November 2005 – Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving.
To offer our love and gratitude to all the Masters of Light. We have a special Thanksgiving edition of our newsletter where Master Jesus is offering us a clearing of our physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual bodies with the Citron Green Ray of Mental Clarity. Master Jesus introduces himself in his given name “Jeshua Ben Joseph” (Jesus son of Joseph) from that lifetime. I wish you all a joyfilled Thanksgiving and an entry to a new level of pure light. The new energies will begin pouring in from the 24th of November in various phases all the way to the 19th of January. Please be patient and gentle with yourselves, with each other, and with the Earth as we all are moving through tender and vulnerable times. As our divine mother would say, “I hold you in my own heart and wish you joy through these holidays.”

In the light of the I AM THAT I AM,

Clearing The Body With The Citron Green Ray Of Mental Clarity

Jeshua Ben Joseph – Channeled August 19, 2005

I am Jeshua Ben Joseph. Take a deep breath and focus your energy in the center of your solar plexus. Sit still for a moment until you feel calm and centered. Take a deep, long breath. Feel the life force moving to your solar plexus.


I now call forth the Tube of Light from the presence of the I AM THAT I AM. This light is now moving down from the thirteenth dimension of reality. You live in the third dimension of reality. This energy is coming to you from the thirteenth dimension of reality. This is the presence of the I AM THAT I AM. I AM THAT I AM is God in form. The spark of God which resides in your own heart is now being reconnected to this essence. In effect it has always been connected to this essence. However you are now consciously becoming aware of this connection. From that level of light, a large tube of white light has descended and is forming around your body. I ask you to renew this connection every morning. As you awaken call upon the tube of the Pure White Light of the I AM THAT I AM to form around you. Envision a cylinder of light wider than the span of your own torso to form around your body. This tube of light extends from you own twelfth chakra which reaches to the thirteenth dimension of reality all the way to the third dimension of reality, and it extends all around your body. You can stand inside of it and move comfortably in it. It extends from your body down all the way to the heart core of Mother Earth.


Now place your focus on the top of your head, and visualize the lotus of the crown chakra. This lotus has one thousand petals and sits above your head as though you have placed a flower on top of your head. The lotus is wide open and its center is facing upward. In the yellow central core sits a disc of the moon, the size of a large grapefruit. This disc of the moon plays the role of the transmitter of energy. Energies that are directly sent from the sun to the moon and from the moon to the Earth, come forth from the atmosphere of the Earth and enter into the disc of the moon for each individual soul. Each individual soul receives the vibration and has it recalibrated to benefit their personality, their consciousness, their physical body, their emotional body, their mental body and their spirit body.
While you stand in the tube of light of the presence of the I AM THAT I AM I call forth the energy vibration of the green Ray of Mental Clarity. The color of this Ray is Citron Green. This Ray will descend inside the Tube of Light. It comes down in a small thread-like pillar of Citron green Light. The size of this pillar is the diameter of a dollar coin. As I bring forth this energy, I ask for complete clearing of all the mental, emotional and physical pain and dross which you have been carrying, especially in the past few months. As the energy enters into the lotus on your crown chakra and sits to be recalibrated in the disk of the moon in the center of the lotus. While the Green Ray is being received by the disk of the moon above your head, I ask you to breathe deeply. The Citron Green is now emanating on top of your head. It has been recalibrated to be received by your crown chakra. Through the lotus of your crown, this energy enters the top of your head, bathing the entire head cavity. It moves down to your third eye then to your throat chakra. The entire head cavity is now vibrating a citron green color.

As I send you this energy, you may feel your head pulsing in rhythm with the energy. The energy will continue on its way down to your chakras one by one. It moves down to your throat, after filling your entire head cavity. It moves down from your throat into your shoulders, arms, and to the palms of your hands Take a deep breath and feel the energy move to the palms of your hands and out. You may feel a pulse in the palms of your hands. Energy moves further down from your throat into your cosmic heart (right over your thymus gland ), and it imbues your cosmic heart with the Citron Green vibration of the Ray of Mental Clarity. Now it moves down to your chest. Your lungs are filled with this vibration. Your entire rib cage is filled with this vibration. As it enters into the space of your personal heart and your heart chakra, you feel the infusion of this light inside of your own heart chakra. You may feel a pulse and a rhythm in your heart. The pulse will continue to beat to the rhythm of your heartbeat. And the energy continues on its journey down.

