Fall Equinox 2005

Dear Friends,

This equinox we will have very beautiful sweet feminine energies coming to Earth. These will last from September 20th to December 21st, the winter solstice, and hopefully into January of next year according to Metatron and other Masters. I have chosen a healing protection with four angles and Quan-Yin for this special event. Let us energetically connect together and say the prayer of Great Invocation. You can join us at any point and continue for 22 days or longer if you choose.

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Quan Yin

Strength and Protection Healing Grid with Archangels Uriel, Metatron, Michael and Raphael

Quan Yin – channeled by Nasrin on July 18, 2005

My children of Light, I am Quan Yin.

I am going to offer you a gift. This is for strength and protection. It will make you strong in coping with energies which cause people to behave in selfish ways, in unpredictable ways, in self-centered ways. (Note: Energies are coming to Earth which are pushing people to release the above negative emotions. As a result, those emotions are acted upon as people bring them to the surface in order to release them from their beingness.)

Take a deep breath. Hold your focus in your solar plexus. Still the mind and feel my presence. Feel the sensation of a pulse moving in your solar plexus, around your belly button. It may take a couple of minutes. Take your time and breathe into it and feel the pulse. Gradually I will increase this pulse. Now envision a lotus flower, wide open in the color of golden yellow that sits right behind your belly button. In this lotus flower, I will place the qualities and the power of protection and strength, fearlessness, ability to cope, and detachment from all negative emotions. You will not feel lonely or un-justified. You may be the only one who can think according to the universal Laws of Divine Love. Lack of support from others does not make you wrong. You have to uphold the Light and you will. The time will come very soon when you will no longer be in minority.

This lotus flower is very strong. It strengthens your power center which resides around your belly button. It gives you protection from all harm and releases you from uncertainties.

I now call forth the Archangels of Light to come to your guidance and your assistance. Focus on each of these Archangelic forces as I call upon them. From this point on, focus also on the lotus in your solar plexus, daily. You must awaken every morning and exercise this energy around your body and call upon the four Archangelic forces to protect you. And again, every night before you fall asleep, call the four Archangelic forces to guide and you and protect you in dreamtime. And to take you to the higher dimensions and bring you hope to cope with this mundane level reality. Keep your focus on this meditation while I help you form the energy grid of protection around you.

Now, focus on the pulse in the center of your belly. The rhythm of the pulse in your belly makes the lotus flower send energy from its center to your belly button. When you can feel the rhythm of that pulse, and you can see the golden yellow light emanating from the lotus flower, I will call the four angelic forces one-by-one for your strength and protection. Pause here and feel the pulse in your belly first.

I, Quan Yin, call upon Archangel Uriel, the Angel of Inner Light to come forth and hold its position in the direction of North, above (say your name)’s head. Holding this vortex of light open and illuminated, Uriel will begin sending Strength, Stamina, Life Force, Courage, Righteousness, Truth, Compassion and Kindness to the body and beingness of (say your name). Golden white light emanates from the body of Uriel; penetrating, guiding, protecting and guarding your five body systems: the physical body, the etheric body, the emotional body, the mental body, and the spiritual body. I now call forth the aspects of personality, soul and spirit for (say your name) to come forward and merge, uniting in the light of Uriel. Feel your completely filled with the golden yellow. Feel Uriel’s presence hovering above your head, sending energy showers of light to your own body. Pause and sit still receiving Archangel Uriel’s energy.

I, Quan Yin, now call forth the energy vibration of Archangel Metatron to come forth and hold its position in the direction of South. From down below, pulling the energies of Mother Earth, helping (say your name) to be grounded with, connected to, and strengthened by the energy vibration of Earth and nature, receiving nourishment from Earth. I ask Archangel Metatron to help your body and beingness cope with being in physical embodiment and with this physical density which is beyond the comprehension of your soul, for your soul is pure and does not entertain negative emotions. I, Quan Yin, ask on your behalf that you remain completely detached and unaffected by all negative emotions. I ask in the name of the I AM THAT I AM that Archangel Metatron will bring the qualities of acceptance and surrender to the Light and detachment form lower vibrations and negative emotions to (say your name). I ask Archangel Metatron to bring forth the Red Life Force Energies from the Earth and administer it to (say your name), especially it the area of your solar plexus; protecting you and connecting to Earth and its natural forces, helping you to cope with Earthly and natural events and circumstances of life on Earth. Pause for a moment and feel your solar plexus warming up with the Earth life force energy move from bottom of your feet up into your ankles, your knees, your thighs, your hips, through your root chakra, your sacral plexus into your solar plexus. Coming to your diaphragm is this beautiful blood red, pure light energy. Feel the pulse of your solar plexus in rhythm with this Red Life Force. Sit with this energy and with the presence of Metatron for a moment.

