September 2005

Dear Friends,

For this September 2005 newsletter, we have two beautiful readings with great serendipitous story behind it. I hope and pray that it will bring you as much joy as it has brought me. As a bonus you will find two pictures of Mother Mary related to this story about the discourses and the great display of light that she has manifested for all of us. Mother Mary offers a healing with the help of Archangels Raphael, Michael, Masters Jesus and Mary Magdalene. In the other discourse, Archangel Uriel offers everyone the flame of inner light, which is the divine spark from the heart of God, the Undifferentiated Source. Sophie Burnham, author of A Book of Angels, says of Archangel Uriel, “Uriel brings the light of knowledge of God to men. He is the interpreter of prophecies, the Angel of Retribution. His name means Light of God.” (page 102)

And now the story behind these two readings: A young indigo soul, Avonne came for a reading with me. Mother Mary came and offered her the healing grid you will read below and asked to say the Prayer of the Rosary every day while focusing on the picture of Mother Mary with the sacred heart. When Avonne asked, “Which picture of you?” Mother Mary said, “You will know.” Avonne went on vacation to New York the following day. She went to visit St. Michael’s church in search of a set of rosary beads to recite the Prayer of the Rosary as Mother Mary had instructed her. While she was paying at the register, her phone rang. It was her bank manager informing her that a check which had been accidentally posted to someone else’s account one year ago was now posted safely in her account. The amount? More than $400! As she was pondering on the meaning of this message, her gaze fell upon a picture of Mother Mary. Her whole heart lit up as she felt Mother Mary providing her with a sign and the money to buy the picture and the rosary beads. She only noticed later that it was a picture of the Sacred Heart.

Avonne called me with the news right after she finished the transaction. I received her call while I was looking at a shelf full of Quan Yin statues at the oriental market in Houston. I too purchased the Quan Yin statue I was looking at when she called me taking her call as my sign. Back at home she placed her Mother Mary picture on her bedroom altar and every day does her Prayer of the Rosary and healing meditation which Mother gave her at her reading.

The following week she came for another reading with me. This time Archangel Uriel came to speak with her. He gave her the Flame of Inner Light (in this newsletter) and asked her to focus on the flame every night during her meditation for the next seven nights. Inspired by her reading, she decided to take a photo of Mother Mary’s picture on her altar at home. That day she took two photos of Mother’s picture from the same spot, one after another. At night she started her meditation by visualizing the Flame of Inner Light given by Archangel Uriel and went on to visualize the meditation with Mother Mary. She envisioned placing Mary Magdalene in front of her, Jesus to her left, Archangel Michael to her right and Mother Mary hovering over her head. She visualized the healing energy entering her heart and moving up to her head, chakra by chakra that night. Then she said her Prayer of the Rosary. The next morning, she decided to take another photo of the Mother Mary picture before she took it to be developed. This time I got an excited call from her after the pictures were developed. The first picture she took came out with a bubble of light coming from Mother Mary’s right hand. The second picture showed the bubble of light emanating from Mother’s heart chakra right over the sacred heart. The third picture taken the following day, after two sets of meditation exercises moving the light from her own heart to her head, showed the bubble of light sitting right at the top of Mother Mary’s head at her crown chakra. The head is tilted in Mother’s picture yet the bubble of light is still sitting exactly at the top of her head. The inner light had traveled to Mother Mary’s head and she was showing Avonne that everything she had done was received and it was emanating from Mother Mary herself.
Avonne came to my house directly from the printing shop with the photos. When I looked at the pictures, chills and goose-bumps started all over me and tears began to run down my face. Such is the love of the Masters for us. Archangel Uriel’s inner light and the healing energies are emanating from Mother’s heart and head. With permission from Avonne, we have printed these photos for your benefit. Please share them whole-heartedly with your loved ones. May it bring you great joy and enormous relief during the present times of planetary changes which affects us at our inner core. It helps to know that we are greatly loved and protected.

