicken. Or reduce the amount of chicken and increase the intake of raw fruit, vegetable, or nut protein, bearing in mind that nuts are acidic in nature (too much acid brings imbalance to the body causing illness).

I am not asking you to make dramatic changes which your body can not cope with. I am asking you to make changes that your body can allow you to make without crisis. I am also asking you that if the crisis starts to build up, do not be afraid. If after one week of doing well your body suddenly craves a hamburger, and you fixate on the idea until your mind becomes incapacitated, then by all means, eat a hamburger. Let it sit on your stomach. Then your mind can let go of the idea of the hamburger. As the energies become lighter, lighter food becomes more palatable.


Next on the agenda is the bathing of the body. Every third day take a salt bath, and preferably do this at night before you go to sleep. Use Epsom salt, sea salt, mineral salt or rock salt; failing all of that, use kitchen salt. A spoonful of kitchen salt can do wonders for your body if no other choices are available. If you can, put the effort into good quality rock salt, mineral salt, sea salt, even Epsom salt, and obviously last on the run in the ladder is table salt.

If you prefer to take showers, take a liter jug (size can be approximate) with a tablespoon of salt into the shower with you, fill with warm water and shake it. At the end of your shower, turn the shower off then douse yourself from the top of your head to the bottom of your feet fully with the salt water. Leave the salt on your body. The salt cleanses all the dross and impurities from your body. Next fill the jug again and add six drops of lavender oil to the jug of water. Douse yourself by pouring it from the top of your head to the bottom of your feet. You walk out of the shower with the lavender sitting on top of every pore of your body. Every breath that your skin takes is taken through the cocoon of the lavender. Do not vigorously rub the towel on your body. Be aware that you are dripping with lavender oil. So tap yourself dry very gently. Go to bed with the lavender in your auric field. Lavender brings calmness to your auric field and the atmosphere of your body.

If you are a bath person, add the salt into your bath water. The salt will clear your body completely of impurities; these are energies that are released from your body, the body of Mother Earth and other human beings. Drain the tub or stand in the tub with the water drained.

Douse yourself with the lavender oil in the jug of water. Then pat yourself dry. When you take the salt bath or shower, make sure the palms of the hands, the tips of the fingers and the bottom of the feet are doused in the salt water as well as the lavender water. You can put your hands fully in the jug or bucket. If it is one with a tight bottleneck, then just pour it on the palms of the hands, rub your hands together to the tips of the fingers, and then lift up each foot and gently pour some to go over the bottom of the feet, all the way to the tips of the toes and the edges of the soles of your feet. Do this with both the salt and the lavender.


For your mental body healing, whenever you catch yourself belaboring a point or your mind creating a loop leading to fear, worry, concern, anger or any other negative thought, stop and say the mantra. And breathe deeply.

“I AM the Paramatman Light.
I breathe the Paramatman Light.
I become the Paramatman Light.
I AM the Paramatman Light.”

For your emotional body clearing, when you find yourself deeply engrossed in the highs and lows of emotional influences, stop. Take a deep breath and offer that emotion up for clearing by saying the mantra:

“I AM the Paramatman Light.
I breathe the Paramatman Light.
I become the Paramatman Light.
I AM the Paramatman Light.”

To clear your mind, think less. Become the observer. To clear your emotions, watch the highs and lows of your emotions and do not participate in those fluctuations. Watch the thoughts of emotions ebb and flow, and get out of the flow. Snap out of it. When you harness an emotion, you simply jump out of the emotion, and it has no hold over you. You go back to being in control. Better still, you never lose your control or give in to the highs and lows of emotions. You are in control of that emotion; that emotion is no longer in control of you. War and conflict are created when emotion takes control of you. Within the individual self and within groups, conflict arises from the emotions taking the upper hand within the group members. Even wars are fought when emotions take control.


Light a candle for your spiritual body cleansing; preferably at night for a few minutes before you to go sleep. During the first two weeks, light a white candle for the return of purity and innocence. During the second two weeks, light a deep purple candle for the transmutation of all dross and duality. Light the candle after you have taken your salt and lavender bath on the nights when you do the salts and lavender. And light a candle after a normal shower or bath on the nights that you do not need to take the lavender and the salt bath. Do your last five minutes of meditation with the breathing exercises.

Plan to light the candle for one month from whenever you start. If you start today, do it for one month. The first two weeks, light a white candle for return to purity and innocence. The second two weeks, light a deep purple candle for the transmutation of all dross and duality. (Since there are 30 days in most months, you can do it for two-fifteen day periods.)

It does not matter when during the course of the month you begin or how it relates to the 24th of April. Even if you start these exercises in the middle of September, October or November it will work wonders. Where do you start? Begin with the practices and light the white candle for two weeks for the return of purity and innocence and then light the purple candle for two weeks for the release of all negativity and impurities and the transmutation of the duality.