Take a deep breath. I call forth the energies of Archangel Michael to hold position in the direction of East, to the right of (say your name). Bringing the quality of Divine Power in the emanation of the blue light, the Will of God, to your solar plexus. Envision deep blue light emanating from the heart and beingness of Archangel Michael as he takes his position on your right. Receive the blue light directly in your solar plexus and feel the warmth of the divine power: power to serve Light, power to know the God within you and the God without you as ONE, power to realize that you can be the catalyst to remind those who have forgotten their divinity.

I ask Archangel Michael to guide you and protect you at all times and to be a constant reminder that the divine will of God is emanating inside the core of your own being in your solar plexus. This Divine Will is your guiding force. It will bring you greater will to accomplish your mission and your vocation, greater will to love people in spite of their shortcomings and not be deterred by their insecurities but become more determined to help them out of their own ignorance and forgetfulness. This light of Divine Will gives you strength to become the catalyst to remind others of their own divinity. Feel the blue light inside your belly. Feel the warmth and the power emanate through your body. Feel that power of Divine Will move through your veins and empower you. Sit in this rhythmic pulse and pause.

Take a deep breath. I call forth the presence of Archangel Raphael, the Angel of Healing and Ministration to come forth, emanating Golden Pink Ray of Divine Love of God. Directing energy to the solar plexus of (say your name), Raphael takes its position to your left in the direction of West. Pink and Gold Rays are received by your solar plexus to strengthen you; first and foremost in the love of the Self. The love of the God within you to stand in Truth and not waver from it, not bend the rules to succeed but to succeed in spite of all odds; For the power of love is the greatest power in all the universe and beyond. Golden Pink Light of Divine Love is emanating from the heart and beingness of Archangel Raphael, bringing great healing, joy, satisfaction, contentment, acceptance and surrender to your body, the mind, emotions, soul and spirit. Sit and bathe in this energy. Feel the warmth of Divine Love spread itself into your veins through your solar plexus. Breathe in this love and let it move to every cell, every molecule, every atom, every iota, every electron of your being. In the name of the I AM THAT I AM, I, Quan Yin, now ask for a complete healing for (say your name). I ask for the release to restore Divine Power, strength and stamina, ability to cope with physical mundane reality, and remembrance of the Divine spark within your heart. In the name of the I AM THAT I AM, I Quan Yin, intercede on behalf of (say your name) and ask for total surrender to the Light and acceptance of her/his own mission as a divine spark of God amidst and amongst souls who have forgotten; souls who are choosing ignorance as their excuse to abuse, disregard, ignore, or disrespect other souls.

I ask in the name of the I AM THAT I AM on behalf of (say your name) that you be given the ability to rise above the negative emotions and expressions of this mundane reality and to constantly hold your thoughts and your actions on the Higher Light, the Divine Spark that illumines your own heart, mind, body, emotions, soul and spirit. I ask that you be reminded of that same illumination in the hearts, mind, bodies, emotions, souls and spirits of all people. I ask in the name of the I AM THAT I AM through the healing energies of Uriel, Metatron, Michael and Raphael that energies of the Divine Spark connection to Earth and nature, connection to the Divine Power and the Divine Love be fully established in your body and beingness from this point on. I ask that this grid of light be established around your body and beingness and continue its work throughout your life in this embodiment. I ask this in the name of the I AM THAT I AM through the intercession of all the Buddhas and bodhisattvas of compassion and through the protection of the Seven Mighty Elohim of Light.

Do this meditation every day and every evening for 22 days.

With great love, I am your Mother Quan Yin. So it is. It is done. Amen.

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