Mother Mary mother mary mother mary

Mother Mary’s Healing Grid with Mary Magdalene, Archangel Michael & Archangel Raphael

Channeled by Nasrin Safai on July 7, 2005

My beloved child, I am your mother, Mary.
Take a deep breath with me and f ocus your energy in the center of your heart chakra in the middle of your chest. I will be sending you pink energy. I will be calling to Archangel Raphael to come forward and stand behind you and send you pink and gold. I will call Mary Magdalene to come and stand in front of you, directly in front of your heart and send you golden pink energy. Open your heart and receive these energies. And know that I love you and I will be protecting you and guiding you. A lot of important events will be coming up for you. While these important events are happening, in your external life, in this mundane world, there will be a revolution happening inside of you, a revolution of moving into Higher Light and of being initiated into the Higher Light. Breathe this pink and gold energy into your heart. Feel the love that the Masters have for you.

I now call to my son Master Jesus and to Archangel Michael. I ask that my son stand to your left and Archangel Michael stand to your right. Mary Magdalene is in front of you. Archangel Raphael is behind you. I am hovering above you. Remember this formation of Light. Archangel Raphael is behind you with his arms stretched out. From his heart and from the palms of his hands he is sending you golden pink light. Mary Magdalene is standing facing you. From her heart and from her third eye, she sends a beam of light to your heart and to your third eye. She holds the palms of your hands in the palms of her hands. The palms of your hands will begin to feel heat and your heart will begin to feel heat. You may have a tingling sensation or have the feeling of heat moving in your third eye. You may have a feeling of itchiness, or pressure on top of your head. The lotus on top of your head is opening up. You may feel as though something is slipping or moving on top of your head. Every morning when you wake up, call upon your mother Mary, Mary Magdalene, Archangel Michael, Master Jesus and Archangel Raphael and ask us to stand in this formation. Carry this formation with you. See it during the day to make it stronger. Make stronger the golden pink that is moving through you. It will give you the protection that you need, and it will also keep you in love. [The Golden Shield of Archangel Michael is a cocoon of gold that sits over your body all the time.]

All you need to do in the morning is to envision this formation around you and ask Archangel Michael to magnify the shield around you. In that way, you will have the protection that Archangel Michael brings you then you will have the five of us that are always with you, morning noon and night.

At night, when you go to sleep, call upon Mary Magdalene and Master Jesus and ask them to take you to their retreat in France and to teach you in the Temples of Wisdom. These are etheric temples that are in the ethers, in the air above that area where you will visit. Right over St. Michel Cathedral in Normandy, France, there is a vortex of energy and the etheric retreat where Master Jesus, Mary Magdalene and Archangel Michael work. I myself and Archangel Raphael bring healing there. I work very closely with Archangel Raphael to bring healing. From that retreat, we will teach you.

Sometimes when you awaken in the morning, you will remember that you have been with us. Sometimes you will recollect to your consciousness the memory of the events and the teachings and you must start either writing or taping what you remember in your dreams or your visions. You will begin to have very lucid dreams. It is as though it is happening. There will be a time where there is no difference in having visions while you are conscious and while you are having dreams. Your world becomes so vivid that sometimes you’ll be able to see as though you’re dreaming but you’re fully awake and there are no barriers, no veil for you. You will begin to see the images and see the events.

Some of these events are not pleasant. When you go to different parts of the world and you become aware of the bloodshed, the wars, the pain, the suffering, it is coming to you because it needs to be released. When you see it coming to you, that’s when you make your shield with Archangel Michael stronger. And you ask Archangel Michael to release the pain from this land. It is not necessary for you to take the pain to your body. It is important for you to make your shield stronger and ask Archangel Michael to create a vortex of Light to release the pain from those lands, to release the pain from the body of the people. You will begin to know the paths of the people. You will begin to know the things they have done which have not been of light. Their Higher Self, their soul, will ask you to pray on their behalf, to give them light, and to help them release those past mistakes.

This is why you will begin to see people’s energy bodies. It would be as though a movie camera is playing the events in their past, present and future. You will be able to see how they can change their future and to make it better for themselves, for the Earth, for humanity. This is where their Higher Self and their soul – through you, can receive help, intercession, your prayers, and through your Light they can change the darkness that they have absorbed unto themselves, and bring it into the Light, asking for their mistakes to be released.