Now the pillar of Citron Green is extending itself down to your solar plexus. You may begin to feel the vibration as if energy is moving in your entire belly. The Citron Green energy of mental clarity, is moving down chakra by chakra, clearing and cleansing and bringing you to a place of peace and harmony within yourself. Pause here as this energy is permeating in your solar plexus and beating to the rhythm of your own heart beat and to the pulse of the blood moving through your veins. Take a deep breath.

Focus on the Citron Green energy moving further down from your solar plexus to your sacral plexus, and then further down to your root chakra. The energy begins spinning clockwise, in your solar plexus, sacral plexus and in your root chakra. Take a deep breath and pause to feel the Citron green spinning. Then from the base of your spine, the pillar of Citron Green light extends down into the crust of the Earth.


When the lotus of the crown is closed, the disc of the moon is not formed. Then the person cannot receive the energy and this is the plight of many souls. Ninety nine percent of the population of Earth do not have the ability to receive and in return transmit these energies. These are the unawakened souls. They are unawakened to their spiritual light and their divinity. The energy would therefore have a ricochet effect. The energy comes, it contacts their being, reaches their crown chakra, and no exchange takes place. It has no other choice but to be reflected back to the Earth.
Those of you who are receptive to these energies, may feel them with some discomfort, because you are making up for the rest of the population of Earth. When greater intensities of energies are sent to Earth, you may experience headaches, nausea, and other ailments.

These new energies are coming to Earth to catapult us to a higher vibration for our entry into the Seventh Golden Age. The higher light is coming through to be anchored on Earth. It comes for six billion plus souls. Ninety-nine percent are sleeping. What happens? The sixty million ( one percent) that are awake and connected end up absorbing beyond their saturation point. As a result you feel sluggish, want to sleep all the time, all your body systems are overworked. You are receiving these energies on behalf of Earth and on behalf of all the souls who are closed to these energies. This scenario will have to continue to unfold until such time that greater number of souls begin to reach the first level of initiation at which point the lotus of their crown will begin to open up. Even if it opens up slightly, they will begin the mode of reception. Gradually as a result of receiving 1 percent, 2 percent, 5 percent, 10 percent, 50 percent, the lotus grows bigger and opens wider and grows more petals. As the petals extend in opening, the person becomes more receptive. As more of the multitudes and masses of humankind begin to sit in receptive mode and absorb these energies, this life becomes easier for those of you who have been the spearheads, those of you who have been carrying the burden on behalf of others. This is why I give you this clearing to help you release the pain and trauma which you are carrying on your shoulders and in your body. My intention is to relieve you from the extra side effects of the intense energies that come to Earth. These are especially intense around the full and new moon of every month, during every solstice and equinox, and around the Thanksgiving and Christmas.


  • Call upon the tube of light from the Presence of the I AM THAT I AM.
  • Inside the tube of light, invite the crystalline Citron Green Ray of Mental Clarity. The diameter of this pillar of light is like a dollar coin.
  • That pillar of light comes down from the presence of the I AM THAT I AM through all the higher chakras, to the Lotus of the crown, into the disc of the moon, through the disc of the moon to your crown, to your third eye, to your throat, to your thymus gland, your cosmic heart chakra, to your heart chakra, to your solar plexus, your sacral plexus, your root chakra.
  • From the base of your spine, the pillar will extend down and enter into the crust of the Earth and move right into the core of the Earth. You will be the catalyst to receive and to transmit these energies. As above so below, as within so without. Everything that is coming from the higher realms are entering in your body to create purity and clarity, to release the pollution and to purify you so you can transmit these energies to the world outside and to purify the Earth to her core.
  • Envision this every day as you arise. Continue for twenty two consecutive days. You can do this at night if you feel you are more relaxed and can give yourself more time. For those of you who can make the time do it both in the morning and at night.
  • If you are tired and sleepy, just call upon Jeshua Ben Joseph. Call upon Jesus and say, ÒJesus do the meditation on my behalf, I ask you in the name of the I AM THAT I AMÓ. Whatever you can do yourself, that is fine, and whatever you can not I will accomplish for you.

With great love, I am Jeshua Ben Joseph.

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