The components of this exercise are to perform:

  1. Breathing exercise
  2. Repetition of the mantra
  3. Physical exercises

Eat raw fruits and raw vegetables, incorporating their energy vibration into the body. Start from 1% raw food and move toward 100% in your final fruit and vegetable diet. To clear the energy of your environment burn the candles: white for two weeks, purple for two weeks. To clear the energy of your body, use the salt bath or shower followed by dousing yourself in lavender oil.

In these exercises we have physical body clearing, we have emotional and mental body clearing, we have auric body clearing and we have the spiritual body clearing. The mantra and the breathing clear the body for the spirit to enter. All of this together is the process of materializing the spirit. We are materializing the spirit to bring Ascension to the body and the beingness, and through each individual human being that Ascension can come to Earth.

All of these exercises will continue to be valid at any point of the year’s cycle for your evolution an elevation to greater Light.


For those of you who are unable to make an actual candle altar or when a stationary altar is not practical, you can start by visualizing the candle grid in your heart. Begin right here, right now. Visualize in the space of your heart the white candle burning to bring the original state of purity and innocence back to your body. After two weeks, visualize a deep purple candle burning for the transmutation of all dross. And we will ask that this candle grid be illuminated. As above, so below; as within, so without. That you will be a mobile candle grid wherever you go.

Let us take a deep breath. Envision yourself inside of the palace of the heart. An altar has been prepared. On that altar we will place a tall — very tall — white pillar candle which will burn nonstop for two weeks. It vibrates Pure White Light. We will add several drops of lavender oil to that candle. As you look at this candle flame, you can smell the lavender.

We will now light this candle on the altar in the center of the heart in the name of the I AM THAT I AM, in the name of the Paramatman Light. Upon illumination, call upon all those beings and Masters whose pictures and mementos you would like to place on that altar. They come to life and support this creation and the healing that it brings to you.

Now begin breathing by inhaling. Remember to fill your belly first and then push the breath down into your root chakra. Then fill your lungs all the way to the top. When it is time to go from inhale to exhale purse out your lips and very slowly let it out. You are staring at the beautiful white candle and smelling the lavender oil.

Let us begin to breathe together: Inhale, long and deep, filling every cell of your body. Repeat inside your head, “I AM the Paramatman Light. I breathe the Paramatman Light.” Exhale when you are ready by pursing your lips and slowly letting the air out, “I become the Paramatman Light. I AM the Paramatman Light.”
Do this for four breaths. Then go to your normal breathing. Remember that you are doing the normal breath for three breaths, “I AM the Paramatman Light., I breathe the Paramatman Light.” Feel this energy shifting as a downpouring of light begins to fall upon you. The white candle is illumined and anchored in the heart bringing energies to purity and innocence.


I take you now to the second phase. Let us breath together one normal breath in front of the altar in the palace of the heart. See that you are moving the white candle to the left hand side and you are going to set up a purple candle on the right hand side. Always, always start anything new with the right hand side.
Place another pillar candle. This one is like a pillar of light which vibrates a purple color. Make it a darker purple. The darker the purple, the more intensity it will have in its transmutation abilities. (If the light lilac color could be considered — at the transmutational level — equivalent to a baby, the deep dark purple is the full-fledged grown senior citizen — wise man, wise woman, chief of the tribe — level of intensity.)

We will now light this candle on the altar in the center of the heart, in the name of the I AM THAT I AM, in the name of the Paramatman Light. And begin the first deep breath. Do it at your own pace: “I AM the Paramatman Light. I breathe the Paramatman Light. I become the Paramatman Light. I AM the Paramatman Light.”

Inhale and exhale deeply. As you move with this breath you see the nature of the energy is different. Whereas with the white candle you felt a downpouring of energies, with this purple candle you may feel a vacuum effect, as though something is being pulled out: “I AM the Paramatman Light. I breathe the Paramatman Light. I become the Paramatman Light. I AM the Paramatman Light.” White flame is pulling energy in; purple flame is letting energy go. One is spiritizing matter; the other is materializing spirit. One is bringing from above to below; the other is releasing from below to above.

Be aware we are in the second phase of the anchoring of the Paramatman Light. When you are ready, go from the full deep breaths into the normal cycle. Something will happen after you anchor the second candle grid. The rhythm becomes smoother, and you may find that your body begins to build itself a rhythm as though it is pulsing as it is releasing. With each pulse, which is connected to the heartbeat, it releases something. And as the release happens, envision that around your body in your auric field, that purple colored light is transmuting whatever is being released: “I AM the Paramatman Light. I breathe the Paramatman Light. I become the Paramatman Light. I AM the Paramatman Light.”

Focus your gaze on the purple candle flame. “I AM the Paramatman Light. I breathe the Paramatman Light. I become the Paramatman Light. I AM the Paramatman Light.” Now with the candle grid completely illuminated and anchored in the space of the heart you only need to focus on yourself. I bid you great love until we meet again.

With great love in the Light of Ascension, I am Metatron.

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