In every philosophy, when you look deep into it, the pain has to be released to anchor the love. To release the pain, someone has to agree to release it, somehow, somewhere. I’m asking you to pray for this release.
In the meantime, be aware that you have the shield and the protection. With the shield and with the help from Archangel Michael, Jesus, Mary Magdalene, Archangel Raphael and myself, there is so much that you can do for people. You don’t even need to ask their permission. Because when you bring Light, Light does not need permission to shine. If Light needs permission to shine, the Sun has to ask everyday of all the planets in the solar system, “Can I give you life today?” When you give of yourself without expectation of return, when you give of your Light, of the Light of the Masters, using your body as the catalyst, then you don’t have to ask permission. If they wish to receive the healing, they will. If they don’t wish to receive it, it will stay in the air, it will bless all the elements, it will bless the Earth. It will bless anyone who passes by and anyone who is receptive to it will receive it.

In the presence of Light and Love, I AM your Mother Mary.

Archangel Uriel

Uriel’s Divine Spark of Inner Light

Channeled by Nasrin Safai on July 20, 2005

My beloved, I am Uriel.

I have come to you because I wish to give you the Light from my own heart. Uriel is the holder of the Inner Light which is the divine spark from the heart of God. I have come to offer you that inner spark. Within one week after you receive it, your energies will be increased dramatically. I want you to receive these energies and allow these energies to be filtered into your heart. As they enter your heart, I want to make sure that they move through your heart into the flame that I will place in the center of your heart. This flame will protect you from lower energies and it will raise your vibration to a much higher one. From today you have seven days for this flame to establish itself inside your heart. When new energies begin to pour down to Earth, you will be in a good position to absorb them, to digest them, and to raise your own vibration accordingly.
But before I do that, I want to ask your permission to place the flame inside your heart. The name of this flame is the Inner Divine Spark of Light from the Heart of God. This flame was given to me when God decided to feel Itself in many bodies and many forms. This divine spark was hidden inside the heart of God. God allowed me to take this divine spark and bring it to the surface of existence. Then I offered this divine spark to Metatron, the Archangel who has created – with this – all of creation. When I handed this spark to Metatron, it moved from being the inner spark to becoming the outer spark. With the outer spark externalized, Metatron created everything in this universe.

Five sacred geometric symbols were involved in the creation. But more important than those is this spark. In the universe, everyone functions because of the outer spark. For humanity to return to God Unity and know that the spark of God is in their own heart, they have to reignite this inner spark in their own hearts. God has given me the dispensation to ignite the inner spark. This is the first time that I come to return this inner spark to the heart of humanity.

Take a deep breath. Feel my presence in front of you. I am a very tall angel. I am a very powerful angel. I have a lot of strength and stamina. And yet, I don’t belong to this world of yours so my energy is very etheric. Whereas Archangel Michael’s energy has become very strong and very grounded because he has been here on Earth helping humanity, my energy is very other-worldly. You may feel as though a cloud is coming around you. You may feel the warmth. You will feel my energy differently from the energy of Archangel Michael. When Archangel Michael comes, you feel him immediately because his energy is so strong and his energy grounds you and you know the protection that he brings. My energy is more of a feminine force. It relates to the creative forces. It is very light. It would be like a gentle breeze. It would be a gentle warmth in your heart. You may begin feeling a bright white, gold and yellow light that will be coming to your face, to your heart, to your throat, feeling it in your shoulders, feeling it even in the palms of your hands. Feel the sensation. Now I will place my hand, my right hand into my own heart and from my own heart I will bring out the spark of the inner light and I will give that spark to you. I will place it right in the center of your chest and above your lungs and between your shoulder blades where the wishbone is. It’s almost on top of your heart chakra, between your heart chakra and your throat chakra. That is the center that we call the cosmic heart. This is where I will place it because this spark is the spark of light from the cosmic heart of God. And with this spark of light, I ignite your own cosmic heart.

I ask as you awaken every morning that you think of Archangel Uriel and focus your energy on seeing this spark in your own heart. It is fine if you wish to see it inside your own personal heart, but it is also fine for you to see it in your cosmic heart between your heart chakra in the middle of your chest and your throat chakra over your throat as long as you focus on it, so that it becomes strengthened. From today, for seven days, it is important that you connect to this flame every day so that you can strengthen it and so that you can help me make it brighter. When you focus on Uriel and the energy of the spark in your heart, that is when you give me permission to ignite it and make it bigger. At the end of the seven days, this light will be much brighter in your heart. This light will warm you to your divinity, will remind you of your divinity, will help you to walk on this path for the mission that you have come to accomplish.

Your life is about to change. You can feel the changes in your own heart. You can feel it with your gut instinct. A lot will change for you. Many different things will happen in a short period of time. You will look back three months from now and say, “It felt like a volcano, or a hurricane, or a whirlwind or a tornado, except it’s a good volcano, a good twister, a good whirlwind. It has to come with this force because so much needs to happen.

The three months ahead of us [August, September, October 2005] are very important times for Earth and humanity. Some of you have been prepared for many hundreds of thousands of years to face this time and to help others to raise their vibration and to feel the Light. Some people are still sleeping; they don’t even know that the divine spark is going to be ignited in their hearts. This is why those of you who are aware of it are now actively working with us. This is also why we have to work harder together to help those who are still asleep awaken to their divinity. All of you become the beacons of light. You would be a transmitter of this light. Wherever you go, the energy around you will be conducive to people receiving. Even when you go to the supermarket, even when you go to a church, even when you go to a movie theater, just because you are in that space, everybody that is in that space has the opportunity to receive this divine spark. It is like a seed that has been planted inside of you. And in a very short time, it becomes a fruit-bearing tree. And the tree will give its fruit and you can hand the fruit to everyone that is passing by. In a matter of an instant, the seed that has been planted in your heart becomes a fruit-bearing tree and the tree will give ripe fruits. And eating the ripe fruits will benefit everyone just as the seed that was planted in your heart.

Take a deep breath with me.

Feel the warmth around your body and spark in your heart until it is it fully established. Remember me for the next seven days. To increase this divine spark you can say: “Archangel Uriel, I ask you to come every day for the next seven days and ignite this divine spark in my heart. I offer what I receive in service to all humankind and for the benefit of Light. I ask that this divine spark help me walk on the path of my divine mission. I ask that the doors of Light be opened to me and that I see and feel the presence of the Masters and the angelic forces of Light with me and around me. I ask that I hear their guidance and assistance, their verbal communication and the visual perception that they send me in the Light of the I AM THAT I AM. I ask that my visual perception of the Masters and their guidance be increased. I ask that my ability to communicate verbally with the Masters and angels of Light be increased. I ask that all obstacles be released so that I can directly hear and see Masters of Light, Angels of Light, Great Beings of Light and the presence of God with me, around me, ahead of me, behind me in every particle of life. So it is. It is done. Amen.”

I love you from the core of my heart, I Am Uriel

Prayer of the Rosary

To recite one round of the Prayer of the Rosary you need to say One Our father, followed by ten hail Marys, and repeat this sequence five times. This is the simplified version which is a good start. Before you start sit in meditation and still your mind and say “I offer this prayer for peace on Earth and for my personal intentions (state your intentions). I unite myself in prayer with Mother Mary and ask her help and the intercessions of all the Masters of light to magnify these Prayers in the name of THE I AM THAT I AM”

Our Father

“Our Father who art in Heaven, Hallowed be Thy name, Thy kingdom come, Thy will be done on Earth as it is in Heaven. Give us this day our daily bread, and forgive us our trespasses, as we forgive those who trespass against us. Lead us not into temptation and deliver us from evil. For thine is the kingdom and power and glory , now and forever, Amen.”

Hail Mary

“Hail Mary full of grace, the Lord is with Thee. Blessed are Thou among women and blessed is the fruit of thy womb, Jesus. Holy Mary, mother of God, pray for us sinners now and at the hour of our death, Amen.” If you feel drawn you may do as many repetitions as you can. To buy a Rosary and the long version of the prayers you can stop at a religious store or a Catholic church. Many people use their fingers to say the prayer and it works just as good.

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